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Vinny Pistone is a character role-played by Shotz

General Description[]

Vinny Pistone is a core member of Chang Gang.

Vinny is a true, blue Italian and rolls around with his Brooklyn, New York, accent, often seen driving around in expensive cars. Known to have a new bonita every few months.

He is known for his love of Femly, and has been responsible for many of CG's new members.


Vinny Returns



April 8th 2024 - The Murder Of Jeremiah

Vinny found out his close mechanic friend Jeremiah, who was also their clean guy owner for Joseph's house, was snitching. Vinny took him to a garage and ended his life.

No one was charged for his murder.


  • Vinny has supported Chang Gang's drug operations by selling heroine and bricks of cocaine to other gangs.
  • Emeka Rose is his favorite niece and Raul Luis-Blanco is his favorite nephew.
  • He is a professional instigator and pot-stirrer.
  • He sometimes goes too far.
  • He does not like pineapple pizza.
  • He hates Olive Garden.


Vinny Pistone Bingo

Fan-made Vinny Pistone bingo card (2022 Edition)

  • "Oh, marone!"
  • "Hey, Beautiful."
  • "Eat my azz!"
  • "Eat my dick, bitch!"
  • "You better watch how you talk to me."
  • "BITCH!"
  • "You...motherfucker..."
  • "Go fuck yourself."
  • "You are legit brain-dead." - Usually said to Ramee El-Rahman
  • "At the end of the day"
  • "Listen to me!"
  • ”Fuck this race”
  • "Ya sista's ass"
  • "Ya piece of gahbage"
  • "This car boogies"



Played By: Shotz
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