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Victor Mason was a character role-played by gh0stalker

General Description

Victor Mason was a Prospect of the Lost MC, and was Patched in posthumously.

The Lost MC

He was Prospected into the club on July 7, 2019.


Mason was shot and killed by Eugene Zuckerberg (and Curtis Swoleroid) on July 14, 2019, in the war between the Lost and Cop Killa Records.

A funeral was held on September 14, 2019 for him, Reginald "Reggie" Campbell and Cooch Cassidy, who also died during the war.

Funeral Speeches
Rudi Rinsen: Okay you fucks. You all know that I'm not a man of big words, but I thought I'd say something to my fallen brothers, even though it's hard for me. So, bear with me for a second before we put the ashes into the ground.

[He pauses and starts reading a poem]

"So I stood and I watched as my brother rode by. It wasn't the way it should be.

He rode not on his bike but in a long back cage, and he rode by himself and not with me.

But I shed not a tear for this brother of mine, for he lived free and loved his life style.

So ride on, my brother, and rest in peace. Until me meet again after a while.

When my time comes to take that last ride, you can bet it'll be with a smile.

Because I love to ride and I'll be going home, so I'll enjoy it until the very last mile."

I'm sure I'll bump into you guys again up there where the ever the fuck you are, but not to-fucking-day. Not today. We will stay here just a little bit longer. I fucking love you Reggie, Cooch, fucking Mason. Rest in fucking peace, alright.

Sammy O'Faolain: Alright... I don't really have a lot of words for the boys here, but I love them to death. Reggie was an inspiration for us all. Like Gary said, "he was like a granddad." So yeah. Live your life, make it a happy life. Do what you want to do. [falls silent]
Reid Dankleaf: I didn't prepare anything, but I'll wing it! Like everyone said, we all looked up to Reggie. He was one of the oldest members of the Lost MC and the wisdom which comes with that can't be replaced and it'll be missed.

Cooch... [laughs] He was a fucking idiot, but I fucking loved him. He was a goddamn dipshit, but he was our dipshit and he will be missed sorely.

And as for Mason he was a prospect in life and patched in death. He might have been new to the club, but he was still family and his loss doesn't hurt any less.