NoPixel community

Romantic Interests

Miguel Guerrero

Long-term boyfriend, now husband.


  • Martín García: Father
  • Anita Rodriguez: Mother
  • Héctor: Brother
Jose Rodriguez "Lil Ese"
  • Younger Brother
Chrissy Garcia
  • Younger Sister

Vero recently reunited with her sister (though Chrissy believes them to be cousins).



Friends and Associates

Ash Ketchup
Mina Rocket

Mina considers Vero to be one of the strongest and most beautiful women she has met in Los Santos, and holds her in very high regard. After their first meeting, Mina eagerly recounts the interaction, even going so far as to purchase Vero's NoPixel card. When they run into each other at Burger Shot, Mina cannot contain her excitement, having hoped to see Vero again.

Vero equally shows warm feelings toward Mina, noting that she is a nice person. Although they don't hang out together often, they do keep in contact through text.

Sarah Ableton
Zarina Vega

Zarina has shown to have a great respect for Vero.