Walter Lowe is a character roleplayed by Afro.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Walter Lowe is a Forensics Analyst and Medical Examiner, running the Mobile Methadone Clinic as a part of Parsons Rehabilitation Center.

Dr. Lowe helps out criminals, by supplying them with Oxycontin, combat armor, and medical care. He also makes occasional reports to the police, with permission by Chief of Police, Vladimir Raven.

Current Events[edit | edit source]

A serial killer in disguise, his goal is to murder 100 people. He also has an affinity for hands and legs, and tends to keep on his person or in his van at all times.

He has recently met with Garfield Henderson, and was introduced to the taste of cannibalism; partaking in a human meal that Garfield made for him.

Inventory that Dr. Lowe generally has on him, consisting of severed hands and legs that he's collected.

Reports[edit | edit source]

Played By: Afro
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