Vince Offer

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Vince Offer is a character role-played by 80bsaget


Vince is a former infomercial host who arrived in Los Santos to sell his favorite products. He stalks the streets of the city looking for potential buyers(victims) of his products. He promotes the "Slap Chop" and "ShamWow" products and delivers his sales pitch to anyone he meets. 

Dark Side

Vince has a secret obsession with murder. He is a serial killer. He builds a relationship with people by offering them his products. Vince stalks people then lures them to a location to kill them. 


  • "You'll be saying wow every time!"

Fun Facts

  • Vince gets a thrill from killing
  • He often takes his victims out on boat
  • Vince has never been caught but has been injured before
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