Violet Noreguarde is a character role-played by Sareff.

Description[edit | edit source]

Violet was born in 1999, and has lived in Los Santos all her life. Her mother is French and her father is Hispanic. Violet flunked out of high school, and as a result her math skills are poor.

Aztecas[edit | edit source]

Violet has always wanted to be a member of a gang, that is how she ended up in the Aztecas. When she joined the gang, she was told by the leader that she was second in command, and had input in gang decisions. Her goal was to grow the Aztecas. She was highly loyal to the gang, and often held down the territory alone during restructuring and low recruitment.

Leaving Aztecas[edit | edit source]

After a significant disagreement with Aztecas leader Antonio Espinosa, Violet decided to leave the gang. She informed Summer Mersion that she decided to leave because Antonio told her that he makes the decisions, and does not need to consult with anyone in the gang. She also felt the gang was slowly pushing her out by denying her information.

Vagos[edit | edit source]

Violet's decision to leave the Aztecas was life changing. She got rid of her blue hair and stopped associating with members of the gang. However, she was alone and Aztecas did attack her on several occasions. She eventually decided to join the rivals of the Aztecas, the Vagos. She is currently a Vagos prospect and works with them to earn her place as a full member of the gang.

After a long period of time she is now a full member of the Vagos and is no longer just a prospect.

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Was known for her bright blue hair.
  • Was loyal to Aztecas, despite the difficulties faced by the gang.
  • Enjoys calling men "Papi".
  • Likes flirting with people
  • Informed people that she was pregnant by Officer Jordan Steele.
  • Well-known to the wider city of Los Santos, because of Trooper Tony Andrews.
  • Wanted to join the HOA but she was turned down.
  • She never learned how to swim and has a fear of deep water which may cause her to drown.

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