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Wu Chen is a character role-played by thaCOOP


Wu Chen is the uncle of Lang Buddha.

On 18 Mar 2020, Wu arrived in Los Santos believing Buddha could use his help. He told Buddha he owed people in China money, and needed Buddha to push illegal products for him.   

In June 2020, Wu spiraled downwards with a drug addiction to crack. During a shipment drop-off with Lang and Ellie, a high Wu throw a Molly in what he suspected was a remote location (urban unused Airfield). Little did he know the cops were there, causing a chase to ensure after they questioned their parked vehicles. After a 15 min long pursuit, they escaped. Lang was furious with Wu. Whether he'll forgive him is yet to be determined.

Fun Facts

  • Wu Chen is a smuggler from China
  • In China he worked for the Triad
  • Tries to not be emotional and tells Lang not to either
  • Has a weakness for crack


  • "Listen beech"
  • "Beeeeeeccccch"
  • "Madafukka"



Played By: ThaCOOP
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