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Vultur Lé Culturé (VLC), also known simply as the Gallery, is an art gallery and auction house founded and owned by Ramee El-Rahman.


Ramee over a long period of time has been able to acquire 1 of 1 and rare items within the city. He has been so obsessed with obtaining them, it has even resulted to popping open glove-boxes and trunks of cars which he refers to as "Vulturing". He also obtains the collectibles by trading other people in the city that also have them.

As Ramee started to get a nice beefy collection he decided to take his collectibles and do a "Vulture Con" (located at the winery under the permission of Joe Caine) where he and other collectors could trade and show off their collections.

Ramee's collection then began to grow and grow at an uncontrollable rate. He ultimately decided that he would need a bigger room to showcase his treasures. This began months of prepping and talking with many world renowned architects about his vision. After gaining permission and coming to an agreement from the city, Ramee and his architects Honeynutt and sanhje began to construct the gallery in early 2020.

The Gallery is currently the only business that is able to appraise gemstones in the city. These gemstones can be sold by Gallery employees to a special buyer in the city. It is currently their main source of profit as they await the import vehicle/auction sector of the business.


Ramee El-Rahman is the founder and original owner of Vultur Lé Culturé. He knows all the in's and out's of the establishment. On February 15th, 2021, Ramee transferred ownership to Vinny Pistone for legal reasons. Ramee had two options and with Vinny wanted to get into the business of selling lockpicks/Guns, Vinny didn't want Gallery to be audited or a RICO. Ownership was transferred to Allen Widemann on March 12th, 2021. Ramee still handles the business on the backend, overseeing operations although Ramee isn't on the Official Salary anymore. On June 25th 2021, Vinny Came back as Co-owner after the issues with Lexi law; wanting to make it a better place for the employees.

Below is a selection of prominent staff, the full list can be found here.




Former Employees

  1. Cassie Cupcakes - Was moved to the Casino to be full time CEO and front woman for Dean Watson.
  2. CG Criminals - Due to legal reasons management decided to get rid of the Chang Gang being on the Official Salary related to crime to avoid any future problems with the Police.
  3. Elle Ven - Sent to the gulag.
  4. Lexi Law - unemployed due to salary and role issues.
  5. Ali Ababwa - Sent to the gulag.
  6. Adam Ababwa - Sent to the gulag, may return.
  7. Bonnie Carter - Was caught kissing a fellow employee during work. Word got out, and she was found dead the next day. A month later was sent to the gulag.
  8. Hunter - Was caught kissing a fellow employee during work. When confronted by Mario, was very annoying and then Mario ordered Jaylen Carter to riddle him in bullets. He was pronounced dead.

Location & Interior

The Vultur Lé Culturé is an art gallery located on Hawick Avenue and Eastbourne Way in Burton, Los Santos.

The gallery features new contemporaries, a vast European collection, and many of Ramee's personal collectables.

Just inside the entrance to the building is the grand lobby, which has a very "royal" interior style. The gallery features many viewing rooms packed with expensive art and collectables. Toward the back of the building are many offices and meeting rooms for employees and business executives. The gallery also houses many hidden/top secret rooms which cannot be revealed. On the second floor there are more viewing rooms and seating areas. The second floor has a big outdoor balcony area some call the tarrifs. This can be used to throw events, parties, meetings, or just get some fresh air.

Opposite from the second floor stairs is a long hallway leading to the car auction area of the gallery. This auction house will be used to auction off cars from all of the different dealerships in Los Santos.



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