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William McKenzie is a character role-played by DeeRockUK.


William "Willy" McKenzie is a forty-seven (47) year old man from Scotland. Past drug addict and recovering alcoholic Willy had started a new life on a clean path by taking a job working for Hayes Auto's until the life of crime inevitably drew him back in and subsequently Willy was sent to prison for his first stint in the pen. He's been known for his silver tongue with authorities and business associates.

Early Days


When Willy first arrived in the city his appearance was am homage to his Father Hubcab Jones, bearing the trademark love fist leather jacket and bandana he was constantly mistaken for Hubcab. To escape from his famous fathers shadow he decided to drop the Love Fist style and cut the trademark hair and now is seen rocking disheveled hair and a five o clock shadow beard. His outfit changes often depending on the day.

During work hours he is seen rocking a dark blue jumpsuit, blue gloves a often a black cap. When he decides its time to dabble in the criminal underworld he will often swap out the blue for a red jumpsuit.

Legal Jobs

  • Mechanic - Hayes Autos
  • Selling Lockpicks at an up-charge (semi legal)
  • Tow Assistant for True Blue Towing
  • Delivery Driver

Criminal Life

  • Completely Legal Cleaning Company (in Partnership with Billy, Barry and Jose)
  • Selling Oxy
  • Sale of Lockpicks (with Barry)
  • Chopping Cars
  • Laundering money through True Blue Towing

Criminal Charges

After a 3 month period of evading arrest, Willy was finally caught alongside Barry Benson and Dundee and charged with his first offences (18/05/2021)

  • Reckless Evading
  • 3 x Attempted murder of Government Employee
  • Criminal use of a firearm
  • Joyriding