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Wilhelmina "Willie" Copperpot is a character role-played by CrayonPonyfish.


Willie Copperpot is a private news reporter. She is the senior writer and owner of the Los Santos Herald, a small newspaper popular with the vibrant civilian population in the city. She is also a lot attendant at Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot, and is a founding member of Steele Security.

Lot Q History

Before working at Lot Q, Copperpot helped Apples and Pepe Silvia escape from the police custody on the lot after Brett Biggledoinks hired them to beat up Jordan Steele for calling Copperpot a lesbian and making her cry. The only person to witness the incident which took place on the lot, was Kayden, who made it her personal mission to continue to make Copperpot cry.

After trying to snitch to Dennis Labarre about Copperpot's involvement in the crime and trying to get her arrested, Labarre instead made Kayden hire Copperpot for the Lot, where she became the first Lot Enforcer along with Apples. For months Copperpot and Apples would get paid directly by Jerry Callow to take people who didn't pay for parking out to the back of the Comedy Club and execute them. Kayden would eventually take Copperpot under her wing and make it her personal mission to stop making Copperpot such a cry-baby, and even enlisted her to write propaganda articles for the Lot.

After Kayden's death and Jerry's disappearance, Copperpot fell into a downward spiral of addiction after Brett Biggledoinks made her into a crackhead criminal. She found meaning again after Jordan Steele returned to the Lot to run it, and Copperpot drunkenly begged for her job back, citing her loyalty by letting her boyfriend Fred Bodini be kidnapped by Jordan and Boba.

NA Lot Origins

She helped run the NA lot and was part of the original Steele Security team along with Jordan, Justin Steele, Fuego "Ashkenaz" Blaze, Carl Crimes, and Nettie Machete. After wiping the Angels twice at two different store robberies while acting as Steele Security, the Angels waited for Copperpot to be alone and kidnapped her. They took her to a lighthouse and carved "Angels" into her back, a scar she still acknowledges in present time. She considers Justin Steele the love of her life, and cites his death during the Angels War as the reason she will never find love again in Los Santos. His DNA is currently at Humane Labs for when Copperpot is ready to have his Steelepot children, which was his dying wish.

EU Lot Q Switch

After switching to Lot Q EU in order to be awake with Apples, Copperpot along with the rest of the EU crew was involved in a sleeper agent plot by the Narrator, Thomas Dwayne while working with Dr. Choi hypnotized lot workers and planted spies as employees to try to gather information about the lot. Copperpot seemed to be the only person aware of the espionage, and the paranoia and gaslighting from those involved contributed to her madness and subsequently turned her hair white. The scars around Copperpot's eyes and face are due to the Narrator, Alexa Caldwell, Kaleb Rush, and Carl Crimes executing Copperpot with a Draco after Dr. Choi asked them to. Eventually, Copperpot was able to apprehend Thomas Dwayne and Alex Caldwell, where she took them to a rocky shore and executed them after reading through Dwayne's phone to figure out just exactly who was involved in his network.

Copperpot hired former ADA Cameron Dupres at the Lot after he was fired. She considered his the very first "Lot-Thot," and would try to rent him out as a prostitute. After his accidental death at the hands of Luther Caine and Evelyn Hart, Copperpot, Jordan Steele, and Timmy Twoshoes successfully stole Cameron's body, decapitated it, and recorded a video false flagging as South Side Ballas claiming credit for the death. They planted the body on the lawn of Aaron Johnson in an attempt to get him raided, and Copperpot kept Cameron Dupres' head in her freezer for five months.

Copperpot's Descent

Copperpot considered Louis Baton her closest friend at the Lot, and his death at the hands of one-time ally Denzel Williams sent her into a psychotic break and caused her to once again try to steal the corpse from the morgue. She was shot down by Lance Malton, and spent two weeks in the ICU, where the last conversation between her and Louis played over and over into her head. She finally snapped out of her coma after she remembered the conversation she had with Eugene where he passively outted Denzel as being Louis' killer.

Upon returning to her apartment at the Tahitian, Strawberry 6, Copperpot found a postcard waiting for her from Mexico which read "See you next time, D." Copperpot added "You didn't help." to the postcard and forwarded it to Lauren Forcer before leaving for Mexico. For the next two months Copperpot spent her time trying to find Denzel and entered into a deep psychosis where she began to hear voices of all of her friends calling for her. She is currently wanted by the Mexican Authorities for the murder of 12 men named Denzel after Copperpot killed them in failed attempts to find the correct Denzel and avenge her friend's death.

After returning to Los Santos, Copperpot continues to hear voices, but has decided she will do her best to protect her Lot Children. She eventually personally returned Cameron Dupres' head to MRPD in a box with a post-it note saying "They'll all be safe soon." Copperpot's last known actions were hijacking a plane and throwing Jean Steele out in an effort to protect Jordan Steele, and carving "Hark" into the back of Bred Baker after he tried to usurp her management position at the Lot.

The Dupres Murder Trial

On January 18th, Judge Coyote found Copperpot guilty in the second degree murder of Cameron Dupres and sentenced her to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

Los Santos Herald

Copperpot often meets with city leaders, organizations, and local citizens to develop the Los Santos Herald. She has written stories about the controversial release of cannibal Garfield Henderson, the troubled past of Brett Biggledoinks, the ongoing problems within the DOJ, and the hiring of Solomon Seerson, a homeless man turned lawyer. She continues to gather new information and creates compelling articles for the city. The newspaper is now defunct after pressure for deadlines caused her to shut it down.

Fun Facts

  • There are a series of comics created that are considered canon which explain Copperpot's Descent in graphic novel form.
  • Copperpot is often seen traveling by bike.
  • She likes to say that she is not a crackhead.
  • She is an admitted alcoholic.
  • Copperpot frequently claims that working for Jordan Steele has caused her hair to prematurely grey from stress.
  • Has a strange and unlikely friendship with Molly Minaj. She is almost her polar opposite but they love to gossip to each other about crazy stories and guys.
  • Many of her friends enjoy making puns based off of her last name by combining 'Copper' with various nouns and verbs in place of 'pot'.
  • She has scarring on her back after the Angels carved their name into her with a knife.
  • Copperpot has a long running feud with Thomas Dwayne, after he hypnotized Nettie Machete and made her a sleeper agent for the Illuminati.
  • Her vision is partially impaired and she has scarring around her eyes after a member of the Illuminati shot her in the head with an assault rifle.
  • Has rainbow eyes after rolling for eye color with Apples and August.
  • In 2.0 she owned a black Glendale and a beige/black Hustler.


Played By: CrayonPonyfish
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