Whitley Booth

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Whitley Booth is a character role-played by Myles_Away.


Raised by his Pa after losing his Ma at a young age Whitley had a very unique childhood where he was homeschooled and taught the ways of the seas from his father where from young age become obsessed with the everything to do with Pirates before completely basing his lifestyle on the ways of old.

4 years before arriving in Los Santos Whitley and his Pa moved to a soviet island called Erangel where they continued living their pirate ways until early 2021 when they both realised how there wasn't much going on in the island anymore and wanted to explore the seas of the world.

After a few weeks of exploring the 17 seas of the world in early March 2021 Whitley and his Pa were sailing through the 9th sea, the sea known for its horrible storms and one night there was a storm like no other. Whitley has described the storm as full of lightning and horrible roars from beasts he cannot describe with words. It was in this storm that his ship was destroyed and his Pa was ripped in two from head to head.

It's unknown how long it took for Whitley to wash up on the shores of Los Santos but its there he washed up and decided to start a new as a seaman and leave behind his days of piracy.

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