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Vultur Lé Culturé Fight Club, also known simply as the VLC Fight Club, a subsidiary of Vultur Lé Culturé, is an American mixed martial arts promotion company based in Los Santos, based at VLC.


Ramee had wanted the upper portion of the Gallery to hold events, but for the longest time could not come up with any notable ideas for it. One day a man named Yevgeni Ivanov approached him and asked if he was interested in ownership in the Ironfists Boxing Association. Ramee agreed to look into it. He decided that he didnt need Yevgeni and asked his good friend Dean if he wanted in to a Promotion directly associated to the Gallery, to which Dean agreed. They also agreed to go fifty fifty on opening a Diamond Sportsbook, so the city could bet on fights.

All the fighters wear Special Boxing Gloves which make sure the fight is sustained for a suitable amount of time. These were created by Dean Watson himself.


Ramee El-Rahman and Dean Watson own the Fight Club equally. They also participate in fights themselves if the right opportunity presents itself.

Dean was also a guest Judge for VLC 3, and for Vinny's fight in VLC 4.


VLC 1 was held on July 2, 2021 and consisted of five fights.

Fighters Result
Juan Carlos Hernandez "Flippy"
Fernando Reyes "Mario"
"Flippy" wins by knockout.
Bobby Brown
Dexx Martin
Bobby Brown wins by judge's decision.
Ramee El-Rahman
Uchiha Jones
Uchiha Jones wins by disqualification.
Kenneth Foreman "Ken Sama"
Taco Prince
Randy Bullet "Roundy Buffet"
Abdul AlRahim
"Roundy Buffet" wins by knockout.
Eddie Marshall
Dean Watson
Eddie Marshall wins by knockout.
  • Ramee El-Rahman was disqualified for continuing to punch Uchiha Jones after the end of the round.


VLC 2 was held on July 16, 2021 and consisted of six fights.

Fighters Result
Domenic Toretti
Kyle Pred
No contest.
Daquan Dumas "Peanut"
Guy Jones
Guy Jones wins by knockout.
Ramee El-Rahman
Bobby Brown
Ramee El-Rahman wins by knockout.
Randy Wrangler
Jean Paul "X"
"X" wins by knockout.
Dequarius Johnson "Big D"
Taco Prince
Randy Bullet "Roundy Buffet"
"Big D" wins by knockout.
Eddie Marshall
Leslie Lingberg
  • Both Toretti and Pred were disqualified for doping.
  • Ramee and Bobby were suspended from participating in VLC 3 for doping.


VLC 3 was held on August 13, 2021 and consisted of five fights.

Fighters Result
Marlo Stanfield
Mike Smoore
Marlo Stanfield wins by knockout.
Lonk wins by judge's decision.
James Arsenal
Siz Fulker
Siz Fulker wins by knockout.
Abdul AlRahim
Dequarius Johnson "Big D"
Adbul AlRahim wins by knockout.
Kael Soze
Bovice Wilkinson
Bovice Wilkinson wins by knockout.


VLC 4 was held on September 17, 2021 and consisted of six fights.

Fighters Result
Arush Patel Santana "Speedy"
Crackhead Craig
Crackhead Craig wins by knockout.
Tracy Martell
Carmella Corset
Tracy Martell wins by knockout.
Vinny Pistone
Mortimer Scottsfold "Yung Fierro"
Vinny Pistone wins by knockout.
Jack Cortair
John Cema
Jack Cortair wins by death.
Kyle Pred
Sam Baas
Kyle Pred wins by knockout.
Pilbis Shonley & Daquan Dumas "Peanut"
Hutch Hutcherson & Judd Lincoln
Tommy Tate & Patar Bellosh
Taco Prince & Randy Bullet "Roundy Buffet"
Tommy Tate and Patar Bellosh win by knockout.
  • The Main Event was meant to Abdul vs Roundy Buffet but unfortunately Abdul was moving houses and couldn't make it.