Yuno Sykk is a character role-played by Sykkuno.


Yuno Sykk sports a green suit jacket and armor over a white collared shirt. He is also infamous for wearing glow-in-the-dark shoes. Yuno is mostly seen with his black bike helmet on due to his insecurities about his lack of eyebrows.

He is incredibly kind to others, often offering gifts to those he meets, and interacts politely with the police when he gets caught. He likes food, especially the free kind or cheap sandwiches, expressing that many of his actions are driven at least partially by his desire to buy them in the future. Yuno also has a penchant for fancy cars, as noticed by Irwin Dundee, to the point where Dundee connected Yuno's interest to Jean Paul. If there is an unoccupied vehicle around, Yuno is likely to gravitate towards it and attempt to steal it. Other similarities to Jean Paul noticed by Benji Ramos and Irwin Dundee include the usage of the term “turning a new leaf,” which he does not do, and his driving skills.

Yuno sometimes behaves erratically, such as by randomly punching an individual near him. He also tends to get distracted quite easily and used to have frequent sore throats as noted by others around him due to his laryngitis, but he got surgery to fix this problem. However, the surgery left him with an undesired side effect, which makes him leave his mouth open and "thank subs" randomly.

He is also incredibly charismatic as he has been able to talk himself and his friends out of getting arrested on multiple occasions even when caught in the act. Yuno's generous nature along with his ideology of being able to be "friends with everybody" has gained him the liking of a lot of different people in the city -cops and gang members alike- but in the past has also been the cause of distrust from some of his closest friends who were not fully able to understand his sense of loyalty.

Despite his reluctance for choosing sides, Yuno has demonstrated that he genuinely cares for the well-being of his friends and twin sister Ray Mond.

Despite Yuno's alleged dislike for violence and fire-arms, he recently developed what could be considered an obsession with burning things, often pouring gasoline on cars and occasionally people. He also has a habit of holding people at gunpoint, "threatening" them to have a good day, to accept gifts, or to eat food that he gave them on the spot (usually sandwiches).

Inspired by his first bank robbery, he enrolled in an online course to learn how to hack. Since then, he has proved to be a prodigy in hacking, successfully completing multiple bank hacks on the first try, and never failing a single hacking job.

Background Information

Yuno Sykk was a very troubled college student, managing to fail out of university on several occasions over the past seven years. His parents, while assumedly quite affluent, had placed a trust fund under his name that he would gain access to once he graduated, yet for seven years that task had proven unsuccessful.

He recently moved to Los Santos to get away from his past life and start fresh, while his parents were unaware and assumed he was still studying. His first few days in the city proved to be a challenge to him, as he suffered from a case of laryngitis making verbal communication very limited. Some say he sounded like an "electric cricket."

As his voice was recovering, he met Irwin Dundee, where the two went on a short-lived spree of criminal activity. Caught red-handed they were soon arrested and sentenced to prison, one of the officers stated Yuno was probably the fastest person to get arrested after moving into town. After completing their sentence the pair meet with Benji Ramos, a very close friend of Dundee and now a close friend to Yuno.

Despite his initial hesitation toward the criminal life - often expressing the need to "turn a new leaf"- given his scarse financial resources and overall inconsistency toward more legitimate jobs, Yuno, under the guidance of Dundee and Benji soon found himslef getting more and more involved in the illegal side of the city, slowly building a reputation for himslef as a reliable hacker.

He recently reunited with his long-lost twin sister Ray Mond who he never knew existed. After attempting to teach her how to rob convenience stores and failing, Ray accidentally incapacitated him by hitting him with a hammer multiple times.

He also allegedly stole April Fooze’s husband, Shmedison Shmark, but Yuno only remembers this man as someone he left at a bar after giving his own number as 911 around the time he moved to Los Santos.



Notable events Yuno has experienced ever since his arrival to Los Santos. Note that there may be some missing events.

A New Day
Soon after his arrival in the city, Yuno managed to briefly trap himself within the police parking lot. After escaping, he went to Burger Shot but was unable to communicate with the employees due to his speech problem, despite a long attempt by Sheldon Jones to assist him.

Later, he attempted to converse with Cherry Claire Dinwittie but unfortunately, he still sounded like an "electric cricket". Hours later, he managed to successfully converse with Cherry and claims he received throat surgery to remove his laryngitis.

While chatting with Cherry, Yuno met X, who punched him in the face to remove his helmet, causing Yuno to leave the building.

Prison Speedrun
Shortly after meeting with Dundee, the two set off to make some quick money. After stealing a car, Yuno and Dundee picked up a job with the Chop Shop, while Yuno showcased driving skills that Dundee likens to X's driving. After several hours, the two picked up a Dominator and were driving north to the scrapyard when Yuno, while attempting to honk his horn, accidentally opened his door and fell out of the car onto the freeway. Dundee rushed Yuno back to the hospital (but not before he stole his shoes), where he recovered and proceeded to finish the job. Afterward Dundee decided to teach Yuno the way of evading a police pursuit in preparation for an upcoming house robbery.

Once a house in Vinewood was targeted, the duo made their way to the property and entered. Yuno retrieved the first item, a microwave, and exited the property. However, police arrived within seconds; Dundee made a break for it in the van, while Yuno, in a state of confusion, remained still with the stolen microwave in hand as police arrested him. He was charged with robbery and sentenced to 12 months in prison and a $900 fine. While Yuno tried to take a mugshot, Officer Garry Berry stated that he was the fastest person to get arrested after moving into town.

After his prison sentence, he met Benji Ramos, and the three of them decided what the next move would be. After some time to think, Yuno decided that he would try civilian life, parting ways with Benji and Dundee for the time being. While he looked forward to getting a job and making some money, he reflected that he enjoyed the time with Dundee and would not deny the possibility of returning to the criminal life in the future.

New Leaf, Same Tree
“New Leaf, Same Tree”, they all say. Yuno wakes up and ready to make some money the legal way. He headed to Burger Shot to pick up a job. One botched interview later, to which Chuck Colton responded, "You're never gonna get a job". Yuno left and was quickly contacted by Dundee. Coincidentally, Chuck and Dundee were also free and the three of them tried out trash collecting. Within minutes of collecting a trash compactor to ride around, the trio met misfortune as a local rammed into them, incapacitating Yuno. Somewhere in transit to the hospital, Chuck was also incapacitated.

They completed the job and earned less than an ample sum of money, to which Yuno, who may or may not have smoked his first joint, decided to "do one clean crime." Later, they proceeded to disguise themselves as construction workers with Charles White who tagged along with them. However, their attempt to rob a house resulted in a failure. As the cops arrived, they get snitched on and betrayed by Chuck which eventually led to a high-speed chase between each other that resulted in the hospitalization of Dundee and later, Yuno himself.

New Tree, Same Forest
“New Tree, Same Forest”, as another day passes, Yuno decided to turn to a new leaf yet once more and tried to get a legal job. To his success at his horrible interview, he landed a job as a janitor at the Diamond Casino and Resort. Despite finally getting a real job, he decided to abandon the job midway and resort back to his criminal path committing robbery and burglary.

At one robbery at a local convenience store which was led by Charles White, the cops arrived almost instantly, prompting Yuno to immediately surrender as Charles tried to run away alongside their friends. However, Yuno was stalling as he didn't want to leave and put all the blame on his new friend at the store. After minutes of hesitations, he finally decided to ride the car with his friends as they tried to escape from the palm of the officers. Unfortunately, they crashed and were immediately surrounded by the cops. Yuno was handcuffed but was soon released after reasoning that he was only buying a water bottle and got caught in the crossfire. However, his friends were convicted and fined because of the bank notes (which weren't even taken from the convenience store) found inside the car's glove box. Yuno was the one who put the dirty money away in the car as he immediately thought that with no evidence during body inspection, the police will let him go. But the same money got Dundee, Charles and Benji arrested after it was found during their investigation.

He decides to lockpick a car to be able to check up on his friends in the prison. He first went to the casino. Confused about his job, he asked for help from Riley Carter (who was pretending to be the CEO of the casino.) She taught him how to do his job and gave him a $1 tip. He then asked how to check if his friends were in prison, after which she told about the newspaper stands populating San Andreas. With the help of Riley and her friend, Malakai Anderson, Yuno found a newspaper where he read about the news of his friends' prison sentence. Later on, he went to check up on Dundee and Benji, (Charles being locked up in a different place), before finally calling it a day.

New Forest, Same Town
“New Forest, Same Town”, they say. Another day, another adventure. As Yuno ignored his duty to work at the Casino, he sought another job at the Rooster's Rest, like usual with his ADHD and typical behavior. He forgot it and went back to his path of a criminal.

Yuno first got a hammer and, after buying a medkit in a convenience store, proceeded to rob it and escaped on a tractor. Later on, Yuno ditched the tractor and found a bike. Using his buffed-out legs, Yuno sped away, bypassing several vehicles. As a result, Kael Soze pulled Yuno over and threatened to give him a ticket for Third Degree Speeding. After Yuno complimented his super cool hat and some accidental flirting, Officer Soze let Yuno off with a warning.

After finding out the casino is closed, Yuno decided to buy another lockpick. Looking for a ride in Yellow Pages, he found an "assistant to all": Dawn Hearte. Although first skeptical and terrified of Yuno, Dawn eventually drove him to Harmony Repair. They bought lockpicks together and undertook some adventures, including a motorcycle stunt that left Yuno with a critical leg injury, and a gift of hospitali-tea from Dawn which ultimately landed Yuno his internship at the Rooster's Rest.

After Dawn went to sleep and an eventful, perfectly legal delivery with Leyla Nightingale, the classic duo Yuno and Dundee, were back! Dundee had just earned a new job at the Premium Deluxe Motorsport as a scammer in collaboration with Salem Barghouthi. Dundee tried to introduce Yuno to PDM, but it all went wrong when they met a victim of Dundee’s scam which resulted in a fistfight in the streets outside of PDM. Yuno escapes, not wanting to enter the fray, and later meets Dundee in court. Luckily, Dundee was not charged while the real victim ended up getting arrested for assault and battery.

After successfully evading arrest, they went back to their criminal ways and robbed multiple convenience stores while successfully dodging the police at each attempt. Unfortunately, they barely turned a profit since Yuno lacked the experience and abilities to successfully and quickly rob a store and smash cash registers.

New Town, Same City
“New Town, Same City”, they all say. Another day, another war crime. With a high-profile trial occurring, it was the perfect chance to commit crimes! Yuno started his day off strong, biking with his pumped-out legs. Unfortunately, he lost control of the speed and ended up biking off the highway and falling, "breaking all of his bones." After being taken to the hospital by an EMT and Sasquach, he met up with Dundee, but only after Yuno talks Dundee up to Emma Gaine and tries to leave a good impression of Dundee by telling her about his imaginary husky, "Lombago". Together, they meet up with Lenny and Leyla to go on a crime spree.

At first, Yuno, Lenny, Leyla, and Dundee attempted to scam some big money by poising as the dealers at Premium Deluxe Motorsport. However, the customer who they tried to scam, Bogg Dann, already had a paid-off car and they ultimately could not squeeze a single dime out of him. They later went to the Burger Shot and met Hazel "Gam Gam" Nutte, an elderly lady who ended up buying them burgers after Yuno assaulted punched her. Dundee separates from the crew to prepare for a crime while Yuno, Leyla, Lenny, and Gam Gam drive to Harmony Repairs Garage to buy lockpicks. After buying a lockpick, Yuno finds out that Dundee got into the usual trouble and needed to go to the hospital. But with the night growing late, it was time for one last job and to part ways with Leyla and Lenny.

For his final crime, Yuno, alongside Dundee and Benji, schemed to rob a house. While Yuno and Dundee entered and actually robbed the house (their haul being a microwave, TV, and other valuable items), Benji stood by to recover the loot in case the cops arrived—which they did, like always. Riley and Malakai, who were told by Yuno that he and Dundee were robbing a house, see the police chase and discreetly intervene before Benji could to help move the goods out of the van after Yuno and Dundee escape the police by bike. A successful burglary! But at what cost?

After escaping, Dundee and Benji have a friendly conversation using knives and guns with Yuno, lecturing him on his naivety, his big mouth, and his fabulous glow-in-the-dark-but-definitely-unfit-for-robbery neon green shoes. Dundee steals Yuno's money (he later returns it) and Benji takes Yuno's fancy shoes and drives off to sell the stolen goods, leaving Dundee and Yuno behind. Yuno sadly breaks his lockpick and instead goes with Dundee to rendezvous with Benji, who gives the $1100 earnings to Yuno and Dundee.

Yuno takes a nap after a long, eventful day knowing that he has more money than he arrived to the city with and that crime does indeed pay off!

New City, Same County
“New City, Same County”, new identity, new life. As Yuno is on his way to buy a lock pick, he coincidentally meets Claire Seducer, along the way. Later he finally does his janitorial work at the Diamond Casino and Resort for the first time and gets his first paycheck. Yuno proceeds to play Blackjack at the urging of Benji, just to lose all his money. The rush of being rich was too exhilarating. So he then gets Leyla and Riley to give him some money to feed his addiction but ultimately loses it all.

As nighttime falls, crimes rise. Yuno and Benji go on their first illegal hunting trip in order to make extra cash, given he just lost it all. They end up meeting Gunther who brings a gun. However, during mid-hunt, the gun gets jammed and so the three suggest that Yuno run over the animals for the pelts. They sell the pelts and Yuno feels relieved he at least has some money for sandwiches for the next day.

He then calls up Dundee and they go back to work scamming some more customers at the Premium Deluxe Motorsports. Yuno finds it surprising that a customer actually compliments their "one million" IQ scheme as he distracts him to allow Dundee to do his magic on the remaining one. He eventually meets Ellie Dono, an eccentric redhead who is addicted to gambling, Dundee gets into a scuffle with her due to Yuno accidentally revealing that he was scamming her, which leads to a chase, weapons pulled, and nonsense galore. Yuno ultimately feels bad and decides to gives her some lucky raffle tickets (except the casino rigs it so no one ever wins), accidentally scamming her, which was what he was trying to prevent.

Another scuffle later, in which the two had a misunderstanding, Yuno decided to call it a day.

New County, Same State + The Gangsters Meet
It’s a brand new day for Yuno, and he formally meets X, alongside Benji and Carlito, these two twins with polar opposite personalities seek out doing crimes.

These four bad boys start off with light robberies at the 24/7 Supermarket outside the city. As they return home, they stumble upon a supercar where X and Yuno split up after racing Benji and Carlito. As X tries to show off his driving skills, they later get chased by the cops and they successfully escape.

As nighttime falls, the gang goes to do their usual house robberies at Vinewood. As they go off to sell their stolen items, they get robbed by the Ballas but X avoids getting robbed by them because of their affiliation. After getting robbed The Vagos gang prepares and engages in battle against Ballas as Yuno and X get caught in the crossfire because of their affiliation with Benji and Carlito, members of the Vagos.

New District, Same Province + 3☆ Hospital Speedrun
It's a brand new day for the young Yuno, but his path and his ways have yet to change. As Yuno leaves the Apartments, the first thing he does is steal a car where he later heads to the Casino for work, fashionably late of course. Crashing the car into the Casino lot, he explained to Claire that he was indeed working, cleaning someone's blood from the parking lot, leaving out the fact that it was his own. However, this did not last long as he soon meets up with Dundee and Lenny in order to go back to his criminal ways by robbing houses and searching for managers at convenience stores.


The Fighting Tournament & Event at Casino
Yuno met his boss's boss, Cassie, outside Burger Shot and got a new task to sell tickets for the grand event of X jumping onto the roof off a ramp with a possible bonus of 3000$ if he sold more than 15 tickets. During this interaction, Yuno impulsively got himself and her infernal twin, Ray Mond, registered for a fight in the tournament at the Gallery on the same day as the Casino event.

On the day of the event, Yuno started off his day by robbing some houses with Mickey. During the robberies, Yuno asked Mickey to train him for the fight. Yuno initially dodged a couple of punches, but then got absolutely beaten up. Yuno promised to win the fight for Mickey and make him proud.

They eventually arrived at the gallery, where the fighting tournament was about to take place on the 2nd floor. Yuno finds out that Ramee and other members of the Chang Gang are attempting to rig the fight by having one of the twins throw the fight for huge bet winnings. Later in a confusing conversation, Yuno volunteered to throw, reasoning that Ray has just received plastic surgery so he shouldn't ruin her face. A few moments later, Cassie approached Yuno and told him that she placed $2,000 on Yuno winning the fight. According to Yuno's words, it was the first time in his life anyone believed in him, so he decided to give his all in the fight and try not to throw. Just before their fight started, Yuno convinced Celine and Ramee to bet on Ray, showing self-esteem issues and telling the story when he got beaten up by a grandmother at Burger Shot.

Just a couple of minutes before the fight started, Yuno meets his boss, Claire, who advises him to simply run around the arena and punch the opponent opportunistically. After a couple of fights, it was their turn, and shockingly, Yuno destroys Ray with his speed and reflexes. The only punch Yuno received from Ray during the fight was when he taunted her mid-fight by doing a flip. After the fight, Celine confronts Yuno and beats him up for scamming her for $1,000. Moreover, Chang Gang also confronts Yuno for causing them to lose over $50,000 betting on Ray. Yuno then retired from fighting, citing he didn't know how powerful he was before this fight and didn't want to hurt anybody in the future. It was his first fight in the city, he won and retired. Another reason he retired, that he can claim that he never lost a fight, a record of 1-0.

After the fight, Yuno praised his personal trainer, Mickey, for training him hours before the fight. However, in reality, it was the advice from his boss, Claire, that led to his victory. Ironically, Ray after waking up on that day confronted Claire for making her look like a prostitute the last day and as a favor, asked Claire to be on her side for the fight. Almost no one in the city knows that Claire (after promising Ray to be on her side) was actually the one who contributed the most to Yuno's win.

After the fight, Yuno went to the Casino for the big event which went successfully. After the event, Yuno met his twin sister, Ray, on the rooftop and told her about his retirement before giving a friendly tackle which made her cry and leave.

Just before finishing the day, he tried the ramp by himself and landed the car on the roof. After an extremely exciting day, Yuno went to sleep.

New State, Same Country + Helicopter Slip
Yuno starts off his day by lock-picking a car in the parking lot of the Apartments. He later heads to Burger Shot where he expects to get some free food. As Yuno persuades a Burger Shot employee to give him some free burgers, he encounters Euguene Zuckerberg, Mel Rickenbacker, and 4T.

A few moments later, a feud occurs between police officer Kyle Pred and the trio Yuno just encountered. This led to officer Kyle leaving his cruiser in the Burger Shot parking lot and the Mayor of Los Santos, Andi Jones, inside his cruiser. Yuno, being his casual self, starts to lock-pick the car in front of the Mayor. Yuno explains to Mayor Andi that officer Kyle allegedly saved his life and therefore, returning the police car back to him is the least he can do. As Mayor Andi anxiously joins Yuno in the police car, they go on a search for officer Kyle. However, their search was abruptly stopped by another officer who held Yuno at gunpoint. Yuno requests that the officer tell officer Kyle that he was trying to return the police car but his request was denied and so, Yuno goes around looking for officer Kyle however to no avail.

Yuno then arrives at the Rooster's Rest where he meets Mickey S, one of his crime partners and a member of the Chang Gang. They decide that they would rob houses to earn some cash as Yuno lost $14,000 gambling at the casino the previous day. Later on, the duo is joined by Leyla Nightingale, who was disguised as Bane Anna at the time. After a series of successful robberies, Yuno managed to earn around $6,000 and a gemstone. Yuno attempts to sell this gemstone to the Gallery and ends up selling it to Randy Bullet who gave him $500 for the gemstone. Yuno also attempts to sell some scraps and materials at Hayes Autos which earned him about $100.

In an attempt to make "connections" at the Burger Shot for free burgers, Yuno meets Shelly Smith, an employee there, and negotiates with her. Yuno also once again meets Mayor Andi alongside Dean Watson, owner of both Burger Shot and the Casino.

Later, Yuno encounters a few members of The Families who immediately pull a gun on him as he tries to tell them not to mess with Mickey.

Afterward, Yuno, Mickey, Leyla, and Randy decided that they would ride a helicopter around the city. In a shocking turn of events, Yuno slips out of the flying helicopter and ends up hurting himself. Fortunately, he is quickly rescued by a volunteering EMS worker, Ramee El-Rahman, who was nearby. After Yuno recovers from the fall, Ramee offers Yuno some meth (or pronounced as "meeth" by Yuno) who at first was hesitant about it, but gladly accepts and consumes it seconds later. The four take off once again in the helicopter and head to the Rooster's Rest.

At the Rooster's Rest, Yuno encounters Nancy Drew and invites her to rob some houses. Despite agreeing to split the profits equally, Yuno gives Nancy all the $400 that he earned as he believes that they did not earn too much from the job. Nancy drives Yuno back to the Apartments where he concludes that it had been a very eventful day in Los Santos. However, before going to bed, Yuno meets Riley Carter, his co-worker at the Casino, and shows off the fact that he has the keys to open the doors at the Casino while Riley does not.

Betrayal or a Brutal Awakening?
Yuno wakes up and instantly meets Shelly Smith at the lobby of the Apartments. Shelly informs Yuno that he might be able to apply for a job at the Burger Shot later on in the day. Outside the Apartments, Yuno comes across Dawn Hearte, who accompanies him to the bank to collect his stimulus check. Unbeknownst to the two, Four Tee (4T) has stowed away in the trunk of the vehicle they were in; and she became incapacitated when Yuno crashes the car into a light pole. For the day, Yuno aims to do a number of house robberies in search of cash and the green dongle that Mickey S told him about so he can engage in his own bank heist. With profits from the house robberies, Yuno plans on spending his life savings of around $10,000 to get on a laptop queue by using Shungite.

The two then go to Burger Shot to buy some food, then Yuno proceeds to rob a house in the barrio area, only able to make away with a few hundred dollars. He then rendezvous with Lenny for his second robbery job in GSF turf but was unable to find much of anything of value. They get another job in Vinewood and after finishing it up without running into any cops they go and sell the stolen goods. At the fencing point they get accosted by members of the Vagos who seem to be robbing people on the spot, Yuno recognizes them and talks his and Lenny's way out while leaving another criminal to be robbed, 4T runs into trouble and calls Yuno for help. They do get away initially but then get into another chase with the police because they were driving a car containing the Oxy, and later are apprehended. Yuno is only slapped with a charge of Reckless Evading and sent away to prison for 10 months.

Dundee picks Yuno and 4T up from prison in a GTR Elegy, and the trio heads to Chumash Pier after Dundee receives a series of messages from Mel (who has had a number of run-ins against Dundee). Mel seems to be under the impression that he is holding Dundee hostage, but has actually kidnapped a civilian named Wayne (who has a strong resemblance to Dundee).

Mel shoots both Dundee and Wayne while Yuno hides in the background, Lenny tries to run interference but is shot as well. Mel, at gunpoint, coerces both Yuno and 4T into escaping with him in a car. Inside the car, Yuno manages to talk Mel into returning back to the pier to talk things out and help his friends, this ends up in Lenny and Dundee being taken to the hospital, but Yuno and Wayne (who Mel still thinks is the real Dundee) are taken to the same crypt that 4T took him to a few days prior.

Yuno calls Lenny and Dundee for backup, Dundee arrives and shoots Mel as he has set Wayne on fire. Wanting to make things right, Yuno wants to take Mel and Wayne to the hospital, but another shootout then ensues between 4T and Dundee. Lenny and Ash arrive to take the wounded to Grandma's.

Yuno soon receives a call from Dundee, telling Yuno to meet him in an abandoned mineshaft near Chiliad. He arrives and enters the dark mineshaft, where he is confronted by Dundee. Dundee takes offense to Yuno's moral compass constantly clouding his loyalty and better judgment. In retaliation, Dundee shoots Yuno twice at point-blank and leaves him half-dead in the mineshaft after calling for paramedics. After some time, paramedics and Deputy Shepherd arrive to retrieve Yuno who is later treated at Pillbox Hospital. After an arduous operation, Yuno is discharged from the hospital and calls Dundee one last time to threaten him before going back to bed.

Revenge and the Start of a War
Yuno is determined to find a green dongle to try for a laptop. Since he spent all his money in Shungite, money is tight and he can not afford food. With this in mind, he heads to the Burger Shot to beg for burgers, here he strikes a deal with Shelly Smith, promising he will make sure the aspiring influencer April Fooze hosts her birthday party at the Burger Shot in exchange for free food. While at the Shot, he meets Maddog Majima and X, who reveals to them he is laying low by working the counters after messing up with people's weed farms. X tells them he might use their help in caring for his next batch of plants.

Yuno heads off to the work at the casino where he learns that the weed seller seems to have left town, which has caused a shortage and has people scrambling to figure out how to grow it on their own. He calls Lenny Large to tell him about his discovery and tries to enlist him into X's scheme. Lenny comes to meet Yuno at the casino parking lot, where X confronts him for telling people about his plan, unwittingly revealing it to Lenny's companions (Ash, and Maddog Majima -who had already heard about it earlier-), and Yuno's boss Claire.

They head back to the apartments to meet Yuno's twin Ray. Yuno enlists Ray's help to get back at Dundee for shooting him at the mineshaft. He then leaves with the Chang Gang to learn how to plant marijuana at a remote location. After the session, both Ray and Yuno part ways with the gang to go on a short house robbery. They sell the goods and on their way back, they run into a GSF member, Dex Martin, who notices they are in GSF territory. He pulls up and starts catcalling Ray Mond. She threatens to shoot him if he doesn't stop. He continues and she shoots him in the shoulder. Yuno drives off and they prepare for their meeting with Dundee.

The plan was that Ray Mond would pretend to rob Dundee, and Yuno would shoot Ray Mond (who would wear a bullet-proof vest), to show Dundee that he is loyal and that he has learned his lesson. Once Dundee's guard was down Yuno would say the code-word "Babushka" to get Ray Mond to get up and shoot Dundee. The plan goes horribly wrong and sends both Ray Mond and Dundee to the hospital. They decide to call it even after Yuno steals Dundee's shoes. As a way to show his trust in Dundee, Yuno "unknowingly" shows Dundee where the Chang Gang planted their seeds.

Dundee waits for them at the farm spot. However, Yuno's group (including Ray Mond, and Leyla Nightingale) stops on their way to the spot after Yuno gets contacted by his co-worker Marlo Stanfield who seems to have a short cleaning job after a house party. With the promise of money in exchange for an easy job they head to the house, but after going inside Yuno and his crew realize it's a trap set up by GSF to get back at them after their previous encounter, they get robbed and Ray Mond gets shot. Yuno carries Ray back to their car and Leyla drives them to the hospital however they get stopped by cops who were alerted by the gunshots. Leyla goes to prison and Ray Mond is sent to the hospital. Yuno was searched but had nothing illegal on him (other than gunpowder residue on his hands) so he was sent free after giving testimony.

Yuno calls Dundee to tell him what happened while the Chang Gang is preparing their attack on GSF. Dundee (who has had an altercation with GSF that left him stranded in the desert) and Riley Carter (whom Dundee called for backup) meet with Yuno and Ramee El-Rahman at the apartments parking lot, where Yuno explains what happened. The crew plans to kidnap a GSF member and have Yuno execute them as payback, while discussing the plan Yuno tries to convince them to solve things peacefully but a group of GSF drives up to them and shoots them without warning. Ramee leaves them as his help is needed elsewhere after Ray and the Chang Gang had a shoot-out with GSF.

The crew combs the streets trying to find a GSF member to kidnap, but not being able to find anyone they check the newspapers and find that a bunch of them were sent to prison. Dundee calls Benji Ramos to enlist his help and they meet at the Barrio. While driving around the area they run into Summer Mersion, who was present at the house where Ray Mond got shot, after Benji leaves they kidnap her and take her to a remote location by the seaside. On their way, Summer explains that she wants peace after all the violence and claims that she did not know Ray was going to get shot when they summoned Yuno and his group to the house. Yuno agrees with her speech about stopping the circle of violence but Dundee and Riley have other plans.

They get down the car to make Yuno follow through with their execution plan, telling him it is the only way they will get GSF from coming back at them in the future. Yuno tries to object, convinced that GSF being shot by the Chang Gang and then sent to prison is punishment enough, but Dundee tells him they will be done with him if he fails to follow through (as they will not be able to trust him again if he sides with their enemies). They promise Yuno they will get Summer to a hospital to try and save her after everything is said and done to assuage Yuno's guilt, seeing no way out Yuno shoots at her feet to light up the gasoline, unwittingly setting himself on fire in the process as well. With both Yuno and Summer down Dundee carries Yuno back to the car and abandons Summer, refusing to call for an ambulance despite Yuno's requests. Yuno is taken back to the hospital, where he passes out.

A Birthday Party and #23
After the events of the gang war, Yuno runs into Ramee El-Rahman at the Burger Shot. He seems to be on the lookout for a laptop so Yuno joins his crew to get on the laptop list. Ramee tells Yuno they have heard about what he did with Summer Mersion and that GSF has called Ramee to ask for a cease of fire, which he attributes to them being shaken by Yuno's violent actions. While they are dropping Yuno back at the apartments Dex Martin pulls over next to them.

Yuno runs away in fear, climbing on Annie May's uwuber and talks her into robbing houses with him. Later he receives a call from Ramee who tells Yuno off for running away as he has used Yuno to threaten Dex Martin, and asks Yuno to be careful as GSF might try to round up on him. After successfully robbing a house, Yuno receives a call from Marlo Stanfield, who asks why he hasn't shown to work yet. Yuno tells him he is worried about their work relationship after everything that has happened but Marlo tells him not to worry about it. Yuno parts with Annie and heads over to the casino to work.

At the casino, Yuno checks up on work and bets away his winnings from the robbery while asking everyone he meets where can he get "Meeth" to give to April Fooze as a birthday present. He later embarks on a quest with Ray Mond and Leyla Nightingale to get birthday gifts for their friend. Yuno gets a dapper new outfit for the party and the gang meets with April at the Burger Shot parking lot. The party is a success but Yuno, Leyla, and Ray leave after a while so that Yuno can go to work at the Rooster's Rest, where he asks for a second chance after Yuno's boss Mr. Lang threatens to fire him for never showing up to work.

The crew leaves to do some house robberies but gets interrupted by a call from a distressed 4T, who asks for Yuno's help as someone seems to have kidnapped her. The kidnappers demand Yuno show up alone unless he wants them to kill 4T. Yuno asks for Leyla and Ray to follow him in case things go south. He meets the kidnappers on the roof of a parking lot where they are holding 4T and a man named Olly as hostages. They give Yuno a gun and tell him to shoot one of them unless he wants to be shot. Not being able to decide, Yuno pours gasoline over both hostages and tells the kidnappers they could burn both hostages instead. The kidnappers, terrified, call of the act and call Yuno a psychopath, making him take 4T's place in the gasoline circle. They reveal this was all a test for him to prove if he was worthy enough of being added to 4T's friend list, but since Yuno did not kill Olly, it is up to 4T to decide. After some pondering, 4T ends up shooting Olly and declares that Yuno is now her friend, #23.

Yuno starts the day ready to get some work done at the casino but after a series of unfortunate events he ends up late once again. He ends up being stopped by Officers Claire Everly and TJ Mack for driving a stolen vehicle but he manages to talk his way out of jail. Officer Everly tries to coerce Yuno into declaring her the "best Claire" of Los Santos but Yuno cannot bring himself to do it in a show of solidarity for his boss Claire Seducer, they part ways with Officer Everly warning Yuno she could still charge him with the vehicle theft.

After checking in at work Yuno heads to do some robberies with Dundee, who later asks Yuno to accompany him as a backup for a secret meeting with some suspicious individuals. They meet with a group of men wearing demon masks who offer Dundee a deal, they claim they can consistently supply him with laptops for a price. Not entirely convinced by Yuno's ability to keep this secret quiet the group threatens him if he ever mentions anything to anyone and decides to use their first laptop purchase as a test of the duo's abilities. Dundee and Yuno leave so that Dundee can get the laptop payment ($20K), and they meet with this group again on a yacht in open sea. Once the transaction is completed, and after threatening Yuno one more time they are ordered to leave in the midst of gunshots.

While heading back to the shore Yuno receives a mysterious call from someone who identifies himself as "The Quest-giver" and claims to know about "Yuno's mission". After admonishing Yuno for mentioning Dundee's name, he proceeds to test Yuno's ability to hide his current whereabouts and their intention to rob a bank. "The Quest-giver" hangs up after warning Yuno he is watching him.

The duo starts planning the heist and soon recruits Randy Bullet and Charles Johnson as their hacker and getaway driver. The group stashes a number of getaway vehicles across the city with their main ones being a couple of vehicles on top of a building at a construction site only accessible by a risky jump over a ramp. They agree to split there into two groups to make it harder for the cops to catch them. While changing their outfits Yuno decides to pay homage to "the greatest criminal of our generation" and dresses up like X, asking for his heist code-name to be "Y". All masked up, the crew gets a hostage on the clothing store's parking lot (an unfortunate fellow named 6 who had just moved to the city) and heads to the Fleeca Bank to start their operation.

While holding the hostage at gunpoint, the crew waits for the hacking to be done so that they can empty the bank's vault. Yuno might be a kidnapper, but he will still remain a good host and despite Dundee's complaints, he constantly offers sandwiches to their hostage (and later on to the cops on-scene). He then makes the hostage tell the police of how well are they taking care of him, while admonishing him for rejecting his sandwiches. Yuno negotiates with Deputy Franky Dulio for their crew to be allowed to leave in exchange of the hostage and gun-less altercations with the officers. Before leaving the crew demands for Deputy Dulio to hug Yuno and "wish him good luck", once this is done Yuno gives the officer a med-kit "in case he gets hurt while chasing us" and they flee the scene.

After successfully evading the police and changing their outfits, Dundee and Yuno head to take a celebratory picture in front of the police department (and for Dundee to report his phone as "stolen" after he unwittingly posted the selfies he took at the bank on Twatter). Yuno leaves a sandwich inside the police precinct as "his signature", he is latter told a story from Trooper AJ Hunter on how he found a sandwich outside the precinct.

Secret meetings and new connections
A New Hacker in Town
Low on cash Yuno goes to check in at work at the Casino, where he learns his bosses Cassie and Dean, are also his bosses at his new job at the Burger Shot. Cassie later calls Yuno with a business proposition, with the opening of Dean World at the Pier she's looking to sponsor business ideas for new shops in the area, she tells Yuno to think about it and call her if he comes up with something. Yuno heads to the Pier to look at all the new installments but on his way he witnesses a terrible car accident, he rushes to help and offers the two men involved burgers. He then heads to clock in at the Burger Shot (to replenish his burger stack), where the same men are buying burgers, claiming "Burger Shot saved their life". After his boss Shelly Smith praises his work ethic and commitment to the restaurant, he immediately leaves.

He goes to cash-in his work receipts at the bank and calls Dundee, who seems to be on an oxy run and suspects someone is about to rob him. Yuno goes to his rescue only to find out it was a misunderstanding, one of the "robbers" being Yuno's old boss Mr. Lang, who tells Yuno off for quitting the Rooster's Rest, but Yuno tries to appease him by giving him a burger before leaving with Dundee. The duo catches up about their latest endeavors, Dundee showcasing his new muscle car (a commissioned Blue Tulip) and the jackets for his new group the "Bondi Boys". After learning Yuno is taking online classes to hone in his hacking skills, Dundee tells Yuno if he is able to do the hacking on their next bank heist he will consider Yuno joining the BBMC. While Dundee is handing oxy, Yuno runs to the Rooster's Rest to get some ramen, and talks to Lenny about the possibility of getting a $20K loan in order to buy a laptop from the "demons". He then heads back on a stolen sports car to meet back with Dundee at the next oxy spot.

As they are discussing their next steps, a mysterious voice calls them out, asking if they are doing any illegal activities, the duo searches the area but are not able to find whoever is listening in their conversation. Dundee tells the spy he will let them go if they show up while Yuno vouches for him, saying "Dundee is a man of his word". When a woman climbs out of Yuno's trunk, Yuno pulls his gun on her, declaring he didn't promise her anything, but changes his mind after seeing she doesn't have any shoes. While impressed by Yuno's new-found proclivity for threatening people, Dundee tries to make Yuno follow-through and teach this person a lesson, in a weird chain of events Yuno pulls of his gun and forces this woman to eat a sandwich before heading off to rob houses. Later on, Dundee praises the changes in Yuno's behavior, telling him "one day, you'll be someone I'm gonna be scared of, and that makes me proud". After reverse-robbing a man at the apartments, the duo meets with Barry, member of the newly formed BBMC, and Dundee's husband. Yuno tags along while they sell a gun to a masked man (who later introduces himself as Irwin) in an empty parking lot. They take Yuno to the "Billabong", the alleyway in Vespucci Dundee took Yuno to when they first met, to talk about the future.

Yuno is enlisted to help spread the word about the Bondi Boys, telling people (and cops) at the apartments about the feats of the group. Yuno parts with them and goes on to help Lenny, Ash, and Malakai with their oxy-runs. After Malakai suffers a nasty fall, they take him to the hospital and Ash and Yuno head off to rob houses. Finding a new microwave, Yuno leaves the rest of the loot to Ash, and takes the microwave to the Burger Shot, to give it to his boss Shelly as a gift. He runs into Officer Garry Berry while carrying the stolen microwave inside just like the first time they met. This time around Yuno lies his way out and manages to convince him he actually bought the microwave for the Burger Shot with Shelly praising him for being an exemplar employee. Officer Garry Berry is moved by Yuno becoming an upstanding citizen and gets authorization to buy a microwave and TV from Yuno for the police department's breakroom. Yuno then lures the Officer to an alley behind Burger Shot, where he pulls out his gun at him before giving the officer a stolen watch (which he claims he bought for the officer using his first paycheck), calling the whole thing a joke. Ironically, Yuno losses his gun to a man wearing an owl mask when trying to repeat this same tactic later on.

While working his shift Yuno receives a call from Lenny, who has acquired a Green Laptop. Lenny invites Yuno to be the hacker for his group. Yuno then meets with the crew (consisting of Lenny, Ash, and Malakai), and they make plans for their bank heist. They name Yuno their main hacker (with Malakai standing in as back-up in case things go wrong), Ash as their negotiator, and Malakai and Lenny as their getaway drivers. After acquiring a hostage, they head to the bank, where Yuno puts his hacking skills to the test. Despite his nerves, Yuno is able to hack through the bank's security system on his first attempt to the surprise and joy of his companions, and the group manages to run away with their loot without any issues. After stashing their riches, the group takes a selfie at the bank (which Lenny posts on Twatter after claiming his phone was stolen), and following Yuno's lead head to the police department to leave a burger for Officer Davenport (the officer who showed up at the bank).

Of not so clean money and biking trips
After his succesful bank heist Yuno is now left with 17.000$ in marked bills to get rid of. While trying to lockpick a car outside the apartaments he gets spotted by Molly Minaj, Yuno asks her if she would be intersted in getting the marked bills to clean in exchange of a discounted rate in cash expressing his dislike for the long process and not wanting to take the risk of getting caught during oxy runs. Molly gladly accepts, paying him 13.000$, driving him to sign up for house jobs and then back to the apartaments.

Here Yuno runs into his twin sister Ray Mond who also voice the need to clean money, asking him for advice. After explaining to her the process, he however advises her to just get someone else to do it in exchange of a smaller cut in cash, as he previously did with Molly.

The two of them then embark on a series of small house robberies in the hope of finding a green dongle, while waiting for his twin to finish the job, Yuno receive a text from April Fooze: apparently Lenny has gotten his hands on another laptop and is in urgent need for an hacker.

Waiting for news on the laptop Yuno and Ray stop at the Burger Shot to get free food, in the kitchen he encounters fellow co-worker Pilbis Shonley with whom he discusses bank robberies and the possibilty of working together on one in the future.

Yuno then receive a call from April, who asks them to meet her and Lenny at PDM.

On their way there however, the twins get in a terrible car accident, crushing their veicle on the gas station and blowing themselves up. After getting out of the hospital Yuno and Raymond finally make their way to the PDM meeting up with April and Lenny, who tackles him, telling Yuno that since they didn't show up on time he ended up already doing the bank robbery, wich was unfortunately unsuccesfull since, as Lenny explain "No hacker in the city is as good as Yuno!". Meanwhile April, who is in process of buying a Prius, seems to not be able to afford it (having most of her money in dirty bills), Yuno then offers to help her out, loaning her 19.000$ in exchange of a bigger cut in dirty money.

While at the PDM Yuno runs into Leyla, who puts him in contact with the Leanbois and Mr. Lang to help him with the cleaning process. They agree to help him, paying him 13.690$ for the 74 bags given to him by April and advising Yuno to keep the money in a briefcase in the apartament and deposit it in smaller amounts day by day so as not to cause suspicions among the police.

After depositing his money in the apartaments, Yuno receive a call from April who invites him to a biking trip with Lenny and Raymond. As per usual, what was supposed to be a chill trip with friends, ends up being filled with chaos: pouring gas on Lenny, fighting numerous locals for bikes, destroying April’s fresh new car, getting lost on the mountains while drunk on absinthe and with April ending up heavily injured in a bush.

Finally reunited with his sister and with April on her way to the hospital, the two drive off back to the city on a motorbike, marking the end of the day.

April 11, 2021 -
A Series of (not so) Unfortunate Events
Yuno begins his day by depositing some of the “clean” money he got from his last bank robbery into his bank account (he learned this laundering trick from Mr. Lang, who told Yuno he should do this instead of depositing his full bank profits to avoid being audited by the police after he bought some of Yuno’s dirty money bags). At the bank, he runs into some of his friends from the Chang Gang: Randy Bullet, Mr. K, and Ramee El-Rahman, who tell him there has been an influx of laptops into the city, eliminating the need for the sign-up list. The friendly criminals swear Yuno to secrecy before revealing they have found a rare item during their last heist, a Red Dongle, while unsure on how to use it (and what will it unlock) they are convinced the riches they will obtain will be greater than what they have seen to date.

Parting with the group, Yuno heads to the Burger Shot to steal some burgers replenish his stash. At the parking lot, he runs into 4T who seems to be planning revenge on someone, excited by the prospect of using his gas tank, Yuno offers his help. The pair gets detracted when a man named Jay approaches them, begging for some food. While 4T refuses to help him since he is not one of her friends, Yuno lures the man into an alley with the promise of food where he pulls his gun out and proceeds to threaten him to eat a sandwich (after stealing his shoes and pouring gasoline around him), Jay, terrified, complies, praising the sandwich quality in fear of being shot. Yuno later shoots the gasoline circle (once Jay has stepped out of it) to show what could have happened if he refused to follow Yuno’s orders.

Back at the Burger Shot, 4T and Yuno plan to steal a car in preparation for 4T's revenge plan. Here they run into Yuno's boss Shelly who is still in a wheelchair after being run over by the cops, Yuno and other Burger Shot employees offer to protect her when a couple of cops pull over in search of some food. Shelly denies them service partially because Burger Shot is closed, but mostly in retaliation for being run over by the cops. Yuno wanting to make peace sneaks them a couple of hamburgers behind her back but his actions are immediately revealed when one of the cops starts eating his burger in front of Shelly, Yuno tries to appease her by gifting her some (stolen) electronics and promising to show up bright and early for Burger Shot’s next grand event: “Hug a Hobbo day”. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

Yuno and 4T leave to set everything up for 4T’s plan, which may or may not involve setting someone on fire and possibly blowing up a car. However, their preparations end up being in vain after they are unable to locate 4T’s victim, so the pair drive to Vinewood to rob some houses. Unfortunately, the police show up while 4T is robbing a house, Yuno tries to escape by driving their getaway car down the cliff. This victory, however, is short-termed as he finds an officer riding a bicycle at the bottom of the cliff, not wanting to run him over, Yuno surrenders. Ironically amongst the officers who captured the pair are Officers Reducer, and Toretti (the whom Yuno gave a burger to at the Burger Shot). Yuno’s silver tongue is not enough to get them out of jail this time, as he forgot he was carrying a gun (given to him by Lenny) without a license, along with some stolen phones. Before sending him to jail for 26 months, the Officers lecture him for going down the wrong path, telling him he will not be able to come with them as a ride-along if he does not clean up his act.

After serving his time Yuno finds himself stranded in the prison parking lot, the cops had taken his gun, lockpick, and beloved gasoline tank, heartbroken by the loss Yuno beats up one of the guards at the entrance. While waiting, Yuno is contacted by Mr. Lang, apparently, the banks’ security systems have been upgraded and are now harder to hack into, having heard of Yuno’s success at his first hacking job, he asks him to be his backup-backup hacker for a heist targeting the Paleto Bank. Agreeing to give it a try, Yuno is picked up by Mr. Lang, Raymond, and Tony, after being threatened by Mr. Lang should Yuno mess things up, they start preparing for the heist. The escape plan had the crew driving away to the airport and then splitting up to two mountain bikes (they stashed three in case things went wrong) which they would use to jump off a ramp in hopes of throwing some cops off their tail, they would then use the bikes to drive up the mountainside and jump back into the highway, where they would switch to a car parked inside a tunnel, use that car to drive away, and if needed jump into a river, going underwater using scuba gear to end up at the winery and finally making their escape.

Despite their careful planning, fate or just plain bad luck had different plans for the crew...

Donned up in their outfits and masks, the group acquires a hostage and heads off to the Paleto Bank. Being the most experienced hacker, Mr. Lang leads the hacking efforts, but after three failed attempts they decide to give Yuno a try. Against the odds, and after a close call Yuno manages to hack into the security system on his first try to the joy and budding respect of his companions, keeping his spotless hacking record intact. Surprisingly, they manage to clear the bank’s vault (and find two red dongles) without any cops showing up, confused but not ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, the group counts their gains and drives away to the nearest clothing store to get new outfits. Confident in their success, Yuno discards his X outfit and switches into a drippy outfit consisting of a psychedelic neon jacket, glow-in-the-dark shoes, and his faithful helmet.

At the clothing store’s parking lot they run into Ramee and Randy, Yuno recounts their experience at the bank and asks for their insights on how to use the red dongle, apparently the duo has already used their red dongle, but when asked how did it go they leave them with a cryptic “that’s for you guys to find out”. The groups part ways and, as Yuno’s crew drives off, they overhear Ramee talking on the phone, saying something about a helicopter. Unphased they split up their profits and start their drive back to the city, a few moments later they hear the sirens of an approaching police car. Initially confident in the knowledge that they had not been ID’d at the bank as no cops showed up, the group pulls over to talk to the officers. However, as soon as they do so two additional cruisers join the party, five armed officers soon come out of the three police cars and point their guns at them. Despite Mr. Lang’s calm inquiries about the nature of this encounter, the officers offer no explanation and demand the group to surrender and come out of the car. Realizing they must have been mistaken for the group that robbed the vault (Ramee’s and Randy’s) and still in possession of the stolen bags and dongles from Paleto, the group sees no other option than to attempt to flee the cops.

They soon fall back to their old escape plan and drive to the airport with the police cruisers on their tail. Yuno jumps into Raymond’s bike, while Mr. Lang and Tony each take one of the remaining mountain bikes, they manage the ramp jump without a hitch, but that’s when their carefully crafted plan starts to deviate. In the cover of darkness, the group gets separated, Yuno and Raymond soon finding themselves alone, with Yuno’s bright clothes and glowing shoes soon setting them apart and making them an easy target for the cops. The duo rides along the mountainside, hoping their vehicle’s suitability for this terrain will give them an advantage against the cops. After a nasty fall when going down the mountain, they are able to evade their pursuers and head off to the winery to try and steal a car (which would help hide Yuno’s clothes). Their luck doesn’t last long and in a cruel twist of fate, a police car pulls over next to them as soon as they managed to start the car, continuing their crazed pursuit. With the odds stacked against them, Yuno tries to call the rest of their crew in hopes they could provide a better vehicle, only receiving silence on their end Yuno and Raymond assume the worst and decide to drive back into the city in hopes of losing the helicopter and growing entourage of police cars. In the city, Raymond puts his driving skills to the test, and in a show of mastery manages to lose the helicopter and gain enough distance from their ground pursuers for them to hide in an alleyway. The duo soon leaves their car and opts to hide inside a building entrance to the sounds of sirens going away. They wait long enough for things to calm down and Raymond calls for a friend to come and drop them at a clothing store to change their outfits once again.

Their crazy adventure now over, they head back to the apartments to stash their money and regroup, after a while they hear back from Mr. Lang and Tony, who also managed to escape. Deciding to lay low they part ways, Yuno changes back to his usual clothes and heads to the police department to leave his customary post-heist burger.

Double Bank Heist and the Soy Gang Reunion
After his clutch hack at the Paleto Bank, and with Mr. Lang’s promise of a permanent position as the Rooster’s Rest Head Janitor, Yuno heads to the Rooster’s after laundering some money. Since he is not on the employee list, Yuno talks to Gus, telling her about Mr. Lang’s offer and she agrees to give him free ramen and tea. Surprised by how fast she complied, Yuno advises her not to trust people so easily to which Gus pulls out her gun at him, now thinking Yuno is trying to scam her. Yuno manages to talk his way out and still get his free food under the threat that if he lied to her she would come after him.

While waiting for his order Yuno receives a call from Dundee who has gotten his hands on a green dongle. With more successful hacks under his belt and his recently acquired knowledge about the new security systems, the student soon becomes the teacher, relaying some of his findings in the world of bank-busting, with too many things to catch up on the duo agrees to meet at the Rooster. At the parking lot, Yuno runs into 4T and Alex Söderberg, a Wu Chang Records employee who shows interest in Yuno’s hacking abilities, they exchange numbers and Yuno is picked up by Dundee. Yuno directs Dundee to the city’s main bank, telling him about the new red dongles and the possibility of hitting the vault, without further knowledge they do a quick recon on the bank while brainstorming about possible ways to break-in. They drive away and Yuno informs Dundee about the increased number of cops in the city, telling him about his failed housed robbery and the fateful chase after his crew got mistaken for the vault robbers after their own Paleto Heist.

They soon meet with Barry who is selling oxy at an empty parking lot, being the one who gave the dongle to Dundee, he soon agrees to join their heist crew. Leaving Barry to finish his oxy run, Yuno and Dundee leave to continue planning the bank heist. They head over to City Hall so that Yuno can get a new state ID (after his original one was taken away when he and 4T got apprehended for the house robbery) and check his criminal record. Yuno drives Dundee’s car since the Australian was dealing with a bad headache, opting to get a new gas tank to replace his lost one while Dundee makes some calls to recruit a fourth member for their group. Unfortunately, while Yuno’s driving skills have improved, his respect for traffic laws has not, and they are soon pulled over by Officer Michael Murphy after running a red light. Yuno tells the officer he is actually learning how to drive from Dundee to avoid getting a ticket, despite Dundee’s quips at the officer (in an effort to get Yuno in trouble) the officer lets Yuno walk away after telling Yuno to get a better driving instructor. Yuno gives him a burger as thanks and asks for the Officer's opinion on what type of car would be the best as a getaway car before the officer drives away.

Once Barry is done with his previous commitments, Yuno and Dundee pick him up at the apartments so that they can get the laptop and start coming up with a plan for their heist. Dundee manages to convince Yuno to provide the funds to purchase the laptop, as he and Barry were recently robbed by some mysterious individual and lost $50K. Motivated by Yuno’s statement that, should the heist fail, he would lose everything, the trio sets out to find vehicles to use after securely stashing the laptop at Dundee's apartment, stealing a clown car in hopes of "adding spice" to their escape plans. Lamentably, Barry has to step down after suffering a severe migraine, but the duo manages to recruit Tony and Don (who claim to be some of the best bank robbers in the city) to replace him. The newly formed crew soon meets at the Burger Shot and board the clown-mobile, following the theme they decide to use clown masks as their outfits (Yuno being afraid of clowns sneaks up a Pug mask instead). They soon agree on re-using an escape plan Tony and Don had set up for a heist they did earlier (and did not need up using as no cops showed to their crime scene). Their plan had them drive around the city on a couple of mountain bikes, using stairs and narrow alleyways to lose some cop cars, after which they would go underground, where they would lose the rest to carefully placed barricades (with the clown car acting as one of these obstacles).

With everything set up, they soon kidnap Ken-sama, Yuno’s coworker at the Burger Shot, as he was walking out of a bar. While visibly scared, Ken does not take it to heart, telling them bank robbers are often extremely nice to him. They head to the bank, being the only hacker in the group it now all falls to our lovable criminal, and even though he fumbles a bit, Yuno gets to work his magic once again and hacks into the bank’s system. Now they just need to wait for the bank's backdoor to open, Yuno walks back to the front of the bank to chat with the responding officers. As is now a common occurrence, fate likes to play games with Yuno, and the responding officers are no other than Ranger Ziggy (who, as a show of faith, had just taught Yuno a deadly technique that would allow him to fight while on a mountain bike the day before) and Officer Murphy (who had let Yuno go after he ran a red light that very same morning). Not one to falter, Yuno gives them a donut and demands them to eat it unless they want him to beat up the hostage, Officer Murphy confused and fearing the food might be poisoned they heroically complies. Realizing Ken does work at the Burger Shot they question whether the whole shebang is part of an elaborate advertisement, especially after Yuno said he made the donuts himself, but he covers it up saying they just wanted to give Ken-sama’s workplace a shout out in respect of their hostage.

Not long after they are able to open the bank’s backdoor, with their bags full of money and a new blue dongle the group flees the bank chased by police cars. Their fail-safes end up being moot, as they are soon able to lose the cops with a few well-timed turns around the city. They reconvene at their underground spot, where they split their wins before heading to a clothing store to get new clothes. Emboldened by their success Dundee and Yuno decide to use their newly-acquired dongle to do a second heist, this time targeting the Paleto Bank. Dundee insists the two of them should do it together, while Yuno argues that they should bring Don and Tony along, as he felt that they owe them for participating. The two get in a bit of an argument, with Dundee repeating the lessons he had been trying to teach Yuno for quite a while. Yuno leaves the decision in Dundee’s hands seeing as he was the one that provided the dongle for the first heist. Lacking funds to purchase the new laptop, Dundee suggests this could be a job for the Soy Gang, much to the delight and excitement of Yuno. With this new objective in mind, Dundee calls Benji and sets up a meeting at the pier, Yuno and him part ways with Tony and Don to get ready for the next leg of their adventure.

The group finally reunites at the new Dean World Pier and not soon after their chaotic shenanigans ensue, with Dundee and Benji getting into a fistfight and X trying to force them to stop by pulling out his gun at them. Ironically, the ultimate end-all to the scuffle was when Yuno, wanting to join in on the fun, started pouring out gasoline all over the wooden floorboards. The rest of the gang quickly dispersed in fear of a fire starting, running away as far away from the gas as possible. They all managed to quiet down, exchanged some more greetings and eccentricities of the Soy Gang being back together, and started planning their heist, which would take place later, after the tsunami. As the tsunami nears, X gets a call about some drama going on in front of the Burger Shot, which prompted Yuno to come along and see since he works there.

The drama ends up being a little scuffle between Randy Bullet and Shelly Smith, who were arguing about Randy's ban from the Burger Shot, due to Randy having done horrible things to her. Randy arguing she robbed him and beat him up with a flashlight and her wheelchair. X and Benji try to act as mediators, trying to talk Randy into apologizing to Shelly while Yuno, with his ever childlike behavior, climbs to the rooftop of the restaurant, where he meets a man in a dark suit holding a gun. The man introduces himself as Jeffrey Price, and tells him he is part of the Burger Shot's cleaning staff, leaving him to his business Yuno gets back to the parking lot to listen-in to the arguing parties. Randy, deceivingly apologizes to Shelly, which he quickly corrects via kicking her off her wheelchair before jumping into his car. The man in the suit shoots Randy, to the surprise of many, except Yuno who figured out who it was after finding out there was a shooting, amidst the chaos, a wounded Randy drives away. The drama continues to escalate further, with several scuffles occurring between multiple groups (including the Vagos, who seemed to be at odds with some people who had been robbing at their turf). As the police show up Yuno is confronted by his favorite officer, Garry Berry, who is trying to figure out what is happening amidst all the chaos. Down Bad Mickey soon tells the officer Randy has been shot, Yuno mentioning he saw a man on the roof, suggesting a third party might have been involved. When questioned about this man’s identity, Yuno lies and tells them he was just a man in a dark suit, not wanting to let the bad blood between Randy and the Burger Shot continue.

Trying to avoid being pulled into any more drama, Yuno drives away to put his money at the bank. However, he is soon pulled over by Officer Lenny Hawk after Yuno nearly ran him over, panicked, Yuno immediately gets out of his car with his hands up, asking if he hurt the Officer. Not taking kindly to almost dying because of Yunos reckless driving the Officer hand-cuffs him, intending to imprison him for driving on a stolen vehicle despite Yuno telling him he was “just borrowing it” from someone at the Burger Shot. Before things escalate further, Officer Garry Berry pulls over in a second police car, telling Officer Hawk to go back to the Burger Shot to investigate the gunshots. After assuring Hawk Yuno was not one of the shooters, Officer Garry Berry admonishes Yuno, telling him he can not always protect him before driving away.

Not long after the Tsunami, the gang reunites at the apartments, taking X’s lime car to get the laptop (paid off by X) and figuring out a plan of action. After some brainstorming, they decide to use X’s car (which he would report as stolen) to get to the bank, then driving to the Billabong by Vespucci Beach, where X would jump out of the moving car and use one of the many narrow alleyways accessing the Billabong to evade the police cars, hide the money in a trash can, and then take one of several escape cars they set around the alley to drive away, in the meantime Benji would part from Dundee and Yuno in another getaway car, both groups acting as a distraction to get the cops away from X. With the plan now in motion, they head to the nearest clothing store to suit up for their heist, after X vetoing them using his casino chip outfit now that he’s back in the city, they instead go for an Alien theme instead. After realizing how boring the Alien's looked, Dundee jokingly suggests they all dress up as Yuno, much to his embarrassment and delight. The gang then copies Yuno's main attire, from his helmet, formal jacket, and armored vest to his glowing, light-up shoes. To make it easier to tell who is who, they all go for different colors, Benji wearing a red jacket and red-lighted shoes, Dundee wearing a brown jacket and purple lighted shoes. And X, deciding to pay Yuno back for honoring him, decides to wear the original Yuno attire, a green jacket, with matching green light-ups. Yuno, being the main target of it, is both utterly embarrassed and absolutely joyous. Yuno decided to wear a blue jacket, to match his cyan light-up shoes.

All dressed up, they all decide to go to the Burger Shot to get some food and coffee, and for X to drop some of his stuff off with someone trustworthy, in this case, Mari Posa as he had a Mini-Uzi with him. They troll Ken-sama a bit, who first mistakes X for Yuno, and then proceed to go to the Rooster's Rest to buy some tea and ramen. Purchasing all they need, and after messing around with a few familiar faces, they all head back into their vehicle ready to take on the bank but not before Benji took a celebratory Soy Gang picture for their first heist, on top of the car.

They would then proceed to find a hostage near the Pillbox Medical Center, Leanabh Grander. Who seemed to be familiar with Dundee, having a quick banter with him over how he has done this to her two times now. Yuno simply offers her some food and refreshments, being the same hospitable self that he is. As they arrive at the Paleto Bank, X hands the laptop to Yuno, telling him he will be the main hacker for this heist. Having heard of Yuno’s budding hacker career X has decided to act as the backup to give their rookie a chance to shine, X then informs Yuno that there are only three tries now as compared to before, adding only more pressure on to his shoulders. Seeing how nervous Yuno is, tells him to relax a bit, giving him some coffee and reassuring him that he would do amazing, after some reassurances from his idol (and some coaxing from Dundee) Yuno gets to work. Soon he realizes all the worrying and nervousness would end up being for nothing, as Yuno, amazingly does it on the first try again. With all of them celebrating his prodigal skills and whooping out in the air. Though Dundee, being the airhead that he is, proceeds to call out Yuno's name, which Benji fights him over for. Only through Yuno and X's quick thinking, they manage to throw off their hostage’s suspicions by playing it off as them framing a person named Yuno, which they claim “would never be able to rob a bank”. With Yuno himself poking fun at “Yuno’s inability to steal a microwave”, he realizes just how far he has come since his first day at Los Santos.

Their celebrations don't last for long, as the police are now finally filling in and are acutely aware of the four criminals heist, alongside what Benji swore was a helicopter due to the noise of its choppers, a sentiment that would prove true during their chase. Just as they were negotiating, X comes out with the loot, saying that it was a bad bank, apparently, in addition to improving the bank’s security systems, they have also now reduced the amount of cash at any individual branch, their loot being only around 35 money bags when split to four, and a singular red dongle. The negotiations proceed, and the four of them start their escape, but with Dundee behind the wheel there is no fear they will make it. After some clever maneuvers, he proceeds to quickly lose their entourage, though the Helicopter on them didn't make it any easier. Especially as the car they were using had its under glow on which was just as bright as their glowing shoes. Through some tricky turns and expert knowledge of the city, they eventually outrun all the cop vehicles and lose the Helicopter, ‘‘’on a bright, glowing car’’’.

The gang would then find a parking lot full of cars, with everyone deciding to split off from there. As everyone has their share of the loot distributed, they all take one last selfie for the night, celebrating the reunion and first (but not last) Soy Gang heist.

After stashing away his loot, Yuno changes back to one of his old outfits and heads over to the Police Department to deliver his customary post-heist Burger. On the way, he crashes into X’s car who was also heading there to ask for an update on his “stolen” vehicle, after explaining his burger plan to X, he drops him off a couple of blocks away to wave away any suspicion. While dropping his Burger at the station Yuno runs into Ranger Ziggy Buggs, who he ran into during his first heist of the day. Ranger Ziggy tells Yuno about the “criminal scumbags” he chased this morning, recounting how “one in a Pugg mask” gave them donuts. While Yuno tries to act surprised about this, the ranger ominously tells him they managed to collect some DNA from the scene, inviting Yuno to “come in and have a cup of coffee” while he tells him more about that. Sensing a trap Yuno quickly says his goodbyes and heads back home for a much-needed rest after a crazy day.

The Fresh Blood Heist
A new day a new learning opportunity. With all the dirty money from his string of bank heists, Yuno figures out this is a good time as any to give oxy a second try. Most of his regular crew is otherwise occupied, so Yuno ends up recruiting the Uwuber (Annie May), who surprisingly has done oxy in the past. While getting everything set up, Yuno runs into Raymond, who seems to have acquired a Blue Dongle. Raymond is still setting everything in motion, but he promises Yuno to call him as they might need his services as a hacker.

Parting with Raymond, Yuno and Annie Mae are soon joined by Gloryon, and soon manage to figure out the process without too many difficulties. After a profitable oxy run, Yuno sets their vehicle on fire to “get rid of it”, despite his companions’ protests that they could just abandon the vehicle somewhere. Driving away to the sound of the car finally exploding, Yuno receives an ominous call from his boss Cassie asking him to come to the Burger Shot. At the shop, he walks into an intervention led by Cassie and Shelly, who have noticed Yuno has only made 3 sales since he started working at the restaurant. They ignore Yuno’s protests saying he usually works at the back, and tell him to show up to work the next day and actually follow the dress code unless he wants to get fired. Yuno leaves to run an additional oxy-run with Annie Mae and Gloryon during which they run into Raymond, and some fellow criminals. Their encounter is cut short once Yuno prepares to dispose of their vehicle, having already sold all their drugs, their new companions fleeing in fear once they realize Yuno is planning to blow up the cars. Content with a job well done Yuno heads to work bright and early, donned up in full Burger Shot regalia. Acting the part of the model employee Yuno successfully mans the register through the hordes of clients to the disbelief of Cassie. Not long after, he leaves to get ready for the upcoming bank heist.

Raymond has assembled a crew of “new bloods”, formed by some of the newer criminals in Los Santos, with Raymond, Mickey, Don, and Yuno himself. After some discussion, the crew decides to go for a variation of Ray’s and Yuno’s last heist together, where they will flee the police on a four-door car, taking a detour to the airport that would involve a risky jump to shake off some of their tail. Following the previous heist, the group would then take a couple of bikes stashed in the airport, jump the ramp, and head off to the mountains where they would try and lose more of their chasers before changing to an additional vehicle. However, with the tsunami soon approaching their practice time gets cut short, and they soon find themselves grabbing a hostage at the Burger Shot while Yuno changed into his X costume. This is all witnessed by Mel Rickenbacker who seems to be under the impression they are taking their hostage to a “field trip” and despite their protests, climbs into the trunk to join in the fun. Unbeknownst to the newbie criminals, this chaotic start would set the pace for the rest of the heist.

Unsure on how to proceed the crew drives away with their two hostages, Mel eventually realizing this is a hostage situation and recognizing Yuno’s voice starts screaming for help. Mickey manages to convince them this is an undercover CIA operation and performs a mind trick to make Mel forget their identities just in time for them to reach the Paleto Bank. After a clean hack from Mickey, there is nothing left but to wait for the bank’s vault to crack open. In the meantime, the crew struggles to control their hostages, with Mickey and Mel getting into a shouting match against a fan, Don eating a potentially poisoned donut that was offered to him by their remaining hostage, and Mickey momentarily accepting the hostages offer to join the hostage group. Despite all of these shenanigans, they manage to get the money and a red dongle as the bank quickie becomes surrounded by the police, after negotiating free passage to their car in exchange for the hostages, the crew soon drives away.

With their getaway vehicle more damaged than they expected, and after some unfortunate crashes while trying to get to the highway, they discard their risque jump and opt to drive directly to the airport. The cops however have anticipated their moves and soon block their access to the bikes, forcing them to flee back to the city in their damaged vehicle with a tail of police cruisers and a helicopter on their tow. Once in the city, Raymond drives their vehicle into a canal to the disbelief of Yuno, yelling at them to swim to the other side where he apparently had stashed a couple of extra vehicles as a last resort option. The group splits with Yuno and Don in one car and Mickey and Raymond in the other. After a few crashes, Yuno and Don are able to shake off the two cars chasing them, eventually losing them on the highway. Yuno soon becomes wary of their easy escape, seeing a car speeding in the distance. His worries come to fruition when they are accosted by police cars as soon as they drive into the city. The police officers seem to be done playing nicely, becoming more aggressive and not hesitating when ramming the criminals’ car against walls and barriers. Their new car is now heavily damaged and Don and Yuno soon start losing hope, after a call to Mickey they find out that their partners are still being chased, having the helicopter’s sight on them. Yuno directs Don back to the apartments, where he had stashed a getaway car earlier that morning (as a backup plan in case he and Annie May ran into trouble while doing oxy), however, their car gives up after being rammed by the police cars a couple of blocks away. Seeing no other option they try to flee on foot but are soon overwhelmed by the officers and taken to jail.

Tackled and handcuffed by Officer Claire, Yuno tries to flirt his way out but the odds are grim, not only he has been caught after the bank robbery but also has an illegal gun and some leftover rolls of dirty money and money bags from his oxy run. When hearing his comrades have been tased and captured he asks Officer Claire to be uncuffed and tased in solidarity, even though she considers it for a moment, the idea is soon shot down by her superior, despite Yuno’s continuous demands to be tased. Denying the need for a lawyer, Yuno is presented with the offer of a reduced sentence should he reveal all he knows about his partners’ criminal activities, not buying Yuno’s lies of this being the first time they have committed a crime he is threatened with the additional charge of the car robbery he was caught in when he first met her. After getting an estimate on the length of his sentence (53 months), Yuno asks Officer Claire to take care of his dog Bimbus, on the account that they have the same colored hair. However, despite her promises of reducing his sentence length should he declare her “The Best Claire of Los Santos”, Yuno refuses to let down his boss Claire Seducer, saying he would rather serve an additional 10 months rather than betray his boss, only ever saying Officer Claire is “the best Claire of Los Santos that is a police officer” when offered the chance to walk out.


No. Type Date Team Role Outcome
1 Fleeca April 6th, 2021 Negotiator Success.

Everyone managed to escape.

2 Fleeca April 9-10th, 2021 Main hacker Success.

Everyone managed to escape.

3 Paleto April 14th, 2021 Back-up hacker Success.

Everyone managed to escape.

4 Fleeca April 15th, 2021 Main hacker Success.

Everyone managed to escape.

5 Paleto April 15-16th, 2021 Main hacker Success.

Everyone managed to escape.

6 Paleto April 19th, 2021 Back-up hacker Failure.

Successful hack, everyone was captured during the escape.
Fine: $4725
Prison Sentence: 63 months

7 Fleeca April 19th, 2021 Main hacker



  • Ray Mond: Yuno’s long-lost twin sister. She became a member of the Chang Gang only recently and helped fellow gang member and friend, Randy Bullet to stab a friend of Yuno, officer Garry Berry. This series of events led to miscommunication and tension between the twins: Yuno snitched on Randy hoping to cover for his sister's involvement and spare her from jail, an action that was taken by Ray only as a form of betrayal. Furthermore, he defeated her in a fighting tournament, winning by a landslide, which lead to the loss of a great amount of money for members of the Chang gang. Though she and Yuno have since then gone on separate paths, she still cares for her twin brother, and Yuno still reaches out to her at times. Recently, Yuno has begun to earn Ray’s trust again as he backed her up in the gang war against GSF going against his typical non-violent nature and set a member of the GSF on fire in honor of her.

Soy Boyz / Soy Gang

  • Benji Ramos: A half-Filipino, half-American member of the Vagos Gang often seen with Dundee. They first met on Yuno's first day in the city while he was trying to retrieve Dundee from prison. Since then, they have continuously committed crimes together. They have a brotherly relationship. Benji loves to tease Yuno about girls and the fact that he seems to always be surrounded by them despite them "not being into him that way". He tried to teach him how to flirt with the line: "What's up girl?", and has been bugging him to work for him as a boyfriend-for-rent. He often expresses his concerns toward Yuno's obsession with gasoline and fire, often describing him to others as a "maniac". Yuno respects Benji a lot and sees him as a mentor.
  • Irwin Dundee: An Aussie with the driving skills of a NASCAR driver. He’s one of the first people Yuno met in the city, and one of his best friends and mentor, teaching Yuno the ways of criminal life. However, due to Yuno having helped Mel Rickenbacker despite him shooting Dundee twice and burning someone he believed to be Dundee alive, Dundee started to feel like Yuno was not to be trusted and did not have his back, accusing him of being “too nice”. Because of this, Dundee embarks on a series of events with the intention of teaching Yuno a life lesson, explaining to him that to maintain a relationship there is the need to take sides and that making real friends requires him to "break some hearts", otherwise people will continue to take advantage of him. It's unclear whether or not Yuno actually learned or fully agrees with this lesson, but he seems to have slightly changed accordingly... at least so far.
  • X aka Jean Paul: A French Canadian that Yuno's looks up to. They first met at the apartments, which resulted in an ironic moment in which X punched Yuno's helmet off so he could hear him better. But they officially met through Benji & Dundee who are also X's closest friends. Yuno holds great respect for X and even traded helmets with him after doing some robberies. They also teamed up in advertising X's Casino stunt & organizing the biggest event in the city for the Diamond Casino and Resort's Mercedes Car Raffle. Everyone in Los Santos may think X is the craziest criminal ever, but Yuno is X's biggest fan and considers him as his idol. He describes him as "the greatest criminal mastermind of our generation" since he achieved so many high-tier crimes while acting alone. Yuno even models his bank robbery outfit and alias after X.


  • 4T: A psychopath who loves to stalk and stab people. Yuno met her through her free taxi service in the yellow page app. Yuno was intrigued by her and wanted to be her friend despite her attempt at stabbing him in the crypt. Four Tee came to appreciate Yuno after he had saved her during the conflict between Dundee and Mel, along with his several attempts at being her friend. Finally, she decided to test Yuno with her usual ritual, forcing him into a situation in which he had to either kill a hostage or herself. Yuno surprised everyone by choosing to pour fuel on both of them leading Four Tee to take control of the situation deciding to kill the hostage herself, making Yuno the first and only friend that she directly chose. Now, Yuno is her friend as "Number 23", and seems to be jealous of Yuno's friends (especially when he gives gifts to anyone other than her), claiming she's the only friend he needs. She also appears to be one of the reasons why Yuno started having an obsession with setting things on fire.
  • Annie May: A fellow Japanese Los Santos resident, and Leyla and Gloryon's mother, who often gives Yuno free "UwUber" rides as he usually cannot afford to pay. Yuno loves to lead her into the crime scene, making she sure she partakes in the activity. They've done Oxy runs together to clean up dirty money, which Yuno loves to troll her during these runs as well. One instance, he loudly states they are selling drugs, in an open area (He knew the coast was clear, but she didn't) as she insist they are treats like "Cookies!".
  • April Fooze: An aspiring vlogger and social media influencer. April claimed that her ex-husband, Shmedison Shmark, left her for Yuno, arriving in the city with revenge on her mind, beating him up the first time they met. Yuno goes around telling others that April is a legendary maniac who beats him up on occasion and who punched a cop. They both soon agreed to reconcile with each other on the condition that she pays for Yuno's hospital bills and commits crimes with him.
  • Ash Ketchup: A stranger that beat him to near-death after he scammed her out of money as he refused to return it. After this rough start, it took them some time to warm up to each other (despite Ash efforts to be reconciled with Yuno), but are now on friendly terms, up to the point where they robbed a bank together.
  • Autumn Rhodes: A member of the Chang Gang and Garrett's girlfriend. She has shared with Yuno her dislike Officer Garry Berry, complaining about his stalking behavior.
  • Carlito Calzone: A member of the Vagos, he helped Yuno and Benji after they got robbed by the Ballas, and let Yuno and Lenny go while robbing people at the fencing point.
  • Cassie Cupcake: CEO of both the Diamond Casino and Resort and Burger Shot as well as a founding member of the Angels. Cassie is quite strict on Yuno, making sure he is actually doing his job. Despite her cold facade however, she seems to have a soft spot for Yuno, often offering her help and being secretly really proud of him. She often refers to him as "My janitor". Yuno thinks that she might be a "Tsundere".
  • Celine LaCroix: An illegal French immigrant that Yuno befriended at the Apartments. He then taught her how to rob convenience stores and nearly got arrested on her behalf.
  • Charles White: An American with nothing to do but to explore and love garbage trucks. Yuno thinks that Charles is a really cool guy. These two meet with no other intention than to commit crimes and have fun. Charles once has confessed his love for Yuno, when they were riding on a plane together.
  • Claire Seducer: One of Yuno's bosses at Diamond Casino and Resort. Claire appears to be more lenient than Cassie Cupcake but has stated that she won't lie to Cassie to cover for Yuno when he doesn't show up to work as the two share a sisterly bond. Despite this Claire does occasionally cover for him always looking out for his well-being. Claire was also the one that taught Yuno the technique of "just running in circles really fast" during the fight against his sister, making Yuno believe more on himself and leading to his unexpected victory. Yuno always refers to her as "The best boss he has ever had".
  • Conan Clarkson: A park ranger from the San Andreas State Park Rangers. They first met when Yuno and his friends were arrested for a robbery, Conan decided to let him go. He often expresses his concerns towards Yuno's habit of committing crimes, trying to convince him to lead an honest life and make Yuno a better man. Yuno once said that Conan is his favorite ranger.
  • Dawn Hearte: A medical assistant and a free-for-hire driver, as Yuno was left stranded at the casino. She gave him a ride to Harmony Repairs Garage for the first time, where he sought lock-picks as the two went on a long adventure that included bicycle stunts, hospital rides, and crime.
  • Garrett Jobless: A co-founder of Chang Gang who willingly commits crimes with Yuno. Yuno promises Garret he will help him "deal" with Officer Garry Berry (who seems to be stalking Garret's girlfriend Autumn) if both Garret Jobless and Garry Berry are in the city at the same time.
  • Garry Berry: The Police officer who gave him the nickname Microwave due to his first crime and Garry Berry Catching him. From then on Garry Berry has been actively trying to get Yuno to be a better person and choose better friends. Yuno also promised him that he will help him arrest Garrett Jobless if all of them are to be seen together at the same place, at the same time. Ironically Garry Berry catches Yuno carrying a stolen microwave a second time, this time at the Burger Shot, but Yuno convinces him he actually bought it for the store as he has now "turned a new leaf" and thanks him for steering him to the right path by giving the Officer a stolen watch as a gift. He saved Yuno from an infraction after he is caught with a stolen vehicle by driving up to the responding officer and asking for his help on a shootout.
  • Joseph Yorinobu: A fellow criminal from Japan who loves to call Yuno, "Yuno-kun" or "Yuno-chan". Yuno often addresses him as "Maddog Majima" and they sometimes commit crimes together. He also helped Yuno get a job at Burger Shot by dressing up as a mountain lion as one of the hiring quests asked for Yuno to befriend and get a picture with one.
  • Lenny Large: A former employee at the Burger Shot who often gave Yuno burgers and shakes, and often hangouts with him to do crimes. Even though Yuno seems to be uncomfortable with Lenny's flirtatious behavior towards women. Often tells Yuno goodbye through a "I love you", one which Yuno comedically never returns. Lenny holds Yuno hacking skills in high regards, often spreading it around and referring to him as the "best hacker in Los Santos".
  • Leyla Nightingale: An employee at the Rooster's Rest. She taught him how to do deliveries and how to dodge a punch. She calls him "Uno Card", and is the one that gave him the name "Raccuno" after she saw him searching for stuff in the trash can. Yuno promised her that he will do one favor for her, no questions asked, after she gave him 4,000 dollars to gamble at the casino for free. One of Yuno’s closest friends.
  • Malakai Anderson: A friendly soft-voiced man Yuno met at the casino when he was being taught the ropes, he and Riley have helped Yuno getting out of trouble on multiple occasions. Becoming a good friend after a few encounters. He encouraged and hyped up Yuno through his first hacking job at his second bank, acting as a backup and later on making sure they got away from the police.
  • Mickey S: A member of the Chang Gang who occasionally commits crimes with Yuno. Mickey was one of the few who believed in Yuno during the fight against his twin sister, Ray Mond, being probably one of the main reasons why Yuno decided not to throw. He personally trained Yuno hours before the fight although only for a couple of minutes and in the middle of a house robbery.
  • Ramee El-Rahman: A member of the Chang Gang, and a part-time EMS, or as he likes to be called, "Combat Medic". Despite losing money on his bet in the fight event between Ray Mond and Yuno. Ramee quickly became friends with him, always backing him up whenever Yuno needs help. They would later go on a trip to plant some weed together with the Chang Gang, teaching Yuno how to plant and take care of the weed plant. Ramee also joined Yuno in his quest to get revenge on The Families, supplying him with guns and equipment for free and teaching him how to buy fuel, ultimately leading to Yuno's arsonistic tendencies.
  • Randy Bullet: A member of the Chang Gang whom Yuno snitched on for stabbing his friend officer Garry Berry and to cover his sister Ray Mond involvement. After a few days, Randy confronts Yuno and agrees to give him a second chance to make up for his actions, saying that if they were to successfully commit a crime together he might reconsider his initial opinion. They later start to get on more friendly terms and even rob a bank together. Randy seems to try to build up Yuno’s confidence by getting along with his questionable plans, like pouring gasoline on the hostages or walking in front of the Police station right after robbing the bank.
  • Raymond Romanov: A staff member at the Rooster's Rest and a seasoned pilot. He has taken Yuno on a plane flight where he executed crazy maneuvers to the delight of his crew. The two have gone closer together during Yuno's first Paleto bank. At the end of the heist, the two have a mutual respect for each other's skill. Yuno, on his fantastical hacking, and Raymond, on his amazing driving.
  • Riley Carter: A co-worker of Yuno at the casino who likes to prank call him, leading him to always assume every single unknown number calling him to be Riley. She has also helped him in getting out of trouble multiple times, backing him up with his revenge on the GSF. She seems to be a bit jealous of Yuno's promotion and getting the keys to the casino from Cassie, not having them herself despite having worked there for longer. She also seems amazed by all the places Yuno has been hired to, often expressing her surprise since he rarely shows up to work at any of them.


  • Andi Jones: the Mayor of Los Santos who was assumed to be taken hostage by Yuno. Yuno first meets her inside of officer Kyle Pred's police car, which was the car he later lock-picked and drove away.
  • Barry Benson: Member of the Bondi Boys with Dundee and Riley, and also the one that Dundee seems to often call “Hubby”. Dundee and Yuno once almost robbed Barry when he was on an Oxy run, but didn't when he saw his jacket.
  • Burt Beans: a.k.a Gloryon, one of Yuno's coworkers at the Rooster's Rest and Annie May's son. Yuno often mispronounces his name as "Gladyon". Like Lenny, he also has the habit of saying goodbye to Yuno with an "I love you!", with the results being the same.
  • Carmella Corset: Named "Churro" by Yuno, they get involved in a failed house robbery which results in her going to prison.
  • Cece Beyond: A full time employee at Burger Shot and one of the employees Yuno tried to get free burgers off of.
  • Chips Ahoy: A friendly mechanic in Hayes Autos that offers deals for Yuno whenever he goes for a purchase.
  • Chuck Colton: An American Redneck with the American dream in mind. They first met at the Burger Shot where they decided to become garbage men along with Charles White and Dundee. It was their first legal attempt to make clean money.
  • Claire Everly: A police officer Yuno first met after driving a stolen car. Jealous of Yuno's loyalty to his boss and friend, Claire Seducer, she constantly tries to force him into saying that she's the "best Claire". She somewhat succeeded after catching him during a bank heist, with Yuno declaring her to be "the best Claire (that's a police officer)".
  • Cletus Cornwood: A police officer Yuno often runs into. Yuno often offers him gifts to get into his good graces but the effectiveness of this tactic is questionable at best.
  • Clyde Eastside: An employee at the Rooster's Rest, also known as Meowfurryon. He is the one who taught Yuno the way of "Puppy Play" and "The Secret Technique" that can banish people to the Night City/Shadow Realm. Yuno also punched him thrice during his interview at the Rooster.
  • Dean Watson: Owner of the Casino and the Burgershot. He is one of Yuno's bosses along with Cassie Cupcakes there. He doesn't like Yuno wearing his helmet inside the casino.
  • Ellie Dono: One of Yuno's bosses at the Rooster's Rest. Irwin Dundee tried to exploit Ellie's addiction to gambling to scam her. Yuno "accidentally" exposed Dundee's plan, so Ellie chases after him. Afterward Yuno "accidentally" scams Ellie, selling her free raffle tickets. They later find out they work at the same place, and Ellie would sometimes give him free tea. This changed after Yuno declared he could not work at the Rooster as the work hours would interfere with his criminal activities, after which Ellie said she would rather throw the ramen away just not to gift it to Yuno.
  • Emma Gaine: A doctor at Pillbox Medical Center and Dundee's girlfriend. Yuno usually makes up fake stories about Dundee's heroic deeds to make his mentor looks good in her eyes.
  • Eugene Zuckerberg: He pulls a gun at Yuno and Dundee after being called old, however they later rob a 24/7 store after failing to capture a manager.
  • Fingle Dan: A senior janitor at the Rooster, and a fellow burger-flipper at Burgershot. Fingle is the one who taught Yuno how to make a toilet so clean that one can bathe in it.
  • Gomer Colton: One of Yuno's bosses at the Casino, confronts Yuno after he gets a call from Officer Mack the second time Yuno goes to jail. After learning no one was harmed in the process, and Yuno's involvement as a getaway driver he tells Yuno he should participate in races to get better at driving.
  • Hannah Hiltop:
  • Humberto Antonio Donato Pecorino: Aka "Don" One of his bosses at the Rooster's Rest, and Annie May's husband. He was the one that requested Yuno to partake in "Puppy Play" as part of his job interview. After witnessing Yuno's hacking skills he now seems to consider him in higher regards, often ending up working together for bank jobs.
  • Hutch Hutcherson: A member of the Chang Gang. Despite Yuno explaining to him that he is now on good terms with both Randy and the Chang Gang, he still seems hung up on Yuno's past actions often referring to him as "That dude who set Randy up!" or "That dude who costed us the money in the fight".
  • Joaquin Jimenes: (aka JJ) A member of the Vagos who was instructed to look after Yuno by Benji after the robberies and shootouts outside the apartments by the hands of the Block Gang.
  • Kat Wooman: A mysterious woman that Yuno, Leyla, Lenny, and Dundee once encountered at the Burger Shot. She stabbed Dundee and forced Yuno to run into a sign on the wall. Later on, she witnessed Yuno breaking into a car and, despite Yuno refusing to give her his number, prank calls him.
  • Keith Wanderlust: a staff member at the Rooster, also known as Lando Stromborn. He is the one that interviewed Yuno for his janitor position.
  • Kennedy Adams: One of the doctors at Pillbox Medical Center who often treats Yuno for his wounds.
  • Kenneth Foreman: An employee at the Burger Shot, also known as Ken-sama. Yuno met him at the casino when he was selling the ticket for the casino event, and once saved him from drowning. Yuno also has some kind of obsession with Ken's anime car. He was a hostage to one of Yuno's bank heists, after Yuno's partners accidentally take his racing dongle, Yuno informs shelly to pass the information to Ken of its return, and leaves it for him at the Burger Shot's employee storage.
  • Lang Buddha: one of his bosses at the Rooster. Lang once said that he believed that Yuno would never show up to work a shift, a statement which still holds true to this day, as Yuno was always able to find a way to avoid work. After officially firing Yuno for the first time Lang still offered him multiple "second" chances stating that he needed to show up at least once in the "next 24 hours" (hours that ended getting protracted for over 4 days) to get re-hired. He taught Yuno how to stash cleaned money in a briefcase in the apartments, expressing the interest in cleaning money for him in the future. Yuno always addresses him as "Mr. Lang". They recently robbed a bank together where Yuno clutched as their backup hacker, earning Lang's respect he gave him permanent head janitor position at Rooster's Rest.
  • Mel Rickenbacker: An old elderly citizen of Los Santos and the founder of Prune Gang. He kidnapped a man who he mistook for Irwin Dundee, he also shot both Lenny Large and Irwin Dundee for trying to save the innocent man Mel kidnapped (who ended burning the man alive). He is Number 2 on Four Tee's friend list. Later he reaches out to Yuno to ask him why despite everything he did to his friends Yuno did not try to kill him. They part on better terms and he offers a favor to Yuno as thanks, which Yuno immediately cashes by asking him to give him a ride to a house he, Leyla, and Ray were going to rob. He was one of the 2 hostages in Yuno's first failed bank heist.
  • Molly Minaj: First met through Benji in an attempt of involving Yuno in his "rent-a-boyfriend" business. According to Molly, Yuno resembles incredibly his long time missing boyfriend "Sven". Yuno often contacts her to clean his dirty money in exchange of a smaller cut in cash.
  • Mr. Kebun: The leader of the Chang Gang, he often reminds Yuno about the money he lost after betting on the twins' fight. Despite this, he still offers Yuno advice and teaches him how to grow weed.
  • Nancy Drew:
  • Oki Doki: An employee at the Burger Shot. Yuno met her when Dundee was robbing the Burger shot, Dundee stabbed her after she pulled a gun on him. Yuno also scammed her in order to get free burgers once, despite that, they are on good terms now.
  • Pez Speedwagon: Floor manager at Hayes Autos, on occasion buys materials from Yuno. He hired Yuno for his position as a janitor as a joke.
  • Randy Wrangler: One of the officers Yuno has run into while involved in illegal activities. And is also the one that informed him of the result of his post-heist sandwich delivery.
  • Scott Carleton: A fellow criminal, that Yuno met at the apartment.
  • Shelly Smith: An assistant to the general manager at the Burger Shot and one of the employees Yuno tries to make connections with in order to get free burgers. She later hires Yuno to work at the Burger Shot.
  • Spencer Smith:
  • Summer Mersion: A member of GSF, she was involved in the trap set up for Yuno, Ray Mond, and Leyla which resulted in Ray getting shot and Leyla getting arrested. She was later abducted by Yuno, Dundee, and Riley as a way to get revenge and "toughen up" Yuno. She seems sympathetic towards Yuno offering him some cigarettes while trying to talk her way out. Yuno ends up setting her on fire (and himself) after being pressured by his companions, who later abandon her to her fate.
  • TJ Mack: One of the police officers who apprehended Yuno after his unsuccessful getaway from delivering Oxy with Lenny Large and Four Tee. He often calls Yuno's boss, Gomer Colton, whenever he has Yuno in custody to try and get him in trouble, which often results in failure.
  • Tyme Reducer: One of the officers Yuno has run into, she gave Yuno some sandwiches while in custody, so Yuno often hypes her up when talking about how nice the police officers are.
  • Uchiha Jones: A member of the Chang Gang, Yuno first saw him on his fight against Mr. K at the Casino's event. Later Yuno joined him and other CG members to learn how to grow weed.
  • Ziggy Buggs: Another ranger from San Andreas State Park Rangers, or as he describes himself, "The Original Ranger". Yuno met him during his first robbery with X and Benji. Yuno originally mistakes him for Ranger Conan, believing that Conan was the last ranger alive. The two met again at the hospital, where they repeated the same exchange. Their relationship has improved now that Yuno stopped mistaking him for his colleague, to the point where Ranger Buggs taught Yuno a deadly technique, kicking people while riding a mountain bike. He was one of the responders to one of Yuno's bank heists, where Yuno forced him to eat a donut as one of their demands. Buggs might suspect Yuno's involvement in the heist (given that Yuno was not using a voice changer), but with no other proof he tries to trick him to obtain Yuno's DNA when he finds Yuno leaving his customary post-heist burger at the police station.


  • Dexx Martinn: Leader of GSF, caught Yuno and his sister, Ray Mond driving on his territory in a green car. He pulled up on them and catcalled Ray Mond who then threatened to shoot him if he didn't stop, he continued and Ray Mond ended up shot him in the shoulder. Yuno (recognizing Dexx as part of GSF due to his clothes) drove off.
  • Kael Soze: a High Commander Trooper. The trooper once stopped Yuno for reckless driving on a bike. Trooper Soze now keeps an eye on him. His warning description was, “51 on a bicycle, had really pumped legs, probably on steroids”.
  • Marlo Stanfield: a coworker of Yuno at the Casino and a member for GSF, Marlo contacted Yuno through Twatter offering him a house cleaning job with the intention of using him as bait to get revenge on Ray mond for shooting the GSF leader. Yuno, not knowing of Marlo involvement with the GSF showed up to the house with Ray Mond and Leyla, three GSF members pulled out their guns, robbed Yuno and shot Ray Mond. This lead to a gang war between GSF and Chang Gang. They now seem to be on neutral terms.


Notable quotes from Yuno:
  • "I'm a bit self-conscious."
  • "I have no eyebrows." / "I, uh, I don't have eyebrows."'
  • "Oh Jesus!" / "Holy jesus!"
  • "Free food!"
  • "Free car!"
  • "I'll tell you what, I got like three sandwiches from the officer when I got arrested, so I think—you know—mission accomplished."
  • "Excuse me, I'm robbing that house. I'm sorry."
  • "I think I need to turn to a new leaf."
  • "Is this worth anything?"
  • "We’re gonna be rich."
  • "Wait?! cars can break?"
  • You got some sandwiches?”
  • "Yu No who the best janitor is, right? Yu no. That's- that's me."
  • "That was clean!"
  • "They definitely don't know your name, I just said it like 5 times."
  • "Owa Owa?"
  • "I've been caught zero times, plus one."
  • "I don't believe in seat belts. They chafe me."
  • "I've never even seen that much money!"
  • "I'm Bob."
  • "I’m not very religious but I say Oh Jesus sometimes."
  • "No, no, I never steal. Me stealing? Look at me, look at me. Do I look like a criminal?"
  • "They are not damaged, right? I padded them with cheese."
  • "You're not getting a job what are you talking about."
  • "We're gonna do crime."
  • "Uh uh, seven days a week. Certified criminal."
  • "This dude's following the law, what a maniac!"
  • "I'm pretty sure if she kills me I'll be dead."
  • "I just bought 32 sandwiches."
  • "I've been caught zero times. Plus four."
  • "I get robbed like, three times a day."
  • "What do you think of pouring gas on the hostages as a prank?"
  • "I'm busy being burned to death."
  • "I think I'm about to throw up"
  • "Did it on the first try!"
  • "I don't care too much about the money."
  • "I just want to be friends with everyone. I'm even friends with the cops. They're super nice. Everyone is... You just have to show them that they are. Sometimes people just need someone who believes in them. Everyone in this city just hates each other. The cops, the criminals, I think I’m the only one who can make a difference."
  • "Look, the only thing better than being number one is if you help your friend become number one"
  • Dundee: "Yuno, my car has never made me sad, but my friends have". Yuno: "Yeah so have mine... But that doesn't mean you have to make anyone else sad right?"
  • "Sometimes you gotta break some eggs to make an omellete."
  • "

Criminal Record

Registered crimes

  • Joyriding x 1
  • Burglary x 1
  • Trespassing x 1
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1)
  • Evading x 1
  • Reckless driving x 4
  • Bank robbery x 1
Unregistered Crimes (Approx.)
Approximate amount of Unregistered Crimes:
  • Accessory to burglary x 7
  • Accessory to motor vehicle theft x 40+
  • Battery x 21
  • Burglary x 35
  • Fraud x 1
  • Grand Theft Auto x 60
  • Joyriding x 40
  • Money Laundering x 1
  • Obstruction of justice x 7
  • Poaching x 5
  • Robbery x 20+
  • Reckless evading x 20
  • Reckless driving x 40
  • Vandalism x 25
  • Using Illegal firearms × 3
  • Assault officer x 1
  • Criminal possession of a weapon x 3
  • Attempt kidnapping x 1
  • House robbery x 30
  • Attempted/Murder x 2
  • Arm possession x 3
  • Bank robbery x 5


Facts about Yuno:
  • Yuno is from Japan and formally introduces himself as "Sykk Yuno".
  • Yuno is said to be very naïve.
  • Yuno wears a motorcycle helmet, since he’s insecure about his face, especially his lack of eyebrows.
  • He claims to be very bad at math.
  • He assumes women aren't interested in him and will try to get them to flirt with other men.
  • He has the tendency to give gifts to new people he meets, usually in the form of food like hamburgers or doughnuts, or a bottle of water. Though he usually does this through a "reverse-robbery"
  • If you are a known friend however, Yuno will give you gifts irregardless of the method.
  • He suffered from short term laryngitis which explained his voice giving out. Eventually his surgery cured him. He was noted by others to "Sound like an electric cricket".
  • He managed to go to prison on his first day arriving Los Santos after a failed robbery, in which the officer told him that he's the fastest person to ever go to jail for someone new to the city.
  • Yuno loves food a LOT, especially when they are free.
  • He loves sharks despite being afraid of the ocean.
  • His first real job is a janitor at the Diamond Casino and Resort.
  • According to Claire Seducer, Yuno's interview for the Diamond Casino and Resort is quite possibly the worst interview she has ever conducted in her whole life.
  • Has been called by Dundee as "One Punch Man" more than once because he has the tendency to punch and kick the people near him at random times. Ironically, Dundee is the most common victim.
  • Yuno is more of a visual learner. Rather than remembering the name, he will recognize your face or something you've done.
  • Yuno purposefully names his phone contacts the wrong names. For example, Dundee is "Dunde", Dawn is "Don", and Riley is "REALLY"
  • Yuno tends to tell people that he regularly commit crimes. Sometimes it's a joke... sometimes it isn't. Technically, he snitches his group's whereabouts and sometimes tell the tale of his crime to almost every person he met.
  • Yuno does not "believe" in seatbelts, saying they chafe him.
  • He has peed in front of his boss, Claire Seducer, twice.
  • He sometimes introduces himself as "Bob" to conceal his identity.
  • Yuno has drove a car down a staircase twice now.
  • According to April Fooze, Yuno was allegedly the person her husband Shemdison Shmark left her for.
  • His favourite cop is officer Garry Berry and his favourite park ranger is Conan Clarkson.
  • The first and only person Yuno has ever shot was Dundee (on accident).
  • He started to always carry a gasoline tank around with the purpose of pouring gas on people and cars as a "prank".
  • He hugged a cop on his first bank robbery.
  • He likes to lean. A lot.
  • Yuno may not act like it, but he will always care about his sister even when he betrayed her
  • He's scared of clowns.
  • Is considered by many to be one of the best hackers in Los Santos.
  • Many of his friends and acquaintances consider him a "psychopath", this because of his fascination with fire and due to his calm demeanor during stressful situations (such as hacking).
  • The first time he was caught after robbing a bank, he begged to be tazed by Claire Everly "in solidarity" with his friends.


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