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Zee Carbone is a character role-played by Zee_RP.


Zee Carbone was born in Los Santos on September 16th, 2000, son of a hard-working man, Eez Carbone, Zee grew up living a peaceful life. Until his father was shot in front of him at the age of 9 while on a fishing trip at the pier.

Devastated yet filled with anger and hatred, a small flame was ignited in him. Zee set out combing all of Los Santos searching for the man that murdered his father, all while doing odd jobs for his father’s old boss just so he can help provide for his family. During the long days searching, turning to weeks, to years, he developed an alter ego under all the trauma and stress, calling himself ‘Markzman’. Markzman made him feel safe and powerful, gave him a name that he can identify himself with, and after five long years, he finally found his mark.

Tried as an adult for the murder of the man that killed his father, Zee was locked up in Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Having no father, he never fully matured; he was bullied and taken advantage of, often taken to the ER due to all the beatings from the lifers that he tried to start fights with. Until he finally met his new cellmate, Tomassi Paparatto. Tomassi took Zee under his wing in the pen, helping him find his way. Zee now being Paparatto’s right-hand man, was allowed in on lawyer meetings, commissary allowances, smuggled goods, and even family meetings in visitation. These family meetings uncovered that Tomassi’s father was the same man that employed Zee’s father, and that strengthened the two inmates' bond.

Together, the new brothers decided to start a new family together to honor both of their fathers and their past friendship, calling themselves ZooMafia. They also promised to open a shop together when they got out, and call it Paparatto’s Deli. They were going to take Los Santos by storm.