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Winston Bolt is a character roleplayed by Ironmonkeytv.


Winston was born in Kingston, Jamaica and moved to Los Santos in early 2020. He has a record of criminal history back in Jamaica and moved to Los Santos to escape his previous criminal life, in hopes of eventually returning home someday.

After soon arriving to the city, Winston met Outto-Tune Tyrone (OTT) at the chop shop in Sandy Shores while the two were chopping vehicles. OTT offered Winston to work with him and collect him materials, in which they would later sell, and pay him a chunk of the profits. Over the days and weeks of working together, Winston and OTT developed a strong brotherhood bond and became close friends. Winston vows to be loyal to OTT and all his endeavors.

One day, just before sunset Winston ran into a sad Iranian man named Ali Farmand. Ali, down on his luck after having been robbed of $300, his gun, and phone miraculously ran into the legendary Winston Bolt. On this day Ali Farmand's spirit was rejuvenated by Winston's generosity and Jamacian Spirit.

In April 2022, Winston became a Street Team associate. He works closely with many members, especially Capped Tarranova.

In June 2022 He was let go from Street Team and subsequently started hanging around with The Mandem more and more, while helping them with stuff he has expertise in. On July 6, 2022, he became MDMA.

Played By: ironmonkeytv
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