Weazel News is one of the main news sources for the city of Los Santos.

Description Edit

It is famed and acclaimed for finding out the scoop for many important events, such as the murder of Deputy Tony Tiger, and the People v Chang Gang case (October 21st, 2019).

The main broadcasting building for the network can be found in Little Seoul, and its corporate headquarters, based on the Fox Plaza, is located in Rockford Hills. Weazel News also owns their own set of custom Rumpo news vans.

Recent Events Edit

The disappearances of James Tinklebottom and Minnie Canoozle caused the news organization to promote intrepid reporter Mickey Rivers to the title of CEO.

In late November 2019, both James Tinklebottom and Minnie/Vinnie Canoozle have returned to Los Santos. James has continued to hold the title of Editor-In-Chief, and Minnie/Vinnie has been demoted to Senior Reporter for the time being.

Former/Inactive Employees Edit

Contractors Edit

Contractors are paid by Weazel News to cover all hours of the day, when the organization's main reporters are not around.

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