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Wu Ping was a character role-played by DavicusTV


Wu Ping, better known as "Eggroll", arrived in Los Santos illegally on April 29th, 2020 after stowing away aboard a cargo ship in his attempt to flee from an unnamed remote area of China after the death of his mother. He claims to have been an English teacher in his village in an area where "bwoken Engwish" was the spoken language having apparently learned it through reading a Chinese knock off version of Herman Melville's "Moby Dick", thus having never actually learned Chinese but still having somewhat of an accent.


Wu is an average-build Chinese foreign national who stands 5'9" and weighs 170 pounds. He once sported shoulder-length, natural black hair that was tied back in a pony-tail, which was shaved off by Lana Valentine and Melbert Rickenbacker. He currently has short-length dark hair.

His normal demeanor would generally described as that of timid or a "beta". He is very passive in nature and generally will do whatever others tell him if he feels like he is in danger. However, he has also developed a slightly crazy split-personality and now has anger management problems. This started to appear after a near constant string of bad luck and being taken hostage repeatedly after arriving in Los Santos. This manifested itself after being abducted by Cody Speedwagon and Skylar Douglas and then forced to fist fight "to the death" on top of the towers of a bridge. After losing, he was thrown off the top of the tower, landing on the bridge below, which is thought to have been the cause of the head trauma that caused the mental break.

His mental state is now better after receiving therapy in Los Santos and being put on prescription medication.

He has a strong hatred for most government officials for their inability to do their jobs efficiently. He believes that if the cops did their jobs correctly, things would've been better for him after arriving in Los Santos.

Day One

Within minutes of arriving in the city, he was approached and abducted by David Wonders, Lana Valentine (as Lanabaster), Melbert Rickenbocker (as Pimpenbocker), and Drew Jackson. In Lanabaster's attempt to pimp him out to willing citizens of Los Santos, they forced him to shave his head. They dressed him in an bow-tie, vest, and boxers and told him that his name was "ERP" which was short for "Egg Roll Platter" in response to his head looking like an egg after being shaved, thus the nickname of "Eggroll".

After being let go by Lanabaster, he was picked up immediately, by a group of four masked men who to this day, still remain unknown. He was taken hostage and held at gun point during a robbery of the jewelry store. Upon being released, he ran off and eventually met Raja Bahadur, who offered to give him a ride and dropped him to the QuickFix to make friends with his employees. It was here he met Taran Raid, who then took him to PDM where Taran sold Wu his first vehicle - a Double T crotch rocket and also informed Wu that he could make some legal money by making deliveries at the Taco Shop.

Wu then almost immediately crashed his crotch rocket into another vehicle, causing it to explode and him to be flung from the vehicle, marking his first trip to Pillbox Medical Center. After recovering from his injuries, he went to the Taco Shop and began making honest money. Naturally, Wu Ping continued to abuse his new Double T and it was in need of repairs.

On his way to see if he could get repairs, it broke down in front of the QuickFix and with no employees around, he wandered the Mirror Park area in search of help. Passing the Mirror Park Tavern, he ran into Manny McDaniels, Kray-Tor Skullfondler, and Kaleb Rush who were standing outside. After telling them the tragic story of his first few hours in the city, Manny (after messing around with Eggroll for some time) agreed to help him fix his bike in exchange for becoming a fallguy/bitch/mascot of the HOA because he had no money. Manny is also responsible for carrying on the nickname of "Eggroll" after hearing the story, which was then passed on to all the members of the HOA.

HOA Affiliation

Eggroll became affiliated with the HOA after Manny saw that he had potential as future HOA asset in some capacity. That capacity being mostly serving as Manny's personal property.

The members of the HOA decided that Eggroll's first test would be to kill a cop. On the way to Mission Row PD, the motorcycle that Eggroll was riding on with Julio Thomas was sideswiped by a police vehicle that had been stolen by Marquise Prince, who was running around as a fake cop. HOA Command decided that a fake cop was good enough in HOA Court and decided that Eggroll would face off against Marquise in a knife fight in the maze. Eggroll had an uncontrollable amount of rage before the fight and ended up stabbing Kleb in the stomach before the showdown. During the showdown, he was stabbed from behind and downed in the maze. As punishment for his failure, the HOA decided to burn off his eyebrows.

He has various nicknames for a few HOA Members after Manny forcefully told him to call them by these names, so that Eggroll knew his place in the HOA:

Shortly after, Manny took him to the clothing store and to the barber to give him the style that he currently has to this day.


On August 29th, 2020 Eggroll passed away in Pillbox Medical Center after experiencing blunt force trauma and heavy blood-loss during a horrific car crash.