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Winter Watkins is a character role-played by MikaSnow.


Winter is a bratty, straight talker with a big heart. She does like to laugh and have a good time. Much of her time is spent on how people will previce her verses being chill. It is not often she lets her guard down and is truly her relaxed self unless she "fucks with you". She is very tenacious and knows how to manipulate situations to get what she wants . She also loves looking good and being iced out with the latest designer fashion. She loves helping people and being surrounded by friends. Winter tends to make poor decisions and is very bad with finances because she never learned how to manage money and she often has bogus priorities. If it was not for people in her life keeping her on track, Winter would be dirt broke with nothing to her name but designer glasses.

Back Story

Winter was born June 31st, 1999 in Vineland, New Jersey.  She spent most of her life always moving as her mother, who was a single mom, could not keep a stable roof over her head.  Winter found solace in laughter, and music. They helped her cope with her unstable life as her mother moved her all around Cumberland County.  

As she entered middle school, she found she had a knack for running.  She joined track and became an instant track star.  She was an amazing 4X4 runner and exceeded at hurdles and long jump.  In high school she got caught up with being a class clown and selling adderall to her peers, but a track scholarship helped her to see that she had a chance to go places in life. She thought track would lead her to her future… until she got mixed in the wrong crowd during her senior year of college. Instead of putting her degree to  use, she would turn to the street to make fast money.  

Winter met a friend named Sully, Sully saw that Winter came from an economic disadvantage. He knew she was a bold and vibrant roughneck chick who was down for whatever, so he convinced her to start selling weed and pills back and forth from Jersey to New York.  This wa never something she was built for, but it taught her how to make moves and be a slick talker. Winter got so caught up in street life, she lost sight of her future.  

While selling drugs in Brooklyn, she discovered a love for music and starting doing promo for local artist.  It gave her a purpose and it was thrilling. This inspired Winter to relocate with hopes of becoming a famous A&R in a new city scouting talent and helping them shine.

Moving to Los Santos was the biggest adult choice she has made.  Winter is still really immature and stuck with an immature outlook on life. She is a supportive friend, even if she should not be. She is broke and hungry for success. She decided to take her life seriously and go to law school. Tution was tough be she managed to get a job working at different strip clubs to make ends meet.

Winter took a semester off to do some traveling and experience life. She ventured to Paris, where she found a new love for fashion and founded a company called Theirtube, a new platform that is a search engine that brings up videos posted by users.  The vlogger base is small but doing well. She now wants to go public with her business and expand the marketing and return to law school.

Story Line

Back From Paris

Winter reunited with an old friend from school, Nico. He taught her how to hunt on a Valentine's date and they spent some time catching up. Later, Winter wanted to take TheirTube public and called a meeting with Phil MacKenzie. Due to similar business plans, TheirTube was acquired by Lifeinvader and Winter was appointed Executive Producer of projects coming out of InvaderFLIX.