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The Yokai Racing Crew was founded by Mary Mushkin and Eddie Marshall after the dissolvance of The Midnight Club, Yokai refers to Japanese spirits, legends and demons and was chosen due to both of their close relation to the subject, Eddie with Titanium’s Oni mask and Mary with the Alias R3dD3vil. The crew will be identifiable with its use of black-light neon’s and headlights, marking the first deviation from red since she started racing. Members of Yokai will also claim a specific Yokai as their own.

Mary commissioned custom jackets for the group from Tao who used the Anubian brand. The jackets are personalized for each member, having their Yokai name on the back. After receiving the jackets, Marlo also gifted some members of the group katanas he had made by Curtis to help them complete the look.


Shinigami (死神)

Mary Mushkin, formerly known under the alias R3dD3vil until it was burnt when she was arrested now known as Shinigami. Shinigami are gods or supernatural spirits that invite humans toward death in certain aspects of Japanese religion and culture. Shinigami have been described as monsters, helpers, and creatures of darkness. Or in other words the Japanese Grim Reaper.

As Shinigami she drives either her Karin Sultan RS V8 or Carrera GT or Pagani Huayra BC with a Custom Shinigami livery

Wakagashira-2nd in Command

Yuki Onna (雪女)

Fiona Stewart formerly raced under the alias Silver. Fiona is a dedicated racer who despite her often middling results never gives up and drives for the love of racing and was therefore invited to Yokai. The Yuki-Onna is a snow woman ghost described as inhumanly beautiful, whose eyes can strike terror into mortals that get lost traveling in the snowy mountains. She floats across the snow, leaving no footprints. Fiona chose Yuki-onna due to her beauty and preference for the colour white as shown by her white hair

Fiona drives a widebody Nissan GTR

Kyodai-Full Members

Kitsune ( 狐)

Mayumi Himura formerly known by either Samurai or Valentine, now Kitsune, is a long-time friend of Mary that Mary thought fit the vibe of Yokai and was therefore invited to the crew. Mayumi chose the "Kitsune" as her Yokai because of their crafty & tricky nature.

In Japanese folklore, the Kitsune is a shape-shifting fox Yokai that can have multiple tails, up to nine, depending on their age & wisdom. Unlike many Yokai the Kitsune is not hostile or malicious by default, but is a capricious & tricky being that is hard to predict. Kitsune can be simple gardeners, vigilant guardians, or malicious tormentors depending on their nature. A Kitsune's victims tend to be men, with women usually possessed instead.

May usually drives a converted vin scratch Nissan R32 or a Lamborghini Huracan, but often switches up what car she's racing depending on what S Classes she has access to, reinforcing the shape-shifting nature of the Kitsune.

Orochi (大蛇)

As Mary’s boyfriend Adam “AP” Peterson was always close to Yokai and would assist together in their races and boosts, leading Yokai to extend their invitation to him, but he was tied to the racing crew Redline. However, after an incident in which Redline thought AP wasn’t putting them first, he was kicked out of the crew. Many people thought he would instantly join Yokai, however he wanted to take his time before joining. He eventually decided to join after a discussion with Tommy Cruizer. Orochi, is a legendary eight-headed and eight-tailed Japanese dragon/serpent, Adam chose this as people perceive him as a snake for the actions that led to him being kicked from his old crew.

As Orochi AP primarily drove his scratched Nissan R34 until he sold it. He now drives a 180SX


Wayne is Eddies biological son, who despite Eddies sometimes outward disdain is very close to Eddie and Mary and the rest of the Yokai. He is an accomplished racer himself, and a massive NOS addict to the extent that it’s begun to rot his brain. He was always considered a potential member of Yokai but the right situation never happened to invite him. He was eventually invited after a Yokai only race on Hyakki Yagyō with several other members. Wayne initially chose the Yōkai Kurote(黒手), a bizarre hairy yōkai that lives in toilets. After he was caught boosting he changed his Yokai to Akaname, or filth licker, a goblin-like yōkai which inhabit only the dirtiest homes and public baths.

Wayne exclusively drove FWD cars, until he eventually saw the light and sold his Integra DC5 back to the Tuner Shop


Izzy, also known as Cyberpink is one of the OGs of the Los Santos Racing scene hosting and competing even before the racing app was created. Mary has always been a massive fan of her, calling herself her number 1 fan. Since Izzys return to racing, Yokai were very keen to invite her. After inviting her to several private races, they decided to formerly initiate her, challenging her to evade the Cops for 15min with full Yokai heat. To do this they alerted the PD that a potential member might be joining and this was their only chance to stop that. She succeeded. As a full member she chose the Yokai, Bakeneko, a supernatural Cat.

Izzy Drives a Retro Elegy

Raiju (雷獣)

Finlay Aiken is an OG in the Los Santos Racing scene, racing against many of the members of Yokai since the beginning. However, he took a long absence after being placed in the ICU by the Puppet Master after losing a death race against R3dD3vil. Driving the first S classes in the city, Glowstick in a BMW E46 GTR and R3D in a Mustang. Since his return to the scene, he became close with many members of Yokai, including being Wayne’s boyfriend, boosting and racing together and became a potential recruit into Yokai. He cemented his loyalty during the lock-down and potential raid of Eddie Marshall, staying by his side until it was clear that Eddie was safe. As a result, Eddie formally invited him. Finlay chose Raiju as his Yokai, the embodiment of lightning into an animal form

Finlay Drives a BMW M2


Dean Watson snuck into Eddie Marshall’s wardrobe at the tuner shop and modified one of his jackets with the name Keruberosu, meaning Cerberus in Japanese. He joined the crew mainly to mess with Eddie although he secretly enjoys the crew and their aesthetic.Over time he became close with many of the members who also enjoyed his company. The main sticking point for him officially joining was his rivalry with Eddie Marshall, who would never accept him in his crew. With Eddies departure from the crew Dean was extended an official invitation to join which he accepted.

Onryō (怨霊)

Summer Mersion had passing relations with many of Yokai, however was never too close to them as an OG of The Families she had little time for racing. Due to events within The Families she decided to retire from gang life and with all her extra free time decided to venture into racing and boosting. While doing so she became close to many members of Yokai who all vouched for her joining the crew to shinigami, not being close to Summer, she asked to see her be around more before inviting her to join. Which she did and was subsequently invited. After her initiation race her initiation was interrupted by Earl who requested a GNE pick up this was her first outing in full Yokai gear and Earl tasked her with destroying the GNE with a pipe bomb, and then teaching a lax booster a lesson. Summer chose Onryō as her Yokai, a vengeful and wrathful spirit. She has immediately leant into this Yokai, repeatedly calling members of the Street Racing Unit to taunt them with a death rattle; symbolic of the dead and vengeful nature of Onryō themselves.

Shinigami wanted to see Onryō's performance during a 10-Yokai (referring to times when it seems the entire police force is coming after the crew due to their high value to the SRU), and during Shinigami's first race against Goofy during the MRL finals, she did just that. Shortly after Shinigami beat Goofy, she was involved with a crash that caused her Huracan to begin smoking. She fought off the SRU with Bakeneko, Orochi and Onryō giving her cover, but eventually crashed and lost the car on Innocence Boulevard. As Casterman tackled her, and was about to cuff her, Onryō arrived and scooped her from the jaws of death, eventually resulting in Shinigami's escape.

Summer drives a 1/1, engine swapped S Class Lampadati Pigalle, which was left to her in the will of David Chris (played by the late itsStarkey, who passed away on the 16th May 2020) two years ago, after he was killed by Roman Sionis. The car was held in customs for a long time after the economic crash, before eventually being returned to her by Jim Underwood on May the 16th 2022. Understandably, the Pig is priceless and irreplaceable to her.

Shorty after Summer joined Yokai the group was tasked by puppet Unit to deliver two vans with GNE sticks. At the drop off near Chumash a Cargobob swooped in and picked up one of the vehicles. The group gave chase trying to shoot down the helicopter, finally near the lighthouse Summer managed to shoot the pilot and the helicopter crashed. Summer pulled the pilot out of the burning wreck, Unit told to leave the pilot behind so Summer took out her katana and cut off the pilots head to send a message to whoever tried to steal the GNE. Later Summer made the Onryō mask out of the pilot's skull. It has two bullets instead of canine teeth. The mask is covered with kanji that can be in three different colours indicating Onryō's mood, red being the most violent.

Shuten-dōji (酒呑童子)

W’kabi is an old friend of Mayumi’s who recently entered the city and got into the racing scene, during an encounter with Mary she saw that he was broke and without access to an S class car, so she challenged him to a race, if he won, he got her vin scratched Corvette C7 but if he lost, she got control of his soul. He lost. Still determined he challenged her again, however this time she turned him down informing him he would have to earn his right to race her again by working his way through various other Yokai members before her. He raced, Bakeneko, Onryo and won but lost to Orochi, the next day he beat Raiju and again failed to beat Orochi. Due to his failure Mary charged him 250GNE to race again if he won, he got the Car but if he lost, he would be debt to her. He lost. His debt was the car in exchange for 1500GNE that she recommended he earned through racing and boosting with fellow Yokai members, Once he repaid his dept and having bondedned with the memebers he was officially invited into Yokai

W'kabi Drives a 6STR Ellie


Since joining the HOA, Mayumi bonded closley with GRL, who saw her involvemnt in Yokai and became heavliy interesed in joining. As one of the founding members and key driving force in the Off-road racing scene GRL is a legend in her own right within racing. that combined with her closemness with many of the members made her a prime prospect for joining Yokai. She was eventually initiated via a 10-Yokai, where she dressed up in full Yokai gear and has to withstand the heat that comes with it for at least 15 minutes somthing that she easily achieved, VCBing the Cops multiple times before the 15minutes were up. Unlike other members of Yokai GRL never wears a mask as she prefers people to know what she has done.

Grl Drives a A80 Supra


None currently being scouted

Ex Members

Oni (鬼)

Eddie Marshall, known as Titanium in the racing scene adopted the alias Oni, as it matched his existing racing outfit, were he wears a full-face Oni mask. Although he is Oni within Yokai, he still races under the alias Titanium due to its infamy and his attachment to it. Oni are the Japanese equivalent of devils, demons, orcs, ogres, or trolls. They are monstrous horned humanoids who are found in countless Japanese stories and myths. They tend to be the enemies of mankind and are generally depicted as roguish villains.  

After a falling out with Mary, he felt it was time for him to go his own way and left the Crew. No longer wishing to rely on anyone or be in debt to others.

Ikuchi (イクチ)

Tommy Cruizer is like a brother to Eddie Marshall and was never not going to be invited into his racing crew, although both Mary and Eddie had doubts whether he would vibe the Yokai aesthetic, Tommy enthusiastically embraced it and chose the Yokai, Ikuchi a Japanese sea dragon whose bodies are covered in a slippery oil, which sheds as they swim the ocean. Due to Tommy’s affiliation for baby oil this Yokai appealed to him.

Having found a new lease of life as a gang member for the Mandem, Tommy fell out of passion with racing and Yokai after feeling that they weren't doing anything together and that he had been distanced from the crew and was considering leaving Yokai and rather than neglect it, so that he could focus fully on his new life. Mary however, felt betrayed that despite putting no obligations on him he was still deciding to leave and leaving behind "family" despite previously telling Mary he would be the last to ever leave Yokai. This lead to a large falling out between them and Mary kicking out Tommy taking both his katana and jacket

Tatsu (龍)

Tommy Tate, raced under the alias BABYFACE, and was fairly new to the racing scene, however he embraced the scene fully pushing himself hard to improve, even tagging along in practice sessions with Mary and Eddie. His attitude caught the attention of Yokai who unanimously agreed he would be a great fit. As an initiation he was tasked with racing on Yokai’s newly created home track Hyakki Yagyō. After finishing he was formerly invited and chose the alias Tatsu. Tommy slowly feel out of the habit of racing, to the point that he hadn't raced with Yokai in months. Tommy then decided that it was time for him to leave the crew, as he felt it was no longer right for him to be a part of it.