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Vince's is a Tailor Company for kevlar-suit owned by Vince Watson.


Tailor Shop inspired by the Kingsmen Series.


At this meeting/pitch on 22nd December with Marlo Stanfield, Dean Watson and Dean Quincy at the Cerberus Christmas Event at The Memorial Wall , Vince told Marlo and DW about his idea and what he wanted and that Kevin Ram was ready to invest $200k into the idea but he hadn't been given any shares due to the company being just an idea at the point. During the meeting, he told Marlo and the two Deans, that he would be keeping majority of the shares in the company so he could make decisions at the end, keeping 60% to himself and giving them 40%. DW countered with Vince having 50%, while Cerberus had 20, Marlo had 20, and Dean Quincy with 10, also outbidding Kevin. Upon being asked how much he would like to have as the first investment, Vince told them he wouldn't know until the cost of manufacturing was completed but at this stage he asked for $400k, which DW and Marlo happily agreed. DW left the meeting saying he would complete the paperwork and start working on the project in the next couple of days.


Kingsmen -

Tailors -

  • Vince Watson

Products at the Tailor Shop

Photo Name Description Value
Vince's Business Card Card to hand out to people. free
Vince's suit1.png
Vince's Suit 1 Kevlar Suit $
Vince's Shoe Polish.png
Vince's Shoe Polish Shoe Polish $

Location & Interior

For location at first Vince wanted to start the company from the trunk of a car, but ideally he wanted to move it to the building called 'Anna Rex' beside the jewlery store.