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Vultur Lé Culturé Imports, better known as 'VLC Imports', is a second-hand car dealership owned by Ramee El-Rahman and ran by CEO Randy Bullet.


VLC Imports provides people with the chance to buy clean title imports that are 1 of 1 in the city without having to have GNE or a special reason to buy them, unlike other car selling dealerships in Los Santos. These vehicles are provided by H&O Exports and The 6STR Tuner Shop.

H&O Exports: The vehicles provided by H&O Exports start off as VIN-scratched which then are changed to actual vehicles using high quality parts and multiple refined materials which vary depending on the class of each vehicle. Most of the vehicles provided by H&O Exports are mostly 1 of 1. However as time goes on they will eventually increase the stock of each vehicle. The deal with H&O Exports is a 80-20% in the favour of H&O Exports.

6STR Tuner Shop: The vehicles provided by the 6STR Tuner Shop are second hand vehicles that were previously sold by the 6STR Tuner Shop. The deal with the 6STR Tuner Shop allows VLC Imports to choose whether they want a vehicle on consignment or just buy the vehicle out right. If they were to choose the vehicle on consignment they would sell the vehicle and have to return 70% revenue of the vehicle to the 6STR Tuner Shop. Whereas if they bought the vehicle out right with the set price of the MSRP they would own the vehicle and wont need to pay anything to the 6STR Tuner Shop if they sold it.

Cars Sold

Vehicle Pic Vehicle Name Bought From Price Sold
Cybertruck vlc.jpg Cyber Truck H&O Exports ?
RR VLC.png Reliant Robin H&O Exports ?
TUR CLA VLC.jpg Grotti Turismo Classic H&O Exports ?
TUR R VLC.jpg Grotti Turismo R H&O Exports ?
ZENT VLC.jpg Pegassi Zentorno H&O Exports ?
Wrx sti vlc.jpg 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI H&O Exports ?
R1 yam vlc.jpg 2018 Yamaha R1 H&O Exports ?
Rs6 aud vlc.jpg 2016 Audi RS6 C7 Performance Ramee El-Rahman $725,000
Bent cont s vlc.jpg 2018 Bentley Continental GT Supersports Ramee El-Rahman $1,500,000


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