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Ziggy Buggs is a character role-played by Ziggy.

General Description[]

Ziggy Buggs is the Chaplain of the Already Dead MC.

Background Information[]


Ziggy Buggs was formerly an exotic dancer prior to becoming a cop, he performed to make some extra money to help pay for his Law School Fees.

He is known as the "Original Los Santos Park Ranger", A.K.A. "Master of the Murder Kitties", as Ziggy has tamed all of them single-handedly.

He left the Park Rangers behind him and went to Spain for 5 years with his husband Flop Dugong and recently returned to the city.


Ziggy moved to Los Santos from Texas. During his earlier days living in the city, he got involved in a relationship with someone who was a part of a crime family. In order to gain the trust of the other members in spite of his occupation as an officer, he partook in certain activities with them. Namely, he began using coke, one time beating someone up in an alleyway while high. Eventually, he developed an addiction to it.

Being fairly serious in his relationship, he had also adopted a son, Hank, with his fiancé. At one point, a person by the name of Jack Knives threatened their lives. Seeing the lack of action from the PD to prevent harm from befalling his family, he took matters into his own hands and used Jack’s own methods against him, blowing him up.

Some time afterwards, Ziggy was a part of the detective unit at the time, CID. His most impactful investigation being the one he conducted into the Butterfly Killer, Fae Adaire. She would stalk her victims, kidnap them, force them to run barefoot, strangle them from behind with wire, take their fingernails corresponding in number to the kill they were, and leave a cd of a song including the name of the victim in the name or lyrics with a butterfly drawn in blood. Ziggy would eventually be contacted directly by her, first with a simple phone call playing the counting butterflies song to announce the being of another victim, then through increasingly desperate texts for help in one way or another. In the end, getting to 9 victims, Ziggy caught her, and theorized that she intended either him by her hand or vice versa to be the 10th. He placed her in Parson’s, where she would receive therapy and medications to help her. Ziggy would occasionally visit her under her favorite tree behind the main building.

Later, Ziggy would come to form the San Andreas State Park Rangers.


Early 3.0[]

Ziggy spent most of his time patrolling the mountains for poachers and the city for bank robbers. As hunting laws were passed in greater detail, he and the other Rangers would attempt to educate the people of San Andreas on them, eventually leading to the formation of the scouts program. As the farmers markets sprung up, Ziggy briefly attempted to sell cookies in order to make money, although he was largely unsuccessful. He later became a certified k9 handler, with his Pitbull Shoe.


At some point, Ziggy decided to try getting with Richard Dark and his husband Matt Rhodes. He employed the help of multiple cadets in his attempts to win them over, asking their son Flop Dugong what they like, and having Robert Anderson leave flyers on Dark’s windshield. His attempts lacking any sort of success, he asked Flop, who also rejected him.

Later, however, Flop would call Ziggy and ask him to be his boyfriend in order to prove a point to another officer. Although this would only last about 7 minutes before Flop called back saying his dads didn’t approve and he would need 50k if Ziggy still wanted to be with him, the two began riding together more often. They eventually got married after Sherry married Reed before Flop could propose to her. With Ziggy’s history with the family, combined with the wedding being so sudden that Dark and Rhodes weren’t properly invited, Dark did not approve of Ziggy and would attempt many times to provoke a divorce between Flop and him.

Return of the Addiction[]

Becoming increasingly stressed, and presented with an opportunity to buy coke from Daryl Dickinson, Ziggy would drive to the observatory to meet them, telling Flop to wait behind in the car. Daryl had set a trap for him, and Ziggy ended up getting blown up by c4. He was paralyzed from the waist down for some time, with the risk of necrosis spreading through his legs. He also lost some of his memory for a time, including his memory of what led him to getting hurt.

Months later, Ziggy began to remember details of the event, prompted by Flop’s forming friendship with one of the people involved in it. He brought his concerns to Flop, who, after asking Ziggy why he was at the observatory, revealed that he already had found out about Ziggy’s addiction. Their argument led to a period of silence between them, during which Ziggy’s cravings once again worsened. Once they talked it out, Ziggy continued to search for suppliers, and got his hands on coke a few times through various sources.

Return of Fae/Car Bomb[]

After Flop’s memory loss from his deal with Death, Ziggy had ordered him to accept their marriage, being above him in rank at the time. At one point, Brian Knight and William Gunner were teasing Flop about his late brother Cody, whom Brian had shot before becoming Chief of Police. In response, Ziggy attacked them with a nightstick, although while Ziggy was running to the motor pool, Gunner knocked Flop out and kicked his face in. Being alerted to the situation, Ziggy called medical for Flop before following Gunner and Brian for a brief time. Picking up Flop from the hospital, he began brainstorming a plan to get back at the two. Flop, having a good relationship with Seaside, suggested buying a car bomb from them. They arranged a meeting with KJ, and were given the bomb with the condition that they would owe Seaside in the future. They never used the bomb, rather disposed of it underwater in order not to chance their jobs and Flop’s good standing with KJ and the others, although Nick Simone did attempt to hold the information over Flop at one point.

Around the same time, a fire destroyed Parsons, leaving Ziggy to question the fate of Fae. Upon contacting Pixie, he was told that she was not among those who were moved to another facility, thus leaving the options of escaped or dead. He, along with Flop, tested the remains found in the rubble with no successful match to Fae. Ziggy began having episodes of hearing the music she played for her victims, which Flop did his best to pull him from. At Flop’s urging, Ziggy left his number for Fae, and she eventually contacted him via text. They ended up arranging a talk over the old radio channel, 888, she would use. He tried to gauge her mental state while Flop took notes on the conversation. Afterwards, they occasionally exchanged messages over text, and Ziggy read the notes Pixie had from her stay at Parsons. He attempted to convince her to come back when Parsons was rebuilt, but to little avail.

Five Year Gap[]

Ziggy travelled to Spain with Flop and his sister, Etta. During his time there, although mainly staying in Barcelona, he occasionally visited Ibiza, where he would have another relapse of his addiction. He returned to Los Santos with Flop, who got a letter to a part of the skeleton crew while the PD rebuilt.


Upon moving back to the city, Ziggy applied to the PD alongside his husband. While he was picking up an application at MRPD, he met Barry Benson, who invited him to do some jobs for Gruppe 6 with him. He and Barry bonded instantly and quickly became good friends. Barry, a former gang leader, regaled Ziggy with his dreams of forming a new MC in the city, and invited Ziggy to join. Receiving no response from the police department while becoming increasingly close to Barry's club members, he eventually accepted that his time as law enforcement was over. Ziggy committed his first crime with Barry on Dec. 17, 2023, stealing from Gruppe 6 and selling the cash on the black market. He accepted the offer to join the Already Dead MC three weeks later.

Since returning to the city, Ziggy has experimented with a wide variety of jobs, including mechanic work, delivery service, security, burger flipping, taxi driving, selling books, and became a lawyer and therapist. He also developed his own business to make and deliver videos for people known as Z-mail.

Life in ADMC[]

Ziggy Buggs was invited by Barry Benson to join the club and accepted on the 10th of January 2024. He was blooded in on the 12th of January 2024. He successfully joined the ranks of the Unmauled.

On the 7th of June, Edbert Ropeburn invited Ziggy into the position of Chaplain of the ADMC and promoted him into Command.


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