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Zoey "Zolo" Levy is a character role-played by Zolo.


Zoey Levy, better known as "Zolo", is a member of Chang Gang, the founder and former leader of JustUs, and an artist at Wu Chang Records. Zolo was popular in the Public City where he linked up with Ming Jingtai, and after a few months he auditioned at Wu Chang Records by P Money's invitation and was instantly signed.

Zolo returned to the city after a long vacation on November 1, 2022. He came back to discover that JustUs, the gang he once led, had disbanded in his absence and many of the remaining members had joined other gangs. After reconnecting with some ex-members (such as Tui & Mateo Perez) and attempting to rebuild JustUs with the help of Hutch Hutcherson and Curtis Swoleroid, he saw the endeavor as ultimately fruitless and gave up. He had a meeting with a couple of the ex-members and denounced them for initially abandoning JustUs. After this, Zolo officially became solo, officially dissolving the gang.

Zolo had close ties to Chang Gang and in January-February 2023, Zolo approached Mr. Kebun about actively contributing to the gang, to which Kebun agreed with. After showing face and putting in the work in supporting Chang Gang's operations over the subsequent months, coupled with his prior history with the gang, Zolo was rewarded for his efforts on May 8, 2023, and given a CG chain. Zolo has since become CG's main internal meth cook, akin to Pablo Wealth.

On May 14, 2023, Zolo began developing a small squad to help him produce meth for CG, with Junior Meats being the first prospective recruit. Zolo attempted his first ever meth lab cook with CG on June 5, but the lab exploded due to unpaid fees by Bondi Boys MC, who CG were sharing the lab with. The next day, Flippy and Susie of Hydra began showing Zolo the intricacies of cooking in a meth lab.



Dirty Like That

Where are you ( Ft. HutchMF)

Obey ( Ft. Lil Cap, Vory)

Lingo (Ft. April Fooze)

All I Wrote (Ft. King Ryan)

Issues ( Ft. April Fooze)

I know (Ft. P Money)

All Night Long ( Ft. Claire Seducer)

One Wok ( Ft. Matthew Schultz)

In the Morning ( Ft. Tui)

JUSTUS ( Ft. Mr. K, Tui)

In My City


  • Zolo received his first meth table from Pablo Wealth.
  • As of May 2023, Zolo is a Level 4 meth cook.