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W'Kabi Aku is a character role-played by Sharaadrick.


W'Kabi was born and raised in Nigeria. Moving to the Caribbean in his teen years with his family, eventually he ended up in the states and now calls Los Santos home. Not wanting to fulfill his father's wish for him to become a doctor, W'Kabi chose to live a free life so he could find himself through his own choices.

First Day in Town

Finally stepping out of his apartment, W'Kabi slowly started in the city doing some deliveries at Dodo Logistics. Meeting his first acquaintance, Dexter, they finished up their work and parted ways. Not knowing anyone in the city yet, W'Kabi took to the yellow pages to find something to get into. Quickly getting swept up into the fast paced life of LS, W'Kabi met a woman named River Cheever. Getting along right away, River showed W'Kabi some questionable ways to do work. He learned the world of chopping cars and got a slight introduction to racing and boosting. Wanting a bit more legal work, a yellow page ad caught his attention. With a love for cars, W'Kabi took the opportunity and asked for a job at Hayes Auto Body Repairs. After a good interview, he immediately started his training at Hayes with Kennedy Adams. Learning the ins and outs of the mechanic shop for the next hour, W'Kabi clocked off duty, did one final chop job, and called it a day.

The Yokai Gambit

Shinigami offered W'Kabi a deal for her C7. If he beats enough Yokai members in 1v1 races, he can try again for the pink slip. W'Kabi won against Bakeneko and Onryō before losing to Orochi. Winning against Raiju, he challenged Orochi again, but lost. Shinigami offered him a new deal - train for a few days and challenge Orochi for a 3rd time or spend 250 GNE for a direct race with her. If he wins, he gets the C7. If he loses, he's indebted to Shinigami for the price of the car. W'Kabi paid the 250 GNE. He lost the races, however, Shinigami still gave him the car, making sure he knew he was now indebted to her for the price of the car.

Played By: Sharaadrick
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