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Vultur Lé Culturé Imports, better known as 'VLC Imports', is a second-hand car dealership ran by Ramee El-Rahman and CEO Kevin Ram. VLC Imports is a subsidiary of Vultur Lé Culturé.


VLC Imports provides people with the chance to buy clean title imports that are 1 of 1 in the city without having to have GNE or a special reason to buy them, unlike other car selling dealerships in Los Santos. These vehicles are provided by H&O Exports.


H&O Exports: The vehicles provided by H&O Exports start off as VIN-scratched which then are changed to actual vehicles using high quality parts and multiple refined materials which vary depending on the class of each vehicle. Most of the vehicles provided by H&O Exports are mostly 1 of 1. However as time goes on they will eventually increase the stock of each vehicle. The deal with H&O Exports is a 80-20% in the favour of H&O Exports.

6STR Tuner Shop: VLC Imports no longer works with the Tuner shop, as Eddie Marshall could no longer deal with all the nonsense and misinformation his employees were giving him about Ramee El-Rahman & Vultur Lé Culturé Imports.


Groups that help VLC Imports gather/transport vehicles and materials for flipping and scrapping include: