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Violet van Housen is a character role-played by Lyndi.


Violet, known for her short temper and sassy attitude, is a red haired Italian who was raised by a German family. She is one of the founding members of the Angels, a gang she became apart of after Cassie Cupcakes and Claire Seducer kidnapped and forced her at gunpoint to kidnap a cop with them. She’s very confrontational and when she’s feeling messy, she tends to put others on the spot and make them uncomfortable just for her own enjoyment. She is however fairly reasonable and level headed when it comes to mediating problems, especially ones that matter to her most which would be anything that revolves around her family, the Angels. She is broke by default as she never goes out of her way to claim money from the jobs she’s done. She’d rather see other Angels members or her friends thrive with success as she sits back, vibe, and make the most out of her empty bank account.

Return to the City

After the successful Vault robbery carried out by Violet and the Angels, Violet decided to go to Italy to spend time with her parents while the other Angels had fun in Mexico. When Violet decided to return to Los Santos to live out her underground street racing dream, she found out that the rest of the angels had also returned, so they reformed to rebuild their name in the city.


Violet formed an all-girl gang called the SBS Angels, alongside Cassie Cupcakes and Claire Seducer. The gang was eventually renamed the Angels and began to accept male members. They commit crimes throughout the city with varying levels of success. As the gang progressed, Violet was declared 2nd in command and with Claire, they lead their gang to the best of their ability. The criminal activities the gang partake in are kept low key and not made known to every group, or everyone. The one thing they try to pride themselves on is having each other's back at all times in the cut-throat city of Los Santos.

The Game Master

Violet, along with Claire, were wondering if there was a way to practice the hacking of Fleecas after they attempted their first. They found that the amount of money needed just to practice was off-putting to not just them, but many other groups and individuals. A few days later when Claire was talking to Marcus, at Digital Den, he offered that if she had any ideas he may be able to help with them. After a few days, Jacob Harth called. He said that she was interested in and to come to his ping to see it. Once they arrived at Hookies, they saw the arcade machine with a note on how to play. After attempting the game, Jacob approached and told them that this was a beta of the game and he was going to leave the game in their hands to take care of and run for others in the city. The Angels created the new persona of the Game Master as a over-arcing entity that they would all represent for the distribution of the game. They tested the game with Jean Paul and Nino, then closed the Beta test.

A few weeks later, Claire told Violet that she now has access to Yellow Practice Laptops and that they were bringing back the Game Masters. They began to build a list of groups and individuals that may have an interest in the laptops. After months of dealing out laptops to groups of their choosing, the bank security was updated and with it, a new hack. A new hack that could only be learned through a practice laptop and with that Violet and the Angels were able to decided who in the city could rob banks making her very powerful in the city.

Morph Interior Journey

Violet has always had interest and love for decorating in and out of the city. She decided to give it a go and ask for a job at Morph Interiors and call Carmella Corset. She would be told she needed some decorating examples in the city. She would later get keys to Randy Bullet's Little Seoul apartment and would decorate most of it along side Morph Interiors employee and fellow Angel Oakley Stallion. She would work on the house for a couple of hours and would give the grand reveal. Everyone loved the design and thought it was sick. Both Randy and Oakley would vouch for Violet to Mari Posa and she would take a look at the house as well as Carmella. She would also decorate for the Angels Mansion, Casa De La Angels, and create a garden themed room as another example. Violet would ultimately get hired by Mari Posa and she would start her decorating journey. Starting December 3, 2021 Violet would be hired by Morph Interiors. Violet would go on to decorate the bottom hallway of the Morph Mansion. She would have clients but due to illness, she was unable to help. She would get her first customer by a girl named Ebony. Violet would decorate her kitchen, going by the theme of children and neutral.

Due to some conflict between Lexi Law, Carmella Corset and Jupiter Adams, Violet and Oakley would be fired from Morph as a result of being affiliated in the Angels. They're both currently unemployed in the decorating market but are willing to help out on Alex Ron's Decorating Company.



Quotes, Catchphrases, & One Liners

Quotes, Catchphrases, & One Liners
  • "I'm Italian!"
  • "Akawok"
  • "Mahk It Mahk It"
  • " Because I'm An Angel~"
  • "Are You Kidding Me!"
  • "Are We Shooting? Are We Shooting?"
  • "Honestly Fuckk Youuu"
  • "Women Will Prevail! Women Beaters Go to Jail!"
  • "It's My ADD"
  • "You Piece Of Gahbage!"
  • "Mi Lordt"
  • "Oi Mate"
  • "That's Not What Your Dad Said Last Night"
  • "Whaaaaaaaat!"
  • "Bop!"
  • "It's Chewsday Innit"
  • "Fank You!"
  • "Assume The Position!"
  • "Meatball Roll Out"
  • "I just go fuck myself"
  • "Nobody fucks with the Angels"
  • "Value your life"
  • "Gaslight. Gatekeep. Girlboss."
  • "Get into ittt"
  • "YUH"
  • "I LOVE Love!!!!!!"
  • "oop-"
  • "I'm just a baby!"
  • "slay"
  • "Speak Valentina!"
  • "Ally!"

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Played By: Lyndi
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