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Whitney Crawford is a character role-played by Evee.


Whitney Crawford grew up in Rockford Hills but later moved to attend college at UCLA. There she majored in fashion merchandising and was president of her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. After breaking up with her boyfriend who thought she was never good enough, she attended Stanford and defended her first client, who was facing murder charges. She won her first case and rekindled a relationship with her ex. The two ended up marrying shortly after graduation. Unfortunately, he died shortly after their wedding.

It was the death of her first husband that spurred her to start a career as an Assistant District Attorney. Through the years, she worked her way up to District Attorney and then State Attorney of California. Throughout her career she married four more times, although each husband died in an untimely manner. Whitney Crawford was cleared of any wrongdoings for each of her 5 husbands deaths. With her hefty insurance settlements from her losses, she moved to San Andreas and began her career as a judge for the great state of San Andreas.

As a side career, she breeds champion show chihuahuas. Whitney is an avid animal rights activist and once lobbied Washington D.C. to outlaw animal testing for major pharmaceutical and beauty companies.


  1. Starred in Season 2 of Real Housewives of Los Santos but was kicked off for stealing and then marrying a co workers husband.
  2. Whitney is addicted to plastic surgery. She is very sensitive about her age.
  3. Is based off of Elle Woods if Elle ended up marrying Warner.

Deceased Husbands

  1. Warner Huntington III - passed away from a stress induced heart attack.
  2. Adam Henry - died during a freak skiing accident during their honeymoon.
  3. Brandon Banks - passed away during gastric bypass surgery.
  4. Curtis Medrano - had an allergic reaction during a dog show, dropping them down to 2nd place.
  5. Edward Marin - died in a car accident after the break lines were mysteriously cut.

Played By: Evee
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