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Yuno Sykk is a character role-played by Sykkuno.


"I'm just a hacker for fun."

Yuno Sykk is a famous criminal and bank hacker in Los Santos. Arriving to the city with few goals in mind, he has grown to be one of the most popular individuals in the city among criminals, civilians and law enforcers alike. Because of his amicable and sweet behavior, people enjoy his presence and are eager to spend time with him regardless of what he has in mind.

Beyond general crime, through his time in the city, Yuno has busied himself with a variety of endeavors such as getting himself involved with almost every criminal faction in the city, getting various positions in a plethora of workplaces (that he doesn’t attend), and more recently, teach other people the ways of criminal life the same way he was taught. Down to hang out with just about anyone, Yuno spends his time in the city making new friends and reinforcing previous relationships through fun (and often illegal) activities.


"I'm a bit self-conscious."

Yuno mainly sports grey pants, a green suit jacket, and an armor-vest replica over a white collared shirt. He is also infamous for a black bike helmet (which he wears due to his insecurities about his lack of eyebrows), a black undermask, and white, glow-in-the-dark shoes with lights of varying colors, which he pairs with all his outfits. While this style choice is not particularly appreciated by most of his criminal associates (especially the ones that have found themselves running away from the cops during a getaway with him), it has become his trademark and Yuno now has a line of shoes, named the Air Force Yunos, in his honor.

Originally leaning towards colorful clothing, Yuno slowly started wearing darker/muted clothes during jobs, while still almost always keeping his helmet and trademark shoes on. His reasoning behind this would often come back to the fact that he “didn’t look like himself”.

Yuno’s Outfits

Recently, Yuno started showing interest in tattoos and eventually got one in order to encourage his twin, Ray Mond, to get one herself.

Yuno’s Tattoos
Tattoo Date acquired Location Description Details
Oct 2, 2021 Inner side of right wrist A minimalist line tattoo that depicts a small paper crane After being released from prison, Yuno and Ray Mond decided to get "matching tattoos".


"I just want to be friends with everyone. I'm even friends with the cops. They're super nice. Everyone is... You just have to show them that they are. Sometimes people just need someone who believes in them. Everyone in this city just hates each other. The cops, the criminals... I think I’m the only one who can make a difference."

Yuno is known to be incredibly kind to others, often offering gifts to those he meets and interacting politely with anyone, even the police. He also tends to be regarded as a very innocent and naive person, traits that have constantly led to the confusion of police officers when being exposed to his criminal activities. In fact, several officers have expressed how they believe that Yuno only commits crimes because of the people he hangs out with, or because he is an adrenaline junkie with a penchant for chases and danger. This is often reinforced through his constant disregard for wealth and physical possessions.

Another feature that is often evident to people is his incredibly high charisma. He often has been able to talk himself and his friends out of getting arrested, even when caught in the act. He is also able to create strong connections with powerful individuals (Lang Buddha, Ramee El-Rahman, Randy Bullet, Benji Ramos etc.), thus benefiting from various deals, favors, and discounts.

Yuno's kind nature and ideology of trying to be "friends with everybody" are the reasons he’s so popular with a lot of different people in the city. But in the past, this desire to please everyone has also been the cause of conflicts with some of his closest friends, especially Irwin Dundee, who would often try to show him, what he considered, "the right path" in an effort to keep the young hacker from being taken advantage of. However, as time went by and Yuno became protected by almost everyone in the city (as well as receiving multiple boons), it became evident that Yuno's way worked more effectively.

At last, Yuno is also known to be skittish and easily side-tracked, constantly getting so lost in his own head that it would appear like he never even heard someone speak to him in the first place. Unable to stand still for long periods of time, he can often be seen running around aimlessly whenever he is on the phone or when he’s not directly engaging in a conversation. These traits have led to various people commenting on them, such as Guy Jones claiming Yuno has the “attention span of a goldfish”. This, in addition to his nervous, airhead and typically nonchalant behavior, often obscures his intelligence and true potential. With most of his acts driven exclusively by logic and a deep understanding of law enforcement, and the cognitive skills to outshine almost the entire city in regards to hacking and other intellectual skills, people’s first impressions of Yuno are challenged whenever the young criminal shows how truly skilled and agile he really is.

Beyond these core features, Yuno’s behavior has changed through his time in the city, particularly in regards to violence and general perspective of his crime-filled lifestyle.

Coming from a background of economical issues throughout college, Yuno's first days in Los Santos were spent mostly roaming the city trying to acquire enough money to buy food and new shoes (which were often lost or stolen, leaving him barefoot). This precarious economic situation led him to have an initial diet consisting mostly of cheap sandwiches, that soon became one of his many trademarks as he would offer them to friends and strangers alike, even in the middle of serious or dangerous situations.

He used to have a penchant for fancy cars, as noticed by Irwin Dundee, who compared Yuno's taste in cars to that of his previous protegè, X. If he was ever in the vicinity of an unoccupied vehicle, Yuno was likely to gravitate towards it and attempt to steal it, regardless of the actual need for it. Other similarities to X noticed by Benji Ramos and Irwin Dundee included the common use of the term “turning a new leaf" (which he never did, and only pretended to), a liking for chaotic plans and activities, and questionable driving skills. Though with time, Yuno started to improve on the latter.

He also sometimes behaved erratically, such as by randomly punching individuals near him or running around aimlessly —seemingly unable to stand still for long periods of time—, as well as getting distracted quite easily. He used to have frequent sore throats due to his laryngitis, a problem that he later fixed through throat surgery. However, the surgery temporarily left him with an undesired side effect which made him leave his mouth open and "thank subs" randomly.

Shy to no ends, Yuno used to really struggle to engage in conversations with other people and would often be fearful whenever the police showed up to any slightly illegal things he did, his words becoming wobbly as he desperately seeked for help from his much more experienced companions. He slowly got rid of this general fear, despite still being extremely careful when committing small crimes alone. When caught, he didn’t (and still doesn’t) hold back from engaging with the officers around, often approaching them with ansty behaviors that would then fool the police into thinking that he was innocent or less guilty than others, a pattern of behavior that he learned to exploit.

Other than the fear of finally failing a hack and letting everyone down, I'm great.” - Yuno explaining that he wants to be a reliable hacker for his friends.

Inspired by the famous "Bank Buster" X and by his first bank robbery, where he saw Randy Bullet's skills, he enrolled in a short online course to learn how to hack. Since then, he has proved to be a prodigy in hacking, successfully completing multiple bank hacks on the first try and never failing a single laptop hacking job, earning himself a name as one of the best, most reliable hackers in the city. Benji Ramos constantly referred to him as a "Hacking Savant" when talking to others, stating how eerily amazing he was at it; in similar nature, Lang Buddha often called him the "Cheat Code" —a name that became known to even strangers— whenever he was bragging about his crewmate. That prodigal talent also transferred to his skill with thermite, showing unnatural prowess and skill, and being able to do it on the first try during his first Vault heist, on all three doors. This record of flawless hacking and thermite-ing would then extend to the next Vault heists that Yuno would do. He became so good at it, that out of 13 times he was in a Vault robbery before the security changes, 8 of them were done exclusively by Yuno. In all "not solo" Vaults Yuno gave chances to try hacking or thermite to others and they succeeded.

Despite his talent, he was often humble about his abilities and would say that he just got lucky combinations and patterns, a statement often mocked or used as material to tease him by his friends. For instance, Mickey S, a fellow hacker, would sometimes hold him at gunpoint in an effort to get Yuno to admit to his greatness. He was also considered a "mentor" by other upcoming hackers in the city, most notably Olivia Harvey and Wolfe McCreedy, and he took over mentoring La Flare Davis when X left the city temporarily. When asked about his motivations by Ursula Leichenberg, Yuno confessed that the reason he worked towards being the best hacker was so that other people could have fun and only have to worry about the escape, for they'd know that the hacking was not a concern. This giving aspect of his personality was also reflected in the fact that he'd work with just about anyone, even people who have hurt him in the past, as he believed that everyone deserved a chance to do "cool things" like robbing banks.

Slowly growing more comfortable with hacking —particularly in the Vault—, Yuno became increasingly excited about the idea of hacking the Lower Vault, to the point that he was disappointed when he discovered that the first hack was not too different from that of the other banks. One-shotting it as usual, Yuno deemed the hack “too easy” and settled for waiting for the next part of the Inner Vault. Trying again a few days later, Yuno was able to give the USB hack a try and discovered that it was surprisingly hard, managing to input 11 numbers out of 12 correctly by his last attempt yet failing to complete the hack. Deflated at first, as the nerves washed off and he was able to process his first failure as a hacker, Yuno was able to bounce back up again and became determined to crack the code on his own the next time they tried.

Failing for a second time despite constantly practicing on a phone app, Yuno fell in a borderline dangerous cycle of self hatred (as he felt he’d failed his crewmates) and defeat combined with his resolution to find a way to successfully crack the hack, the idea that it was impossible implanted in his head even as he tried. However, after a couple sleepless nights of practice, Yuno decided to stop altogether and became very confident in his ability to succeed, having found a way that worked for him to the point that he claimed he could do it 99% of the time. With his crew’s expectations growing as the days went by —various external factors delaying their scheduled Vault—, he was finally able to put his technique to test on a sunny afternoon and surprised everyone with how easily (and quickly) he did the hack not once, but twice (just because he could), the stunned Lang Buddha relaying the information to the others over their radios. Calling himself the “Cheat Code” for the first time, the confident and happy Yuno claimed that his friends wouldn’t have to worry again as he was now able to do the allegedly impossible hack.

We’re probably going to die, but I’m hoping the cops come with us.” - Yuno explaining how he wants to have fun with cops, yet doesn’t mind putting them in danger.

Despite maintaining his general polite approach to any and all officers he interacted with, as he became a prolific bank robber Yuno developed a habit of taunting officers he's friends with during heists, leaving sandwiches, pinging them with his location, and even calling them on the phone when they were in front of him, all while pretending that he was elsewhere around the city or at work. Few of his friends like Park Ranger Conan and Irwin Dundee believed he was a psychopath for that —though the latter encouraged this behavior—, and this resulted in a semi-playful rivalry between himself and the many officers who became the target of his pranks. These pranks slowed down slightly with voice identification becoming a threat and officers going harder than ever at criminals; however, he continued to call a select group of officers he knew would go along with his games (at least to a degree).

In similar nature, due to his growing confidence and desire to further mess around with officers during chases, Yuno slowly became interested in driving, losing the fear of running away whenever he was pulled over and constantly requesting from his heist partners that they let him drive in some capacity. While his abilities always left a lot to be desired, he always got a lot of fun from trying to outrun others, constantly joking around with the officers involved and exchanging playful banter whenever they were close enough to hear him. He also started setting up his own personal escape plans to just about any crime he commited, picking up Raymond Romanov's habit of hiding bikes across the city as a precaution. With a preference to cars, this habit would end up being monumental in Yuno's escape during the Rainbow Road heist, as his stashed legal car became a core reason he was able to escape and rescue the rest of his crew before the police found them.

As he continued to develop as a criminal, however, and while still maintaining a lighthearted and respectful stance on police officers in general, Yuno started to become frustrated by the increase in police numbers and their exaggerated response to even menial crime. As such, Yuno decided to finally get himself a legal car to avoid being pulled-over every five minutes, and started to understand Chang Gang's approach at dealing with the police, no longer considering their actions excessive. He also came to understand the idea behind The X Factor organization, even spreading the word of their agenda unprompted. More importantly, he started to consider the option of shooting officers should the necessity arise, particularly when they messed with their plans or when one of his friends was in danger. This then extended towards other groups that might pose a threat to them, with Yuno actively carrying a gun when doing Oxy-runs with friends to better help them as a lookout. Still, he continued to go unarmed when alone, partially to avoid the police charges should he be detained, and partially because he believed that whatever happened, he would be able to talk his way out of it.

Getting away with increasingly more severe crimes, Yuno’s confidence sky-rocketed to the point that he sometimes “confessed” to his crimes in full detail to officers he’d just escaped from. This behavior, in addition to his constant “slip-ups” and brutal sincerity, resulted in several officers wondering if he’s truly that naive, or if he’s somehow involved in the deeper levels of the criminal world. While some officers seemingly took it all as a joke, some became more serious in their approach.

The first time Yuno actively shot at cops, he did it so Lang Buddha could escape with their Bobcat Security loot, shooting at Air-1 with a pistol until the aircraft was smoking. Not too long after, he accepted joining Lang, Harry Brown and X in a shootout with the police, which ultimately didn’t happen as they were unable to rob the bank they had targeted. Driving around the city for a while in the search for police officers, Yuno grew increasingly impatient to the point that he partook in various acts of terrorism in a desperate attempt to attract the cops, his mind set in the desire to shoot at something as they had already devoted such a long time hunting down officers. Finally locating a police officer, Sam Baas, Yuno aided in his kidnapping and attempted to help his friends as the rest of the officers came to arrest them, only stopping as he and Lang were in a slow vehicle with no chances of escaping.

April: “You just ran over that man who is dead.”
Yuno: “Well, he's dead. What's he gonna do, die more?”

Although Yuno has an alleged dislike for violence and firearms, he slowly developed what could be considered an obsession with burning things, often pouring gasoline on cars and occasionally people, and earning himself a reputation as an arsonist and pyromaniac among his friends and even strangers. He also used to "reverse rob" people, via holding someone at gunpoint, "threatening" them to accept gifts or to eat food that he gave them on the spot (usually sandwiches), and then leave them with a farewell or "Have a good day". In similar nature, Yuno started using the sledgehammer gifted to him by April Fooze for his birthday, quietly threatening people in a playful manner much to the terror of his victims, and only ever leaving the weapon home during major crimes after hearing from John Charleston that it could be seized by police if apprehended.

After living in Los Santos for a while, despite still being kind and caring for others' well-being, Yuno started show less care for strangers and people he knew, but didn’t see as friends (especially in stressful situations), often showing no remorse in leaving others behind to their fates, and maybe even setting them up on purpose. This behavior, however, never came from a sense of self-preservation or cowardice, instead was mostly motivated by the pure amusement that these situations provided, demonstrating a particular taste for the thrill and chaos, and a lack of set values or morality. In fact, Yuno often got purposefully involved in scuffed or dangerous situations just for the fun of it, such as walking in on kidnappings or conflicts that didn’t involve him in the slightest and joining in on the perpetrator's sides.

His sadistic tendencies then evolved into him enjoying tales of people getting hurt, such as when Emma Gaine told him about an altercation between Dundee and Chatterbox, where the Aussie tortured the clown and his friend and wanted Emma to watch; instead of being horrified, like she expected, Yuno found the story hilarious and "cool", a reaction that prompted the doctor to question if he was mentally okay. He also started to genuinely threaten people, particularly those who snitched on others, such as Tulip Peach, who told the cops his name after he and his friends kidnapped her for a bank heist. Finally, he grew to become amused with the idea of starting various events where people get hurt, finding particularly amusing those events where people stabbed or otherwise hurt each other. Once again, this was not driven by malice or anger, but by the fact that he found these interactions funny.

Following the death of Noyu Sukk, Yuno acknowledged his cruel behavior and tendencies. As he drove away from the morgue with 4T, he realized that while everyone saw Noyu as the "evil" version of him, Yuno had been the one to stage his "birthday party" at the Vault with the sole motivation to get everyone shot, even if most of the victims were his friends. Wondering if maybe he was the evil one, Yuno's concerns were confirmed by 4T, who also mentioned that it didn't matter as long as he had fun.

After committing road kills (of both animals and locals), Yuno started to explain to himself that it was natural selection and the only thing he got from that was a “free paint job”.

Beyond general sadism, it was repeatedly pointed out by various people in Los Santos that Yuno’s emotional responses to various situations were not “normal”. From his ice-cold demeanor during hacking to the fact that he rarely showed concern for his friends whenever they were hurt (often just laughing about their pain), to even disregarding serious problems such as Irwin Dundee’s disappearance and various terrorist attacks. While no one directly confronted him about such behavior, this led to multiple people to wonder if Yuno would care if something happened to them.

During a misunderstanding between Chang Gang and a fellow hacker with whom Yuno had worked before, Jay Que, Yuno displayed once again little concern for the man’s life even as members of the gang claimed that Jay was going to die. Despite going as far as requesting that they burned him “alive as a prank”, Yuno became confused at the fact that Chang Gang had become so upset and had taken things so far, once more displaying that his sadistic ideas didn’t necessarily come from a desire to punish people (despite his nihilistic, “you reap what you sow” mentality), but rather because suffering was hilarious to him.

I’m poor.” - Yuno, whenever someone asked about his financial status, even when he had over $800,000 in the bank.

Throughout his time in the city, Yuno repeatedly proved that his frequent criminal activities were not motivated by the desire to acquire money, instead simply for a personal sense of enjoyment. This was one of many reasons why for a long time, despite having multiple well-paid jobs and often robbing multiple banks a day, Yuno's bank account was more times than not way below average, a fact reinforced by his lack of interest toward cleaning money, as well as his generous nature and his old habit of never collecting his cut out of bank heists.

Despite this general indifference for money, however, Yuno would sometimes express concern and confusion toward his unstable economic situation, acting shocked by the wealth of some of his friends and coworkers, particularly those who didn’t engage in criminal activities. Before getting his own car, Yuno would often point out how bizarre it was for Kitty Dream, among others, to have the means to get more than one vehicle by merely selling hamburgers and going hunting (observations that he would continuously repeat).

Because of this, Yuno often complained about being broke, even when he had +$100k in his bank account, proclaiming he is "The Broke Bank Buster" (despite no one calling him that) and often asking for free food as he was "down-bad". This behavior was constantly in conflict with the fact that, regardless of his economic status, Yuno more often than not had no problem offering money to his friends whenever they seemed to be in need, going as far as emptying his bank account to help his friends out on a couple of occasions. However when a stranger or someone he was not particularly close to asked, Yuno often prefered to flee the scene stating that he was broke.

Slowly reaching economic stability, particularly after his first successful Lower Vault heist, and due to the endless delays of the Tuner Shop grand opening, Yuno came to the realization that he was less and less excited about the idea of getting himself a fancy, S-class car to cruise around the city. Instead, he decided that he’d slowly spend his money in upgrading his trusted Sultan Mk-III, and he’d use the rest of his money to buy reliable vehicles for his friends, particularly those who didn’t rob banks regularly and thus, had a more limited income than him and his fellow bank robbers. Recruiting the help of Guy Jones so that he could discover which cars his friends liked, Yuno set off to purchase a car for 4T as a first gift in hopes that the car would be useful for the girl’s taxi service; however, circumstances out of his control pushed him to put the plan on hold and think more about his decision, for he realized buying the girl a car could indirectly aid in harming his friends and fellow members of the Cleanbois.

Yuno is someone who does take a lot of sacrifices for people he cares about.” - Raymond talking about Yuno.

Despite his original reluctance to join any particular criminal group in the city beyond small crews, Yuno joined the Cleanbois after a long time of working with them on a regular basis, having proved his worth through his excellent hacking abilities and his natural skill to keep things calm and lighthearted with even the police, and his relationship with the group progressing very naturally —from that of a fan to a trusted member and “femly”—. In particular, he joined because his mentality in regards to robberies matched perfectly with that of the rest of the crew, their objective always being to have fun and bond over the exciting heists they pull together.

Originally notorious for being friendly with everyone, yet having loyalty to no one, Yuno overcame that particular trait and his habit of freezing during stressful situations and became a highly dependable, ride-or-die member of the squad, never wanting to leave the others behind and doing his absolute best to protect and help out his friends in dire situations. While not skilled enough to pick someone up in a plane, car or bike (on most occasions), he always searched for other ways he could aid even if that sometimes resulted in bodily harm or a high risk of him going to prison. As such, it was never odd for him to jump out of moving vehicles to leave room for the others to be rescued, or run distractions to keep as many cops as possible busy.

Similarly, Yuno was not hesitant to take the fall for other members if the necessity arised. This became evident when he effortlessly assumed ownership of some guns he’d hidden in Lang Buddha’s boat, fully knowing that the officers would try to use this to get to the millionaire at some point, and that if he didn’t speak Raymond Romanov would also be charged with the possession of the weapons. While a direct indication of his devotion to the group, Yuno opted against sharing this information as he didn’t deem it necessary for everyone to know his sacrifice.

Another trait that Yuno was usually known for, yet he had left behind, was his naive habit of sharing secrets and delicate information with everyone. While having no issue “snitching” on himself and some of his fellow criminals in a playful manner, Yuno constantly kept important information pertaining to the members to himself, particularly when instructed to do so. Having a high emotional intelligence and a natural ability to read the room, Yuno also constantly hid information about his group whenever he found out things he was not supposed to know, such as when he discovered the fact that Lang was harboring Yung Dab, a known terrorist and max security escapee; other than Raymond, no one ever knew that he found out such information.

Yuno also displayed full trust in various Cleanbois members outside of his inner circle, such as when he supported Denzel Williams’s mayoral race without even meeting the man once, or when he greeted Nino Chavez with excitement and familiar warmth after his prolonged vacation, even if he’d only ever worked with the man twice in the past. Despite his general aversion to carrying guns, Yuno was often quite ready to point firearms at whoever he perceived were a threat to his friends, particularly when they were carrying valuable items.

After a shootout between Raymond (and some other friends) and members of the Blocks, Yuno was confronted with the fact that buying his beloved friend 4T a car would indirectly put all of his friends in danger (as 4T’s number 1 friend was no other than Mike Block, and she’d do anything for the man including pointing a gun at Raymond). As such, Yuno picked the wellbeing of his friends and their associates over his relationship with the sweet girl, once more demonstrating his commitment and love to his crew.

After achieving the impossible by breaking into the Lower Vault through hard efforts and lots of disappointments, Yuno became reluctant in general to do crime, partaking in robberies even if he didn’t feel particularly felt the need for it, helping in the exploration of the Yacht even if he had no interest in the heist, and trying the variety of race-related activities that had just been implemented in the city. Enjoying some of those activities at first, he slowly grew bored of them as he had no overarching goal or objective to work towards, and he began to feel burnt out on just about anything. With the bank security systems changing, his discouragement grew tenfold as the one thing he felt he was able to provide to his crew was gone, and he lacked the motivation to practice until his skills went back to what they once were.

Slowly spending less and less time in the city, and more in his room playing video games as a way to cope and find some happiness through his online friendships, Yuno eventually determined that he’d try to force himself to engage in a variety of activities during Lang’s birthday, in hopes that doing so would spark the joy he used to feel once more. Soon, however, he realized he wasn’t looking forward to anything, even if the people around him kept offering ideas of activities he could do to pass time. As such, he couldn’t bring himself to accept the offer to boost with Randy, grind with Raymond, partake in Mickey’s insane and fun heists and race with Tony. Giving the latter option a chance as Lang wished to race for his birthday, Yuno tried his best to enjoy the driving and completely gave up on both races after a variety of incidents.

Determining that he felt useless (as he believed he couldn’t hack anymore), and feeling like he didn’t belong in Los Santos any longer (since he didn’t think he had anything to offer, and that his friends had moved on from him), Yuno decided to retreat back into his apartment to play video games online with the rest of the Cleanbois, and decided that he was done with the city for the time being. He, however, kept open to the possibility of joining in a couple vague activities Lang and Mickey had mentioned, showing once more that above all, he still wanted to hang out with his friends and welcomed the idea of returning to his every day activities if he found a reason to do it.

Eventually returning to Los Santos, and despite still feeling slightly out of place, Yuno tried his best to once again find activities he enjoyed around the city. Rekindling some old relationships and continuously spending time with various members of the Cleanbois and their common associates, Yuno slowly started having fun again and established a handful of loose goals for himself to keep himself focused, the idea of owning a car from the Tuner Shop being his main long-term objective.

However, his generally pessimistic view of life continued, particularly in regards to bank robbing. With several changes to security systems occurring in the time he was gone, the hacker constantly felt lost and confused, and he soon grew to hate many of the changes that had occurred —particularly in regards to Fleeca banks—. Not only that, but the time he had spent outside the city had taken a toll on his confidence as a hacker, his speed greatly decreased and the newer prompts oftentimes taking him by surprise. At last, he’d slowly grow to feel replaced due to the fact that his friend Mickey S had taken over hacking for his crew in the time he was gone, the constant reassurance from the entirety of his group and external friends doing little to convince him that he was still needed.

Regardless, and due to his desire to continue to hang out with his friends, Yuno made it a point to practice his hacking so that he would be invited to heists once again.

Having always enjoyed the thrill of the chase and his usually friendly conversations with cops, Yuno seeked to continue such interactions and was increasingly disappointed when no officers would show up to any illegal activities he did —even the more severe ones, like the Bobcat Security heist he performed—. Slowly realizing that such a pattern continued throughout the days, the desperate for action criminal would become more and more reckless in his behavior during heists and even stopped changing his clothes for crime as he didn’t think cops would ever show up. Because of this, and knowing that he wanted to have fun, his friends would constantly indulge Yuno’s requests to drive in front of MRPD during boosts and heists, and Tony took it upon himself to force the situation by kidnapping the Mayor in the middle of their infamous Burger Shot heist. Regardless, the pattern of cops ignoring Yuno during crime would continue much to the disappointment of the young criminal.

Additionally, and due to an increasing disregard for other people’s safety, Yuno also started to continuously carry a gun and he would shoot it at nearly any crime he commited in hopes of attracting officers, to no avail. Even after losing the gun during one of the rare occasions cops pursued and caught him, the hacker would go on to acquire another gun hours later to continue his stride.

Upon his return, Yuno struggled with a —occasionally recurring— gambling addiction, the money he’d saved before his departure rapidly dwindling to the point that he fell into a genuine need for money. As his primary source of income had always been banks, and he wasn’t able to perform as many heists as before, Yuno would slowly seek for alternative ways to earn money to fuel his insane heists and everyday necessities.

As such, he worked to get back his job at the Burger Shot and seeked for other businesses he could be employed at, such as the Guild Hall and Ash Ketchup’s UwU Café. Knowing himself to struggle with genuine work, Yuno would then start to scheme ways to scam Ash and any other business owners he knew into giving him a small share of their companies, hoping to eventually get a source of passive income for which he wouldn’t need to do anything while he busied himself with his illegal endeavors.

Spending a pleasant evening with several members of the Vagos, Yuno would also grow interested in the prospect of running weed with the group in order to see what it was like, and how much money he could get from it.

Background Information

Before arriving in the city, Yuno Sykk was a very troubled college student, managing to fail out of university on several occasions over the past seven years. His parents, assumed to be quite affluent, had placed a trust fund under his name that he would gain access to once he graduated, a task that proved unsuccessful over the years to the point that the young man became tired of trying. As such, he moved to Los Santos to get away from his past life and start a fresh new one, not telling anyone about it and leaving his parents under the impression that he was still studying. Sadly, his first few days in the city proved to be a challenge to him, as he suffered from a case of laryngitis that made verbal communication very limited, with some even saying he sounded like an "electric cricket."

After subjecting himself to surgery, as his voice was recovering, he met an entirely new problem: his vision was blacking in and out. Trying to find someone to help him, he walked up to a stranger who was stealing a motorcycle in the middle of the road, a man that would soon be revealed to be Irwin Dundee. Finding out what was wrong with his vision, and a short visit to the hospital later, Dundee took the desperate-for-money Yuno on a short-lived spree of criminal activity that concluded when they were caught red-handed during a burglary, where the two were soon arrested and sentenced to prison. As he was being processed, one of the officers stated that Yuno was the fastest person to get arrested after moving into town. Completing their sentence, the pair met with Benji Ramos, a very close friend of Dundee, who became Yuno’s second friend in the city.

Following the disastrous events of his first day as a criminal, Yuno became hesitant to continue his illegal activities, expressing the need to "turn a new leaf" and get himself a real job. However, given his scarce financial resources and overall inconsistency toward the legitimate jobs he tried, Yuno, under the guidance of Dundee and Benji, soon found himself falling back into the criminal lifestyle, slowly becoming more and more involved in the illegal side of the city, and meeting with all kinds of interesting characters that would help him out and mentor him in various ways. This way, Yuno met X, one of the city’s most infamous criminals, and he gave up on his attempts of being a civilian, fully embracing his desire to be a notorious criminal himself.

A little over a week after moving into the city, Yuno reunited with his long-lost twin sister, Ray Mond, whom he never knew existed. According to her, the two were separated at birth and her existence was kept a secret from him until then. Seeing her face and erratic behavior (randomly punching people near her), Yuno immediately acknowledged Ray Mond’s identity, and decided to bond with her over doing some crime together. After attempting to teach her how to rob convenience stores and failing, Ray Mond accidentally incapacitated him by hitting him with a hammer multiple times, and the two travelled together to the hospital. Spending the rest of the day together, they soon parted ways and, the next day, Ray Mond was picked up by Randy Bullet, who introduced her to the rest of Chang Gang and took care of her from then on.

Despite documents stating that twins were born on January 1st, both Yuno and Ray Mond celebrate their birthdays on a different date. The reason behind this is unclear, however all of Yuno's friends seem to accept that his birthday is on June 4th. This might be related to Yuno not knowing about any of his siblings before arriving at Los Santos, with Ray Mond and himself growing up in completely different families.

Shortly before his birthday, Yuno learned about the fact that a mysterious man had been impersonating him around the city. When inquiring further, he learned that this man was no other than Noyu Sukk, another self proclaimed long lost twin he didn't know anything about. His real identity, however, was never fully proven, with Yuno often speculating that Noyu might have actually been some form of clone. Meeting the man and messing around with people for a few hours, what appeared to be a fun experience soon turned sour as Yuno realized that Noyu was the complete opposite of him and, more importantly, Noyu was in a mission to ruin his reputation and hurt his friends.

Deciding to deal with the issue during his birthday, Yuno and his friends created a plan in which they'd hold a birthday party at the City's Vault, and coerce Noyu into shooting cops so that they'd kill him; however, things didn't go to plan and Noyu ended up shooting a lot of innocent people and no cops before his arrest. Later that day, Yuno and some friends were called over to the police station to identify the "evil" man, who freed himself and attacked Trooper Olivia Copper and forced her to stab him, Wingman delivering the final blow. Visiting Noyu at the morgue, Yuno and 4T listened to a recording he had left where he explained how his perspective had changed throughout the days, and how he believed Yuno had managed to forge strong friendships with lots of nice people. As the message ended, 4T and Yuno said their goodbyes and cremated the body themselves.

On June 23rd, 2021, Yuno received a phone call from Fiona Stewart, who was trying to adopt as many people as she could fill the void that Marlo Stanfield, her fiancé, was leaving by ignoring her. Offering Yuno a spot in her family, the hacker easily accepted the offer and gained an adoptive mother and a bunch of adoptive siblings, including his beloved friends Gloryon and Kitty Dream, and some police officers, all of which having their own family and indirectly making Yuno a distant relative of various interesting characters.

On September 9th, Yuno was taken by Fiona, Marlo and Kitty to Bean Manor, their family home, for which he received the keys. Nearly a month later, he was invited to participate in a series of games and activities his parents were planning.


CB Nerds CB Associates Police Officers
Al Saab
Clayvon Barksdale
Denzel Williams
Donnie Pecorino
Lang Buddha
Nino Chavez
Tony Corleone
Ai “Egg” Musori
Bjorn Haverford
Gloryon Pecorino
Lando Stormborn
Leyla Nightingale
Yeager Demonblood
Annie May
Dean Watson
Fiona Stewart
Jean Paul
Yung Dab
Zelda Hart
AJ Hunter
Amelia Frost
Anita May
Anthony Copleone
Brian Knight
Brittany Angel
Bob Smith
Claire Everly
Conan Clarkson
Dan Faily
Franky Dulio
Henry King
Jim Underwood
John Spartan
Kael Soze
Kyle Pred
Lorenzo Lezar
Mina Price
Olivia Copper
Pierre Paul
Richard Richardson
Roy Armstrong
Sam Baas
Sexton Hardcastle
Tessa Lamb
TJ Mack
TJ Walker
Tony Andrews
Tyme Reducer
Britney Gang
Queen Girls
Dreah Johnson
Kitty Dream
Penny Farthing
Tori Bologna
Carmella Corset
Jupiter Adams
Lana Valentine
Racers HOA NBC
Eddie Marshall
Mary Mushkin
Mayumi Himura
Octavio Stenberg
Otto Delmar
Andi Jones
Jesus Antonio Lopez Contreras
Julio Thomas
Kaleb Rush
Siz Fulker
Basem Shahin
Daquan Dumas
Dean Quincy
Guy Jones
Pilbis Shonley
Salem Barghouthi
BBMC Prune Gang Angels
Barry Benson
Channing Turner
Irwin Dundee
Eugene Zuckerberg
Mel Rickenbacker
Claire Seducer
Violet van Housen
Hutch Hutcherson
Ramee El-Rahman
Randy Bullet
Vinny Pistone
Ash Ketchup
Benji Ramos
Carlito Loco
KJ Black
Mike Smoore
Burger Shot
Fingle Dan
Hubcap Jones
Jimmy Umami
Oki Doki
Peaches Hayabusa
Robert Spowylamywanowski
Bogg Dann
Bryce Miller
Cece Beyond
Celine LaCroix
Emma Gaine
Gerard Hawthorne
Jimmy Yougman
Leah Strong
Mando Thompson
Marlo Stanfield
Mick Jhonson
Peach Chee
Sasuke Johnson
Timmy Yougman
Note: only includes people Yuno knows. Italic names are his immediate family.

On October 5th, 2021, Yuno was hanging out with Mickey S when they encountered a couple of elderly citizens near Burger Shot. With Mickey recognizing Muriel Gallstaff as his grandmother, Yuno was soon offered the option to be adopted by the kind old woman and the hacker hesitantly agreed to be her “honorary grandson” until she contacted Marlo and Fiona for permission to fully adopt him. Regardless, he addressed her and her partner, Alfred Fitzgerald as “gramps”, and mentioned that whatever the result was, he already saw her as family since she was related to MickeyYuno’s femly—. As for Muriel, she is fully under the impression that Mickey and Yuno are brothers and are her grandchildren.

Yuno has a dog named "Bimbus" who seems to be rather spoiled, refusing to eat anything but the finest steaks. He has mentioned that Bimbus’ demand for eating the best of the best is one of the reasons he cannot stop doing crime, as he would not be able to afford them otherwise. With Yuno's frequent visits to prison, Bimbus spends most of his time with Deputy Claire Everly, who seems to have heavily bonded with the puppy, even buying him expensive wagyu steaks. Through this, Claire's bond with Yuno has also grown to the point that she considers him as close as a younger brother, and she will often scold him for his criminal activities. This behavior has extended to her wife, Mina Price, and adoptive son, Sexton Hardcastle.

Additionally, Yuno had a pet rock called Bretman, whom he adopted with his sister Ray Mond and was given as a gift to 4T. Keeping him safe for a couple weeks, 4T soon lost the rock after being arrested by Crocodile Steve, who took the rock “hostage” in order to interrogate 4T on her friend list and try to acquire the first ten names for future investigations. Trying to bluff her way out of the situation and failing, 4T soon witnessed as Croc smashed a rock into tiny pieces, then disposed of it in the trash, leaving her with a personal vendetta against the officer. Croc, however, was later seen storing the real Bretman away in his personal locker, his motives for not destroying it unclear. Currently, Bretman is there merely to remind Croc of 4T and Yuno, both criminals for whom he has a soft spot.

Yuno also has a pet rabbit called Floofy, who was given to him as a gift by Dreah Johnson after the girl had finished decorating the hacker’s Paleto house. Despite being rather indifferent to the little creature’s existence, Yuno appreciated the gesture and keeps Floofy safe in his house. Whenever he’s not home, Dreah takes care of the bunny.

At last, after his adoption, Yuno became a partial owner of the family pets: Marlo’s dog, Lucky —whom Yuno met when Marlo first adopted the dog—, and Fiona's cat, Sausage.

Outside of Los Santos, Yuno has many friends he met online with whom he sometimes hangs out whenever he needs to recharge his energy and motivation. Some of them live in Block City, reason why he once planned a long trip to such city. When he left Los Santos to take a break, Yuno decided to take a long trip to visit all his friends and explore different places and activities with them.

Beyond friends, he allegedly stole April Fooze’s husband, Shmedison Shmark, a man Yuno only remembers as someone he left at a bar after giving his own number as 911 sometime before he moved to Los Santos. Despite there not being any evidence that this truly happened, with the revealed information of April having crabs, it may not seem like such an unlikely story.

Yuno also once claimed on one of his bank statements that a man called Ninja outside the city called him his “boyfriend” and helped him acquire sponsor money. Whether the man really exists or it was a fake story to evade the IRS remains unclear.


Being a very goal-oriented person, Yuno’s activities in the city are often driven by his efforts to achieve very specific tasks. Below are some of the most relevant desires, objectives and accomplishments he’s had:

Current goal
Obtain money once again
Recently fulfilled: Become the Cheat Code again
Goal Fulfilled on Details Follow up
Make a friend March 6, 2021 Yuno's first friend was Irwin Dundee, whom he met on his second day in the city while he was searching for help. Despite not interacting often anymore, Yuno and Dundee are still really good friends.
Get a job March 12, 2021 Wanting to have a reliable source of income, Yuno assisted a job interview and was given a job by Claire Seducer at the Casino. Yuno has somehow managed to keep the job to this day, even if he rarely showed up back then, and hasn't worked there in months.
Rob a Fleeca bank April 6, 2021 Dundee managed to acquire a laptop and assembled a crew to rob a Fleeca with Yuno. They did so successfully. Through this heist, Yuno realized what he wanted his role to be during bank robberies.
Hack a bank April 9, 2021 Yuno was able to put his hacking skills to the test, and successfully hacked and robbed a Fleeca with his friends. Following the successful hack, Yuno started growing a reputation as a hacker and has still never failed.
Rob a Paleto bank April 14, 2021 Hearing about his skills, Yuno (alongside Raymond Romanov) was invited by Lang Buddha and Tony Corleone to rob Paleto bank; he helped them hack, then managed to escape. Through this robbery, Yuno shifted the perception Lang had of him and they became friends.
Rob the Vault April 30, 2021 Yuno grew close to the Cleanbois and they took him along to rob the Vault, albeit unsuccessfully. Although they failed, the crew enjoyed the chemistry between them and became a regular group.
Get a car May 5, 2021 Yuno got enough money to buy one of his favorite cars, a Sultan MkIII. Despite the many changes that his car has gone through, Yuno still likes it and uses it to drive around with his friends.
Start a race May 6, 2021 With Randy Bullet's help, Yuno got into the racing scene and partook in a couple exciting (and disastrous) races. Never considering himself a racer, Yuno sometimes engages in the activity and has grown to be rather decent at it. He, however, has terrible luck with it,
Rob the Vault successfully May 10, 2021 After many issues, the Cleanbois heist crew managed to successfully break into the Vault and escape (for the most part). Ever since, the group included the bank to their regular rotation of heists.
Do "The Rainbow Road" Heist May 13, 2021 Dreaming about the impossible, Yuno and the Team Rocket got together to achieve the historic heist. No one has ever attempted to do what they did, making it a one-time-only legendary event.
Join the Cleanbois May 27, 2021 Having grown very attached to the members and their dynamic, Yuno and Raymond Romanov were invited to join the group officially. Yuno is fully devoted to the main heist crew and trusts them with everything, and is close to their many allies.
Get a golden dongle May 29, 2021 Hearing about the tool to break into the Lower Vault, the group tried and finally managed to acquire the next step towards progression. The group grew stuck after acquiring the item, for the other equipment they needed became unattainable for a while.
Get a stash house June 4, 2021 After struggling to do so on his own, Yuno finally acquired a safe house on his birthday, after Lang gifted it to him. Despite not going there all that often, Yuno uses the house to stash almost all his illegal items, as well as some precious mementos.
Rob the Lower Vault June 18, 2021 After months of struggling to get the tools they'd need, the Cleanbois managed to have their first go at the new heist. Yuno managed to successfully hack the golden laptop, but they soon learned they were missing a step.
Get a "clubhouse" with the crew June 22, 2021 Having talked about purchasing a house together for a while, Dean Watson helped the Cleanbois finally achieve that goal through renovating Clean Manor. The Cleanbois and their friends often hang out there. Yuno and Raymond are getting their room renovated to fit their needs.
Rob the Lower Vault successfully July 7, 2021 Struggling to get past the USB hack in two occasions, Yuno finally figured out the way to do it and achieved the impossible. The crew then managed to escape. Yuno successfully overcame the biggest obstacle he'd ever faced, yet soon became confused as to what he wanted to do next.
Try the new hacking system July 20, 2021 Learning about the changes to security systems, Yuno got to try the new hack at a Fleeca, with Lang and Raymond by his side. Slowly getting a hang on the new mechanism, Yuno determined he didn't find much of a point to devoting himself to it fully.
Hack again Sep 13, 2021 Nearly two months after he’d last hacked a bank, Yuno reluctantly agreed to try again during a Paleto heist with Mickey, Tony and Bjorn by his side. Taking a moment to familiarize himself with hacking again, Yuno surprised everyone —even himself— when he successfully cracked open the safe on his second try.
Find reasons to stay in the city again Sep 18, 2021 After taking a nearly 1-month long break from Los Santos, Yuno returned to the city and started searching for reasons to stay. Going on a couple heists with his friends, Yuno ultimately decided that he enjoyed the city and what it had to offer again after a ridiculously fun Burger Shot heist with Mickey, Tony and Bjorn.
Return to the Vault with the Cleanbois Oct 13, 2021 Slowly working his way through some small heists in order to recover his confidence, Yuno mentioned that he wanted to go back to the Vault with his friends. After days of struggling with hacking, the group casually decided to do a Vault heist where Yuno was able to do all the hacks and thermite with little to no difficulty. Although he was captured, the hacker was happy that he’d succeeded and that the loot was saved.
Become the Cheat Code again Oct 15, 2021 Having a conversation with Lang after the millionaire partook in a failed Lower Vault heist, Yuno promised that he’d practice his hacking in order to help his crew again. Overcoming his problems with hacking and growing confident again, Yuno partook in the Cleanbois first 5 man Vault, The Hot Potato Heist and demonstrated his skill once more.
Have fun with his friends

Fulfilled: Everyday
Obtain money once again
Losing his life savings in a combination of gambling and heist investments, Yuno found himself in a tough financial spot and decided that he needed to go back to having at least $100k in his bank account.
Rob the Vault with the Soy Gang
Having a talk with Benji as their schedule finally matched up again, the two decided that they wanted to pull their own group back together and perform the heist they’d planned for so long.
Get a Lexus LFA
Yuno mentioned on multiple occasions that he'd like to earn a Lexus LFA after the Tuner Shop opened, even discussing it with Eddie Marshall. While somewhat loose at the beginning, Yuno has slowly become increasingly more interested in actually obtaining the car, seeking for various means of income to be able to someday afford it.


Image Address Description
Paleto Bay, Procopio Drive 23 Purchased for Yuno by Lang Buddha for $244,400 as a birthday present and registered under Dreah Johnson's name. The house was picked by Raymond Romanov, as he remembered Yuno liked it from their house hunting trip, and it is close to Tony Corleone's house.
Vinewood Hills, Ace Jones Drive Renovated for them under Dean Watson's supervision and sold for $3,000,000, the grand and homey Clean Manor is meant to be a hub for the Cleanbois to plan their many (illegal) activities around the city, as well as provide a safe place for the members to rest and spend time together.
Other Information
Key holders
Mickey, Raymond, Tony, Yeager and Yuno.
House Keys
Guest Keys
  • Number of payments done by Yuno: 7
  • Times Yuno has fallen of the roof: 2
  • Yuno’s favorite sleeping spot: Tony’s closet
Rockford Hills, Portola Drive Purchased by Marlo Stanfield and Fiona Stewart after a long time of saving up, the grand Bean Manor provides a cozy space for their ever-growing family to hang out and enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor activities together.

Image Name Description

Sultan Mk III After finally saving up enough money for his first legally owned vehicle, Yuno was able to purchase a Sultan Mk III for $143,750, which he got as a nod to X's Sultan Mk II.

Currently, The Sooltan is painted pearlescent Nautical Blue with a black undercoat, and is fully upgraded.

Status: Active
Class B
Type Legal
Value $190,821 + 330 GNE
Plate 4J3217X2
Date Acquired May 5, 2021
  • A seamless spoiler on the back (purchased for Yuno by Randy Bullet).
  • Roll-cage vehicle frame.
  • Xenon lights (purchased for Yuno by Tony Corleone).
  • Turbo (purchased with the help of Marlo Stanfield).
  • Engine upgrade.
  • Brake upgrade.
  • Transmission upgrade.
  • Window tint.
  • Plate color change.

All of the upgrades were installed by Tanner Johnson, Marlo Stanfield and Albert Intelligence.

Sultan Mk II A wondrous Sultan acquired by Tony Corleone during a boosting job. Knowing how much Yuno liked the car in general, Tony decided to gift it to the hacker once he had retrieved it with the help of Bjorn Corleone and Mickey S. Yuno plans to use it during heists with the group.

Originally emerald green, his car is currently painted Salmon Pink with a green pearlescent. Because of the color, April Fooze has named the car The Watermelon.

Status: Active
Class A
Type VIN Scratched
Value N/A
Plate 3JTTU8LW
Date Acquired Oct 2, 2021
Vagrant A small off-road buggy Yuno acquired for 54 GNE during a boosting job. Although hesitant to VIN-scratch it at first, Raymond Romanov’s encouragement drove the hacker to accept the contract and after driving it for a bit, he slowly grew to like the vehicle.

Because of its shape and size, Yuno plans on painting the car in some shade of green to match the name he gave it: The Streetle.

Status: Active
Class B
Type VIN Scratched
Value N/A
Plate P6N51MJT
Date Acquired Oct 13, 2021
Reliant Robin A VIN-scratched vehicle acquired by Fiona Stewart during a boosting job. Believing the small car to be hilarious, she decided to make it her own and took it to Bean Manor with the purpose of letting any of her adoptive children borrow it. She would later collect a handful more to use them in the Scamily Race Event, where Yuno would eventually win the small car as a consolation prize.
Status: Active
Class D
Type VIN Scratched
Value N/A
Plate 52I97W4M
Date Acquired Sep 1, 2021 (Fiona)
Oct 7, 2021 (Yuno)

Image Name Description
Ninja ZX10R A reliable motorcycle acquired for 151 GNE by Raymond Romanov with the help of La Flare Davis and Shivvy. Knowing how much Yuno wanted a VIN-scratched bike, Raymond secured the vehicle, added a harness and NOS and gifted it to Yuno the next day.
Status: Active
Class M+
Type VIN Scratched
Value N/A
Plate LY16R70D
Date Acquired Oct 13, 2021
Seashark In the spirit of setting heists faster and hoping to reduce the possibility of scuff, Yuno decided to follow Mickey S’ steps and purchased a $15,000 dark blue jetski to use during his illegal endeavors.
Status: Active
Class -
Type Legal
Value $15,000
Plate S3X88APY
Date Acquired Oct 10, 2021
BMX Bike Originally purchased for $500 with a hilarious Fleeca heist in mind, as soon as the adventure was over and Yuno had parted ways with Mickey S (who also bought a bike), the hacker determined that it’d be an useful tool for future endeavors whenever he felt like playing around with the police.
Status: Active
Class -
Type Legal
Value $500
Plate O10HRSKW
Date Acquired July 8, 2021
Discovering that he could get NOS on the bike at Benny’s, Yuno decided that once he had a lot of money and his personal car was fully upgraded, he’d consider getting the modification for the BMX just to see what it was like.

Image Name Description
Stratum A fully upgraded vehicle purchased by Lang Buddha following the Cleanbois's increased need for a reliable four door to commit crime in. Originally shared by Lang, Yuno, Tony and Raymond, the car slowly fell into disuse and was eventually gifted to Mickey S for his birthday, in hopes that their new member would use it during exciting fun heists.
Status: Active
Class B
Type Legal
Value $177,100 + 820 GNE
Plate V78QW4D5
Date Acquired June 18, 2021
Sandking XL Adventuring into the world of VIN scratching boosted vehicles, Yuno decided to try his hand at it with a large Sandking with which he’d be able to perform stunts. Purchasing the contract for 16 GNE and assisted by Lang Buddha, Bjorn Corleone and Lando Stormborn, Yuno successfully acquired his vehicle and immediately started searching for tricks.
Status: Impounded
Class C
Type VIN Scratched
Value N/A
Plate 35XCCZ65
Date Acquired Sep 23, 2021
Date Lost Oct 2, 2021
Other Information
Loss Details
Impounded by Jeffrey Bundy
Incident Reckless Evading (#22981)
Unable to perform a Vangelico Heist, Yuno, Ray Mond, April and Raymond regrouped to decide what to do next. As they talked, cops arrived due to the shots April had fired and she and the twins got on the Sandking to flee. After a chaotic attempt to escape, April crashed and flew out of the windshield, putting an end to the chase.
Sep 23, 2021 5 minutes and 50 seconds after acquiring the Sandking, as he was searching for tricks, Yuno fell on top of a gas tank and exploded.
Sep 25, 2021 After assisting in the attempted assassination of Stanky Leg, Yuno tried to save the man and knocked himself out in the process, leaving the car at the scene of the almost-murder.
Sep 28, 2021 Yuno left his Sandking outside of the Paleto bank right after robbing it, given that no cops showed up during the heist.
Oct 1, 2021 Yuno left his Sandking parked right outside of the Hayes, with several hours until Tsunami left.
Oct 2, 2021 Yuno handed his car over to April Fooze, who lost it after a heated chase.


Business Position Hired on Hired by
Diamond Casino and Resort

March 12, 2021

Claire Seducer
Delivering "the worst interview" Claire had ever seen, Yuno got his first job in the city. Despite not working there for months, he's still hired.
Burger Shot

Sep 29, 2021

Shelly Smith
After a prolonged interview that involved a bank truck, and with a counter-vouch from Lang Buddha and a threat on her side, Shelly hired Yuno as the Burger Shot’s janitor.
Work History
Date Previous position Details Result
April 8, 2021 None Following an odd job interview that involved befriending a mountain lion, Yuno became a part time worker. Yuno was hired as a part time staff member for the restaurant.
May 12, 2021 PT staff member Because of his lack of attendance, Cassie Cupcake demoted Yuno and gave him a warning. Yuno earned the CBF (Close to Being Fired) position.
May 18, 2021 CBF Yuno was fired by Shelly Smith for covering for Tony Corleone after he shot Spaceman, who was holding Yuno at gunpoint as he was suspected of stealing food. Yuno was rehired as a Marketing Consultant the day after, under Cassie Cupcake's suggestion.
June 4, 2021 Marketing consultant Following an incident in which Yuno accidentally hit Cassie Cupcake with a sledgehammer, Shelly Smith demoted him again. Yuno was rebranded again as CBF.
June 25, 2021 CBF Yuno was fired by Shelly via text after he encouraged Randy Bullet during his attempt to steal Murder Meals from the establishment. Yuno was fired.
Sep 29, 2021 None Encountering Shelly constantly throughout the day, and after a series of misadventures that involved him taking a bank truck, Yuno met with Shelly at the Casino and requested for his job back, with Shelly reluctantly agreeing. Yuno was hired as the janitor for the restaurant.

Business Membership type Acquired on Provided by
Rooster's Rest

May 25, 2021

Lang Buddha
After a long history of "working" at the Rooster's Rest, and because of his relationship with Lang and his role as the Cleanbois's main hacker, Yuno was given a lifetime membership as a VIP for the restaurant.
Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club

May 20, 2021

Irwin Dundee
Having just been rescued by Dundee after a failed heist, and wishing to help his mentor get a hefty commission, Yuno purchased a lifetime VIP membership to the club in order to be able to clean money faster.

Workplace Last position Hired on Hired by Fired on Fired by
Hayes Auto Body Repairs

April 1, 2021

Pez Speedwagon

June 30, 2021

Work History
Date Previous position Details Result
April 1, 2021 None Having just hired Irwin Dundee as a janitor, Pez Speedwagon decided to hire Yuno as a joke. Yuno was hired as the janitor for the repair shop.
June 30, 2021 Janitor Upon reviewing the "Employment" app on his phone, Yuno realized he had been fired from the repair shop. Yuno was fired.
Ottos Autos

June 24, 2021

Gea Stagdancer

June 27, 2021

Leslie Lingberg
Work History
Date Previous position Details Result
April 1, 2021 None Meeting up with Marlo and Stag and getting his car fixed, Yuno was offered a position at the shop with a particular benefit: in exchange for promoting the shop and making people use his “promo code” five times, they would repair his car for free. Yuno was hired as the janitor for the repair shop.
June 30, 2021 Janitor Leslie Lingberg was looking through the employees list and fired everyone who hadn’t worked at the repair shop. Yuno was fired.
Rooster's Rest
"Head" Janitor

March 14, 2021


May 24, 2021

Gerard Hawthorne
Work History
Date Previous position Details Result
March 14, 2021 None After a bizarre job interview led by Lando Stormborn, Meowfurrion and Donnie, Yuno was hired as an unpaid intern until he proved he deserved a proper position. Yuno was hired as the janitor for the restaurant.
April 1-7, 2021 (Unpaid Intern) Janitor Lang Buddha directly fired Yuno on at least four occasions for never showing up for his shift. On April 14th, Lang gave Yuno a permanent position following a successful bank heist.
May 24, 2021 "Head" Janitor Gerard Hawthorne fired Yuno after hearing how he never showed up for his shift directly from Yuno while he was joking about it to new employees. The next day, Lang Buddha gave Yuno a VIP membership once he heard about it.
Vultur Lé Culturé
Gem Appraiser

April 18, 2021

Ramee El-Rahman

Sep 18, 2021

Work History
Date Previous position Details Result
April 18, 2021 None Due to their close friendship and following a series of changes in the gallery, Ramee hired Yuno with no interview and without teaching him how to do his job. Yuno was hired as a gem appraiser for the gallery.
Sep 18, 2021 Gem Appraiser Upon reviewing the "Employment" app on his phone, Yuno realized he had been fired from the gallery. Yuno was fired.

Organization Role Started on Introduced by
Clean Cartel Recruiter Oct 3, 2021 Mickey S
Introduced to the fact that his crew was selling cocaine by Mickey, Yuno decided to join and help the man in his endeavor to recruit trusty distributors, immediately coming up with innovative ideas to further expand their empire. Below is a list of his contributions.
Name Date recruited Status Notes
Vivian Vale Oct 3, 2021 Active Easily recruiting her to join the operation and providing her with 10 baggies to sell, Yuno and Mickey called her an hour later and were impressed with how quickly she sold the batch, immediately considering her a promising distributor.
Maisie Hart - Considering Pitching the idea of distributing cocaine for them, Yuno and Mickey ultimately decided to give her time to consider the opportunity.
Business Initial contact Status Notes
UwU Café Oct 3, 2021 Brainstorming Upon Yuno's suggestion, he and Mickey met with Ash Ketchup and Sherry Paie and they discussed the possibility of having a secret cocaine-laced product sold at the café, a prospect all parts are interested in.
Other Frequent Activities
Crime Description
House robberies Being one of the first crimes he committed upon his arrival to Los Santos, Yuno grew to enjoy the activity and will sometimes continue to perform it whenever he wants to search for a green dongle. It's one of the few activities he doesn't mind doing alone.
Weed distribution Although he hasn't gotten the chance to learn the ways of running weed, upon his return to the city Yuno has demonstrated an increasing curiosity for the activity, vaguely arranging to join Benji Ramos and other members of the Vagos in a run.
Oxy distribution Learning how to run Oxy in his early days in the city, Yuno would sparingly perform the monotonous job whenever he had money to clean, or when he was teaching others how to do it. He hasn't done an Oxy run since the opening of the Vanilla Unicorn.

Name Products Owner Yuno's Shares Details
Kimmy's Lemonade Lemonade Kimmy Youngirl 5% Meeting Kimmy for the first time, Yuno casually asked for and received 5% of the "company". Unbeknownst to him, it's not a genuine, government-approved business.

Product Details Description Manufacturer Price
Air Force Yuno

"+5 Bank Hacking."
(Weight: 3.00)

A pair of white sneakers with glowing green soles.

Dexx Martin

$ 200
Known Owners
Bimbus Oil Painting

"An adorable immortalization of Bimbus in the form of an oil painting."
(Weight: 3.00)

A painting commission in warm hues of brown and orange depicting the fluffy Bimbus as he stretches.

Yevgeni Ivanov

$ 1,600
Known Owners
Yu-Know Cards
A collection of multiple collectible cards to play "Yu-Know" with.
(Weight: 3.00)

Manufacturing 4 samples to share with select friends, Freddy’s project came to a halt when the NoPixel cards arrived in the city.

Freddy Fastfingers -

Sykkedelic Joint

“Oh Jesus!”
(Weight: 3.00)
A 2G joint currently sold at Dean World. Rooster's Reef Unknown
Yuno Toy

A mythical figurine that can be purchased through a Burger Shot "Murder Meal". It doesn't actually exist (yet), but most of the city believes it does due to Cassie Cupcake spreading the word in order to boost sales.

Burger Shot $ 101


Originally refusing to join a group or organization, through time Yuno has joined certain crews for his usual criminal endeavors. Despite this, Yuno has made friends with several members of various gangs, businesses and departments, who he will often interact and associate with.

New Members of the Cleanbois

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Waking up at Clean Manor

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The 5 Man Vault

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Yuno’s main crew and the people he spends the most of his time in the city with. Meeting originally during his time “working” at the Rooster's Rest and eventually getting to prove his worth as a hacker, Yuno soon became the group’s go-to hacker and he was eventually invited to join the organization, slowly branching out from only doing heists with them to doing just about any activity —illegal or not— with the various members. As time went by, the group would even acquire a variety of assets and properties to share with each other.

They’re all incredibly fond of each other, their relationship based on absolute trust and a deep understanding of everyone’s character, their weaknesses and strengths, and their personal needs whenever they interact. Often sharing lighthearted banter and tender chatter, the group displays a synergy that other crews struggle to achieve. They consider themselves a family, going to great lengths to protect each other from the police or any other threats. Whenever they are together, they suffer from unnatural levels of scuff.

First Jobs

Being a fan of the crew since his college days (back when they were known as the Leanbois), Yuno's first interactions with the group was through the employees at the Rooster's Rest, who would sometimes offer their advice and services (such as cleaning his marked bills in exchange for a lower cut). Following Yuno's first hacking job, Lang Buddha recruited him for their first heist together as a last minute resource, not being able to get in contact with other hackers and having heard of his alleged natural talent. Despite the initial skepticism (particularly from Tony Corleone and Raymond Romanov), Yuno's ability did not disappoint and he soon became Lang's main hacker for a number of heists, including his first incursion at the Vault where he also demonstrated unnatural skill at handling thermite.

Through his frequent involvement with the group, Lang's fondness for Yuno continued to grow, especially after Yuno visited him in jail when he was "Wrangled", and when Yuno jumped after him when he fell off a bridge (while they were getting ready for a heist). This display of friendship and loyalty led to Lang telling him that if Yuno continued trying to save his life, he would end up becoming a Cleanboi himself. Following the Rainbow Road heist, Lang's trust in Yuno skyrocketed to the point that he outwardly expressed how he refused to go to the Vault without him.

Deeming Yuno their "Cheat Code", the crew soon became determined to take him to any new heists that became available in the city as they were confident Yuno would be able to handle any new security system they ran into. Such was the case of the Mjolnir heist, where Lang, Tony and X teamed up with the Angels to protect Yuno. Despite Yuno’s continued reluctance to shoot, the Cleanbois and Angels still acknowledged the importance of bringing him along as they needed to guarantee that they’d succeed in the hacking. Although they were unable to get to the hack, the group bonded over the experience and grew closer together.

Officially a Cleanboi

After completing many heists with Lang, Tony, and Raymond, and despite already being considered a part of the family, Lang officially extended an offer to Yuno to join the Cleanbois on May 27, 2021, which Yuno accepted. Following this, the hacker became more careful with whom he shared any new information he discovered, oftentimes keeping everything secret until he'd had the time to share any new intel with his crew. Similarly, despite his general reluctance to shoot or put himself in irrationally dangerous situations, Yuno slowly became more willing to defend his crewmates and would often act more aggressive towards those he perceived were a threat to either his core group or their allies.

Overcoming various obstacles together, the rest of the Cleanbois have shown in multiple occasions their absolute faith in Yuno’s abilities, and deep respect for his personal motivations and objectives. This became clear when they tried hitting the Lower Vault, where despite the fact that Yuno failed on multiple occasions, Lang, Tony and Raymond insisted that their hacker tried again and celebrated with him when he finally succeeded on his own. In similar nature, when the bank security systems were enhanced, none of the members ever doubted that Yuno would adapt relatively quickly and continuously encouraged him even as the hacker kept putting himself down.

However, after they successfully robbed the Lower Vault, and despite everything they’d been through together, Yuno shared the fact that he still believed that the group only ever took him along because he could hack. As he fell out of practice and the other members of the group started getting better at hacking, this belief became so strong that Yuno began to feel useless, and decided he needed to take a break from the city altogether. When he was away, he kept in contact with his friends and they all missed him dearly, rarely going more than a day without mentioning him.

Yuno, at the end of the day, was our Cheat Code. More importantly, someone who's irreplaceable at that point. We had a 100% dependency on him and he completed his job every single time. And just who he was as a person was… someone precious to the family. And the problem with that is, a lot of the burden falls on the person who replaces him but— No, there's no replacement.” - Raymond talking with Mickey about Yuno’s temporary departure.

Yuno’s Return

After his apparent return to the city, Lang, Tony, Ray and Mickey —newest member of the crew— seeked for ways to keep Yuno engaged, their attempts at helping him find a purpose in the city again slowly proving fruitful. As such, whenever Yuno was around, they'd go out of their way to make sure their beloved hacker was having fun.

Teaching him all about the changes to the city and boosting, and sharing the differences in how bank robbing operated, the group would constantly spend time with Yuno and encouraged him to believe in his hacking abilities, constantly searching for opportunities to let him practice so that he’d be confident enough to return to the Vault at some point. However, a constant point of conflict for both Yuno and Mickey was that since there were two hackers in the group, one of them would always be benched and neither of them deserved it: Mickey, because he had spent months being benched by his previous crew, and Yuno, because he was the reason they’d all gotten so far.

After a couple weeks of thinking of a solution to such a conundrum, and determined to avoid the Vault until he’d performed a heist with Yuno, Lang was able to acquire special permission to perform a five man Vault and, after weeks of working together to both acquire the resources they’d need and help Yuno become confident in himself again, they were finally able to conduct the heist. Following Mickey’s plan, the group flawlessly executed their cleanest heist yet and everyone got the opportunity to showcase their specific talents: Yuno one shot every hack and thermite, Tony masterfully drove across the city, Lang’s decision making saved them from being captured more than once, Raymond offered his expert rescue skills and ultimately got them all away, and Mickey proved his value as a planner and support figure to everyone.

Shared Properties
Because of their growing bond and in need for a trusty four door to do crime in, the bank crew eventually got themselves a "family vehicle", a souped-up Stratum they use to cruise around the city and taunt officers, always "nos-ing" away to the iconic "Empty beds" soundtrack. Similarly, on June 22, 2021, Lang struck a deal with Dean Watson and acquired the Clean Manor, which is set to belong in its entirety to Lang, Tony, Raymond and Yuno as soon as they’re able to pay for the $3,000,000 castle. Meant to be a meeting spot for them and their closest friends to meet, as well as engage in various ventures such as Tony’s fine dining experiences, the house provides a safe place for them to relax and plan out their next moves. They tend to call it home.

Help Me Out

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Soy Gang

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The Paleto Heist

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Soy Gang

The Soy Gang, or Soy Boys, are a loose group of individuals that occasionally hung out together to do crimes, joyride, rob houses and hunt for black panthers. The initial crew was brought together by Irwin Dundee, but it was largely unofficial until Benji Ramos named it and delegated the leadership role to X. Initially only acknowledged by Benji and Yuno, the group eventually got together as a whole for a faithful Paleto heist.

Growing distant due to their own responsibilities with their own gangs and crews, and due to X’s constant travels outside the city, the group slowly fell idle and almost became nothing but a memory after conflict sparked between Dundee and Benji. With time, however, and despite everyone still devoting themselves more to their own groups —Dundee to the BBMC, Benji to the Vagos, and Yuno and X to the Cleanbois— they got together anew for a series of insane adventures and, perhaps, the Vault robbery they’d been talking about for months.

The Paleto Heist and First Break

With all four members eventually getting into bank robbing, the group naturally developed the desire to rob a bank together, the opportunity arising after Yuno and Dundee robbed a Fleeca bank with Donnie Pecorino and Tony Corleone, the pair successfully acquiring a blue dongle. Deciding to use it in conjunction with Benji and X, the group quickly gathered together and messily prepared a simple, risky and very fun escape plan, changing clothes so that they all looked like various versions of Yuno and driving north towards Paleto. There, Yuno easily hacked the bank as X and Benji negotiated with the police, and soon they were all back in their car, with Dundee masterfully driving back to the city where he'd eventually lose seven cruisers and Air-1 in one of the last escapes in the city where the criminals managed to out-drive the police force.

Making their way towards Grapeseed, the group of friends changed into four different cars and separated for the evening, all of them buzzing with energy and preparing to do more heists together. However, with Jean Paul's frequent cruises out of the city and the remaining members busying themselves with their own groups, the energy grew cold and was eventually shattered as X had to flee from the city, the dream of hitting the Vault together vanishing in thin air.

While X was away, Yuno, Dundee and Benji would often recall their adventures together fondly, and often expressed bitterness over the fact that they could never have more adventures together.

The Downfall: A Betrayal

However, the dire state of their team wouldn’t last forever as X had managed to outlast all his warrants and thus, was able to return to Los Santos. Greeting him fondly and unable to say “no”, Dundee and Benji tagged along with the crazed hacker and robbed the Vault together (the results poor yet their happiness unmatched), then continued to hang out through the days. Going on plenty jobs with X and furthering their friendship, Yuno tried in multiple occasions to catch all their members awake at once so that the four of them could rob a bank at last, with menial success as they had all fallen on different schedules. Unwilling to let go, and wanting to hang out with Dundee, Yuno was determined on his mission to gather together the crew when he learned that Dundee and Benji were not on good terms. In fact, they were at war. Listening to both their perspectives and trying to offer advice, Yuno bitterly accepted that, even if they were all back in the city, a reunion would be unlikely and they would probably never rob again as a unit.

The Reunion and a Shootout

His doubts would eventually start to clear out after a few months, shortly after his return to the city. Noticing that Benji was awake at his usual hours, Yuno eventually called his former mentor and discussed a possible return for their old crew, the older man certain that he was close to mending his relationship to Dundee and thus, a reunion —perhaps even a Vault heist— could be possible in the near future. Excited about the prospect, Yuno ended the call and made mental arrangements in order to prepare for the long awaited heist.

Before that, however, Benji would have to mend his relationship with Dundee, something that happened only when Yuno pressed the issue. Taking Dundee to the Casino and forcing the Aussie into his trunk, Yuno then picked Benji up, took him to a secluded area, and watched as his former mentors had a discussion about their downfall, the forced “family therapy” session ending when the two men rolled the same number on some dice. Happy about the fact that they were all on good terms again, Yuno promptly suggested that they robbed a bank together with X, and were in the middle of preparing for such an adventure when the hacker learned that his friend and leader, Lang Buddha, was going in for the 9s.

Learning about the issue and having a level of loyalty to Lang himself, X then recruited the group’s help to protect the Clean Manor stash from the incoming raid, with the two veteran criminals and X infiltrating the property while Yuno —unarmed and unprepared for the possible shootout— rallied other members and allies of the Cleanbois, and circled the area to provide intel of the cops’ whereabouts. With Benji going down after the initial shootout, then X falling down a ladder in the watchtower, the scuffle was soon deemed over and Yuno helped Dundee and X out of the Manor, then took X to grandma’s to help him back on his feet. Discussing their next move with Bjorn and Yeager, Yuno, X, Dundee and Mickey S went from one of Lang’s properties to another, eventually going to MRPD to try to break the millionaire out. Separating from the group, Yuno later learned that his friends had gotten into a shootout with the cops, their adventure finally over.

The Rainbow Road

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Team Rocket

A group of friends with roots that traced all the way back to the "Rust Island", a dystopian place of war, terror and degeneracy. There, Lang Buddha, Jean Paul and Mickey S came together in what would later become the Team Rocket, a group that took supremacy over the island with the help of their gun distributor, Yuno. They would later reunite in Los Santos with a certain objective in mind: to perform the most insane heists they could, the likes of which no one else dared for they lacked the resources and the bravery (and foolishness) to attempt them in the first place.

As such, Team Rocket's first (and only) heist consisted in a series of robberies they named "The Rainbow Road" heist, during which they planned to rob a Fleeca bank, Paleto bank, and the City Vault in quick succession, without ever storing the loot or evading the police altogether.

The Rainbow Road

With each member providing different resources and aiding the adventure financially as best as they could, the crew came up with a grandiose plan and soon started their adventure.

Hitting a Fleeca bank in Sandy Shores (which Mickey hacked) and then Paleto (which was X's domain), the group drove in the middle of a thunderstorm towards the City Vault and Yuno conquered the entirety of the bank by himself in a series of one-shot hacks and thermites. With their loot secured, they then drove off to the side of a mountain and sent X's car into the ocean, got on a boat and sailed towards a military carrier, where they all got in water airplanes and flew away. With Yuno and X taking all the heat and getting shot at, X jumped off the airplane into the sea (where Lang later rescued him) and Yuno took it upon himself to lose Air-1 and the Bumblebee, getting to his car and rescuing the rest of the members so that they could all go to a clothing store and change. Driving to the Digital Den as the sun came out, the crazed robbers split their loot and discussed their next adventures.

The Paleto Hike

Taking up Mickey's idea of losing the cops by jumping off Mount Chillead in BMX bikes, the crew came together again in an effort to practice the precarious jump, unable to fully do the heist as Paleto was in the middle of restocking. Having a hilariously dangerous adventure, the crew decided to leave the robbery for some other time and regretted not doing it sooner when Jean Paul had to flee from Los Santos. In honor of what Team Rocket once was and what it could have been, Yuno invited Mickey over to perform a variant of their plan with Tony Corleone and Raymond Romanov, an event that sent all of them to the hospital and then to prison and yet, they still felt it was a victory as they had successfully done yet another crazy heist, albeit not with the team they had hoped for.

Yuno’s Allies


Despite not interacting with them during their illegal endeavors initially, Yuno slowly befriended all three founders (Cassie Cupcake, Claire Seducer and Violet van Housen), as well as 2/3 "honorary Angels" (Randy Bullet and Flippy) and Alexander Campbell. Because of his close relationship with Claire —and supporting her in her crazy ideas—, she has, on more than one occasion, offered to have his back, a sentiment shared by the majority of her gang. As the Angels started to hit banks on their own, they came to consider the idea of bringing Yuno along for some jobs together. This then evolved in the Angels teaming up with Yuno's crew during the first Mjolnir heist, where the group worked together with X, Lang and Tony to protect Yuno. Although their mission failed —with almost everyone lying unconscious and the loot remaining untouched—, the event brought Yuno and the Angels closer together.

With the Angels’ continuing to grow and their connection to the Cleanbois always evolving, both groups slowly became what could be considered “sister gangs” and often shared information and resources with each other, having little to no hesitation to work together and showing deep trust between their members. While still unable to work with them on a regular basis due to his own packed schedule, Yuno repeatedly expressed his desire to help the Angels hit the Vault, even suggesting to hit the lower area once he and his crew had figured it out themselves, an offer Claire seemed interested to take to the point that she asked the hacker to come along for their first time hitting the lower Vault. Following Tony Corleone’s efforts, Yuno also became keen in stealing Alexander Campbell away from this group and turn him into a member of the Cleanbois.

Following Yuno’s partial departure from the city and subsequent return, the Angels were among the groups of people that were quick to make sure the hacker understood how missed he was.

All the members of the Cleanbois are really good friends with all the Angels and constantly have each other’s backs.


As X's friend, Yuno slowly came in contact with various members of the Ballas, particularly their former member Outto-Tune Tyrone, and Mando Thompson, both of whom were very interested in robbing a bank together with Yuno. They grew to be very kind to him, leaving him alone whenever he was doing Oxy and even offering him some help. To help them out, Yuno would also sell his bags of dirty money to Mando and, following the man’s capture, Yuno became saddened about the fact that the group would be down bad for a long time, trying his best to find little ways to help them bounce back.

Slowly picking himself back up, Mando continued expressing interest in the Ballas hitting banks once again, asking Yuno for his help should they get their hands on a green dongle, a request the hacker was happy to oblige and aid to by sharing some advice on how to get dongles from convenience stores.

Cleanbois are in good terms with the Ballas, and have many ongoing business deals in the drug department.

Natural Born Crackheads

In need of a hacker to perform their first bank heist ever, the group contacted Yuno for help and he accepted with ease, even when he doubted their plan and thought that their violence towards officers was unwarranted. Despite everyone telling Yuno the NBC were terrible criminals, he agreed to be their hacker once again as he was trying to encourage more people to become bank robbers. The second heist was less violent, but landed both Guy Jones and Yuno in prison. Bonding over the experience and appreciating Yuno's willingness to keep working with them as their hacker, Guy promised to have his back and told him he was now an honorary member of the NBC. Finally succeeding on a heist together, the rest of the group recognized Yuno as one of their own, and would often interact with him in friendly terms.

They also repeatedly proved their appreciation and genuine loyalty to Yuno on a plethora of occasions. For instance, after Yuno was robbed of his Vault loot by Mike Block, the group offered their help despite the association between the NBC and the Blocks. While Guy Jones immediately offered to shoot them, both Yuno and Peanut opted to talk things out first, Peanut even helping Yuno to get in contact with Mike, and putting up a good word in his regards. Guy then agreed to wait for Mike's decision regarding Yuno's offer to hack for them in exchange for the loot, telling the hacker he would go after the Blocks if they ended up keeping his money.

Outside of doing bank jobs, Yuno also started partaking in some of their crazy (and fun) schemes, such as the Hunger Games event they organized together, where they forced people to kill each other. Inspired by their energy, the hacker would then invite them to his own events of similar nature, such as his Shoe heist, where he threw over twenty people to their death at Mount Chillead, and his Vault birthday party, where he manipulated his twin, Noyu into killing over a dozen people.

Following their continued friendship, and with the NBC slowly climbing up the ranks of the criminal world, they started planning to do the Vault together, a dream that came to fruition with Lang Buddha’s help in what would then become an alliance known as the “Natural Born Cleanbois”, or NBCB for short. This, in addition to various favors Lang did for them and the fact that Yuno believed in them when no one else would, lead to the NBC temporarily promising to help the Cleanbois in the future with whatever they needed, their sharpshooting and planning skills an incredibly valuable asset as they were often on par with the best.

Similarly, Yuno would often try to help them in whatever way he could. After their collective arrest, for which they were charged with the 9s, various members of the NBC contacted Yuno to talk and update him on their situation. Once they were free, they exchanged pleasant conversations with the hacker and Yuno promised Guy Jones that they’d hit the Vault again when the time was right. Wanting to help Jones out as he was in debt from the hefty fines, Yuno also took him along with Raymond Romanov for a quick Jewelry Store robbery.

At last, learning that Yuno was generally deflated about hacking as the security systems had been enhanced, Guy Jones, Pilbis Shonley and Salem Barghouthi practically kidnapped the hacker and injected him with a mixture of Guy and Salem’s blood and some meth, this in an effort to reignite his passion for heists. Despite the questionable results, the members of the NBC deemed Yuno an official crackhead and now their “blood brother”.

Always having Yuno’s back since he was one of the first few criminals that believed in them, the members of the NBC constantly help him out whenever he gets in trouble (particularly with the Blocks) or needs advice, and have constantly mentioned that if they and the Cleanbois ever fell in conflict, they wouldn’t go after him in the slightest. In similar nature, Yuno often coaches them about new heists around the city, and offers to aid them in whichever way he can. Whenever they work together with Yuno, they like to prepare the escape plan before they even get together so that Yuno doesn't have to worry about anything but hacking.

Following some of Tony and Lang’s misadventures, NBC has reignited their animosity towards “The Trench Coats” in general.

Prune Gang

After semi-violent encounters with Mel and Eugene, Yuno befriended all the members and would often go on somewhat insane and nonsensical adventures with them. He's very respectful to them, and tries his best to avoid calling them "old". Following Eugene’s help in providing an additional red dongle for the Cleanbois to hit the Vault, Yuno promised the man to help him hack anything he needed.

Eugene is a close friend of the majority of the group, and will often work with various members of the Cleanbois. Mel also helps them whenever they’re in trouble.

The Families

Following a series of misunderstandings and set-ups, Yuno found himself in the middle of a gang war between GSF and Chang Gang, which concluded when he was forced to set Summer Mersion on fire —an event that resulted in the beginning of his pyromaniac strike— in revenge for the injuries sustained by his sister, Ray Mond. Following the incident, GSF decided to leave him alone —becoming a little scared of his instability—, and Yuno decided he didn't trust any of them, often warning people of the "green beans".

After the opening of Dean World, Yuno made amends with Summer and Marlo —who left the group shortly after—, and became a partial business partner to Dexx, who created a line of shoes that included a model named after the hacker, the "Air Force Yuno". Additionally, after the grand opening of the Vanilla Unicorn, Yuno would often talk to Dexx about the business. They then started considering the option of robbing banks together with Yuno, with Summer eventually asking the hacker for information on how to get a green dongle to get started on the process.

Months later, after the bank systems changed and following Yuno’s departure and return to the city, Dexx contacted the hacker and asked for his advice on bank robbing, the two arranging to perform a heist sometime in the future and Yuno promising to try to learn how to rob Fleecas so the gang could do it themselves too.

Ever since adventuring into the world of VIN scratched cars, Yuno has had a variety of odd encounters with the GSF. For instance, during the time he had his Sandking, Yuno developed the accidental habit of squishing GSF members or their cars with the massive truck. Similarly, when driving around the green Sultan Mk II Tony had gifted him, members of the GSF almost attacked him only to realize who it was, immediately apologizing and offering to do a Bobcat Security heist with him.

Cleanbois are in good terms with them, have engaged in business endeavors together, and have in the past considered starting drug deals with them.


As a close friend of their "vice el Jefe" Benji Ramos, Yuno often interacts with members of the Vagos and is in generally good terms with them. That said, he used to rob houses in their neighborhood despite their warnings, often pretending that he was looking for Benji when he was caught, and fleeing from the premises as quickly as possible. Despite always knowing what his real intentions had been, none of the Vagos ever retaliated against him. As Yuno became a prolific bank robber, he offered his hacking services to a variety of their members —particularly Carlito—, and even provided them with information when they started thinking about hitting the Vault.

In similar helpful nature, during their war with Chang Gang —where the hacker decided not to take any side yet semi-assisted Chang Gang—, Yuno called Ash Ketchup to warn her about the fact that she was being hunted.

One day, as Yuno was driving around the South Side, he stopped to witness a few police cars surrounding a group of fleeing criminals, the vision interrupted when one of the men, Carlito, ran to the hacker's car and took him hostage. Recognizing his kidnapper's voice, Yuno went along with the kidnapping and used his car to flip the Vagos' faster getaway vehicle, then went along for the ride while still pretending to be kidnapped. As they drove, he gave Carlito comms and tips which ultimately helped the man escape the police. Having a pleasant conversation with Carlito as they drove back to the city, and knowing that the Vagos had recently hit the Vault, Yuno then offered to tell them all he knew about the Lower Vault whenever Benji was around.

Weeks later, learning about the war the Vagos were holding against the BBMC, Yuno contacted both sides of the issue and immediately sided with Benji, seeing as his group hadn’t been the one to start the conflict and the man was rather saddened over the fact that Dundee had favored a prospect over him, his oldest friend. Regardless, Yuno didn’t get too involved with the issue and instead let the two men resolve their problems with each other, the war ending shortly afterwards at the cost of Benji and Dundee’s friendship.

One night, bored and in desperate need of a boosting partner, Yuno contacted Benji and assisted him, Bodhi Mack and KJ in determining the fate of Stanky Leg, the group attempting to execute the man before embarking on a nice, relaxing boosting adventure. Driving around and sharing light chatter, the Southside criminals soon arranged to teach Yuno the ways of running weed —as the young criminal claimed to be struggling for money—, then parted ways for the night after VIN scratching a car for Bodhi.

Yuno often blames them for whatever issue arises in his day-to-day life.

Cleanbois are good friends with the Vagos as a whole, and have many ongoing business deals in the drug department.

Hogs of Anarchy

First meeting during a house robbery, the criminals decided to help each other out and left on good terms. They'd cross paths again at the apartments, where they mistakenly kidnapped Yuno along with a couple they were after. Recognizing him from their previous encounter and realizing he didn't know the people they had originally planned to take, Julio, Hades and Kaleb decided to let him hang out, and Yuno even helped them intimidate (and ultimately, burn alive) the hostages.

They reencountered months later, when Yuno and his friends were on a terrorist streak in an attempt to gather police attention. Stepping out of their tavern, Julio and his friends walked up to Yuno and Harry Brown and complained about their repeated attacks on the nearby gas station, requesting that they kept it down since the HOA didn’t want to deal with the police.

Following the murder of Basem Shahin, HOA formed an allegiance with Cleanbois to protect Andi Jones, Denzel and the Nerds from NBC.


As a close friend of The Nerds, Cleanbois and Lang Buddha in particular, Yuno is relatively close to the terrorist organization despite not knowing anything about them at all. Following Yuno’s multiple displays of loyalty, as well as a series of events that led to Talon increasing their activities, Lang started considering to share information about the group with the hacker, not so he could join but so that, if something terrible were to happen, his sweet friend would know what led to his demise.

Despite being kept in the dark, Yuno has discovered a plethora of information about the group’s mission, particularly because everyone at Clean Manor talk about it aloud as they assume he knows.

Cleanbois are closely connected to the organization and most members are aware of what the end objective is.

The X Factor

Irwin Dundee's pet project and his personal interpretation of the evolution of Soy Gang. Coming up with the idea after a chat with Yuno himself, Dundee was searching to honor X's spirit by killing and terrorizing the police force, recruiting Benji Ramos' help for the organization. While he never recruited Yuno for the actual group, Dundee pitched in the idea that Yuno could start trolling the cops by pinging them to random locations during chases, and leave behind extremely illegal items to show off how dangerous the group really was.

Following their first attack, executed by Guy Jones, Yuno continuously fed the cops false information to aid his friends, then made sure that the culprits had managed to escape. At the scene, Yuno spread the concept of the organization to a handful of people with excitement. Shortly afterwards, the project went idle and Dundee’s objective was never met.

Raymond and Tony accepted to participate in the project, whereas Lang thought it was dumb and reckless.

Britney Gang

A lawful organization with the sole intention to bring happiness to the city through ridiculous adventures. The group is composed in its majority by a lot of Yuno’s friends and several of his sisters and, while he hasn’t interacted much with the members as a group, he’s been made aware of the existence of such a gang by Kitty Dream.

Several of the members of the Britney Gang are close friends and direct associates of the Cleanbois.


Due to his close connection to Lang Buddha, Yuno has slowly grown closer to the other two members of the organization to the point that they don’t mind his presence during serious meetings. With both Leslie Lingberg and Dean Watson considering him an innocent, happy-go-lucky young man, it is unclear what the businessmen think of Yuno, Lang’s comments about Yuno being a genius heavily contrasting with the perceived image of a clumsy, easily distracted, mischievous criminal. As Yuno came closer than anyone else to solve the lower Vault USB hack by himself, however, Dean acquired newfound respect for the young hacker, his perception of Yuno switching to that of a worthy rival. Learning of Yuno’s return after his break, Dean acknowledged such a fact and smiled at the prospect of testing Yuno’s abilities anew.

Leslie and Dean are close friends of Lang and the other Cleanbois, therefore have the trust of all the members.

The Chaos (Demons)

Initially dragged along by Irwin Dundee to meet these mysterious figures, Yuno knows them to be dealers of just about anything illegal. Despite their initial dislike for his carefree personality and habit of giving them sandwiches, the demons slowly warmed up to him and even contacted him directly with an offer to give him thermite, should he gather enough red dongles. Their leader also started to call Yuno "[his] helmet boy". However, during subsequent meetings they proved that they still hated his shoes, and would steal them from him at every meeting. Even before he tried to use thermite, they believed that Yuno would become one of the best thermiters because of how good he was at hacking.

When preparing for the Mjolnir heist, Chaos repeatedly told certain members of the groups involved (particularly Lang Buddha and X) that Yuno would be the key to their success (and that they needed to keep him safe); while the meaning of their words remained ambiguous, most groups interpreted it as a reference to the hacker's uncanny hacking abilities. In the briefing provided to all three groups, Chaos made a note about how "3 crews = 100% success", which Yuno understood as them working all together to get the loot. Unfortunately, and despite Yuno's best efforts, the message fell flat and Chang Gang chose to act on their own, leading to a monumental defeat on all sides.

Over a month later, when Yuno saw them again as he and his crew were purchasing molotovs, radios and ammo, the hacker noted that they no longer commented on his shoes. A couple days later, however, he met them again and was robbed of his shoes once more; regardless, he was quick to notice that the Demon masked leader was a lot more playful than he’d been in the beginning.

Yuno is rather close to Chaos’ middlewoman, Carmella Corset.

Chaos have bowed to always provide resources to the Cleanbois, even if they suspect Lang has another distributor (their competitors) at his disposal.


A group of lawyers put together by Denzel Williams following the murder of Basem Shahin. Realizing that it’d be useful for him and the entirety of the Cleanbois, Cerberus and their associates to have reliable, high level lawyers at their disposal, the former Mayor got in contact with Lawrence Splainer, Gill Schultz, Kevin McLoughlin, Jerry Callow and Adam Nielsen, and convinced them to join together to represent the group (and only them) whenever they needed it. Some days later, Adam made sure to get Yuno’s phone number in order to contact him and inform him of the fact that they could help him whenever needed, fearing that the cops would try to drag him into the Basem investigation even if he hadn’t even been awake at the time.

The group of seasoned lawyers have committed their services to any and all members of the Cleanbois, and will defend them ferociously if needed.

The Guild (The Nerds)

Former coworker with most of the members at the Rooster's Rest, Yuno calls almost all of them by their chosen names and often drags select members into his illegal activities. He interacts the most with Gloryon and Leyla Nightingale, even teaching the latter how to do an Oxy-run and giving her 10,000 dollars in the process. Following a pretty awful day where Yuno lost his first couple races and ended up in prison, members of the Guild arranged a small collect for some money to help the hacker get out of debt and un-impound his car, money he refused to accept. Following Yuno's acceptance into the Cleanbois, certain members of the Guild have started to get closer to him when they weren't before, such as Yeager Demonblood.

Yuno is now Gloryon’s adoptive brother, as well as a distant relative of Leyla, Yeager, Egg, Bjorn and Lando. The rest of the members of their group consider Yuno and Raymond Romanov to be their cousins.

The Guild are indirectly part of the Cleanbois, constantly engage in legal and illegal ventures with them, and always have all of the members’ backs.

Neutral Parties

Bondi Boys MC

Being the former mentee of the club's founder and President, Irwin Dundee, and friend with a good number of their members, Yuno used to be one of their common associates when the club had just been formed —often helping them in various escapades—, and the external hacker they called the most for their heists. Back when the club was just starting, they gave him a vague invitation to prove himself and join their club, an invitation that was quietly withdrawn by Dundee as he understood that it'd be selfish to try to limit Yuno's group of friends to just the BBMC. Still, most of the members remained fond of him and they used to make it clear that he could rely on them, and hang out with any of them whenever he wanted.

Following the disappearance of Dundee, Chain shared all the information he had with the out-of-the-loop hacker, who’d just returned to the city after a short trip. While some of their members expressed confusion in the hacker's lack of involvement after Dundee’s disappearance, none of them made many efforts to involve him in the investigation, leading the airhead hacker to entertain himself with other activities.

The day Yuno reunited with Dundee the hacker explained he tried to follow some leads on the man's disappearance to no avail, agreeing to spread the word about the PD's involvement in Dundee's attempted murder. Knowing the BBMC had not yet been able to hit the Vault, Yuno offered Dundee his assistance as the group had gotten their hands on a couple of red dongles. The man then invited the hacker to tag along for a Paleto heist despite the reluctance of his right hand man and husband, Barry Benson, who was not impressed by Yuno's response to Dundee's disappearance and even mentioned how Yuno never invited them for heists as his main arguing point. When the Paleto heist fell through as another crew beat them to the bank, Yuno hung around with a few of their members, joining them for a brief hit on a 24/7.

When the war between the Vagos and the BBMC started, Yuno contacted both sides of the scuffle and listened to their perspective of the conflict, partially siding with Benji Ramos from the get-go as Yuno believed the bond Benji and Dundee shared was more important that their respective gangs. Being of the opinion that the BBMC should just hand Chain over to stop the silly conflict, the hacker then decided to stay out of the situation as it didn’t directly concern him, and kept on friendly terms with both groups, as well as the BBMC members that had decided to leave (Riley Carter and Malakai Anderson).

Months later, during their war with the Marabunta Grande, and shortly after the murder of Wingman, Dundee decided to tie several loose ends and proceed to attack the members of the BBMC who had left. That evening, he reasoned that since Raymond was the one to inform the Vagos of his nefarious intentions during the original incident that started the whole scuffle, he also wanted revenge on the Russian. As such, Dundee and the rest of the BBMC started targeting one of the closest people to Yuno, all while knowing how much it’d hurt the hacker.

Dundee is actively targeting Raymond and wants to hurt him. He is open to a war with Cleanbois if that follows.

Block Gang

A violent group of criminals Yuno first met outside the apartments, when he was introduced to the concept of the Block tax. Following a series of run-ins and unpleasant interactions that didn’t always make sense to him, Yuno has slowly managed to establish a frail, respectful relationship with the group. In particular, after a turbulent history, Yuno is now in relatively good terms with the group’s leader, Mike Block, who will often offer favors in exchange for money, and who has tried in various occasions to make Yuno join him in insane, criminal endeavors.

The First Altercation
After the time he had been mugged outside the apartments, the second time they crossed paths with Yuno was when he had been hanging out with Ash Ketchup outside apartments after an impromptu Tsunami. Originally thinking that they were being mugged, Yuno and Ash soon found themselves being kidnapped, with Mike Block claiming that Ash had "snitched" on him and thus, he wanted revenge. As Yuno tried his best to establish some kind of communication with them, Mike and Ro Block kidnapped Annie May and forced Ash to drive herself and Annie into a gas station, all while forcing Yuno to record everything at gunpoint.

After being let go, Yuno contacted both Ash and Annie and discovered that they were scared of him, for they believed he'd enjoyed everything too much. This, in addition to his friendship with Benji Ramos (Ash's partner), led Yuno to decide that he would rather avoid any involvement with the group. He, however continued being quite nice to them, still paying the "Block tax" without hesitation, and offering to hack for them after buying a stolen VPN from one of their associates, Hunter Skye, aka, Wingman, who Yuno slowly befriended.

Mugged at the Casino
A few weeks later, after hearing from Wingman and Ronald Otterman that Yuno was preparing to hit the Vault, and with Chang Gang putting a hit on the bank robbers, the group went on the hunt for the Yuno's crew, catching the unarmed hacker as he was leaving the Casino after changing clothes and robbing him of $100,000 in inked bags and 4 thermite charges (worth at the time 8k each). Although not happy with the loss, Yuno asked his friends to stand down, figuring diplomacy would get him the best outcome. Having a talk with the NBC, he managed to get a call from Mike and he offered to teach them how to rob banks and work as their hacker in exchange for the stolen loot. Mike then asked for a couple of days to think about it, giving back one of the explosives as a show of good faith.

With Mike Block taking some time to think of the offer, Wingman decided that he really wanted to rob banks together with Yuno (even if it was without his gang), and he expressed remorse for helping in robbing Yuno of such a huge loot. Two days after the date they'd agreed upon, Block finally contacted Yuno and took him on his offer to rob banks, promising to give him one of the bags ($50,000) back, and keeping the other one until they made a lot of money together. However, with Yuno being always busy and having no particular interest in the money —even suggesting that Block gave it to Wingman instead—, this deal came to a halt and despite Mike Block's best efforts to threaten Yuno into meeting up with him, the man was always left hanging. Continuing on his usual murder and kidnapping endeavors, Mike Block ultimately landed himself in prison and was raided, the money ending up in some evidence locker, and the deal vanishing as Block became unable to fulfill his side of the arrangement. Despite all this, Yuno expressed that he still wished to rob a bank with Block, if only one where he wouldn’t feel some kind of pressure from the man.

Hunting Hunter Skye
Their next interaction came nearly a month later. Following Wingman’s departure from the violent gang, Yuno was suddenly contacted by Mike Block after an exhausting Vault robbery. Meeting up with the man under a bridge (with Raymond Romanov hiding in the premises as a back-up in case it was a trap), Yuno heard as Block pretended that he had only lost half of Yuno’s money and was willing to give it back in exchange for a small favour: he needed Yuno to rob a bank with Wingman, then lure him to a location where Block would kidnap him and torture him for information as to who had “snitched” on him, explaining that someone had told Wingman how Block had been trying to get him fired from the Burger Shot.

Suggesting that they tried to talk it out or not involve him at all, Yuno told the man he’d think about his offer, with Block threatening to rob him every time after a Vault robbery or just make his life a living hell in general. Seeing Yuno's reluctance, the man agreed to give him 12 hours to accept the "offer", promising even direr consequences should Yuno tell Wingman about his plans for the former Block. Leaving the meeting with the resolution to not hurt Wingman and try to find another way to obtain the information, Yuno went on with his life and forgot about the encounter until a few weeks later, when Mike Block abducted him from the apartment’s parking lot.

The Robbers at the Vault
Driving to an empty parking lot, Block ordered for Yuno to call Wingman in an effort to set the man up and plant 9s-worthy amounts of drugs in his pockets. For good or for bad, Wingman was nowhere to be found as he was out of the city, and Yuno soon found himself in the awkward position of having to wait for Block to figure something out, constant threats and demeaning comments being thrown against him as they sorted out the situation. Taking the hacker to Pillbox with dubious intentions, Block’s alternative plan was also frustrated and the man finally decided to drop Yuno off, telling him to be ready for when he located PillBot to mess with him. Harassing Yuno over the phone multiple times during the evening —particularly after Lang Buddha retaliated against the attacks on Yuno and X— and even kidnapping Peaches Hayabusa in an effort to get to the hacker, Block became increasingly frustrated at the lack of aggression from Yuno to the point that he threatened a gang war should Lang not call him directly.

Informing his friend of Block’s demand and preparing for the Vault robbery that he, X, Lang and Harry Brown had scheduled, Yuno tried to forget about the experience and pretended that he was about to rob a Fleeca when Block called him to bother him about the Pillbot again, the man immediately catching onto the fact that Yuno was about to go on a heist. However, with Ursula Leichenberg’s help, Block was able to deduct that Yuno was at the Vault as soon as the news reporter informed him of the ping she’d gotten, the man and his crew taking advantage of the fact that there were no cops outside the building just yet. Hijacking the heist and holding Harry hostage (taking over the crew’s own hostages as well), Block caught Yuno and X as they were getting done with the hacking and took the three men downstairs, the intention being to take all of their money for themselves. Realizing that there was another criminal somewhere in the building, Block and one of his associates left, tasking Henry Block with looking over the hostage/robbers and returning a couple minutes later only to discover that Henry had somehow ended up being the hostage in the situation.

With the Cleanbois and X manipulating the situation to get themselves some time, and with the police arriving and taking advantage of the fact that the two Blocks left upstairs were severely unprepared for the event, Mike Block was soon trapped in the lower area with Yuno, Harry, X and their hostage, Henry. Hearing as everyone upstairs got into a shoot out, blaming Yuno for the turn of events and pretending that the hacker was responsible for his own foolish decision, Block soon headed up the stairs and tried to get away by pretending that he had been a hostage all along, getting into his car and trying to escape once he heard that the cops were going to search him. With the man neutralized, Yuno and his friends did their best to engage with the police and, after a brief negotiation, X managed to secure them all free passage to their car, driving away to the sound of Block and his associates angrily demanding for the cops to shoot the original robbers as well.

Some time after they had successfully escaped, Yuno was contacted by Block —who had been let go for unexplainable reasons— and was once again harassed into accepting to help the man deal with Wingman, the hacker growing tired of being kidnapped and forced into awkward situations all because of someone he wasn’t necessarily the closest to.

Reaching Neutrality
Days later, Block contacted Yuno after a shoot-out with Raymond and Dundee, where the hacker provided him with some information about the culprit, then talked about the Wingman situation in amicable terms. Offering to help Yuno rob any bank robbers that were interfering with his own heist plans, Block finished the civil conversation as Yuno wished him good luck in his little war.

The next time they talked was after Yuno’s one-month break from the city, when the hacker encountered Block outside the apartment after a surprise Tsunami. Casually talking to the man about what they both were up to and offering some joints to help him relax after a murder, Yuno was about to leave the area when Block offered to kill someone in exchange for $50. Taking the offer and merely stating that Block should say something funny the next time he killed someone, Yuno left the area and, after another Tsunami, he gave Block another $50 to stab and prank Deputy Dan Faily. This would later result in the stabbing of Officer Roy Armstrong, which Block documented with a photo he’d later post on Twatter with a caption that incriminated Yuno; furthermore, Dingle Fan —one of the perpetrators of the crime— would later comment on the photo with yet another incriminating message: Yuno sends his regards”.

It is unclear whether or not the respectful behavior will prevail.

Cleanbois and the Blocks are in constant conflict and neither side will hesitate to shoot the other, as the Blocks are constantly harassing their friends and businesses.

Chang Gang

Despite his initial disapproval of their generally violent nature, Yuno became friends with many of their members and associates —including his twin sister Ray Mond—, and used to engage in multiple heists and activities with one or more of them. He was also on their side during a gang war with the GSF when he was new to the city. Being particularly close to Randy Bullet and Ramee El-Rahman, Yuno used to be under the protection of the entire gang in most aspects; in turn, Yuno would often favor them and provide them with information whenever he could help them, such as warning them whenever a rival gang might was about to hit a bank Chang Gang had been preparing for. Even today, Yuno and his friends will often check in with them to make sure that their plans don’t affect Chang Gang’s, and he will constantly wish his friends good luck in their endeavours.

However, despite the generally friendly relationship with the hacker, Chang Gang has demonstrated relative animosity towards him and his crew during multiple incidents, an attitude that slowly drove Yuno away from them as he can’t understand why his friends seemingly hate his crew so much. Regardless, he continues being friendly to them, and has repeatedly mentioned he wishes to work with them again, particularly with Randy.

Uchiha’s Kidnapping and the Blocks
The first instance in which Chang Gang directly caused harm to Yuno was during an incident where Yuno’s crew (more precisely, Tony Corleone) was forced to take Uchiha Jones as a last minute hostage for their Vault heist, this while the man was on his way to a date with April Fooze. Caring about their member (who they’d known for years and considered family), Mr. K instructed Ramee to put up a $30k bounty on the heads of "whoever was robbing the Vault", all while not knowing the identities of the robbers beyond vague hunches and a couple off-handed comments by Curtis Swoleroid, who mentioned Yuno was probably part of it as he previously heard the hacker talking about it with Randy.

Learning about the identity of the entire crew from Uchiha, the hit was taken off and the gang decided to deal with it themselves, Mr. K, Ramee, Taco, and Uchiha kidnapping Tony and forcing him to pay the ex-hostage $10,000 as compensation. This, in addition to Yuno apologizing and explaining the context of Uchiha's kidnapping (how they did not have a choice as the cops found out about their heist sooner than expected), led for Mr. K and the rest of Chang Gang to not hold any grudges against Yuno or his crew, having friendly interactions with both Yuno, Raymond and Tony shortly after.

However, consequences of the hit they'd put up followed through, with Yuno getting robbed of close to 140,000 dollars by the Block Gang. This led to a variety of responses from Chang Gang members, with Ramee offering his help if needed despite being directly involved in the situation, as well as Randy, Garrett and Ray Mond offering Yuno help (while unaware of Chang Gang's involvement). As for Yuno, he never learned of the gang's direct involvement in his unfortunate encounter with Mike Block and the rest of his gang, nor did he particularly care as he opted to merely forget about the incident and move on with his life without getting involved with the dangerous robber.

Once the situation calmed down altogether, Yuno continued to interact with members of the group separately and in small crews and he showed in more than one occasion that he was still semi-loyal to Chang Gang, who’d done so much for him when he was new to the city. This became evident when the hacker convinced a group he was with of not hitting Paleto bank when Chang Gang was about to do it, making it clear that he’d stay out of any conflict as he was on their side. His position didn't change even after the Mjolnir heist, where Chang Gang went against Yuno's group and the Angels (who were teaming up with them). As for Chang Gang, while they specifically targeted him as the opposition's main hacker, none of the members involved had any bad blood with him afterward.

The Race for the Lower Vault

Soon, however, tensions started rising again following the discovery of golden dongles, an event that started a rivalry between the Chang Gang and Cleanbois (with whom Yuno worked often), both groups racing to see who would get to the deeper level of the Vault first. However, the spark of conflict was quickly extinguished as their race was halted due to city scuff for almost an entire month. Finding the first green keycard in the city since the dongle drought started, Yuno kept the information a secret from his friends even when suspected that they’d gotten it, a phone call from earlier telling them that Yuno’s crew had found a truck —a phone call in which the young hacker tried to share that they’d found more than one truck, which then turned into an invitation to witness the purest form of scuff in the city.

Becoming an official member of the Cleanbois, Yuno also started to share less and less information with them despite still considering them "his boys", often working his way around their questions and giving half-truths whenever he’s asked about their progress, his behaviour making Ramee lament that Yuno didn’t tell them the truth anymore. Still, Yuno constantly tried his best to involve them in multiple situations, for he believed they all deserved to have as much fun as he and his crew do. Knowing Lang's stance in the Cleanbois being considered a gang, and his desire to keep things quiet, Yuno never really shared with Chang Gang the fact that he became an official Cleanboi, despite the fact that Chang Gang always suspected it.

After the two groups managed to use their golden dongles, they admitted to their success and to the fact that none of them really knew how to get through the next gate, a short-lived truce as both of them came to discover the next part at almost the same time. Soon after, however, Chang Gang stopped caring about sharing information with Yuno in particular as they’d failed the USB hack and doubted they’d be able to do it anytime soon, with Randy going to great lengths to try to train Yuno on what to do. Following Yuno’s failure, Randy became even more encouraging of his friend, and he and Mickey S —who was part of Chang Gang at the time— tried to cheer him up, behaviors that were immediately frowned upon by Mr. K to the point that he demanded that no one shared anything else with Yuno as he believed the Cleanbois were abusing their information to “get things handed over to them”.

Regardless, Randy in particular didn’t seem to particularly care and he would still contact Yuno often, if only to share details about their days with each other and encourage one another on rough patches. Because of this, and despite not picking any sides per se, Yuno aided them in their conflict with the Vagos, tagging along the bloodthirsty gang members to make sure that, if anything were to happen, someone would be there to pick them up and take them away before the police arrived and arrested them.

In similar nature, and having an overly simplified version of facts, Yuno once contacted Ramee to talk a little about the USB hack (with the man wishing him good luck on his second attempt), then shared the fact that a hostage they’d used during their latest lower Vault robbery had talked to them and shared detailed information about how to get past the keypads section of the Vault, a fact that was not necessarily appreciated by Ramee. A few hours later, Yuno received a phone call from Jay Que, who’d been Chang Gang’s hostage and had just been threatened because of what he did, the violent gang demanding that Jay somehow acquired a golden dongle in the next couple hours if he didn't wish to die.

Disregarding the man’s concerns and convincing Raymond Romanov that there was nothing they could do other than give in or fight (neither of them options the rest of their group wanted), Yuno contacted Ramee again to clear out why they were so upset, then even went as far as request that Ramee set Jay on fire as a prank, showing how little he really cared; during that conversation, Yuno outwardly implied that he was a Cleanboi and justified his disinterest in Jay’s wellbeing as the man wasn’t part of their group. While playful as he talked to Yuno, Ramee and subsequently, Mr. K weren’t happy that the Cleanbois weren’t giving in and considered messing with their Vault attempt or maybe even kidnap Yuno or Raymond, ultimately deciding to let everything go as it was clear they wouldn’t succeed. Despite his understanding of why Chang Gang weren’t happy with what had happened, Yuno later confessed to Randy that he couldn’t comprehend why they were so upset to the point of wanting to kill Jay. Brushing off the incident as it didn’t concern him, Yuno went on to chat with his friend as usual, neither of them giving much thought to the incident as they talked.

Mickey’s Departure from Chang Gang
With tensions rising again as Cleanbois became interested in hitting the Yacht (which up to that point, only Chang Gang had managed to do), a new spark of conflict ignited between the groups after a series of bizarre incidents that snowballed into the more violent gang wishing to hurt and perhaps even kill the Cleanbois and their allies. Suspicious when Yuno tried to innocently invite Randy to hang out —where he once again denied being a Cleanboi as he was uncertain of their intentions—, Mr. K and Ramee grew angry as they learned that Mickey had not only spent the day with Yuno, but had robbed a Fleeca with the pacifist hacker as well as Lang Buddha and Nino Chavez, their hilarious adventure turning sour as the veteran members of Chang Gang beat Mickey up and ordered him to stab Yuno the next time they met.

Encountering the kind hacker later that night, Mickey lured Yuno to a dark corner and quickly informed him of his gang’s intentions, and Yuno tried to pretend that Mickey had successfully fulfilled the order with menial success. Watching as Randy, Ramee and Mr. K shot Mickey up, Yuno tried to spin the situation around in an effort to keep the atmosphere light and thanked the other gang members for “saving him” from Mickey, the group driving away with his injured friend shortly after, and Yuno deciding not to share what had happened with his own crew as he didn’t want to add fuel to the fire.

However, the events from the previous evening didn’t remain silent for too long, with Yuno finding an injured Mickey on the front patio of Clean Manor. Asking what happened, the hacker soon discovered that his friend had been thrown off an airplane onto the Manor, a quiet statement of how they felt about Mickey not going through with the orders. With Yuno parting to attend to some compromises, Mickey was left to figure out the situation by himself —aided with sage advice from multiple members of Cleanbois—, and the man eventually decided to leave Chang Gang altogether as he wanted the freedom to hang out with Yuno and other friends and do silly bike escape plans without having to fear the consequences. After Mickey’s departure from the group, the rest of the Chang Gang resumed their friendly approach to Yuno, offering help and advice whenever the hacker asked for it.

The VLC Fight
Peace, however, didn’t last long and Chang Gang tried to initiate a war once again merely a few days later, this because several of Lang’s associates had beaten up a troublesome Wu Chang artist who had continuously tried to bring down Lang. Arriving right as the conflict was ending, Yuno became very confused when he spotted a plethora of people on both sides holding guns and yelling at each other, the hacker opting to stay on the sidelines as he had no ways of helping with the situation. When everything defused and a tense calm had settled between the members of the Cleanbois and their associates, Bjorn informed Yuno of everything that had happened and the hacker became even more confused about Chang Gang’s aggression, kidnappings and threats of war.

Following such events, and for a variety of reasons that had snowballed into generalized burnout, Yuno decided to take a month-long break out of the city. Upon his return, while still friendly with the members of Chang Gang, he continued to only reach out for friendly conversations with Randy as he knew his friend to care less about the conflict than his other members.

Yuno’s Return
During Yuno’s time away from the city, things started to cool off between their two groups to the point that they generally just avoided each other. As Yuno returned, various members of Chang Gang —such as Randy, Ramee, Curtis and even Mr. K— treated the generally discouraged Yuno with kindness and genuine care, and more than once tried to individually cheer him up so he’d return to hacking. During one of these incidents, when Yuno was sad about being left out of a Vault heist, Mr. K, Ramee and Anto took him to a secluded area and gave him a rather effective pep talk, Mr. K even showing Yuno his dragon form and his sword.

Almost all the Cleanbois and their allies try their best to avoid Chang Gang in fear of doing something that will aggravate them.

Condemned MC

Dubbed as “Condensed Milk Club” by Lang Buddha, the motorcycle club declared war on all the Cleanbois members following an encounter where the group tried to rob Lang and Harry Brown, the altercation ending up in a shoot-out where Harry, Gloryon, and three members of the CMC ended up being shot down. While Yuno has never met them, he was told to be careful of them as they wouldn’t hesitate to attack him. Around the time of the altercation, Yuno was also involved in a small incident in which the group shot at the tires of the vehicle he and Curtis Swoleroid were going to use to escape from a Paleto heist.

The CMC recently helped Tony in an effort to save his car, and the racer offered to sell them equipment if needed.

International Burger Society

Friends with Shelly Smith, Scruffy Doodle and Taylor Briggs since before the group existed, Yuno once gifted Shelly with a gold bar he got at the Vault. The next day, he helped her sell it at the Fence to cover some of the money she lost after a big fine, product of an altercation she had at Rooster's Rest where she kidnapped clients and employees, killed a hostage and shot at police officers (details she didn't share with the hacker). It is unknown what their opinion about Yuno's loyalty to Lang Buddha is, and it's unclear if the cult ever plans on sharing their nature with him. As for Yuno, he remains friendly with the trio and often tries to help them.

With Shelly’s growing instability, everyone associated with Lang is at constant risk of falling prey to the cult.

Blaine County Sheriff's Office

As with any law enforcement department, Yuno holds them in high regard and tries his best to be sweet and compliant to their orders. He is relatively close to Deputy Claire Everly, who acts like an older sister to him, Deputy Charleston, with whom he has nice conversations, Sergeant TJ Mack, who often praises Yuno for his growth as a criminal, and Deputy Dan Faily, who is obsessed with Yuno. Most of Yuno's arrests have been at the hands of BCSO officers.

Los Santos Police Department

Frequently encountering plenty of their officers during his illegal endeavors, Yuno tries to always be kind and give them gifts as he understands that their job is quite stressful. More than anything, however, he does this in order to avoid convictions and fines. He is close to Sam Baas, who is his grandfather that adores him, Officer Tyme Reducer, with whom he is playful, and Officer Garry Berry, who believes Yuno is a sweet, innocent guy who just hangs out with the wrong crowd.

San Andreas State Police

Friends with half of the department, Yuno looks up to them and considers them the calmest, nicest officers. He is friends with Trooper AJ Hunter, whom he taunts constantly during chases, Sergeant Ziggy Buggs, who taught him a deadly technique on the bike, and Sergeant Conan Clarkson, who was obsessed with catching him after a series of bank heists. He's mentioned that his cousin, Yewno, was interested in becoming a Park Ranger himself.

While having good relationships with several officers, members of the Cleanbois are wary of the police as they’re always at risk of investigation.

Criminal Record

MDW Profile

Photo Updated

Dates September 30, 2021 - Present
Updated by Anita May
Catching Yuno after a failed boost, May quickly realized the photo was outdated (since Yuno had gotten plastic surgery over three months earlier) and was quick to change it.

Dates April 30, 2021 - May 14, 2021
Updated by Anthony Copleone
Bored during the shift meeting, Copleone changed Yuno's mugshot to a photo of his characteristic glowing shoes. It was later changed back, but a copy of the photo was left in the hacker's profile.

Dates March 6th, 2021 - September 30, 2021
Updated by Ben Casanova
Following Yuno's first arrest, he was taken to the processing area where Casanova and Garry Berry took his mugshot.

License 0 points
Vehicles Sultan MkIII - 0 strikes
DNA On file
Taken and added into the database sometime between September 30 and October 16, 2021. No report, date or associated officer have been linked to the sample being taken.
Summarized version of Yuno's Criminal Record
Attempted Murder of a Government Employee 6
Burglary 2
Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1) 9
Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 2) 3
Evading 5
Failure to Stop 1
Felony Obstruction of Justice 1
First Degree Robbery 2
Grand Larceny 1
Grand Theft Auto 1
Joyriding 5
Kidnapping 21
Kidnapping of a Government Employee 2
Leaving Without Paying 1
Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance OXY / METH 2
Possession of Band of Notes and Small Band of Notes 1
Possession of Dirty Money in the First Degree 1
Possession of Dirty Money in the Second Degree 2
Possession of Stolen Property in the Third Degree 1
Reckless Driving 1
Reckless Evading 3
Resisting Arrest 13
Robbery 10
Robbery of a Financial Institution 2
Second Degree Speeding 1
Street Racing 1
Tampering with a Vehicle 1
Trespassing 2
Vehicle Registration Fraud 1
October 19, 2021

Potential Risks

Apartment Clean Yuno only has a handful of small illegal items in his apartment.
Stash house Not clean There’s currently 9 inked money bags ($450,000) in the house. While they have suspicions, the cops don’t know Yuno has access to the property.
Clean Manor Clean The public stash at Clean Manor is clean. The cops now know that the Manor has hidden passages.
Gun Clear Yuno doesn’t currently carry a gun.
Previous Gun: Browning Hi-Power
Gun Timeline
Date Description
Sep 9, 2021 Tony gave Yuno the gun in order to partake in an A+ boost. It is unclear where the gun had been before, and whether or not it had any crimes attached to it.
Sep 13, 2021 Yuno used the gun at a Bobcat Security heist, from which officers collected casings and thus, it became a hot gun.
Sep 18, 2021 Acquiring an Uzi as he was about to perform a Vangelico heist, Yuno decided to hand his gun over to Kitty for safekeeping as he deemed it unnecessary to carry two weapons.
Sep 18, 2021 Kitty took the gun to a race she partook in as Goofy's passenger, an encounter with the police prompting her to momentarily hide the gun in the glovebox.
Sep 18, 2021 After the race, Kitty made her way to Bean Manor and hid the gun in the stash shared with Sam Baas, Dante Wolf, Kyle Pred, TJ Walker and John Spartan —primary on the Bobcat Security robbery case—, as well as their criminal relatives.
Sep 27, 2021 Kitty called Yuno to inquire about Raymond's misadventures in Las Vegas, then arranged to meet with her criminal brother to finally give the gun back.
Sep 30, 2021 Yuno was caught during a boosting job and lost his gun. Anita May didn’t process it to search for matches for the casings in the MDW.
Crime Used to Police Involvement Risk
A+ Boost Kill two armed locals No cops showed up at the scene. None
Bobcat Security robbery Kill several armed local guards
Evidence was collected
John Spartan collected evidence at the scene (report #21342). Lang Buddha was later indicted of the crime due to the casings connected to his own gun.
Shoot at a local No cops showed up at the scene. None
A Boost Kill an armed local No cops showed up at the scene. None
Disturbing the Peace Attract police attention, intimidate others No cops showed up at any of the scenes. None
B Boost Kill several armed locals Cops showed up at the scene and pursued Yuno and Tony. None
Total different crime scenes: 14
Bank activity Suspicious Latest unexplainable, large deposit was made on October 7, 2021.
Taxes Up to date Yuno has paid his asset taxes up to October 15, 2021.
Phone records Suspicious Last self-incriminating text (with Irwin Dundee) sent on September 27th, 2021.


Date Status Charges Reported by Served by Details
April 19, 2021 Paid off Second Degree Speeding Deputy Lenny Hawk Trooper AJ Hunter Caught outside the Burger Shot by Trooper AJ Hunter and Trooper Olivia Copper, Yuno was able to strike a deal with them (in which he raced them and later won) and get rid of the warrant.
May 24, 2021 Paid off Felony Obstruction of Justice Cadet John Charleston Deputy Claire Everly Learning of his warrant, Yuno turned himself in and was seen in Mission Row being interrogated by Deputy Claire Everly (both without bodycams). After processing, Yuno's sentence was declared as served.
Note: For details about sentencing and fines, see the "Registered crimes" section.

Dates Lead Officer
June 16, 2021 Senior Deputy Dan Faily
Possible underground connections
Report Non-official investigation
Investigation Length Unlimited
Motive for investigation After spotting Yuno's allegedly stolen Sultan at multiple locations throughout the day, then Senior Officer Faily started suspecting that Yuno was involved in various crimes, including a break in at the Bobcat Security facility at the hands of what appeared to be Chang Gang. Ever since, Faily began digging deeper in what he believed to be a bigger issue.
Police objectives
  • Prove involvement with multiple crime organizations.
  • Discover Yuno's role with the aforementioned groups.
  • Gather enough evidence to subpoena Yuno's bank records and text messages.
  • Find a legitimate reason to properly interrogate Yuno at MRPD.
June 2021
  • June 16: Dan Faily began the theory that Yuno was connected to Chang Gang, the troopers and the Illuminati.
  • June 19: Faily confronted Yuno and explained what he knew, Yuno mentioned the Angels to throw off the officer.
  • June 22: In the middle of a bank robbery, Yuno mentioned the Park Rangers to further confuse the paranoid man.
July 2021
  • July 12: As Yuno was boosting, he was pulled over by Dan and they further discussed the officer's theories, then Yuno mentioned grappling guns to add to the man's theory.
    • Later, after Yuno robbed a bank with the NBC, the hacker called Dan to tease him about his escape.
  • July 13: Yuno called Dan after another heist to tease him.
    • A couple hours later, Dan saw Yuno at Pillbox with 4T and NBC and asked about his connection to the group, and about his various jobs.
  • July 22: start of "Yuno sends his regards".
September 2021
  • September 12: Yuno jokingly gave Mike Block $50 to justify his next murder, then $50 more so Block would stab a cop. Remembering Dan’s theories, Yuno asked for Block to say Yuno sends his regards” if he encountered and stabbed Dan.
    • Not long after, Mike Block and Fingle Dan located, kidnapped and stabbed Officer Armstrong, then posted a picture on Twatter and mentioned the attack was a hit ordered by Yuno.
    • Once they had all escaped, Dingle Fan, their accomplice, replied to the Twat by saying the infamous Yuno sends his regards”.
  • September 25: approached by a bizarre murder-for-hire at Dean World, Yuno requested yet another hit on Dan.
October 2021
  • October 16: back in the city after a break and with a plan to catch Yuno once and for all, Dan inquired about the hacker to his fellow officers, then called Kitty Dream to send Yuno a message: “Dan sends his regards”.
No. Date Perpetrator Notes
1 July 22, 2021 April Fooze She said the phrase after she'd been released from a joyriding arrest.
2 July 25, 2021 Mayumi Himura She mentioned it casually at Ottos Autos as she was leaving. The message was delivered with a bullet.
3 July 27, 2021 Chief of Police Sam Baas He said the words jokingly during an interview.
4 July 28, 2021 Ai Musori She yelled it as The Nerds were driving away after a traffic stop.
5 July 29, 2021 Crocodile Steve Croc warned Dan and told him to stop investigating Yuno.
6 Aug 1, 2021 Mickey S In the middle of a Fleeca robbery, Mickey implied Yuno was in the building.
7 Aug 1, 2021 Jay Que After a long car chase, Jay ran into the ocean, found a rock and held Dan up before whispering the phrase.
8 Aug 1, 2021 Irwin Dundee Dundee held Dan up at gunpoint and stole his Interceptor, yelling the phrase as he left.
9 Aug 4, 2021 Crocodile Steve Following a procedure failure, Dan gave Croc strike points and the man threatened him about how Yuno wouldn't be happy.
10 Aug 5, 2021 Irwin Dundee After shooting down 7 officers, Dundee implied it was all Yuno's orders.
11 Aug 7, 2021 Mickey S
Irwin Dundee
Following a failed Fleeca heist, the imprisoned Mickey and Dundee teased Dan about Yuno, and Dundee called the hacker "The Shadow Leader".
12 Aug 8, 2021 Mayumi Himura Mayumi claimed that the Paleto robbery she and her crew were conducting was in honor of Yuno.
13 Aug 12, 2021 Crocodile Steve Croc demanded that Dan freed Dundee of his HUT charge, or Yuno would be angry.
14 Aug 24, 2021 Kitty Dream
April Fooze
The girls messed with the officer at Dean World, then left.
15 Aug 24, 2021 T.J. Mack Wearing a disguise and a voice changer, the officer teased Dan and made him more paranoid.
16 Sep 12, 2021 Dingle Fan After Mike Block posted a photo of the stabbing of Officer Armstrong, Dingle commented the phrase on Twatter.
17 Sep 19, 2021 Pez Speedwagon After fully repairing Dan’s interceptor, Pez faintly whispered the words as he walked off.
18 Oct 19, 2021 La Flare Davis Caught after hitting the Vault, Flare stated the phrase to officers Mervin Napoli and Clarence Williams as a last message before being sent off to prison.
Connections made Angels
Chang Gang
Discoveries None.
Result Nothing has come out of the investigation. Dan Faily is losing his mind.
Aug 9, 2021 Senior Officer Sexton Hardcastle
Connection to Lang Buddha's heist crew
Report Lang and Friends Heist Crew Gang List (#17926)
Investigation Length Unlimited
Police objectives Officer Hardcastle set off to make a detailed database of known members of all gangs and known criminal crews, in order to facilitate connections in future investigations.
Motive for investigation Yuno was connected to the still unnamed criminal organization due to his involvement in the 05/24/2021 incident outside of Pillbox Medical Center, where Raymond Romanov shot at officers Faily and Charleston in an attempt to free Lang Buddha and Tony Corleone from imprisonment (report #10816).
Listed Information
Below is a list of all the information related to Yuno that Hardcastle was able to find.
  • Name: Yuno Sykk
  • State ID: #6422
  • DNA on file?: No
  • Rank/Affiliation: Associate
  • Properties: N/A
  • Employment: Vultur Lé Culturé (Gem Appraiser), Rooster's Rest (VIP)
  • Phone number: N/A
  • Car plate: 4J3217X2
Evidence of connection Report (#15410), 07/14/2021. Following the kidnapping of then Senior Deputy Sam Baas at the hands of X and Harry Brown, Lang and Yuno were captured in the vicinity in a stolen van that was identified as connected.
Result Yuno was listed as one of the people involved with Lang. He, however, was only listed as an associate as opposed to a full member.

Dates Lead Officer
May 20 to
May 23, 2021
Captain Randy Wrangler
Serial bank robberies
Report N/A
Investigation length 3 days
Motive for investigation DA Jacob Slate was pushing to imprison known bank robbers, with ADA Blake Specter picking Raymond Romanov as one of their targets (as he was already being investigated for street racing) and dragging Yuno along for being Raymond's known associate.
Police objectives
  • Prove involvement in multiple bank robberies.
  • Discover Yuno's role during these robberies.
  • Gather enough evidence to subpoena Yuno's bank records.
  • Tie him to Lang Buddha's operation.
  • May 19: Allen Widemann learned about the investigation and told Riley Carter not to associate with Raymond or Yuno.
    • Riley called Raymond to warn him and told him to inform Yuno.
  • May 20: Yuno met X at the Fence and warned him of a warrant he had over his head.
    • X shared that he had already given his illegal goods to a clean person he trusted, and suggested Yuno did the same as a precaution.
    • Yuno called Ash Ketchup, and gave her roughly $180,000 in dirty money for safe-keeping. He also gave her some money as a token of grattitude.
  • May 20: Riley called Yuno to share what she knew, to which Yuno reassured her and thanked her.
  • May 20: A few hours later, Raymond contacted Yuno to share the news, Yuno confirmed that he already knew.
    • They arranged to meet so Ash could hand over the dirty money so Raymond hid it in Kitty Dream's house.
  • May 20 to May 22: Yuno went on a Fleeca, Paleto and Mjolnir heist without worrying. He didn't get caught in any of them.
  • May 23: Investigation time officially ran out.
Discoveries None.
Result Nothing came out of the investigation. No evidence was collected and no convictions were made.
June 15 to
July 26, 2021
Deputy Sam Baas
Possible gun trafficking
Report N/A
Investigation length 1 month
Motive for investigation Yuno was captured during a Bobcat Security heist with three class 2 weapons, which he admitted to wanting to sell. The investigation was renewed when he was captured at Bobcat a second time.
Police objectives
  • Prove gun trafficking.
  • Locate any possible properties Yuno would store weapons in.
  • Gather enough evidence to subpoena Yuno's bank records.
  • Tie him to Lang Buddha's operation.
  • June 28: Dante Wolf saw Yuno enter his stash house in Paleto once.
  • June 29: Baas was notified and he realized Yuno had no properties linked to his name.
    • Scheduled regular stakeouts with Wolf and Gunner at the house to get evidence of Yuno entering.
    • Later that day, Baas connected the house to Deputy Mayor Dreah Johnson.
  • June 30: Dreah learned that the house was being watched.
  • July 1st: Baas asked around about the connection between Yuno and Dreah.
  • July 1st: Dreah warned Yuno about a possible investigation on the house.
  • July 7: Baas started an investigation on Lang's associates to bring him down.
    • Picked Yuno as one of the main objectives.
  • July 26: Investigation time on Yuno officially ran out.
Discoveries Yuno's stash house - Unconfirmed.
Result Nothing came out of the investigation. No evidence was collected and no convictions were made.
July 31 to
Aug 9, 2021
Sheriff Kyle Pred
Basem Shahin’s murder.
No connection to Yuno was made. No conclusive evidence was collected and no convictions were made.

Dates Lead Officer
Oct 14, 2021 Officer Rustin Cooper
Alan Crane’s Assassination Attempt
Report M. Block - Execution of Judge Crane (#23985)
Case status Closed
Debrief Having a neutral encounter with Lang Buddha, Mike Block shared the fact that he was looking to kidnap lawyers and judges and the millionaire offered $10,000 to the man should he kill Crane. Hours later, Mike Block kidnapped the judge in front of City Hall, took him to a secluded area, planted a pipe bomb on him, and shot him in the back of his head.
Yuno’s Involvement
  • Was there when Lang put the hit on Crane.
  • Gave Mike Block cocaine to aid with the job.
  • Was mentioned by Mike Block as one of the people involved with the hit.
  • Crane repeated his name to the police.
Case Findings

Crane’s recollection of the event given to Solo Cadet Ace Crown. Note that it only includes the excerpt of the statement that mentions Yuno.

(...) Mike Block then asked Crane, “Do you know why I’m doing this” to which Crane replied “No”. Mike Block then explained that “A Chinese man who called himself Michael Jackson who was wearing a covid mask and hanging out with Mickey S told me to do this.” Crane then replied with “I don’t know who that is”. To which Mike Block said “It was Yuno, it was Yuno”. Crane stated that Yuno once gave him codes to a bank so he recognized the name Yuno. Mike then said “i don’t know, you definitely fucked over the chinese man with Mickey S” then shot Crane multiple times.


Photos to document the hit shared by Mike Block on Twatter. Both were posted with the message “DA SWEATY PALM IS COLD IN DA BREEZE”, as opposed to the caption requested by Lang (“When the wind flows through the palm trees on a cold summer”).

Police Actions Towards Yuno None. The case was declared closed upon Mike Block’s capture.
Other Repercussions Hours after the event, Crane Twatted at Yuno the following message, making it clear that he would remember his involvement:

“$10k to kill me, huh? @Yuno_Sykk”

Yuno didn’t see the message, Tony Corleone did and jumped to Yuno’s defense.

Date Officer Lawyer
June 15, 2021 Deputy Sam Baas N/A
Incident: Bobcat Security Heist
Motive for interrogation After being arrested by Ranger Tessa Lamb, Yuno tested GSR positive during a violent crime, was carrying a molotov, and three Class 2 firearms were found at Lang Buddha's boat at the scene.
Police objectives Captain Wrangler wanted to connect the firearms to Lang. Sam Baas wanted to know what happened and gain intel on the process to break into the security building.
Testimony Yuno was relatively honest, claimed self-defense to explain the GSR result, and claimed possession of the weapons to detract them from being linked to his crew, declaring that he found both the guns and Molotov inside the facility. He also said he wanted to sell the weapons to get enough money to buy a fancy car.
Result Yuno pleaded guilty and was sent to prison with a reduced sentence. The guns couldn't be directly connected to Lang.

However, since Lang's blood was found in the building, Wrangler decided to put more resources into tailing the millionaire to build a stronger case to "bring him down".

Given Yuno's off-the-record claim of intending to sell the weapons, Baas opened an investigation of him based on probable cause.

Criminal History

Registered Crimes
March 2021 [Arrests: 2] [Jailed: 2]
Date Charges Sentence Fine
March 6, 2021
  • Burglary x 1
Jailed for 12 months. $900
March 30, 2021
  • Evading x 1
Jailed for 12 months (Reduced to 10 months after plea deal). $900
April 2021 [Arrests: 10] [Jailed: 7]
Date Charges Sentence Fine
April 6, 2021
  • Reckless driving x 1
Probation for 30 days. N/A
April 14, 2021
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1) x 1
  • Joyriding x 1
  • Trespassing x 1
Jailed for 26 months. $1,950
April 18, 2021
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1) x 1
  • Kidnapping x 1
  • Possession of Dirty Money in the Second Degree x 1
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
  • Robbery x 1
Jailed for 63 months (Reduced to 55 months after plea deal). Parole: 126 months (Executed: 106 months). $4,725
April 19, 2021
  • Second Degree Speeding x 1
  • Failure to Stop x 1
  • Joyriding x 1
  • Reckless evading x 1
(See "Warrants" for details). $2,625
April 22, 2021
  • Accomplice to Kidnapping x 3
  • Accessory to Attempted Murder of a Government Employee x 5
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
  • Robbery x 1
Jailed for 89 months (Reduced to 55 months after plea deal). Parole: 178 months. $22,275
April 24, 2021
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
  • Trespassing x 1
Parole: 20 months. $750
April 26, 2021
  • Joyriding x 1
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
  • Reckless Evading x 1
Jailed for 30 months (Reduced to 20 months after plea deal). Parole: 60 months. $3,725
April 26, 2021
  • Accessory to Kidnapping x 2
  • Accomplice to Robbery x 1
  • Joyriding x 1
  • Reckless Evading x 1
Jailed for 62 months (Reduced to 25 months after plea deal). Parole: 124 months (Executed: 50 months). $5,430
April 29, 2021
  • Evading x 1
  • Kidnapping x 1
  • Possession of Dirty Money in the Second Degree x 1
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
  • Robbery x 1
Jailed for 63 months (Reduced to 53 months after plea deal). Parole: 126 months (Executed: 106 months). $4,725
April 30, 2021
  • Accomplice to Kidnapping x 4
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1) x 1
  • Grand Larceny x 1
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance (Oxy/Meth) x 1
  • Possession of Dirty Money in the First Degree x 1
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
Jailed for 87 months (Reduced to 60 months after plea deal). Parole: 174 months (Executed: 120 months). $9,950
May 2021 [Arrests: 5] [Jailed: 4]
Date Charges Sentence Fine
May 06, 2021
  • Street Racing x 1
Jailed for 21 months. Parole: 42 months. $1,575
May 11, 2021
  • Burglary x 1
  • Evading x 1
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
Jailed for 24 months. Parole: 48 months. $1,800
May 24, 2021
  • Felony Obstruction of Justice x 1
Parole: 48 months.

(See "Warrants" for details).

May 28, 2021
  • Evading x 1
  • Possession of Band of Notes and Small Band of Notes x 1
  • Robbery x 1
Jailed for 32 months. Parole: 64 months. $2,400
May 30, 2021
  • Kidnapping x 1
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
  • Robbery x 1
  • Tampering with a Vehicle x 1
Jailed for 51 months (Reduced to 50 months after plea deal). Parole: 102 months (Executed: 100 months). $3,825
June 2021 [Arrests: 7] [Jailed: 5]
Date Charges Sentence Fine
June 01, 2021
  • Accessory to Kidnapping x 1
  • Accessory to Leaving Without Paying x 1
Jailed for 22 months. Parole: 44 months. $1,560
June 14, 2021
  • Accomplice to Kidnapping x 1
  • Accomplice to Robbery x 1
Jailed for 39 months (Reduced to 5 months after plea deal). Parole: 78 months. $2,925
June 14, 2021
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1) x 1
Time served (Supposed to have been 29 months in jail and 14 months of parole). $525
June 15, 2021
  • Accessory to Attempted Murder of a Governement Employee x 1
  • Accomplice to Kidnapping x 2
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1) x 1
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 2) x 3
  • First Degree Robbery x 1
Jailed for 115 months (Reduced to 100 months after plea deal). Parole: 230 months (Executed: 200 months). $13,825

(Meant: $13,875)

June 17, 2021
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1) x 1 (Accidentally charged. Meant to be First Degree Speeding)
N/A $0

(Meant: $525)

After "processing", the charges were withdrawn and no longer appear in Yuno’s criminal record.
June 22, 2021
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
Jailed for 5 months (Reduced to 4 months after plea deal). Parole: 10 months. $375
After processing, the charges were withdrawn and no longer appear in Yuno’s criminal record.
June 26, 2021
  • Accomplice to Kidnapping x 2
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1) x 1
  • First Degree Robbery x 1
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
Jailed for 56 months (Reduced to 40 months after plea deal). Parole: 112 months. $5,250
July 2021 [Arrests: 3] [Jailed: 2]
Date Charges Sentence Fine
July 08, 2021
  • Accomplice to Kidnapping x 1
  • Accomplice to Robbery x 1
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
Jailed for 44 months. Parole: 88 months. $3,300
July 10, 2021
  • Joyriding x 1
N/A $525
July 14, 2021
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1) x 1
  • Misdemeanor Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance (Oxy/Meth) x 1
Jailed for 14 months. Parole: 28 months. $1,050
September 2021 [Arrests: 2] [Jailed: 2]
Date Charges Sentence Fine
Sep 18, 2021
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1) x 1
  • Evading x 1
  • Kidnapping of a Government Employee x 2
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
  • Robbery x 2
Jailed for 69 months (Reduced to 40 months after plea deal). Parole: 138 months. $8,925
Sep 30, 2021
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1) x 1
  • Grand Theft Auto x 1
  • Possession of Stolen Property in the Third Degree x 1
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
Jailed for 33 months (Reduced to 10 months after plea deal). Parole: 66 months. $2,475
October 2021 [Arrests: 3] [Jailed: 3]
Date Charges Sentence Fine
Oct 2, 2021
  • Kidnapping x 1
  • Tampering with a Vehicle x 1
Jailed for 21 months (Reduced to 10 months after plea deal). Parole: 42 months. $1,575

After processing, both charges were changed to:

  • Vehicle Registration Fraud x 1
Adjusted sentence: 21 months. Parole: 42 months.

Adjusted: $1,575

No further sentence or fines were applied.
Oct 7, 2021
  • Robbery of a Financial Institution x 1
Jailed for 60 months (Reduced to 30 months after plea deal). Parole: 120 months. $6,200
Oct 13, 2021
  • Kidnapping x 2
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
  • Robbery x 1
Jailed for 44 months (Reduced to 15 months after plea deal). Parole: 88 months. $4,350

After processing, the charges were changed to:

  • Kidnapping x 2
  • Resisting Arrest x 1
  • Robbery of a Financial Institution x 1
Adjusted sentence: 79 months. Parole: 158 months. Adjusted: $8,675
No further sentence or fines were applied.
Total Arrests: 32 Times in prison: 25 Months in prison: 807 Fines: $122,215
Unregistered Crimes (Approx.)
Offenses Against
1st Degree Murder 2
1st Degree Murder [Accessory] 1
1st Degree Murder [Accomplice] 1
1st Degree Murder - NPCs 22
1st Degree Murder - NPCs [Accomplice] 15
Assault & Battery 91
Assault of a Government Employee 9
Assault with a Deadly Weapon 1
Attempted 1st Degree Murder 115
Attempted 1st Degree Murder [Accomplice] 2
Attempted 2nd Degree Murder 30
Attempted 2nd Degree Murder [Accomplice] 12
Attempted Murder of a Government Employee 3
Attempted Murder of a Government Employee [Accessory] 5
Attempted Murder of a Government Employee [Accomplice] 6
Criminal Threats 1
Kidnapping 116
Kidnapping of a Government Employee [Accomplice] 1
Offenses Involving
First Degree Robbery 1
Grand Larceny 13
Grand Theft Auto 17
Grand Theft Auto [Accomplice] 45
Joyriding 179
Possession of Dirty Money in the First Degree 13
Possession of Dirty Money in the Second Degree 42
Possession of Stolen Goods 75
Robbery 57
Sale of Stolen Goods 76
Offenses Involving
Damage to Property
Arson 52
Burglary 89
Burglary [Accomplice] 27
Felony Trespassing 1
Trespassing 78
Offenses Involving
Fraud 35
Impersonation 42
Money Laundering 33
Possession of Band of Notes and Small Band of Notes 21
Vehicle Registration Fraud 1
Witness Tampering 1
Offenses Against
Public Administration
Misuse of the 911 System 7
Offenses Against
Public Order
Disruption of a Public Utility 4
False Reporting 7
Felony Obstruction of Justice 11
Vandalism 55
Offenses Against
Public Health
and Morals
Cultivation of Marijuana 1
Desecration of a Human Corpse 1
Drug Manufacturing 1
Felony Possession of Human Remains 5
Felony Possession with Intent to Distribute 27
Misdemeanor Possession of LSD Tabs 1
Misdemeanor Possession of OXY/METH 31
Sale of Drugs 42
Offenses Against
Public Safety
Brandishing non Firearm 35
Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 1) 38
Criminal Possession of a Firearm (Class 2) 4
Criminal Possession of Government Issued Equipment 1
Criminal Sale of a Firearm (Class 1) 5
Criminal Use of a Firearm 24
Criminal Use of Explosives 29
Piloting Without a Proper License 1
Possession of a Molotov 3
Possession of a Silencer/Suppressor 1
Offenses Involving
Operations of a Vehicle
Reckless Driving 185
Reckless Evading 67
Street Racing 15
Offenses Involving
Natural Resources
Poaching 5


Throughout his time in the city, Yuno has demonstrated a variety of abilities that aid to his criminal activities.

Despite originally being stubborn in his resolution to not shoot anyone unless absolutely necessary, Yuno sparingly demonstrated that he never necessarily lacked the skills, instead only needed practice. This became evident during his first Bobcat Security heist, where he single-handedly took down ten guards by one-tapping them in the head, rarely stopping as he went down the hallways and getting grazed by bullets only a couple times, all while wearing no armor.


Continuing to display similar skills during more Bobcat heists and even outside of them, Yuno has slowly grown more comfortable with the idea of shooting at others, particularly when he or his crewmates are holding valuable items. In tense moments like these, Yuno is often the first one to draw his gun out, presumably because of his tendency to space out during conversations and pay attention to his surroundings instead. After his break from the city, Yuno became much more comfortable with shooting and would often fire his gun at the air and locals in an attempt to draw out the cops.

With most of his friends being excellent drivers, Yuno is their passenger more often than not, a position that allows him to share information whenever they’re in the middle of a chase. Having improved over the months, Yuno has demonstrated on multiple occasions how assertive his indications are, easily spotting all the police cruisers behind them, whether or not they have visibility, and if they’re trying to make some kind of obstructive maneuver.


Raymond Romanov, Ramee El-Rahman and Irwin Dundee have mentioned in the past how useful the information he shares is, often not bothering to double-check the data relayed to them as they trust Yuno. While riding with more inexperienced drivers, Yuno is also good at keeping them calm and focused on their driving.

Despite preferring to leave the planning process to his crewmates whenever they’re preparing for a heist, and oftentimes having no objections towards the strategies used by his friends no matter how crazy a plan might be (in fact, he leans towards the absurd and insane), Yuno has demonstrated in multiple occasions to have good awareness of potential weaknesses to plans. As such, he’ll often point out ways the police officers might catch up to them, constantly providing solutions to small issues and frequently proposing back-up plans in case they need them. He tends to prefer creativity over the much safer “rat plans”, but he acknowledges that sometimes those are the only ones that work; however, he’ll always try to add “spice” so that all parties involved can have more fun.


When preparing plans on his own, Yuno tends to come up with crazy ideas that typically highlight the absurdity of certain police SOPs, while always trying to provide some fun for the officers involved.

Yuno’s Plans
1st Plan - June 19th, 2021

The Car Graveyard


Heist: Fleeca
Crew: Jay Que, Mayumi Himura, Raymond Romanov

Because of the fact that police officers are very keen on shooting any and all tires the moment criminals swap into a secondary escape vehicle, Yuno determined that the best approach to deal with such a conundrum was to get as many cars as he could humanly gather and distribute them across a wide area in an effort to confuse the officers and have as many options as possible to escape. In his own words, "they can't shoot all the tires".

Set up:
Picking the Vinewood Bowl as a location for the plan —for officers didn't typically patrol the area, therefore they couldn't find their plan before the heist started—, Yuno started to lockpick all the cars he could find in the Observatory parking lot and placed them on the adjacent hill, a barrier in between preventing easy access to the location. Having nearly unlimited time as Raymond was busy with other endeavors, Yuno continued adding vehicles of all kinds to his pile of cars in an effort to provide as many options as possible.

External Addition:
Remembering that Jay and Mayumi had hidden a couple motorcycles somewhere in the city earlier, Yuno suggested that they added those vehicles to their ever growing graveyard to use them as the main getaway vehicles, this in an effort to increase their chances of escaping.

Losing the cops with relative ease, then finding them again, the crew drove to the location with only one cruiser tailing them and, as they swapped into their bikes, Yuno tried to encourage Officer Carter to get out of his car and start popping tires. However, his efforts went to waste as Carter was alone, and he didn't want to risk getting shot, making Yuno's plan practically useless at that point.

Everyone managed to escape with the loot. However, the plan wasn't necessarily used.

2nd Plan - July 8th, 2021

Law Abiding Cyclists


Heist: Fleeca
Crew: Lang Buddha, Mickey S, Nino Chavez

Being pulled over for seemingly no reason and learning that he had been driving a few miles past the legal limit, Yuno decided that he wanted to rob a bank while following every little traffic law, preferably while using a fast car as to trick the officers initially and provide them with a good laugh.

External Addition:
Bringing up his idea to Mickey, as he knew the man enjoyed silly heists like that, Yuno became enthralled by Mickey's own plan to use bikes to escape from the cops, and the two decided to merge their ideas into what would hopefully be an amusing heist.

Set up:
Buying personal bicycles at Vespucci Beach and stealing a handful more for the officers (to even out the playing field), Yuno and Mickey set the two wheeled vehicles at the bottom of the radio tower, right behind the Vinewood Sign. Inviting Lang and Nino to join them, the quartet searched for a Prius or some other slow vehicle, then managed to locate a Stratum to fulfill their dream. With their personal bikes set up, the group gathered the bikes for the cops and carried them on their laps as they drove to the bank (in order to prevent scuff), not even bothering to change or mask up.

Leaving the bank slowly and driving at 32mph, the group made sure to stop at every red light and look both ways before every turn, soon arriving to the radio tower and leaving the bikes for the cops behind, then jumping into their own bicycles and pedaling away. Nino and Mickey managed to escape with relative ease, whereas Yuno and Lang became the target of two interceptors, multiple cruisers and a very agile Kael Soze on a bike.

Pitted until Yuno went down, Lang was soon captured after a short foot chase and the two were put in custody, Mickey soon joining them after his failed attempt to kidnap a DOC and exchange her life for their freedom. Nino, however, managed to escape with all the loot. As such, the plan was successful.

3rd Plan - July 20th, 2021

24/7 Deliveries


Heist: Gruppe Truck, 24/7
Crew: Hunter Skye, Ravi Patel, Raymond Romanov

First idea:
Encountering the one and only Ravi outside of Benny’s and discovering that he was interested in crime, Yuno decided to take the man along for the bank truck robbery he and the others were about to commit. Realizing that delivery trucks are green (much like the security trucks), Yuno got one of the vehicles so that when they were taking the bank truck, they could try to gaslight the attending officers into believing that the two trucks were the same type, Ravi’s presence adding to the story.

Finding the security truck after many trials and tribulations, the group traveled in a caravan towards the delivery spot, Yuno tailing behind the truck (with Raymond and Ravi) and Wingman keeping a safe distance in a Bison in case things went South. Arriving to the spot without any police officers attending the crime, the disappointed Yuno decided that they should at least try to prank some officers with the two trucks before he came to a realization.

Second idea:
Having just acquired a safe cracking tool, being in the possession of a delivery truck, and having Ravi right by their sides, Yuno concluded that the most logical thing to do would be to rob a convenience store with the clerk-turned-criminal.

Acquiring a Stratum to use as a back-up escape vehicle and finding a store Ravi didn’t particularly like, the quartet entered the store and swiftly cracked the safe open, with Wingman hiding in the roof in case things went awry and Yuno and Ravi examining the merchandise in the back of the truck as Raymond transferred the supply boxes to the back room. As no police showed up, the group decided to run it back and went to another convenience store, one that would hopefully attract the attention of the cops. Mingling with some Burger Shot customers as they awaited for the cops, the group soon came to the realization that the officers were probably too busy to care about trucks and stores.

Everyone managed to escape with the loot. However, the plan wasn't necessarily used. Ravi promised to be around in case they wanted to try it again someday.

Inspired by Jean Paul and Randy Bullet, Yuno joined an online class to learn how to hack, earning a degree shortly before hacking his first bank. Discovering that he had a natural prowess for it, Yuno continued hacking and quickly became one of the top hackers in the entire city, earning his title as the best after successfully hacking the Vault by himself in more than one occasion, each time faster than the last. Despite being quicker than average, he tends to focus more on taking things slowly and getting the answers right, his philosophy being that it doesn’t matter how fast a hacker is or how many tries they need, all that matters is that they can successfully hack the bank.


After successfully one-shot hacking the Lower Vault —being the first one to do so—, Yuno realized he barely struggled at all during any of the “easier” hacks, the answers coming to him naturally without having to repeat the numeric sequences aloud. When the security systems were enhanced, Yuno struggled slightly to get adjusted to the new mechanism, yet he managed to successfully hack a Fleeca bank after less than fifteen minutes of practice. Similarly, after his break and despite not practicing whatsoever for over a month, he was able to get it done on the second try.

Adventuring into the Vault for the first time, Yuno shyly requested for Lang Buddha’s permission to try the thermite at least once, being as surprised as his crewmates when he got it first try, without any errors. Holding the record for fastest thermiter in the city, Yuno seldom fails to deploy the explosive device, mastering the skill with ease thanks to his almost photographic memory. During his birthday party at the Vault, Yuno further demonstrated his skill when he deployed some thermite to the sound of almost a hundred people singing happy birthday to him.


As time went by, the hacker showed that he no longer struggled with it in the slightest, even after long periods of not practicing at all. When Carmella Corset and her crew were preparing to hit the Vault, she asked for advice on the matter and Yuno explained that his technique had evolved from merely looking at the after-image of the pattern to a mixture of that, and memorizing certain recognizable shapes (as if playing Tetris). Months later, in order to challenge himself, he changed his technique again and would often try to memorize the shapes as odd, abstract illustrations.

Diving head first into the unknown, the first time Yuno attempted the difficult hack he was unable to crack it, even if he came incredibly close to it on his last try. Demoralized at first, the hacker made it his personal mission to succeed the next time he came face to face with the hack, taking Dean Watson’s statement about the hack being for more than one person as a personal challenge to succeed on his own. Failing for a second time and feeling even worse than the first time, Yuno spent a couple days practicing the nearly impossible task and eventually developed a technique he felt comfortable with, surprising his crewmates with his confidence when he mentioned that he could do it without back-ups.


On their third attempt, and with two USBs in his pockets, Yuno approached the computer that had caused him such a headache and easily one shot the hack, then used the second USB —which he also one-shot— just to prove to himself that he had conquered the obstacle. Calling himself the Cheat Code (a name he’d always been hesitant to accept), Yuno announced that everyone could rely on him anew.

Although not the best driver in the city, Yuno is good enough to lose cops by himself on most occasions, so long as there aren’t more than a couple cruisers behind him. Inspired by Irwin Dundee, Yuno’s driving style tends to lean towards intricate turns and clever tricks, as opposed to relying on a car’s specific attributes such as speed. Due to his inexperience, however, he struggles to use these aforementioned tricks as he is still relatively new to the city and lacks the street knowledge to find all these “cool” spots; when coached by someone, however, he’s demonstrated in more than one occasion to be a much better driver than he used to be when he first arrived to Los Santos.


To further improve his driving, Yuno became interested in street racing, and often asks for advice from his friend and master driver, Tony Corleone. While not a top racer, Yuno has definitely shown improvement in his driving and has managed to finish a plethora of “open” races despite having a much slower car. Similarly, after a month-long absence, Dundee mentioned how much better the hacker had gotten based on a silly chase they engaged in, where Yuno did some nice tricks and almost escaped on multiple occasions. Watching YouTube “highlight reels” in his apartment, Yuno started learning more and more tricks to aid in his getaways.

With bikes being a common escape vehicle during bank heists, Yuno has on more than one occasion ended up driving motorcycles by himself under extremely stressful situations. Despite being much better on cars, Yuno has proven himself to be quite good at driving motorcycles, showing particular strength when it comes to manipulating the vehicle mid-air during stunts, and has displayed natural prowess with off-roading. However, he still tends to crash a lot and fall down, making it so his escapes are not necessarily clean or they become much more difficult than they need to be.


As of recently, Yuno has become skilled enough to be able to rescue people in precarious circumstances using bikes, despite still disliking them as he is always fearful that he’ll fall down or get tazed.

As he rarely ends up driving a boat, Yuno is quite terrible at it, displaying particular struggle when it comes to turns.


He’s a little better with jet skies, but he’s only ever used them a handful of times.

Having no flying license, Yuno’s piloting leaves lots to be desired, his handling wobbly and his altitude always remaining relatively low. However, he was still able to perform relatively well during the Rainbow Road heist, where he managed to evade bullets, buildings and other obstacles during the escape.


Whether he can still do it after the manufacturer changes remains to be seen, as he hasn’t dared sit on the pilot’s seat since.

With a variety of bike-involving heists under his belt, Yuno has proven to be relatively agile and experienced when using such a vehicle to move around the city and commit crime. After one of these adventures, Yuno reasoned that the fact that he was better than average in controlling bikes mid-air (particularly BMX bikes) was that he had once spent an entire day practicing various stunts with Leyla Nightingale’s assistance, the fact that no one dedicated time to train in the use of bikes making his skills nearly unmatched.


He likes to use bikes for funny escapes, always getting a few extra for the cops so they have a way to follow him and his friends. He’s also started using them when boosting cars on his own, this to prevent himself from getting stranded and so that he can avoid lockpicking other cars. The days he’s not going to be in the city for a long time, he’ll often prefer to use his bike so that he doesn’t damage his car.

Yuno’s Escapes
Note: only includes the chases that lasted more than a minute where Yuno was the driver all the way through, that were not directly related to heists.
1st Escape - April 18, 2021

Oxy run


Passenger(s): none
Vehicle: Stratum
Officer(s): Lenny Hawk

Reason for pursuit:
Joyriding, 2nd degree speeding.

Reason for escape:
Yuno was about to start an Oxy run and couldn’t leave the car, therefore he decided to drive off even if the officer had offered to let him go with a warning (as long as he ditched the vehicle).

Initially driving around the Southside and making his way to the freeway, Yuno took a jump into the canals and tried to dodge the officer for a short moment in order to get some distance. Finding an exit into the train yard under the freeway, and thinking he was trapped, Yuno took a jump over some trains and succeeded in getting over it, whereas Officer Hawk became stuck on the other side of the carriage. Driving away as fast as he could, Yuno parked his car in a bush in Mirror Park and called Irwin Dundee to request for a pickup as he realized the car would be flagged and easier to stop during his Oxy run.

Yuno successfully managed to escape from the cops. Officer Hawk wrote a warrant out for Yuno, having identified him through his voice.

2nd Escape - April 19, 2021

Serving a Warrant


Passenger(s): none
Vehicle: Comet SR
Officer(s): A.J. Hunter, Olivia Copper

Reason for pursuit:
A warrant for Yuno had been put out the previous day.

Reason for escape:
Having acquired his first warrant the previous day, Yuno was spotted by Trooper AJ Hunter as he left the apartments, then later at the Burger Shot when he was trying to lockpick a car. Determining his warrant to be mildly excessive, the trooper offered him the chance to get the warrant dropped if the criminal managed to escape from him in a car of his liking.

Driving through Little Seoul and passing by Legion Square, Yuno frantically made his way to the Southside and got himself stuck in the Grove Street cul-de-sac. In desperate need of gas, the troopers offered him a second chance as long as he went along with them to the gas station, sharing a light conversation with him as they filled their tank. Ready for the pursuit again, Yuno drove around the area for a short while and quickly realized that his car was faster in the straights than the troopers’ cruiser, making his way to the Senora Freeway and building up some distance before pulling over into a bush near the prison. Unsatisfied at the “cheap” trick, Yuno requested for a rematch that AJ refused, and went on with his day as normal.

Yuno successfully managed to escape from the cops and his warrant was dropped.

3rd Escape - June 26, 2021

From a Race into a Chase


Passenger(s): none
Vehicle: Sultan MkIII
Officer(s): Sam Baas

Reason for pursuit:
Street racing.

Reason for escape:
Being Baas’ primary target from the first lap of the race onwards, the officer waited until the race was over to get aggressive at the novice racer. Excited about finishing the race, Yuno nonchalantly took on the challenge of losing the two cruisers behind him in order to wrap his night up in a victory.

Finishing the race at the Palomino Freeway gas station, Yuno cheerfully shared the fact that he had finished with the officers, then drove away from their first attempt to box them, going back to the city and getting brutally pitted on accident by Baas on the highway exit. Getting out of the second box attempt, then a third one, Yuno continued circling around the freeways and gained a lot of distance before spinning out. Being passed by the two cruisers (who were on the way to an urgent call), Yuno hid under a bridge for a short while before determining that the chase was effectively over.

Yuno successfully managed to escape from the cops. The officers didn’t pursue any further action, even if Yuno’s car was identified.

4th Escape - July 1st, 2021

Saving the Arc


Passenger(s): Irwin Dundee
Vehicle: Lynx
Officer(s): Lenny Hawk

Reason for pursuit:
Breaking and entering, joyriding.

Reason for escape:
Craving the excitement of their old adventures, Yuno requested for Dundee to call the cops to the house he was about to rob before entering, the Aussie complying fully and mentioning in his 911 message that Yuno was the culprit of the crime. Briefly talking with his friend after getting out of the house, Yuno soon got behind the wheel as the sirens approached them.

Getting out of the Vespucci apartments courtyard and immediately getting pitted, Yuno made his way through the Del Perro area as Dundee called Malakai Anderson for back-up. Sliding around as he was not used to the car, Yuno swiftly made his way to the Pink Cage area and tried to lose the cops by making sharp turns and moving through parking lots and alleyways. Avoiding repeated attempts at boxes and continuing to juke the stern officers to the best of his abilities, Yuno pulled over at his spot in Power Street and Hawick, then continued driving for a bit before settling on going back to the apartments to get in their back-up car, the officers’ aggression discouraging him from playing around any further. Swapping to his Sultan as Dundee got in Malakai’s Comet, Yuno narrowly escaped from the bullets aimed in his direction and hid for a bit before calling Dundee to make sure that he’d successfully escaped.

Yuno successfully managed to escape from the cops, albeit not through “pure driving”. Officer Hawk purposefully called his car out as a “black Kanjo”, putting an end to the pursuit altogether.

5th Escape - July 22, 2021

Mission: Rescue Salem


Passenger(s): Salem Barghouthi
Vehicle: Sultan MkIII
Officer(s): Matt Rhodes, Aaron Byson

Reason for pursuit:
Obstruction of justice, accessory to attempted murder of a LEO.

Reason for escape:
Having been wrecking chaos and evading the police for a few hours, Yuno picked Salem up from Pillbox, right after the man and Pilbis Shonley had shot some cops and Guy Jones had attempted to rescue them, making their escape imperative.

Being pulled over by Rhodes seconds after picking up Salem, Yuno made up a story and started driving away through Mission Row, casually talking with Salem as he tried to juke the officers. Accidentally angering the cops and learning that Salem had been the one to shoot three of them, Yuno went through a squeeze behind the Ammunition then made his way to Olympic Freeway, soon arriving at the construction site and making some maneuvers in an effort to confuse the cops. With his trick failing, he decided to do yet another squeeze (one by the La Puerta Freeway in which he passed right next to a tree) through which he briefly lost the cops, then started driving away and learned that the primary unit had somehow found him again. Heading back to the freeway intersection and building some distance, Yuno hid behind a bush for a split moment and watched as the cop passed them, reason why he drove off westbound and learned that no units were behind them as he made his way to Vespucci beach, then to Great Ocean Highway so that they could go to Paleto and change.

Yuno successfully managed to escape from the cops. The officers didn’t pursue any further action against Yuno, even if Byson was personally certain of his identity.

Yuno’s Favourite Tricks
Note: only includes tricks that Yuno has successfully done more than once, which he has used during escapes (bank heists or otherwise).

Approaching most situations with a “brains over brawn” outlook, Yuno tends to analyze conflict in a very rational and logical way, preferring to avoid unnecessary conflict whenever possible and actively picking certain options (such as never carrying a gun) to reduce the amount of negative consequences he and his crewmates will face. While his opinions are oftentimes overshadowed by bloodlust and violence, the effectiveness of his approach is undeniable as he is often the one person that gets the smallest fines and sentences whenever his crew put themselves in a precarious situation such as shootouts with the police, or potential (useless) gang wars.


During his first time being interrogated, he also displayed deep knowledge of law enforcement, giving enough information to satisfy the officers so they’d get a conviction, while keeping most details secret as to prevent them from using any of his words against him (in the shape of a raid) or his crewmates.

With a network of informants that reaches almost every faction in the entire city, Yuno is often presented with nearly unlimited amounts of information about the various events that happen every day in Los Santos. While most information tends to be relatively harmless and only provide the hacker a good chuckle, people like Riley Carter and Ursula Leichenberg tend to offer him interesting, noteworthy data about heist-related events and clues, which the hacker will easily piece together most of the time as preparation for proper field work.


Constantly visiting points of interest and taking into consideration any slip-ups from other gangs (who tend to tell him everything, even unwillingly so), Yuno is easily one of the best informed individuals in the city when it comes to robberies and illegal activities he can partake in.

One of Yuno’s natural skills and the one that becomes evident almost instantly to anyone who meets him. Despite being relatively shy and awkward, Yuno is quite good at interacting with other people when he needs something from them, be it free food or favors that range from people lying for him, to making people commit violent acts against others or themselves. However, his charisma shines the most whenever he interacts with police officers, who are typically manipulated into thinking that Yuno is innocent, or guilty of less crimes than he really is.


As such, he’s escaped from arrest hundreds of times by just being his charming, sweet self, and he has managed to avoid getting his DNA on file despite multiple officers planning on taking it by merely talking them out of it.

While Yuno is usually considered to be “loose lipped”, he tends to be very good at hiding important secrets from other people, such as the time the Cleanbois got a golden dongle they needed to hide from Chang Gang (who ultimately learned this through a third party). More importantly, Yuno tends to be very discreet in the process of committing crimes, never leaving evidence behind in a manner that forces police officers to catch him in the act if they ever want to capture him.


Discovering all kinds of information every day, Yuno has also come across certain secrets that he’s not supposed to know yet, particularly in regards to Lang Buddha’s various illegal activities (such as weed trafficking, and harboring max-security escapees). However, no one typically knows that he’s learned such facts, for he’s able to read the room rather easily and acts oblivious to any sensitive information.

Despite being generally indecisive and socially awkward, almost since his arrival to the city Yuno displayed a natural ability to convince large groups of people to partake in various activities, giving people tasks and directing everyone to achieve success. As he developed as a bank hacker and partook in dozens of heists, Yuno slowly became more assertive and proved himself to be able to stay calm and collected in dire moments, particularly those when the plans didn’t work or unforeseen situations put everyone on edge. At these times, Yuno is often able to take over the crew and give adequate indications so that everyone can achieve their goals, all while keeping everyone’s particular skills and general approaches to conflict in mind.

Modus Operandi

Despite being chaotic and generally unpredictable, Yuno has slowly developed very specific sets of behavior during his criminal endeavors. While these patterns are always evolving, their nonchalant and playful nature remains consistent.

Following a series of bank heists, Yuno developed what could be considered a modus operandi for his after-heist endeavors.

As of recently, he's stopped doing most of these acts for he has been performing high-level heists, and cops have been particularly ruthless. Whenever he does his usual pranks, it's always with officers he personally knows.

While Yuno doesn't despise guns and sometimes shows excitement when using them, he seems to prefer less direct approaches to violence and intimidation, choosing instead more painful, complex and sadistic punishments. Such methods include:

He has also recently started showing interest towards knives and other sharp objects, and he was eager to try the "Block special" (which consists on forcing a victim to drive into a gas station) until Hunter Skye helped him fulfill this fantasy during his birthday.


Notable quotes from Yuno

  • "Can we right turn in red?"
  • "Wait?! Cars can break?"
  • "Is this worth anything?"
  • "My hands are sweaty, mom’s spaghetti."
  • "I used to watch ‘Lord of the Rings’. You know those dudes, the hobbits? That’s me."
  • "Is this police brutality?"
  • "Excuse me, I'm robbing that house. I'm sorry."
  • "I'll tell you what, I got like three sandwiches from the officer when I got arrested, so I think —you know— mission accomplished."
  • You got some sandwiches?”
  • "Yu No who the best janitor is, right? Yu no. That's— that's me."
  • "They definitely don't know your name, I just said it like 5 times."
  • "Owa Owa?"
  • "I don't believe in seat belts. They chafe me."
  • "I've never even seen that much money!"
  • "I’m not very religious but I say Oh Jesus sometimes."
  • "No, no, I never steal. Me stealing? Look at me, look at me. Do I look like a criminal?"
  • "They are not damaged, right? I padded them with cheese."
  • "You're not getting a job what are you talking about."
  • "We're gonna do crime."
  • "Uh uh, seven days a week. Certified criminal."
  • "This dude's following the law, what a maniac!"
  • "I'm pretty sure if she kills me I'll be dead."
  • "I just bought 32 sandwiches."
  • "What do you think of pouring gas on the hostages as a prank?"
  • "I'm busy being burned to death."
  • "I think I'm about to throw up"
  • "You are crazy Dundee! You are crazy!— I'm gonna do that next time, I like that."
  • "Look, the only thing better than being number one is if you help your friend become number one"
  • Dundee: "Yuno, my car has never made me sad, but my friends have". Yuno: "Yeah, so have mine... But that doesn't mean you have to make anyone else sad right?"
  • "Sometimes you gotta break some eggs to make an omelette."
  • "Look, the only thing better than being number one is if you help your friend become number one."
  • "Don't taze me! I'm allergic to electricity!"
  • "Eat this sandwich or I'll shoot! I'm insane!"
  • "Do it officer! Uncuff me and taze me!"
  • *Ash gets shot at work* Yuno:"They don't call us the Burger Shot for nothing!"
  • Dundee: "You gotta aim for the best or die like the rest, Yuno." - Yuno: "If you aim for the best you go to prison the longest."
  • "Is that a bike? No that's a cactus..."
  • "Back to ban-- back to bank to back..."
  • "...The hostage ruined my joke... Why aren't we shooting her?"
  • Lang: "I love you." - Yuno: "I lbsabhsadg." - Lang: "Just say it, it’s very easy!" - Yuno: "I lovjrheeheh mmadvjv."
  • "Is that a Comet SR?"
  • "Excuse me sir, I need you to die."
  • "We treat our hostages with care."
  • "I don't do LSD I'm clean!"
  • "This hostage's brain might be soup if we don't go soon."
  • "So you're telling me, I gather all my friends for 2 hours, my car got destroyed, the cops pit me, I went to prison and I got 0 GNE?!"
  • "I can still hack, I— I can still hack Raymond! I’m still useful."
  • "Do you have something against chickens, officer?"
  • "I don't eat chicken, I'm allergic."
  • "Hold on, I can't hear you over the burger I'm eating."
  • "I'm gonna go try and get beaten up or something."
  • "Look Shelly, you know who the real criminals here are? The cops."
  • "No, no I'm not a murderer. Not that anything is wrong with being a murderer..."
  • "Thanks Dundee, glad I met you."
  • "I got this job through pure nepotism."
  • "I'm counterbalancing the weight of the truck with gyroscopic dance moves."
  • "We’re probably going to die, but I’m hoping the cops come with us."
  • "I was trying to throw the bike off the window, but I threw myself."
  • "You know, someone once told me something... When a rope breaks, you can't put it back the same, and it gets a little shorter each time"
  • "There's two times when someone is actually gone: one is when they leave, and two is when everyone stops thinking about them."
  • Claire: "Patience is a virtue." - X: "Patience never got me anything except for fucking high blood pressure." - Yuno: "And anxiety for me."
  • "Don't do a murder, get a burger."
  • "This is gonna be great, we're gonna watch them stab each other."
  • "What are you, healthy or something?"
  • "Oh my God, we forgot about the hostage."
  • "Wee wooo wee wooo— I have sirens."
  • "I wonder how many innocent people will get shot down out of pure coincidence."
  • "You know how people crush cans to recycle? I’m here for the body!"
  • "They’re all about protecting the people. So, you know, if they give me more laptops then less people will die … unintentionally"
  • "I was busy beating up my evil twin's dead body and setting it on fire."
  • "Maybe I'm the evil clone, you think? I mean I did get all those people shot up at the bank...Nah, nah couldn't be."
  • "You know.. we were more similar than I thought— Well, except I'm not dead."
  • "You’re a scumbag, man! But good job!"
  • *Raymond puts his hands up* Yuno:"Why’d you do that? Now I have to take your shoes."
  • *Raymond complains about his shoes being taken* Yuno:"Well, you put your hands up. What was I supposed to do?"
  • "Can you turn off the helicopters? I'm allergic to helicopters."
  • "What? That’s it?"
  • "Why would the Vagos do this?"
  • "We've been celebrating pride month, we been dancing!"
  • "Other than the fear of finally failing a hack and letting everyone down, I'm great."
  • "I'd rather beat Dean Watson at his own game."
  • "See you later, stepmom!"
  • "Look I'm an actual mountain expert, they call me the mountain goat."
  • "And I thought I was the psychopath..."
  • "Well, now I just have to lose you guys and I'll be good, right?"
  • "It's the Cleanbois manor. You gotta lean."
  • "I don't know how to tell you this.... I got fired and you guys left the door unlocked."
  • "I thought you wanted us to blow up, though."
  • "Well, he's dead. What's he gonna do, die more?"
  • "Cheat Code’s back, guys. Sorry I made you wait so long."
  • "We can't get recklessly evading if we don't recklessly evade!"
  • "Jesus, you're a psychopath! But that's a good thing."
  • Ghost Hunter: "If it's trying to kill you, I exorcise them." - Yuno: "Exercise them? Look, exercise kills me too, but that's not what I'm looking for."
  • "How am I supposed to scam you if I don’t have to pay you?"
  • "I don’t even think an elongated square is an actual shape, I think you just call it a rectangle at that point. It’s literally not a square; squares have to have the same length sides. It’s literally not a square by the definition of a square! How does that make any sense!?"
  • "No face, no case!"
  • "It’s just not really our city anymore."

  • "You know, you could just give me your money and I’ll spin [the wheel] for you."
  • *Talking about murder* Yuno:"Like an orange slice! Once the juice is gone, you throw it away!"
  • "GRANDPA Bass!?"
  • "Oh, you ran over the old man. Good job!"
  • "If you stab Mr.Dan Faily tell him that Yuno sends his regards!"
  • "Mickey, this car is just disgusting."
  • "Guys I'm so bored I think I got better at hacking."
  • "We're gonna chill at the comic store like we own the place— Actually it's close and I don't own the place."
  • "That guy just got grinded into a chicken nugget!"
  • "MICKEY! I'M DEAD! I'M DE— Oh. Oh What. I'm a..biking expert I— OH GOD! I'M NOT I'M NOT! I'M DEAD—"
  • *Gasp*" Dollar signs!"
  • "I'm trying to scam you. But I'm being honest about it."
  • "The day I'm working at a booth is… Never."
  • "Hey, you ever sell coke before?"
  • Bunny (Casino CEO): "Do you do anything aside from being a janitor?" - Yuno: "I don't even do anything as a janitor."
  • Bunny: "What do you do on your free time then?" - Yuno: "Usually walk around, point at things and get distracted. And then fall off roofs on occasion."
  • "I don't want to do a real job! I just want to get paid for nothing."
  • "And who in the city is a criminal?— exactly, Every.Single.Citizen."
  • Yuno: "You ever heard the phrase -CB comms-?" - Ray: "..I have no idea of what are you talking about" - Yuno: "Exactly, that's how bad our comms are."
  • *To AIR-1* "Is that the helicopter? Hello helicopter!"

  • "I'm a bit self-conscious."
  • "I have no eyebrows." / "I, uh, I don't have eyebrows."'
  • "Oh Jesus!" / "Holy jesus!"
  • "Free food!" / "Free car!"
  • "This car is built like a tank!"
  • "It’s tough out there…"
  • "Girls aren’t into me."
  • "I think I need to turn to a new leaf."
  • "We’re gonna be rich."
  • "That was clean!"
  • "I've been caught zero times, plus one." / "—plus two." / "—plus three." / "—plus four." / "—plus five." / ""-plus six.""
  • "I'm Bob." / "My name is George."
  • "I get robbed like, three times a day."
  • "Did it on the first try!"
  • "Would you like some sandwiches?"
  • "I don't care too much about the money."
  • "Between you and me.."
  • "That was me. Allegedly."
  • "If you ever need a hacker..."
  • "Do it! I'm Crazy!"
  • "Have a great day officer!"
  • "Wicked!"
  • "MY CAR!!"
  • "That person must've ran a red light."
  • "Officer, please! Please! I’m a hostage!"
  • "This is a stick-up! Put your hands up!"
  • "I'm just a hacker for fun."