Zayne Malibu is a character role-played by goddammittim.


Zayne Malibu hasn't always been the brightest crayon in the box, but he's got a good heart, good work ethic, and good intentions. Zayne is an attractive male that has found a love for the gym. Zayne has definitely experienced his fair share of pretty privilege, whether he's akin to that is still unknown. This contributes to Zayne being naive to the real world, because he's had it a lot easier than others. His friends gave him the nickname Himbo, because of his lovable personality but his not so bright smarts.


Zayne grew up with content in his life, back in Canada. At the time he became an adult, he knew he wanted more. Zayne always dreamt of being something bigger, something more than just middle-class. When he turned 21 he knew that he needed to leave Canada to try and make it big. Zayne has goals and aspirations, of becoming a celebrity and making his name known all around the world. Zayne moved to Los Santos, to start his new life and see what kind of adventure and troubles may bring.



Criminal Record

  • On May 29th: Zayne has a criminal record. He'd served 3 years and 4 months in jail with 8 years and 4 months with parole, Zayne was selling OXY in a nearby alley from Los Santo Custom in Burton. He was spotted, but was evading arrest by the police.
  • Zayne hasn't robbed any San Andreas Banks, but has participated in a vault heist for a birthday party, Zayne hasn't been held hostage.
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