Vinny Pistone is a member of Chang Gang, and is the former owner of Premium Deluxe Motorsport.

He is roleplayed by Shotz

Background Edit

Vinny Pistone, also known as the "Bitch" of the Chang Gang because he is always in a relationship and ditches the boys for a woman. Vinny is a real, blue Italian and rolls around with his New York accent, often seen driving around in expensive cars, his current flavor of the month is the Tempesta.

He also has close ties to many criminals outside of Chang Gang, specifically Tony Corleone, Lang Buddha & Al Saab of the Leanbois, as well as Nino Chavez & Eugene Zuckerberg.

The Mafia: Edit

In the old server Vinny rolled along side with Pistol Pete, Kudo Kai and the leader of the group Chow Park in the crime group known as "The Mafia".

Chang Gang: Edit

He joined the Chang Gang, and became their financial backer, providing them with money for anything required. However, he couldn't join in the mayhem with the rest of them, because of owning PDM.

Vinny will threaten to shoot anyone (even Chang Gang members) if you say: "Brooklyn, stand up!" But will never actually shoot because he can't aim.

Premium Deluxe Motorsports: Edit

Vinny was a manager for PDM at the time. The first owner of PDM, Chow, decided to hand down the dealership to Vinny, believing him to be the right man for the job.

He eventually sold PDM to Allen Widemann.

Vinny's God Mother comes to town: Edit

On Oct. 25, 2019 Vinny's god mother Donna Pistone came to town looking for him.


Trivia Edit

  1. He used to call Gomer Colton a brother for months before he set up the latter's girlfriend Sonya to be brutally murdered.
  2. He doesn't like pineapple pizza
  3. Use to the mayor in the old server

Relationships Edit

Chasity Dawes Edit

Vinny had a relationship with her in the old server when he was mayor of the city.

Kayden Dell'Anno Edit

Vinny use to be married to her around the time he owned PDM.

Oola Kingston Edit

She is his current girl-friend and has stash houses in her name for chang, randy and ramee.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hey, Beautiful."
  • "Eat my ass!"
  • "Eat my dick, bitch!"
  • "You understand me?" - Sometimes, Vinny says this when he threatens someone
  • "You hear me?" - Sometimes, Vinny says this when he threatens someone
  • "You better watch how you talk to me."
  • "BITCH!"
  • "You...motherfucker..."
  • "You old sack of shit!" - Usually says this to old people
  • "Go fuck yourself."
  • "You are legit brain-dead." - Usually refers to Ramee El-Rahman (otherwise someone that's stupid)
  • "S.B.S." / "S.B.S. kicking in." - Usually refers to Ramee El-Rahman or Randy Bullet (otherwise someone that's stupid)
  • "Hah?"
  • "Whaaat?"
  • "...You nut-job."
  • "Huuuuuu...Huuuuuu" - Vinny's whining noise (which is pretty similar to Mr. Chang's)

Clips Edit

Old Server

  1. Coops first kill
  2. you just had to fcking say that!!!!

New Server

  1. Vinny's mum comes to town

Criminal Record Edit

DRIVERS LICENSE: 3 Points (Active) 

Vinny Pistone's prior convictions list as of Monday, September 16, 2019.

Accessory to Robbery x6
Assault x1
Assault on a Peace Officer x2
Assault with Deadly Weapon x8
Attempted Murder x2
Attempted Second Degree Murder on a Peace Officer x7
Battery on a Peace Officer x1
Criminal Possession of Government-issued Firearm x1
Criminal Possession of Government-issued Taser x1
Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x15
Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2] x15
Criminal Possession of a Taser x5
Criminal Use of a Firearm x4
Evading x6
Failure to Obey Traffic Control Devices x6
Failure to Stop x2
First Degree Robbery x1
Illegal Passing x1
Joyriding x1
Kidnapping x11
Littering x1
Negligent Driving x1
Obstruction of Justice x2
Possession of Cocaine x2
Possession of Controlled Dangerous x7
Possession of Crack x11
Possession of Marijuana x1
Reckless Evading x7
Removed Weapons License x1
Resisting Arrest x7
Robbery x12
Second Degree Speeding x1
Third Degree Speeding x1
Vandalism x1


Gallery Edit

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