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Veronica "Vero" Garcia is a character role-played by Myladyballs.



Veronica Elizabeth Garcia was born in Southern California, to Anita Rodriguez and Martin Garcia. She was raised in Echo Parque (Echo Park), a low income neighborhood in Los Angeles. Her parents didn't have the best relationship, her mother worked a lot and her dad was never around because he was in the military. She never questioned why he didn't help their mother more with their financial situation, she just figured people in the military didn't make much. Veronica or Vero, had to grow up and become independent real quick. Being the oldest of 3, she had to help her mother care for her two younger brothers, Hector and Jose.

Vero learned at a young age that they were not like other families, They did not have what they had. They struggled to make ends meet. Vero noticed at times her mother wouldn't eat, so that they could. Vero would ask her mother why she wasn't eating, and her mother would always, "Mija, one or two days without eating is okay, your brothers need to eat too." Vero would get upset and ask her mother why she would do that? Vero's mom would then say, "because mija, we do anything for our familia. Familia es todo. Family is everything." This stuck inside Vero's mind, and in her heart.

During her high school years, Vero was tired of seeing her mother struggle financially. The work was almost nonexistent for someone who was undocumented and their dad barely sent enough to cover rent and some bills. Vero started to find weekend jobs to help her mother. Seeing that she could help her mother more if she worked more, Vero dropped out of school and started working more. Her mom found a job working the night shift at a local restaurant, which meant Vero had to figure out how to work and make sure her brothers stayed in school, did their homework, and stayed out of trouble. Having to constantly call in to work or leave early because of them, Vero went through many jobs. She didn't mind though, because she was independent and mature for her age, people usually assumed she was older than what she really was. This caused a lot of men to try to seduce her while she worked all these jobs. Vero never let herself be persuaded by these men. Growing up without a father figure, Vero didn't trust men. She always kept her guard up and would remember what her mother would tell her, "you can't trust any vato out in these streets. They all want one thing. Me entiendes? Don't be a pendeja!" She wasn't completely shut off from men though, she did have a few boyfriends, but because of how guarded she was, they always ended up leaving. A few even talked about marriage, but for Vero, marriage was something she never thought about, why marry someone if they're just going to leave?

Frustrated with the little money these 9-5 jobs provided, Vero started looking for alternatives. She ran into some friends from high school and they showed her a different way to make fast, and easy money. They taught her how to break into houses and then pawn the valuable items that they stole. Every time she went to the pawn shop, she'd offer up a different story as to how these items came into her possession, so as to not raise suspicion towards herself. This lasted a few years until she got caught for petty theft at the age of 20. She was sent to jail for 30 days. While in jail, Vero's mother came to see her. She looked down at her daughter and handed her an envelope. Before Vero could say anything, her mother said, "I just came to bring you this because you deserve to know the truth. I'm disappointed in you Veronica, yes we struggled, but this was never the answer." And she left.

Vero opened up the envelope to find a letter addressed to her mother from her father. Vero learned that her father wasn't who she thought he was. Yes he was in the military, and yes he helped his mother out financially, but what she didn't know, was that her and her siblings were the products of a love affair. Her father had another life. A life they were not a part of. Vero had a sister she knew nothing about. She found out that her father retired from the active military life and went into the reserves to raise his daughter, Chrissy, since her mother passed away while giving birth to her. This made Vero feel even more unwanted. She felt like her mother never cared or loved her the way she did her brothers, and her dad basically didn't want anything to do with them.

After 30 days, Vero was released. She was given back everything, including the money she had made pawning the shit she found. Stupid cops. She was about to head home, when she thought to herself, "why? Nobody gives a fuck about me there. Why go back?" She was walking down the street towards the greyhound station. She was about to hop on a bus going anywhere. She looked up at the board showing the destinations. She was looking through all of the cities, Seattle, Las Vegas, Denver, when she landed on one she'd never heard of, Los Santos. Funny, Los Santos, or The Saints. Let's see if The Saints will fare better for me than The Angels (Los Angeles) did. She bought a one way ticket to Los Santos, hopped on the bus, and never looked back.

Veronica "Vero" Garcia is currently a Soldado of the Vagos.

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