William Thatch is a character role-played by TheScurvySickle.

Description[edit | edit source]

William Thatch is a psychologist working at Pillbox Medical Center and Parsons Rehabilitation Center. He's originally from Los Santos but moved to Vice City for a few years with his college sweetheart, April. They were married for 15 years and worked in a private psych office. They watched over their nephew, Frankie Fitch until a gang came after him and shot up the office ultimately killing April. As part of witness protection program, Frankie and William had to go back to Los Santos until a court testimony could be heard. He tried to continued his business to the best of his abilities by helping people like Kizzy Neveah and Danika Tater. After moving back again to Vice City for a the court hearing, William decided to move for good to Los Santos with Frankie in order to be closer to his buried wife and start up work for Pillbox Medical Center in the Psychology Department.

Recent Work[edit | edit source]

He has been working with Sydney Bearmont for a few months. They have been working on her depression and help her cope with her past which ultimately helped her gain confidence to ask to work for Dispatch at PD. He continues to help her with depression regularly. Even though she has become more of a friend, if not like a daughter to him, he continues to make sure she is safe and helps her as much as he can.

William shows his care for his colleagues as he continues to work either in the shadows or very frontal about moving past the serial killers, the Smileys. He has been actively trying to push anyone involved to take it to the police in order to stop street justice in hopes that people he cares about do not meet an early grave.

He takes pride in helping others no matter what. He shows this by his conversations with Charlie Spresso where even though Charlie has shown anger and disdain he continues to make sure he is getting better any way he can. He also shows this with Jaden Sparks where he believes he was making progression in order to save him and others from his behavior.

William worked with Aubrey Lynn, who is now a lifer at Parsons Rehabilitation Center. She also stabbed him in the past without being malicious about it.

He is now the appointed psychologist for Kenneth Jesperson.

Underground Work[edit | edit source]

William is determined to help protect innocent people that are targeted. He has been looking into the Rosa Rojas Cartel after they attacked Sydney Bearmont. He discovered they had parts into the cocaine trade. His desire to protect the people he cares about, led him to have a lot of information from different groups.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is a known chronic germaphobe to the point that he will change his clothes if anyone touches him.
  • He is a very protective and secretive person and few people really knows anything about him.
  • He loves golf and sometimes teaches how to play to those who wants to learn.
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