William "Lil Pump" Told is a character role-played by Dougthegiant.


William "Lil Pump" Told aka "W" is a rapper. He looks to make a name for himself. He is known for his braided pink hair and face tattoo and is often mistaken for Lil Pump.


Whilst trying to prove to Tupac that you couldn't drown from drinking water, W drank 10 bottles of water. He passed out due to liquid consumption. Tupac then threw him off of a construction site. Tupac attempted to help but only caused more damage, W Survived the fall.

W was recently signed to Cop Killa Records by Alabaster Slim.

Fun Facts

  • Coined the nickname given to Ramee the "Watch King"
  • Participated in a fight with Flocko, earning him the nickname "Scuffed Flocko" with the GSF after losing.


  • Has claimed to have quit; 4th, 6th, and 10th grade.
  • Always forgets to eat, sometimes passing out from starvation.


  • CKR Freestyle[1]



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