Vasily Sazkaljovich is a character roleplayed by ImmortalHD.

Introduction Edit

Vasily Sazkaljovich is a young man from Russia who came to Los Santos looking for his father, Sergei Sazkaljovich, who emigrated Los Santos years ago. With no real leads, he spends his time trying to work his way into becoming a member of a gang and messing around with his friends.

Relationships Edit

Sergei Saskaljovich Edit

Vasily's biological father, and the reason why he came to Los Santos in the first place. He's angry at him for never being around and is frustrated that he can never seem to find him.

Olga Sazkaljovich Edit

Vasily's sister. After finding college boring, she too moved to Los Santos to find a more exciting life. She quickly followed in her brother's footsteps and joined a life of crime, even finding herself being invited to join the Russian mafia on her very first day in the city.

Judd Lincoln Edit

One of the first people Vasily met when he came to the city. Judd is Sergei's biggest advocate and did not take kindly to Vasily's anger toward him. He informed Vasily over how hard Sergei worked to make that money, and how he should feel grateful to him. He also told Vasily how Sergei always spoke highly of him. Upon learning about how he was adopted by Michael King III and his wife, Judd grew upset, saying that he could have gone to him instead. His hatred of Mikey is very apparent, and he has threatened to kill him or sic his gang on him if he talks badly about Sergei again.

Michael King III Edit

Michael King, or Mikey, met Vasily while they were both trying to steal a cop car. Impressed with his skills, the two drove around together while committing petty crimes. When the cops showed up to the gas station they were holding up, Vasily refused to leave Mikey behind. The two of them managed to escape, and Mikey was amazed at V's loyalty. When V told him about his father troubles, Mikey offered to adopt him so he could stay in Los Santos longer. Both Mikey and his wife, Lana King, adore their new adopted son, but Mikey hates Sergei for seemingly abandoning his only son.

Lana King Edit

V's adopted mother. She was originally suspicious of him, especially when her husband adopted him out of the blue. However, she warmed up to him quickly and even offered to do a baby shower for him as a bit of a celebration. She is rather indifferent towards Sergei, but she does not like Judd at all since she's threatened to kill her husband.

Julio Edit

Julio is a friend of Vasily. They bonded over crime you could say. Julio sells guns and often gives Vasily some. Once they thought someone was following Julio. So, being the most sensible thing to do, Vasily went and shot him up. Then Julio saved him from the cops. Julio hopes to utilize Vasily's growing connections with the Chang Gang and the Russian Mafia to eventually sell them guns and to grow his weapons trafficking business. They are also just good friends and mess around with each other as friends do. They are both definitely not virgins.

Belle Edit

While looking for someone to marry in order to obtain American citizenship, Vasily stumbled upon Belle. She agreed to marry him in exchange for some donuts, however, nothing really came out of it. She usually hangs out with both him and Julio, often roasting both of them. Belle came in pretty clutch a couple of times, saving Vasily's car from being impounded after both he and Julio ran from a shootout.

Chips Ahoy Edit

Chips is one of Vasily's close friends. Vasily tends to be protective of him, as he usually finds himself getting taken hostage by the many criminals of Los Santos. On one such occasion, Vasily vowed to find out who took Chips hostage and to teach them a lesson. He quickly found out that Chips was held hostage by their own friend, Julio. Vasily then came up with a plan to lure Julio to Chips' home and to have a masked Chips scare him into confessing what he had done. However, after getting high on crack, Chips went too far and downed Julio with his bat instead.

Criminal Record Edit

Drivers License: In Good Standing

Prior convictions list as of Tuesday, September 10 of 2019.

  • Accessory to Robbery x1
  • Assault with Deadly Firearm x2
  • Attempted Second Degree Murder on a Peace Officer x1
  • Brandishing non Firearm x1
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 1] x5
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm [Class 2] x2
  • Criminal Sale of a Firearm [Class 1] x1
  • Criminal Use of a Firearm x1
  • Disobeying a Peace Officer x1
  • Evading x3
  • First Degree Robbery x1
  • First Degree Speeding x1
  • Joyriding x3
  • Possession of Controlled Dangerous x2
  • Receiving Stolen Property x1
  • Reckless Evading x6
  • Resisting Arrest x4
  • Robbery x3
  • Unlawful Imprisonment x1

Episode List Edit

A Youtube channel by the name of Cruton (MyBathroomIsPurple) has recently been uploading ImmortalHD's past streams. This is a list of all episodes currently uploaded and a brief description for each one. (Some videos may be blocked in your country) (Episode Titles are reflective of the video uploaded) (VOD Links aren't included because they sometimes get removed on Twitch)

# Title Description
1 8 =19 Vasily can be seen from the following timestamps: 2:04:16 - 2:18:25 and 2:46:06 - 7:54:54
2 Getting His Picture Taken Vasily can be seen from the following timestamps: 39:21 - 1:01:37 and 1:19:21 - 8:47:00
3 Routine Traffic Stop Vasily can be seen from the following timestamp: 4:08:01 - 8:51:37
4 Helping The Blind Vasily can be seen from the following timestamp: 27:48 - 1:31:17
5 Mechanic RP Vasily can be seen from the following timestamp: 25:20 - 7:28:40
6 Wicked Sick Jump Vasily can be seen from the following timestamps: 40:53 - 1:23:10, 5:50:23 - 6:14:27, and 7:31:26 - 8:41:48
7 Comeuppance Vasily can be seen from the following timestamp: 2:58:55 - 5:59:03

Quotes Edit

  • "I've had sex before."
  • "I'm not a virgin, by the way."
  • "My name Vasily, but people call me V."

Trivia Edit

  • Vasily, being a zoomer, plays Fortnite. Unsurprisingly, he has used some of the money Sergei sent back to purchase VBucks.
  • Currently owes over $50k in car payments for his Nissan R34 Skyline GTR
  • Is a known white knight

Vasily Moments Edit

V gets hit by a train

"What were you doing in Grove?"

Soze's message to V

Vasily and Garrett take a bait car

Vasily shoots man who calls him a dork

V tries to get Otto some drugs

V lets Zelda test drive his car

V has some girl problems

V has an awkward moment

Vasily asks Michael how he found Olga

Vasily talks to Andrews on CG radio

V and Chang joust with Fred Hurst on motorcycles

V asks Copper if he has a warrant

Vasily watches Falcon get ambushed

V roasts Jordan Steele

Gallery Edit

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