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Wolfe McCreedy is a character role-played by Wolfe.

Background Information

While originally Wolfe found work as a petty thief, doing b&es, and stealing cars, he eventually encountered Barry Benson, who introduced him to the BBMC and their Prime Minister, Irwin Dundee. Despite insulting the club leader’s jackets, and talking back to the easily-irritable Australian, Wolfe became a BBMC hang-around, donating his time and money to the club, completing oxy runs and practicing his hacking skills to become the club's first affiliated hacker.

Wolfe has admitted that he has a bit of a smart mouth, as he is unafraid to talk back to people and be honest about what he thinks of them. This has got him in trouble in the past, like when he first met Dundee and insulted the BBMC’s jackets, nearly costing him any sort of future with the club. Wolfe also once got shot after talking back to a member of the HOA, after they pulled guns on Wolfe for leaving suspicious packages in Mirror Park Tavern's parking lot.

Despite his sarcastic, and sometimes confrontational attitude, Wolfe approaches most situations with a friendly demeanor. He tends towards the side of peace, opting to try and mediate conflicts instead of escalating them. He stays true to his morals above all else, and while he is not above robbing houses or banks for money, or using force for self defense, he believes that violence is not always the best response, and that seeking vengeance only furthers a cycle of violence. Before the BBMC, Wolfe had never murdered anyone, and while he has moved on to larger crimes with the club, he still holds onto his aversion to violence, preferring to talk his way out of dangerous situations. He is loyal, but will not follow blindly, wanting to know the reasoning behind any orders he is given.


Wolfe joined the Bondi Boys as a hang-around, often helping them clean money during oxy-runs and other criminal endeavors (such as disposing of bodies of people unfortunate enough to mess with the club). Reluctant to shoot people he worked at improving his hacking skills to become the club's "Wiz-kid" and has now become one of the hackers they use during bank robberies. Having proved his value to the club in numerous occasions, the founding members were ready to welcome him into the club as a Prospect.

The First Test

For Wolfe's initiation, the club's leader, Irwin Dundee, decided to test Wolfe's loyalty by taking him, along with a bystander they kidnapped from the Apartments, to an abandoned mine-shaft. Knowing Wolfe had never killed a man before and that he was reluctant to even carry a gun, Dundee handed Wolfe a pistol and ordered him to shoot the man in front of the rest of the club. Dundee made it clear that this man was innocent, and had done nothing to hurt any members of the club individually, or the club generally. To his comrade's shock, Wolfe refused to soot, unwilling to follow an order that would lead to a senseless death. He told the group:

"If this is what it takes to be in the BBMC, then I have to pass."

Not wanting to compromise his morals Wolfe refused to follow Dundee's order multiple times, insisting he would not shoot someone without a good reason, despite Barry and Riley's efforts to get him to go through with the action. Failing his test, Dundee let their kidnapped victim go, forcing Wolfe to take his place in the wall. Facing execution Wolfe defended his actions saying he was willing to kill someone if they threatened or messed with anyone from the club, but would not go through with Dundee's demands as his intended victim had in no way bothered the club. He held his ground through Dundee's and Barry's berating, claiming that while he enjoyed his time with them he would not kill an innocent.

After some tense moments in which Dundee struggled with his decision, Dundee finally ordered club members Barry and Chain to shoot Wolfe. Not a moment later Riley stopped the whole ordeal, to everyone's surprise, by stepping in front of Wolfe to prevent them from shooting him. Brushing off Wolfe's protests, who did not want to cause a rift within the club, Riley argued that not everyone in the club had to be a killer. She pointed out the value Wolfe brought to the club as a hacker, and that despite his aversion towards violence he had in fact agreed to shot someone if there was good reason for the action.

After some back and forth between the club's members with Riley voting to spare Wolfe's life, Dundee pulled Barry and Chain away to discuss the situation. Owing her his life, Wolfe thanked the VP, to which she warned him that he "better not make [her] regret this", or she would put him in the ground herself.

Eventually Dundee came back to them with his verdict, they would allow Wolfe to leave the mine-shaft alive, but he would not get a club jacket or graduate to Prospect, as he had yet to prove himself to them.

The Second Test

Weeks later, after continuing to work as a hang-around, Wolfe was invited to join Barry and fellow hang-arounds Collin McKinley and Freddy Fastfingers for a picnic on Mount Chiliad. But it turned out to be a ruse and was instead a second test, which the trio learned once they were greeted by Riley, Malakai, and a mysterious chicken wizard at the top of the mountain.

As part of the test, Wolfe and the others were each asked privately what the thought of the other two hangarounds and which of the three were most deserving of a jacket. The club leaders first asked Wolfe what he thought of Collin, and he shared that he thought the PI was smart, quick witted, and that his clean record allows him to get away with things that other club members can't get away with. In his eyes, the only drawback to adding Collin as a member was the effort needed to maintain his clean record, but that is also one of his strengths. In regards to Freddy, Wolfe shared that he thinks of the young hacker as a wildcard, and despite his chaotic nature, he trusts Freddy to watch his back. He pointed out Freddy's eagerness to kill cops is worrying, but so far he has restrained himself.

When asked who of the three he'd chose to give the jacket to, Wolfe shared he would give it to Collin. Riley expressed some doubts about Wolfe's determination to join, seeing as he hadn't picked himself, but Wolfe maintained that he was devoted to the club, he just wasn't in a rush to get a jacket.

After the leaders conferred, they returned and told Wolfe and the others that the jacket would be awarded to the winner of a fistfight on the roof of a crane. Not wanting to fight, Wolfe tried avoiding the punches before getting hit hard by Freddy and knocked off the mountain, where he crashed and fell unconscious, writing the words "It's been an honor" in his own blood before passing out.

When he came to, Wolfe was rescued by Lenny Hawk and Olivia Copper via helicopter and transported to Pillbox Medical.

After Wolfe had recovered from his injuries, Barry revealed that all of the tests were a ruse and that Wolfe had earned his rank as a Prospect in BBMC, alongside Collin and Freddy. He was then taken to get his cuts and was later taken to the club's secret warehouse (which he already knew about but had to pretend he didn't).

On August 3, 2021, after several days of flawless bank hacking with the club, Wolfe received unanimous votes for Patched Member status. Dundee told Wolfe point-blank that leaving or betraying the club would result in his execution and offered him one chance to decline the offer. But Wolfe accepted and was promptly blooded into the club by taking multiple hits from a spiked baseball bat before the tsunami hit.

On September 8, 2021, Wolfe received punishment for breaking club rules. While heavily intoxicated and depressed due to lack of banks and "purpose" as a hacker, Wolfe revealed to Hubcap Jones that Pez Speedwagon was a shadow member of the BBMC. Initially Dundee wanted to put a bullet through Wolfe's head or have Wolfe shoot Hubcap but Barry pointed out that everyone in the club has made mistakes but were not punished and that Pez, being a member of the BBMC, is the worst kept secret. BBMC members, dressed up as priests, gather at a lake to carry out the punishments and dipped in the holy water to be cleansed of all sins. Wolfe's punishment was burning his eyebrows off. Irwin Dundee (pubes burned off) and Barry Benson (hair burned off) was also punished alongside Wolfe.


Barry Benson

As BBMC's Road Captain and co-founder, Barry is Wolfe's boss within the club. But if you were to interact with the two during a job or anywhere else, you probably wouldn't know it. With his fun-loving personality and laid back attitude, Barry is an easy target for some of Wolfe's smart-mouthed jokes. Were Barry as authoritarian as Dundee, it's doubtful that Wolfe would have been as eager to stay with the club. But whether it's doing oxy, b&e or just milling about, Barry and Wolfe demonstrate great chemistry and camaraderie.

Irwin Dundee

Few people in Los Santos are as polar opposite of Wolfe as the Prime Minister of the BBMC. But when it comes to robbing banks and committing crimes, these opposites attract. Dundee admires Wolfe for his superb hacking skills while Wolfe trusts Dundee as one of the city's elite getaway drivers. Were it not for Wolfe's hacking, Dundee may not have been as easily convinced to spare his life in the mines, let alone give him a second chance at joining the club. While the two have very different methods and ideas of what it means to be a BBMC member, it hasn't become a problem for either of them... yet.

Riley Carter

During her stint as Vice Prime Minister in the BBMC, Riley had very few interactions with Wolfe. That didn't stop her from stepping in front of the line of fire when the other club members were ready to execute him in an effort to let him prove his value in another way. Nevertheless, Wolfe's demeanor made her suspicious of his dedication to the club. She made it clear while Vice Prime Minister that there would be severe consequences for Wolfe if he lets her down. But ever since her exile from BBMC, the two have had only limited interactions.

Collin McKinley

Wolfe has stated that out of all the BBMC members, he knows Collin the best, second only to Barry. The pair tease each other constantly, and laugh at each other's plights, but at the end of the day this teasing is a sign of affection. Being the younger of the two, Wolfe often teases the grouchy PI by calling him an old man, to which Collin retorts that he's a better driver, shooter, and pretty much everything else when compared with the younger criminal. When Wolfe got shot by the HOA, Collin backed him up and encouraged him to try and get revenge.

Freddy Fastfingers

While these two BBMC hackers may seem like an odd pair, with Freddy's chaotic and borderline pyromanic tendencies standing in contrast with Wolfe's more cautious and pacifist ways, the two had a sarcastic and jovial friendship. Since Freddy's departure from BBMC though, the two rarely talk.

Olivia Garcia

Wolfe first met Olivia after Dundee offered to show her and her cousin the protection BBMC can provide for those doing oxy runs. That day, Dundee had to leave to take care of other business, and put Wolfe in charge of showing the two women around. After their initial meeting, Olivia reached out to Wolfe about becoming a hangaround for the BBMC and the two have since bonded while doing oxy runs.

SunMoon Lee

Since SunMoon prides herself on her ability to stay clean, Wolfe hasn’t bonded with SunMoon through oxy runs or other illegal activity like he has with many of his other friends. Instead, the two were originally going to become business partners, and Wolfe invested in her business. He even sold her his van, at a discounted price. They have gone on many adventures throughout the city, such as scouting out the top of the city vault and driving up Mt Chiliad.

Vincent Vincent

Wolfe met Vincent through Olivia, and the two quickly became friends. Wolfe often encourages Vincent to make his own decisions, and do what makes him happy, while also trying to discourage him from seeking vengeance against those who wronged him.

Stevie McQueen

Wolfe first met Stevie outside of the apartments and was teased by fellow BBMC members for 'hitting' on Stevie. That same day, Wolfe took Stevie under his wing and taught her how to rob houses. Eventually, Stevie became Wolfe's hangaround. Stevie considers Wolfe her mentor since he introduced her to the life of crime and the BBMC. Wolfe and Stevie are always being teased by others, especially Collin, since their close friendship appears to be on the flirtatious side.

Channing Turner (Chain)

Wolfe met Chain through Barry as both were Barry's first hangarounds of the BBMC. They have a brotherly relationship and constantly poke fun at each other. In the beginning, Barry would mistakenly refer to Wolfe as Chain and it became a running joke. Though Chain was the first to become a Prospect, he had to witness Wolfe become a Patched member. It was a bittersweet moment for Wolfe as he wanted both he and Chain to be patched at the same time since they rose through the ranks together. Wolfe guaranteed that Chain will get his 'yes' when it's time.



Type Total Success Failed Success Rate
Gruppe Sechs Armoured Truck 3 2 1 66%
Bobcat Security 1 1 0 100%
Fleeca 21 16 5 75%
Paleto 3 2 1 66%
Vangelico Jewelry Store 1 1 0 100%
Total 29 22 7 78%

Heist Details:

No. Type Date Team Role Outcome
1 Fleeca April 21st, 2021 Main Hacker Success.

(Failed first two hacks)
Yuno Sykk hacked the bank.
Barry and Dundee escaped with the loot.
Unbeknownst to Wolfe, Yuno pinged his cop friends and hid in a trunk after their initial escape. This accidentally alerted cops to Wolfe's presence and Wolfe was captured.

2 Fleeca May 1st, 2021 Main Hacker Success.

(First try hack)
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

3 Paleto May 4th, 2021 Hostage Manager Success.

Mickey and Barry got away with the loot.
Wolfie took over driving the bus from Dundee, and crashed into the ocean with the last hostage still on board. He convinced police he was the hostage and walked away cleanly.
Dundee bailed from the bus in an attempt to get a rescue car for him an Wolfie, he started a shootout with the cops, set three cops on fire, but was shot at and eventually captured.

4 Fleeca May 11th, 2021 Main Hacker Success.

(Second try hack)
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

5 Fleeca May 12th, 2021 Backup Hacker Success.

(Cic failed her first try, Wolfe hacked it on his first try)
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

6 Fleeca May 20th, 2021 Main Hacker Success.

(Second try hack)
Dundee managed to escape with the loot. Barry and Wolfe were captured during the escape.

7 Vangelico Jewelry Store June 15th, 2021 Thermiter Success.

(First try thermite)
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

8 Gruppe Sechs Armoured Truck July 1, 2021 Thermiter Failure

Everyone was captured during the escape.

9 Fleeca July 7, 2021 Main Hacker Success.

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

10 Fleeca July 8, 2021 Main Hacker Failure

Barry and Freddy were captured during the escape and the loot was lost.

Collin and Wolfe managed to escape.

11 Fleeca July 8, 2021 Passenger to Decoy Driver Success.

Everyone managed to escape with the loot after the police pulled off to attend to another call.

12 Fleeca July 9, 2021 Main Hacker Failure

Everyone was captured during the escape.

13 Gruppe Sechs Armoured Truck July 17, 2021 Thermiter Success.
Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
14 Bobcat Security July 17, 2021 Hostage Manager Success.
No police arrived on scene and everyone managed to escape with the loot.
15 Fleeca July 24, 2021 Main Hacker Failure

(Failed hack by Wolfe)

No police arrived on scene, allowing both to leave without pursuit.

16 Fleeca July 24, 2021 Main Hacker Failure

(Failed hack by Wolfe)

No police arrived on scene, allowing both to leave without pursuit.

17 Fleeca August 1, 2021 Main Hacker Success.

(Second try hack)

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

18 Fleeca August 1, 2021 Main Hacker Success.

(Second try hack)

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

19 Fleeca August 2, 2021 Main Hacker Success.

Wolfe and Olivia managed to escape with the loot.

Barry and Stevie were caught in the escape.

20 Fleeca August 3, 2021 Main Hacker Success.

No police arrived on scene and everyone managed to escape with the loot.

21 Fleeca August 3, 2021 Main Hacker Success.

No police arrived on scene and everyone managed to escape with the loot.

22 Fleeca August 3, 2021 Main Hacker Success.

(First try hack)

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

23 Fleeca August 14, 2021 Main Hacker Success.

(Third try hack)

Wolfe, Stevie, and Barry managed to escape with the loot.

Chuck was caught in the escape.

24 Fleeca August 18, 2021 Main Hacker Failure.

(First try hack)

Kirk managed to escape without the loot.

Wolfe (had the loot) and Kaz were caught in the escape.

25 Paleto August 23, 2021 Main Hacker Failure.(Hack failed by Wolfe)

No cops showed up

26 Paleto August 23, 2021 Main Hacker Success.(First try hack)

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.

27 Fleeca September 2, 2021 Main Hacker Success.

(Third try hack)

Everyone managed to escape with the loot

28 Gruppe Sechs Armoured Truck September 8, 2021 Driver Success.Everyone managed to escape with the loot.
29 Fleeca October 19, 2021 Main Hacker

Secondary Thermiter

Success.(All hacks successful)

Everyone managed to escape with the loot.


  • "It's all part of the plan"
  • "Some say I'm the best in the city, but I like to stay humble about it"
  • "I'm in a car with two psychopaths, okay, that's good."
  • "So you're telling me Collin gets in by investigating us, I have to get in by MURDERING someone? That's the standard that we're at?"
  • "Barry, how about we just go two-man this?" (after Dundee kept pranking them while setting up for a heist)


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