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Wilson "Willy" Hart is a character role-played by TBNRKenWorth

About Wilson Hart:

Wilson moved to the city with his twin Brother Cooper Hart from New Mexico in the later months of 2021. Both Willy and his brother along with there friends love to fish and hunt as well as dabble in some criminal activities. Willy enjoys fishing, however, he no longer has time to go to fishing tournaments as often now that he and the rest of The Hidden have been involved with boosting for VLC and other crime related activities. Willy used to be recognized by his big camo puffer jacket but since the jacket was "stolen" by Jimmy Bruner when he was a prospect in The Hidden, since then he was made a full member of The Hidden. Willy has also since then updated his wardrobe to include the camo vest which represents members of The Hidden.

Although openly stating that he is gay, Willy is very straight and can always be seen flirting the nearest girl, although there is a running joke that he likes to "keep it in the family" and likes to listen to the song Blood Related. This can be seen by his multiple attempts to get with his Cousin Charlotte Greene who has "turned him down" on multiple occasions, although every now and then he will run into Charlotte Greene and they both flirt back and forth with each other. Willy can often be heard saying to "keep it in the family" jokingly when discussing relationships with others.

Willy started to begin to hang out with Quimbley Hayabusa and spend a lot of time with her. He would eventually adopt a pocket pet gold fish from Q and named him Leonard. The two of them agreed to co-parent Leonard. Fun fact about Leonard is that he loves to eat the crumbs of onion rings the Willy feeds him. After a short time of Q and Willy hanging out Willy took Q to that top of the dam. While there Willy asked Q out and they officially started dating.


Wilson is a founding member of The Hidden (HDN), a group he started with his brother Coop and a few friends in February of 2022, With The Hidden, Willy has been able to get into criminal activities such as robbing banks (when given access codes), the jewelry store (when given access codes), boosting (VLC and for fun), chopping cars and racing. Willy has become very good at disabling car trackers up to A+ and has become a skilled tracker disabler in the group along with his driving which allows him to be a valuable asset as a getaway driver or for running interference on boosts/jobs. Now that there are more members in The Hidden Willy has been able to fit more into his role as a co-leader and improve upon his responsibilities to manage the gang alongside Cooper and Alice.

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