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Vingle Dan is a character role-played by vigors.


Vingle Dan is a bored yet extremely dangerous old man. After his human life ended, he was resurrected as a demon. In order to stay in the mortal world, he must consume some sort of life every 30 minutes. If he fails to do so, he returns to hell and cannot come back until summoned again. Although recently he appears out of nowhere without the need to be summoned and appears to not need to eat life every 30 minutes anymore.


Mortal Life

Vingle Dan is a World War I and World War II veteran and lost both wars. He frequently recounts the tale of how surprised he was when he "saw the boats coming" in World War II. Vingle also claims to have fought as part of the Special Forces alongside his brothers. They were dubbed the "Dirty Dans."

As an elderly man, he caused massive damage towards Burger Shot and was left incapacitated next to a river. He was later found by fishermen passing by on their way home and taken to the hospital. He returned to Burger Shot and was stabbed. He succumbed to his wounds and died.

Life as a Demon

Vingle was later summoned from the depths of hell by the Dans for DanCon, a big family gathering of Fingle Dan's relatives. To stay in the mortal realm for DanCon, Vingle ate fingers and other body parts of the attendees, harassed Burger Shot about their alleged human meat burgers and ate Mangle Dan's whole corpse. After the Dan family's enemy Dan Fingle was defeated, Vingle chased after the hearse to consume his corpse as well but failed to get to the morgue in time. Later at Burger Shot, he was arrested by the police as his 30 minute timer was about to run out, preventing him from consuming another life. He was taken back to hell, leaving only satanic symbols behind.

On several other occasions, Vingle was summoned again for a smaller gatherings of Dans.

By hijacking a bus on one such occasion and inspiring Fingle Dan and Cana Dan to do the same, he laid the foundation for the Bus Boys. Vingle was eventually arrested and went back to hell while still inside the holding cell.

Police Prospect

Vingle (right) with Fingle (left) in his new police uniform

After his brother Fingle Dan had been prosecuted for selling methamphetamine and sentenced to joining the police force, Vingle and the other Dans felt betrayed. They tried to get Fingle fired from the police department by framing him for murder. When their attempts failed, Vingle decided to follow Fingle's example instead. He started going on ride-alongs with Fingle and other police officers. Despite not being a cadet—and worse, a felon—Vingle commonly pretended that he was part of the police. Most police officers treated him favorably and went along with the act. Fingle taught Vingle how to be "cool" and talk like a real police officer. Eventually, Sam Baas officially approved Vingle for ride-alongs and allowed him to help with several sting operations to fight prostitution due to Vingle's experience as a pimp.

On February 1, 2022, Vingle was allegedly hired by Honathan Yolo without needing to get his criminal record expunged. However, this recruitment turned out to be non-effective. Vingle was still not a real police officer. Further, he claimed that he did not plan on becoming one because he was too lazy to go through the multi-week program meant to reform felons. Nonetheless, he started wearing the same uniform as his brother Fingle and was mistaken for a police officer more than ever.

During his time as a "cop," Vingle would be eating the flesh off his own legs to keep himself from eating other people.

Eventually, Kyle Pred gave Vingle keys to everything at the police department except the armory. This effectively meant Vingle was hired. However, it was not treated as a real recruitment both by police and Vingle. Pred then took Vingle on a SWAT mission at the casino for which Vingle changed into a SWAT uniform. Since then, Vingle's police outfits have become increasingly eccentric and are pushing the boundaries of what is considered appropriate attire for a law enforcement officer.

After months of not committing crime, Vingle felt the urge building again. This culminated in a series of crimes including taking his brother Dingle Fan hostage, breaking out of the holding cells at SDSO and fleeing in a stolen car, and taking Fingle hostage. Vingle was ultimately shot in the head and arrested by police. His keys were taken away, meaning he was fired, and he was sent to prison. The head injury led to Vingle losing his memory. He claims that the casino holdout with Pred is the last thing he remembers. However, it is unclear whether he really lost his memory or is just pretending that he did to minimize the consequences of his actions. Fingle and Brick James used Vingle's memory loss to make him believe that Brick and him are best friends and "go way back."

On June 7, 2022, Vingle's criminal record was expunged. As part of the expungement conditions, Vingle was meant to become a police officer. He wishes to become a K9 unit and has undergone training sessions with SDSO officers to showcase his drug-sniffing abilities. He was officially hired on June 13, 2022.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet CadetPBSO.png Hired to the PBSO; Badge TBD TBA
Cadet CadetPBSO.png Fired May 21st, 2022
Cadet CadetSDSO.png Hired to the SDSO; Badge TBD June 13th, 2022
Cadet CadetLSPD.png Forced to transfer to the LSPD; Badge TBD June 15th, 2022
Cadet CadetPBSO.png Transferred to the PBSO; Badge TBD June 18th, 2022
Solo Cadet SoloCadetPBSO.png Promoted to Solo Cadet June 23rd, 2022
Solo Cadet DeputyPBSO.png Promoted to Deputy; Badge TBD June 29th, 2022


  • "Oh really?" (sarcastically)
  • "Nice one!" (sarcastically)
  • "Soft, supple, and malleable." (provokingly to Fingle)
  • "[...], son."
  • "Vibe assassin."
  • "He's so mad!" (after provoking Fingle)
  • "My fat niece Peach."
Played By: Vigors
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