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Velma Dinkerberry is a character role-played by ambermoonchild1.


Velma Dinkerberry is assumed to be born in 2002 in Northern Minnesota. In May of 2021, Velma was going to college to become a high school teacher. Her life was very normal, and no one would have ever expected her emotional and mental state to suddenly change in such a shocking and erratic way. To understand how Velma got to be where she is, one must first understand Thunder Ploo.

Thunder Ploo was born on the planet Zelnut. It’s real name and planet are inconceivable to the human ear, but sound something like DooDooButtButtDooPooButt and BooPeeDooPeePelvyNut. Thunder Ploo is 20 years old, or about 2 months in human years. Zelnuts are known to live as many as 300 years, or about 2 and a half human years

On planet Zelnut, there is a bi-annual IQ test to determine the most intelligent of the species. The outcome of these tests determine a Zelnut’s future. The most intelligent often gain prestigious careers in the Galactic Republic. Others might find gainful employment as fast food employees or Galactic school janitors. Thunder Ploo, on the other hand, would join the United Federation of Observers to Social Ramifications of Regulated Extrasolar Associated Lands. This was a position reserved for the dumbest of the Zelnuts, and after 20 years of intense cramming for the big test, Thunder Ploo really shit the bed. The United Federation of Observers to Social Ramifications of Regulated Extrasolar Allocated Labor, or UFOSRREAL, sent Thunder Ploo out into the universe to, if lucky, land on an inhabited planet and observe social conscience and hierarchy through the lens of a suitable host. It should probably be mentioned now that the most intelligent forms of life in any Universe are bacteria, parasites and Viruses to name a few. Though Thunder Ploo and the rest of the Zelnuts may act similarly to Parasites, they are actually bacteria since they may rely on a host, but are not entirely dependent on one. Also, as bacteria, they are single celled whereas parasitic life forms are multi celled.

These missions are reserved exclusively for the most dimwitted of the Zelnutters because the chances of finding an inhabited planet with compatible hosts living on it is equal to 1 in an unfathomable number. Though it means almost certain death to the Zelnut's chosen, “almost” is the key word. Life has been discovered on other planets and it is almost certain that more will be found.

Thunder Ploo was wildly fortunate to find Velma. Now, Thunder Ploo’s main job is to learn whether or not Earth would be better adequated to enter the Galactic Republic, or more appropriately suited to be taken over by parasitic life forms in need. There are large numbers of parasitic life forms waiting on hosts for their very survival and this is a very serious issue within the Galactic Republic.

After Thunder Ploo’s arrival, Velma might be considered a sociopath by human standards. She disconnected with her loved ones and eventually moved to Los Santos. Though her life has been turned upside down by Thunder Ploo’s manipulation of her feelings and emotions, Velma has no conscious awareness of Thunder Ploo, and although Thunder Ploo is very aware of Velma, Thunder Ploo is not adapted to feelings and emotions towards other people and doesn’t understand there worth to the human species. There are times when Velma feels things for others, but Thunder Ploo is actively lowering feelings and inhibitions that do not directly affect Velma’s own interest, aka Thunder Ploo's own interest.

Once, Velma wanted to finish school, get married and have kids. Her feelings for the opposite sex can, at times, can be so intense that Thunder Ploo has great difficulty managing them, but Thunder Ploo still makes certain that Velma's number one desire is to explore as much of the world of humanity as possible by sending waves of boredom that cause Velma to act out in strange ways. Racing, Robbing and anything else that can get her blood pumping is generally the guiding force.

Fun Facts

Velma Dancing.jpg

Velma was watching Scooby Doo at the time of Thunder Ploos takeover. With the release of inhibitions, Velma’s first act as a pawn in a highly evolved alien species game was to dress up like Velma Dingle, Velma’s favorite character from the show.

Velma has a variety of disguises. She has been known to dress up as MurderPussy the racer, Kayla the girl scout, Greta the southern bell and Old Man Barnabas to name a few. It could be put into question whether or not Velma from Minnesota is just another disguise.

Velma met a strange man, (Moses Glick) in an auto repair shop that wouldn't give her his DIX necklace. She hunted him down and eventually found out that he worked at BurgerShot. He continued to refuse her the DIX, so she fell in love with him. Broken hearted by his rejection, she laid down in front of the door in agony. She would go on to become BurgerShot's greatest unpaid Doormat of all time - and the only one.

While making an unpaid living as a doormat at BurgerShot, Velma was kidnapped by Hooker and Hatchet Block and became the first unpaid hood doormat to Alta St apartments, where she was to alert the Blocks by barking every time she was stepped on so that the blocks could collect the hood tax.

The gallaxy that the Zelnuts come from is approximately 15 times smaller than the milky way, and the sun and planets are about 86 to 90 percent smaller than that of Earth's solar system. It takes about 1.13 Earth months to achieve a single rotation of the Sun in the Zelnut galaxy. This is why there is a huge difference between Human years and Zelnut years.

A Zelnutter's journey into unknown lands and space are incredibly dangerous, and considering their lifespan, it might make one curious as to how they could make their way Bazillions of light years across the universe. Zelnutters use a type of sense that might strike humans as telepathy. It's not, but humans can only perceive so much. Zelnuts are able to use this sense to feel around the universe and then manipulate time and space to send the dumbass-lucky Zelnutters to the conceptualized location. From there, they rely on signals passed from the outcast's bowel movements to relay information on life and health. Yes, bowel movements cause a particular brainwave that can be deciphered by highly intelligent species. Give that a thought next time you take a squat.

Though Zelnutters typically only live about 2 and a half human years, they begin to breed with themselves, or divide, around 2 human years. Their deaths occur at the completion of birth.