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Victor Fittipaldi is a character role-played by Victor6.


Victor is the grandson of the two time Formula One world champion Emerson Fittipaldi, he won the 2012 FIA kart championship and was runner up for the Formula Two world championship in 2014. This wasn't enough to secure funding or get into a young drivers academy in a Formula One team, so after his second year in Formula Two he called it quits and moved to Los Santos from Vice City. Ultimately failing to live up to his last names legacy.

Every aspect of his life in Vice City was somewhat related to his racing career and he wanted a fresh start. His cousin Marcos da Silva lived in Los Santos and always raved about how great the city was, so Victor decided to join him.

Notable Incidents

The Dinner

Victor flipping Plankton's car during their pursuit up Great Ocean Highway.

After weeks of trying to get a job at PDM, Victor took his mission a step further and invited Mr.Lingberg to the most luxurious private dinning experience in town. Hosted by Tony Corleone at the Clean Manor the experience wasn't cheap for Victor, totaling over $13,000 (after the extra wine package and double off the menu wagyu beef orders which Mr.Lingberg requested) but in the end it paid off.

After hours of deep discussions about modern and classic art, the most important aspects of business, their sexual orientation and much more the dinner came to an end. Tony then punched Mr.Lingberg as he was saying his goodbyes which lead to Mr.Lingberg saying "I'm never coming back, I hate all of you!" but even still Victor had an inkling that this might have marginally improved his odds at getting a job at PDM.

A week later Mr.Lingberg invited Victor to his office at the Maze Bank tower and offered him a job at PDM as a "Floor Peasant" aka Sales Representative. He has since been promoted to Manager and sold the most cars of anyone in the city (900+).

B Class Racing

After a couple weeks of being friends with Chip thanks to their mutual love for the Sentinel Classic, Chip came up with the idea to try and get some B class races going. At the time there was only A, S and Open class races.

For the following two to three weeks Victor and Chip would host B class races and reach out to B class vehicle owners about racing their cars. It started with three to five racers and overtime grew bigger and bigger. Victor would promote the scene to people coming in to PDM to buy cars for the main purpose of racing. Many A class racers even bought a B class to join the scene.

About a month after Victor and Chip started the B class race scene they decided to make the "Bosey Boiz". A group that would host B class races with guidelines to help keep the scene fun and competitive while still being approachable to newcomers. Since then everyone from Phantom to Bighead have given the B class scene a go.

Criminal Record

Status of Drivers License: In Good Standing (Valid); Status of Weapons License: None

  • 7 months in prison for Misdemeanor Charge, for Disobeying a Peace Officer - June 17th, 2021



  • (S+) Supra Mk5 A90 (1 of 3)
  • (A+) Sultan Mk2
  • (B+) Sentinel Classic (First car ever bought)
  • (C+) Asbo

For Storage:

  • (D) Speedo
  • (D) Burrito


  • Rebla
  • Drafter