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Vincent Vincent is a character role-played by kindagloomy.


  • Wolfe McCreedy: He has a crush on him and flirts with him but the flirts never work.
  • Mami Ko, aka Blue Storm: Vincent's best friend
  • Freddy Fastfingers: Vincent's adopted dad
  • Bob Moss: One of Vincent’s 7 therapists
  • Olivia Garcia: One of Vincent’s closest and oldest friends. She is another one of Wolfe’s hangarounds.
  • Stevie McQueen: Another one of Wolfe’s hangarounds
  • Roman Shacks: Ex-adopted dad (he fried Vincent's brain to forget about him)
  • Hiro Calligan: Yet another one of Vincent’s crushes that no homo’ed him



Type Total Success Failed Success Rate
24/7 3 1 2 33.3%
Fleeca 1 1 0 100%
Total 4 2 2 50%

Heists Details

No. Type Team Role Outcome
1 Fleeca Crowd Control/ Negotiator Success.

Everyone escaped with the Loot.

2 24/7 Negotiator Failed

Vincent got away.

Wolfie got caught with the loot.

3 24/7 Backup Getaway Driver Success.

Vincent and Olivia got away with the Loot.

Stevie got captured driving away after dropping Olivia off with Vincent.

4 24/7 Getaway Driver Failed

Olivia failed the hack.

No one got caught.



For "work", Vincent mostly does oxy runs for the Bondi Boys MC under Wolfe's wing. When Vincent isn't running for the BBMC, he is normally found around town with his friends, goofing off and trying to deal with his crippling anxiety. He also enjoys fishing with, especially when he is looking to have a chill day.

Vincent also enjoys going to the casino, but he has a gambling addiction so he tends to not be able to leave with more money then when he started. The wheel and blackjack are his favorite ways to gamble.

On occasion he will be invited on heists by friends or by a BBMC member, having successfully pulled of a Fleeca Bank robbery - if one discounts his disastrous crash barely after getting away from the police. He is also learning to set up jobs on his own.

Adoption by Professor Galactic

The Beginning

After being confronted by his friend Johnny Sinner about homosexuality, Vincent felt conflicted about his feelings on whether or not smooching a homie is gay. It was in these trying times that Professor Galactic, also known as Roman Shacks (Galactic), was there to provide questionable moral support as a father figure. Whilst talking with Galactic, Vincent confessed that he lacks a proper father figure in his life, since his own father had disowned him, to which Galactic asked the boy if he wanted to adopt him. Thinking it's a joke, Vincent agreed. However the two then proceeded to go to city hall to get official paperwork. During the drive, Vincent asked his new father a deep question, "Whether or not he would smooch a homie," to which he answered positively.

Vincent then confessed that he felt confused about the whole "smooching a homie" thing because he had never kissed anyone before. His new father asked Vincent if he wanted to kiss him, to which Vincent reluctantly agreed. They shared a kiss minutes before they got to the city hall. However, since there were no judges present, the papers were never signed, therefore Galactic was only Vincent's father in theory.

Because of the first kiss the two of them shared, Vincent grew strong feelings for his adoptive father. On the other hand, Galactic only saw Vincent as a son, promising him that he would some day inherit his empire. Whether that promise would have ever been fulfilled remains a mystery. His other reasoning for adopting Vincent was "so he could use him as a test subject without having to do any additional paperwork." He also inserted Nanites into Vincent’s body, which on the surface only served as a healing device.

Emotional Change

While pretending to be Vincent’s father, Galactic taught him many things. For example, he had told him there are Russian microchips in vodka and that he shouldn't use Tik Tok because it's Chinese spyware. Being the gullible boy he is, Vincent believed the professor’s words. He also began giving Vincent paintballs in substitute of real pills, saying that they would take care of his frequent anxiety. However, Vincent misheard Galactic’s recommendation of daily dosage. In result of taking more “pills” than necessary, Vincent’s behaviour changed into an aggressive one. Vincent could no longer suppress his emotions and because his romantic feelings for Galactic grew the more time they spent together, his jealousy made itself known.

One day, when the two of them were hanging out, Vincent could not control his emotions when he felt ignored by his adoptive father. In a fit of rage, he destroyed Galactic's car with a single kick, which resulted in Galactic trying to separate himself from Vincent for the day. He called Oswald Tinkerman, a famous musician and one of Vincent's friends, to hangout with Vincent, or “be his babysitter” as Vincent would call it. However, Oswald being the good friend he is, called Vincent and intentionally gaslighted him into thinking that Galactic sent an assassin after him.

Breaking Point

Vincent instantly started panicking and tried to call his friends who could potentially help him in this situation. However, none of them had caught the train to the city that day, so he settled for the next best thing. Pulling up Yellow Pages and calling the Ikea gang. However, because they did not want to meddle in family issues, the Ikea gang refused to protect Vincent from this imaginary assassin. In the midst of this situation, Vincent was contacted by his friend Israel Quackeenbush, also known as IQ, who would later help him. However, before that could happen, Vincent was suddenly picked up by a stranger, Quinn, who is described as “likes to put smiles on people's faces.” Whilst on the phone with Galactic, Vincent learned that she was hired by him, not knowing that she is actually a murderer for hire whose signature move is carving smiles into people's faces. He also found out that Galactic had a date with someone he met while getting his car towed. Vincent felt unexplainable anger at the thought of Galactic ditching him to have a date. While Quinn drove the two of them to their next destination, a meat factory where she wanted to kill Vincent, she started feeling sympathy for Vincent when he shared his troubled thoughts. She decided against killing him and instead they agreed on taking care of Galactic's date, Eden.

After finding and losing Galactic at Dean World, Vincent met up with IQ. Vincent tried his best to ruin his adoptive father’s date, driving around Los Santos with his friend to sabotage it. When Galactic thought Vincent had done enough damage, they had a talk inside Eden's RV. They discussed their issues with each other but eventually it lead to nowhere. When Galactic had had enough, he decided to use a long line of binary code, resulting in the Nanites making Vincent pass out.

In the coming days, Galactic would use this binary code to give himself breathing space, ignoring Vincent's demands and only thinking of himself. Frustrated, Vincent pushed their father/son relationship to the limit, ditching Galactic after spending the day with him. Whilst on a call with his talent agent, Dillon Dubs, also known as 2D, he got a brilliant idea. The two of them decided to "Pretty Woman his ass", which meant showing Galactic how much better off Vincent was without him. They rolled up to the apartments in a limousine, looking very steezy, with a fake bodyguard following behind on a motorcycle. Vincent then told his adoptive father about his issues. However, Galactic only ever replied with witty comments, not taking Vincent seriously, resulting in Vincent throwing a shoe at him from frustration.


From this point onward their relationship only worsened to the point when they decided to do family therapy. They agreed to a meeting with Bob Moss, who eventually helped them realize things about themselves and each other. While Galactic did not see the error of his ways, never wanting to admit fault, Vincent on the other hand tried to overcome his romantic feelings for Galactic, realizing that his adoptive father did not feel the same way.

Vincent felt guilty of treating Galactic badly and therefore labelled himself as a fake friend. He took Galactic to the Fake Friend bridge, asking him to give him the same treatment Vincent gives his fake friends. This entails threatening to stab a them unless they jump off the bridge. Sensing some form of guilt in the little bit of a human soul Galactic had, he decided against it. He said that he had brought a great deal of pain and suffering into Vincent's life, and because of that he made a decision to erase himself from Vincent's mind, both figuratively and literally. He took Vincent to Humane Labs, where he subjected Vincent to chemicals and bright lights, erasing himself from Vincent's memories and replacing himself with another person, Freddy Fastfingers, who also jokingly adopted Vincent.

Learning of the Past

Vincent was told about his ex-dad by Roman, the former father figure himself. After Roman asked for child support from Vincent claiming that the IRS needed it. He then claimed that the IRS takes $1,000 but that he had a work around to make it $500. Vincent agreed since the government was involved. After 2 days of paying the money, Roman decided that Vincent is a better friend then some of his friends since Vincent doesn't actively want to kill him.

Vincent's Eyepatch

The Incident

Shortly after waking up, Vincent was offered a ride to Dean World from some strangers and hopped in their trunk. On the way there, Vincent flew out of the car and ended up on the side of the road waiting for EMS. Shortly after the incident, B0b Smith ran into a downed Vincent. After one of the Vagos accompanying the middle-aged accountant farted on Vincent's face, B0b held up Vincent by his hair and stabbed him in the eye with a pen. With Vincent letting out a horrifying screech, they drove off soon after the EMS showed up. Once EMS took him to Pillbox, Vincent underwent eye surgery and was forced to wear an eyepatch to cover up the injury.

Galactic performing eye surgery on Vincent, with Stevie acting as an assistant nurse

DEyeY Surgery

After his incident with B0b Smith, Vincent was left with an infected right eye and an eyepatch over it. His revenge on the middle-aged accountant is yet to be exacted. Two days after the incident, Vincent visited Pillbox and got his eye checked by a doctor. When he learned that his eye needed to be surgically removed because of the spreading infection, he was devastated. He agreed to do the surgery, but was scared of proceeding with it in that moment. Therefore, he decided to throw a “Departing Farewell Party” for his eye, which included a bonfire on a beach and getting new steezy outfits at the casino.

After finding out that there were no doctors available to perform surgery, Vincent and his friends decided to do it themselves before the infection could make its way to the rest of Vincent’s head. They made their way to Humane Labs, where Vincent underwent DIY eye surgery with Galactic as the surgeon and Stevie as an assistant nurse.

Vincent & Noemie

Meeting & Greeting

On a fishing trip with Galactic, Vincent met a French lady Noemie Dekiller. After learning she was a private investigator, Roman struck up a conversation regarding the work of PIs. This quickly turned into a business conversation. Vincent wanted to join in on the conversation, but knew little about business so he asked how he could make money as well. Roman then said he should try and learn the art of seduction. This led to spiraled Noemie offering to buy Vincent's "first kiss" for $1000. Vincent caved into the pressure and kissed Noemie unwillingly. After the fact, Vincent wiped his lips and jumped into the water to wash away the make-up and the regret, followed up by some sips of whisky to clear the taste of Noemie's lipstick. Vincent was paid $1000 and they parted ways.

She be in the Ocean

A few days later Vincent was having a party at Vespucci Beach before his eye surgery. While at the party Noemie came and asked questions of the BBMC. Vincent and the party goers didnt give any information and blew up her car. After Vincent and the gang got in trouble from blowing up the car from Dundee and Barry and Collin then told them about the girl asking questions and they were told to ocean dump her. Once the Gang of Olivia, Stevie, Blue, and Vincent found Noemie they made their move. Blue and Stevie went to get a boat and Vincent and Olivia went fishing with Noemie.

Once the crew got a boat Vincent and Olivia drove to the boat with Noemie and Vincent put a gun to her head. They then forced her to spill all she knows but she kept saying she did it on her own. After they decided she wont say anything they shot her into the water.


  • "I'm a boy!" —every time someone calls him Ma'am or mistakes him for a girl.
  • "Snitches get bitches"
  • "Wee woo we hate you"
  • "Do you like bridges...? Do you like swimming...? Have you ever jumped off the high dive at a swimming pool...? Why don't you try jumping, Johnny?"
  • "Just fucking go, Scotty, before I fucking stab you in the fucking knee and make you actually [sic] in a wheelchair"
  • "Nah, that's- that's different because it's a gun. A gun is like you're definitely gonna die, and a knife is like, you know, you might- you might just get a little stabby-stab"
  • "No, I wanna be in the trunk, I wanna- I wanna snuggle. No, I wanna snuggle... I need... I get lonely"
  • "______ girls night... plus Vinny" - when he does something with the BBMC girls.
  • "You are confusing me!"
  • “I was homeschooled” - his usual explanation for not understanding something.


Played By: Kindagloomy
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