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Xavier Valentine artwork by @DigitalGuyX

Xavier Valentine is a character role-played by BoogieTD.

Personal and Demographic Info

When Xavier was a little kid he asked his mother, Samlina Valentine where his father was and she said "he's either in Antarctica, the North Pole or Los Santos" so Xavier went to Antartica; didn't find Mick, went to the North Pole where it was too cold and didn't find Mick. He eventually went to Los Santos where he found his father, Mick Jhonson.

At 19 years of age, Xavier was the youngest member of The Stable. He has a lot of energy, can't stand still, and often jumps on obstacles and circles his friends. He is also charmingly overconfident and yawns a lot.

Through Nancy Drew, Xavier had a friendship with Dante Wolf, a detective in the Major Crimes Division of the LSPD. Nancy often chided their jokes about adopting Xavier and making Dante the shadow leader of The Stable.

Xavier likes to boost and hack cars, VIN scratch them, compete in illegal street races, and trade GNE.

๐ŸŽ The Stable

While still a newcomer to Los Santos, Xavier ran into Mick Jhonson, who saw potential in the younger criminal and admired his enthusiasm. As a token of good faith, Mick paid Xavier's debt of a few thousand dollars and told him about his up and coming criminal organization, which ultimately became The Stable. Xavier became the organization's first Stable Hand.

Xavier ran oxy and weed, and often helped cook and corner meth for The Stable. He also used to sell cocaine for Mickey S.

The Stable Heads lent Xavier and fellow Stable Hand Elizabeth "Lizzie" Byrne their first practice laptop so they could learn to hack banks. Xavier maintained an unwavering friendship with Lizzie even after The Stable kicked her out for attracting heat from the police.

First City Vault Heist

On July 7, 2021, Xavier's first City Vault heist with The Stable went badly awry. As Dick Chiclets was driving him, hacker Mick Jhonson, and hostage holder Thomas Dwayne from the vault, their getaway car stalled after a couple of turns and the police immediately boxed them in. Afterward, Dick temporarily suffered from a mental phobia of driving.

First Bobcat Security Heist

On September 8, 2021, Xavier hit Bobcat Security for the first time ever. Mick Jhonson hacked the thermite, and shot at the security guards with Xavier and Smooth Williams while their getaway driver Dick Chiclets held the hostages. Afterward, the getaway car flipped and Mick was immediately arrested. Smooth escaped on foot with part of the loot, and Xavier and Dick got caught during their efforts to grapple away. The police fined Xavier $17,000 because he had the two C4 sticky bombs on him.

First Big Meth Run

On the night of November 9, 2021, half of The Stable including Xavier got raided. While searching Kirk Jerkems' apartment for illegal guns, Lt. Jeffrey Bundy found three pillows of Kirk's meth strain 51-rhinoceros. On November 12, 2021, Xavier and his uzi joined The Stable on an all-or-nothing mission to smuggle all of their meth out of their warehouse despite a tip-off that Det. Sexton Hardcastle had been staking out the property. Dick Chiclets, Thomas Dwayne, and Xavier stormed into the warehouse as Kirk, Abner Vaca, and Marie Ortiz scouted out the area for police surveillance. Abner and Xavier then drove in a three-car Stable convoy to guard the armored Landstalker SUV that Dick and Thomas had carjacked to transport the meth. Suddenly, Abner and Xavier crashed into Hardcastle as he led Air-1 and a swarm of police cars after the armored SUV. As Abner and Xavier ran interference and attempted to pick up Kirk, Xavier exchanged gunfire with the police and went down in a hail of PD bullets. Dick and Thomas managed to drop off the last of The Stable's meth, and drove off to safety.

Primary Bank Hacker for The Stable

Xavier became The Stable's primary bank hacker after his father Mick Jhonson left the city.

On November 18, 2021 for the first time ever, Xavier hacked the Fleeca electrical boxes so that Thomas Dwayne could thermite them. After months and months without a bank heist, The Stable was finally able to rob a Fleeca Bank successfully.

On November 19, 2021 for the first time ever, Xavier hacked the Paleto Bank. Richard Chiclets managed to successfully thermite the door, and no police showed up. Xavier euphorically celebrated with Dick and Nancy Drew as they drove the getaway car back to the city.

On December 14, 2021 for the first time ever, Xavier hacked the City Vault despite a rival bank crew of Ivan, Wiked, and Yair shooting him in the back as he crouched. With Dick gunned down, Xavier lockpicked the getaway car and drove Thomas and Kirk Jerkems in the ensuing police chase. When the rival crew attacked again and shot out the tire of their getaway car, Xavier flew out the windshield, got back in the car to resume the police chase, and then swapped to another car with half of the loot. A.J. Hunter continued to pursue Xavier as he swapped to Kirk's car and then Marie's car, finally apprehending him in a foot chase. Meanwhile, Thomas managed to swim away with the other half of the loot. Ironically, Randy Bullet saved Xavier from police custody later in the day after he lent his car to him for a paid test drive, then found him pulled over in a felony stop for having fake plates.

By the end of 2021, The Stable had broken up.

๐Ÿ’ป Bank Busta and Broke S+ Booster

On January 22, 2022, Xavier tried to hit Paleto bank with Amy Rain, Abner Vaca, and Kirk Jerkems. During the getaway attempt, Xavier drove Abner and Amy all around the city with Air-1 and a swarm of police in hot pursuit. Abner jumped out, escaped the police in his Sandking, and took out his Sabre Turbo in an effort to save Amy's clean record from a felony conviction. Xavier and Abner had Amy exit the getaway car without any gun or loot on her, and run up a parking garage staircase to Abner's waiting Sabre. But the police tased both of them before they could escape, and immediately totaled Xavier's car with pits. Attorney Siobhan Fitzpatrick and Amy managed to convince her arresting officer Garry Berry to let her go without any charges. Xavier lost his VIN scratched Subaru WRX sports car and went broke again.

By February 7, 2022, Xavier had finally reached an S+ class boosting reputation. Xavier excitedly attempted his first S+ boost on February 18, 2022. As soon as he hacked the Sultan Mk1 security device (while Felix Volk and Leah Winthers were shooting the owners), Air-1 immediately hovered over them. Felix drove the Sultan with the best of Street Racing Unit chasing behind while Xavier struggled through the S+ hacks. With the Sultan smoking and running on fumes, Xavier was only one hack away from disabling the tracker when suddenly the Sultan stalled and died. Xavier blew up both the Sultan and an empty police interceptor with a grenade before getting shot up. Afterward, he tried unsuccessfully to talk John Spartan out of fining him $15,000 for use of an explosive.

Unbeknownst to Xavier at the time, his next S+ boost contract would change his life forever.

The McLaren 720S (First Successful S+ Boost Hack)

On February 22, 2022, Xavier desperately borrowed $50,000 from Bunny for an S+ boost of a McLaren 720S, a "cursed" sports car which no crew in the city had managed to boost. Still confined to a wheelchair because Undersheriff Matt Rhodes had run him over, Xavier excitedly invited Lizzie to help him search for the car. Lizzie brought in the crew she had recently become a hangaround for, the BBMC, to help them. Irwin Dundee agreed to drive the 720S while Xavier hacked the tracking device.

As Xavier labored through the S+ hacks, Dundee broke the 720S on the San Andreas bridge to Mirror Park and got surrounded by police. Both Dundee and Lizzie failed to repair the car while Barry Benson and Junior Meats struggled to fend off the police. As Dundee ran off drawing away Trooper Jack Ripley in Air-1, an unarmed Xavier crawled around and rolled at PD officers with his wheelchair trying to run them over. Barry, Lizzie, Senior Deputy Dwayne Carter, and Deputy Lewis Collins all went down shooting at each other. As Xavier robbed the repair kit off of Lizzie, Junior and Dundee rained bullets on Air-1 until it broke off. Xavier finished repairing the 720S while Dundee mag dumped a responding LSPD Sgt. Aaron Byson and Cadet Jessica Easton. Xavier then drove past a confused Deputy Louis Bloom while Junior escaped with Barry. Xavier picked up Dundee and resumed hacking, completing one hack but failing another. Facing pressure from Dundee to stop failing the hacks, Xavier concentrated and clutched out the final five hacks to disable the tracker. Xavier then became the first booster in the city to VIN scratch a McLaren 720S. Despite Dundee's hatred of The Stable, he hesitantly gave Xavier an opportunity to hang around the BBMC.

Rather than grind the two million dollars for Capped Tarranova to get the noisy McLaren 720S legalized, Xavier sold the 720S to newfound "best friend" Marlo Stanfield on February 25, 2022 in exchange for a VIN scratched R8 V10 (to put toward a used Audi R8 that Xavier dreamed of owning legally), a mechanic job at Ottos Autos to Mila Smoak's chagrin, and a loan officer job at Diamond Hand Credit. Xavier triumphantly secured his first loan client on March 3, 2022, and started mechanic work at Otto's Autos on March 4, 2022.

๐Ÿ’ผ "#1 Business man World Wide"

Motivated by steady legal income and Nancy Drew's $1000 networking lessons, Xavier branded himself as the "#1 Business man World Wide" and followed up on Cerberus head Leslie Lingberg's "impossible" challenge of making Betta Life Pharmaceuticals profitable. Xavier paid Nancy $50,000 to create a presentation about why the company should hire him for its open COO position. Nancy transcribed Xavier's run-on thoughts into a picture book titled "Xavier Valentine: #1 Business Man Worldwide - Real & True / Building a 'Betta Life'", a magnum opus about how Xavier managed to persevere things left, right, and center.

On March 18, 2022, Nancy and Dean Watson helped Xavier boost an A class Specter. After helping Dean and Nancy haze Trooper Olivia Copper's cadet Percy Weaver at a traffic stop, Xavier amused Dean with the Betta Life presentation. Xavier then boosted an A class Ruiner with Nancy hacking the tracking device as Dean followed them in his Aston Martin. Bored with Mayor Emma Gaine's impeachment hearing, Xavier left court with the RON Corp brothers whom he was trying out to be the helicopter pilot for, Michael Ron and Alex Ron. The three of them snuck into the Angels' unlocked house, where Alex twatted out a photo. Later on the same day, Xavier transferred 70 GNE for his third ever S+ boost contract, a Sentinel Classic 6STR. When Xavier forewarned a homeowner that a boost was about to happen next-door, she identified herself as Lt. Anita May. Chatterbox and Stumbles Fumbles gunned down the locals. As Kirk Jerkems struggled to drive while Xavier hacked the tracking device, a rambling Irwin Dundee crashed head-on into them and flew out the windshield. Then Chatterbox crashed the interference car into a palm tree and flew out the windshield. After Xavier successfully one-shot all 15 of the S+ hacks, the police mag dumped Stumbles and Chatterbox in their interference car. Kirk and Xavier then lost a firefight with the police and all four of them went to jail.

S+ Boost Success Streak with The Mandem

For Mandem member Lana Valentine's S+ boost contract on March 23, 2022, Xavier successfully hacked the tracking device on a speedy Remus as Meelo Graves drove. Vince Watson and Marie Ortiz gunned down the locals, then provided intercepting support with Lana while Meelo smoked the police units and lost Air-1. Lana VIN scratched her Remus dream car. The next day, Lana invited her newfound "brother" Xavier to the S+ boost of a GT-R R35. This time, Mandem leader Tommy T got to drive while Xavier hacked the tracker. Lana and Marie gunned down the locals, then provided intercepting support with Meelo. Despite Meelo blowing up himself and Marie at a gas station and Xavier almost blowing the hack, he successfully disabled the tracker and Tommy T VIN scratched the GT-R. Afterward, Mickey S gave Xavier one week to sell an air tight cocaine brick for him, which he managed to completely sell out to Nancy's terrorist friend Michael Simone within 48 hours. However, Xavier had to sign a suspicious ironclad contract stating that he owed Michael one favor.

On April 4, 2022, Xavier's hacking skills were challenged by a new generation of S+ boost where the car engine blows up on the fifth failed hack. As RDM OG Jay Martin drove the Mazda RX7 with Mandem OG Dwayne "Wiked" Flores, RDM OG Sparky Kane, and contract owner Matthew Antov driving the interference cars, Xavier failed four hacks and received an email that he was one failed hack away from blowing the engine. To the relief of Matthew and Sparky, Xavier managed to clutch out the final four hacks. Dwayne and Matthew deflected the pursuit interceptor of SRU driver Anthony Copleone, Trooper Ranger Derby West Bromwich, and Corporal John Mineo just before a big jump, enabling Jay and Xavier to escape and drop off the RX7 successfully. The boost crew raked in 665 GNE.

Fifth City Vault Heist

Xavier remembered why he had soured on bank jobs during a ridiculous upper vault heist on April 14, 2022 where he, Pablo Loco, and Carlos Loco couldn't get past the first thermite hack (in Xavier's previous City Vault hack for Pablo, the upper vault safe had been glued shut). They and hostage holder River Cheever had to escape from the City Vault and return later with Carmella Corset to thermite the first door. After Carmella and Xavier failed the first two red laptop hacks, Xavier clutched out the third and final attempt. Carmella and Xavier hacked into the upper vault safe, and the police chased the crew's getaway car up Mount Chiliad. Carlitos parachuted away with half of the loot, Pablo's parachute failed and four people fell down the mountain trying to recover his body, Xavier flipped the getaway car and tumbled down the side of the mountain, and Carmella and River got arrested. Then Air-1 blew up and disabled the EMS helicopter trying to airlift Xavier and Pablo out.

On April 19, 2022 due to an update in the crime apps that made gang membership a prerequisite, Xavier lost access to boosting and busting banks. He also finally lost his VIN scratched Audi R8 V10 to the police in an MRL street race he was hosting for Marlo Stanfield in the AU/EU time zone. Xavier spent his days blowing all of his money on roulette and accumulating millions of dollars in gambling debts.

The Return of Xavier's Father

Starting on March 22, 2022, Xavier's missing father Mick Jhonson began calling out for help with cryptic texts. Following several phone calls for help from Mick and Nancy Drew's twat of "STABLE ASSEMBLE", all of the original Stable OGs including Xavier and Lizzie reunited on April 27, 2022 to search for Mick with his long-time fiance Jessie Jugg, Nancy's BBMC friend Collin McKinley, and Ursula Leichenberg. After they sleuthed that Melbert Rickenbacker had left Mick for dead at the Kortz Center and Ursula's alternate personality Gracie had nursed him back to health there, The Stable played a game of cat-and-mouse with Mick's captor: a gunman blacked-out with a cowboy hat named "The Highwayman". Xavier, Kirk, Dick, Rocky, Nancy, and Collin converged on The Highwayman at the Los Santos International Airport, exchanged gunfire with him, and managed to rescue a starving Mick from one of the hallways. The police chased Collin, Dick, and Nancy from the airport, recovered a comatose Mick from their trunk, and admitted him into the ICU. The next day on April 28, 2022, Sgt. Sexton Hardcastle escorted a comatose Mick out of the ICU so he could marry Jessie Jugg in a "MatriMania" wedding. Mick woke up near the end of the ceremony to proclaim "I WOOOOO!"; then a yeti crashed the wedding and triggered a battle royal. Afterward, Mick was shocked to learn that The Stable had disbanded.

Back to Boosting

On May 17, 2022, Lizzie notified Xavier that he could boost again. Later that day, Hutch Hutcherson gunned down Xavier and banned him from H&O Rentals for jokingly trying to sell one of their Audi R8 rentals to Alex Ron and Mary Mushkin at the Tuner Shop. Jaylen Carter dumped Xavier's body in a trash bin, but then after a street race agreed to un-ban him. On May 21, 2022, the PM blacklisted Xavier from boosting for twatting about A+ homework. About half an hour later, HOA High Command Daryl Dickinson gunned him down as a warning. Xavier was then un-blacklisted from boosting. Later that same day, Edbert Ropeburn helped Xavier buy an S+ boost contract from Jordan Lee for 100 GNE. With Roadmen OG Jay Martin driving and RDM members Sparky Kane and Matthew Antov supporting, Xavier successfully hacked and VIN scratched a loud NSX NA1 car. No police responded. Afterward, Xavier sold the NSX NA1 to James Arsenal for $200,000.


  • "I'm going to quit crime and sell drugs." - 7/16/2021
  • "A million oxy runs and no safe cracking tools. No cap."
  • "Mafiaaa!"
  • "I probably just wasn't listening."
  • "Xavier Valentine, #1 Business man World Wide"