Wilhelmina "Willie" Copperpot is a character role-played by CrayonPonyfish.

Background Edit

Willie Copperpot is a private news reporter. She is the senior writer and owner of the Los Santos Herald, a small newspaper popular with the vibrant civilian population in the city. She is also a lot attendant at Steele Family Parking & Impound Lot. She also works security for Steele Security.

Los Santos Herald Edit

Copperpot often meets with city leaders, organizations, and local citizens to develop the Los Santos Herald. She has written stories about the controversial release of cannibal Garfield Henderson, the troubled past of Brett Biggledoinks, the ongoing problems within the DOJ, and the hiring of Solomon Seerson, a homeless man turned lawyer. She continues to gather new information and creates compelling articles for the city.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Copperpot is often seen traveling by bike
  • She likes to say that she is not a crackhead
  • Has a strange and unlikely friendship with Molly Minaj. She is almost her polar opposite but they love to gossip to each other about crazy stories and guys.

Gallery Edit

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