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Vinny Pistone is a character role-played by Shotz

General Description

Vinny Pistone is a core member of Chang Gang and the main supplier of their weapons. He is also the founder of Chaos, a secretive terrorist group tasked with supplying the Los Santos criminal underworld with weaponry and other illegal items. As much of a businessman as he is a secret weapons and drug trafficker, he is the owner of Maldini's Pizzeria and a higher-up in Wu Chang Records, Vultur Lé Culturé, and Chang Gang Investments.

Vinny is a real, blue Italian and rolls around with his New York accent, often seen driving around in expensive cars, his current flavor of the month is the McLaren. In 2021 (at the start of 3.0), he avoided crime due to the weapon-crafting bench in his house. However, since it moved into a secret shipping container and subsequently the tunnels beneath Vultur Lé Culturé, he has participated in more crime.


Vending Machine Pistone

Vending Machine Pistone

During March 2021, Vinny was gifted a crafting bench from the gods. This bench is located in his personal home and is well-hidden behind various shelves and purposely placed items to conceal its destination in the house. After he let members of Chang Gang know about his bench, they saw him as their main connect for weaponry and started to refer to him as a "vending machine". Due to Vinny receiving this bench, he gave up the life of crime and swore to stay crime free so that he could provide for his family aka CG.

The Chaos

The Chaos

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Becoming A Criminal

Becoming A Criminal

After spending 7 months crime free, Vinny decided it was time for him to live his life a little riskier. In late October, Vinny and Ramee decided to hit a bank together- luckily, making it out without being caught by the police department.

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Nero Calabrese

January 13th 2022 - The Murder Of Nero Calabrese

After snitching on the Los Santos meth game to Randy Wrangler, Nero became known as a 'snitch' to the criminal underworld, resulting in Nero being hunted by Chang Gang, Street Team, Hydra Gang, and The Guild. On January 13th, Nero was tracked down and confronted by Jaylen Carter of Street Team, who then transferred her to Chang Gang. Chang Gang took Nero to a desolate beach near Paleto and executed her, with Vinny repeatedly shooting her in the head with a sawed-off shotgun. Her body was then dumped in the middle of the ocean.

No one was charged for her murder.


  • Vinny and Juan Carlos Hernandez, both of which are members of Chaos, control the city's material prices, aiming to keep them between $7-9 per. Selling mats outside of this range puts one's life at risk.
  • Vinny used to own a custom 6STR Pegassi Tempesta, but he gave it up to Randy Bullet. He has since upgraded to a McLaren 675LT.
  • Vinny sold his Range Rover to Maggie Gunn and his Honda Odyssey "Mom Van" to Hutch Hutcherson in May 2022.
  • Vinny avoided crime up until October 2021 due to owning a weapons-crafting bench in his Vinewood apartment, fearing a police raid.
  • Vinny supports Chang Gang's drug operations by selling bricks of cocaine to Street Team's Billy Phresh.
  • Vinny supplies Carmella Corset and Ray Mond with thermite for them to distribute.
  • Vinny is roommates with Ray Mond.
  • Vinny does not like pineapple pizza.
  • He hates Olive Garden.


  • "Hey, Beautiful."
  • "Eat my azz!"
  • "Eat my dick, bitch!"
  • "You better watch how you talk to me."
  • "BITCH!"
  • "You...motherfucker..."
  • "Go fuck yourself."
  • "You are legit brain-dead." - Usually said to Ramee El-Rahman
  • "At the end of the day"
  • "Listen to me!"
  • ”Fuck this race”
  • "Ya sista's ass"
  • "Ya piece of gahbage"



Played By: Shotz
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