Wayne W. Ardson IV is a character role-played by Wayward.

Description[edit | edit source]

Wayne Ardson is is a current Justice/Judge and a part of the Department of Justice. He is easily the most realistic judge in Los Santos, wanting to work with police in catching criminals. He is also well known for analyzing every aspect of a case in order to make a verdict.

Background[edit | edit source]

Wayne Ardson is potentially a Russian KGB Sleeper agent sent to the US in the height of the Cold War, He worked his way through the legal system and became the District Attorney.

While in this role his KGB Handler contacted him after finding out they had cancer. They gave Ardson the trigger word activating him. He then began his mission involving a successful assassination attempt on Chief Justice Coop Holliday.

He then coached Dennis LaBarre into taking the position as he was a puppet for the Russian Kremlin. Questions soon started arising regarding what happened to Coop Holliday, Ardson then found a body double to replace him and now only makes small public appearances.

Ardson nearly had his cover blown by a CIA Agent in which he took a cyanide capsule however due to the quick medical response he was saved. He then retired out of the District Attorneys office and became a judge where he sits now puppeting LaBarre and the DOJ as an entirety, however recently, he has lost contact with Russia and is committed to working for the city of Los Santos.

Panel of Justices[edit | edit source]

Wayne Ardson became a member of the Panel of Justices created by former Chief Justice Dennis LaBarre. He will oversee the Department of Justice alongside Katya Zamalodchikova and Coop Holliday.

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