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Vasily Sazkaljovich is a character role-played by aleks.

General Description

Vasily Sazkaljovich (known as "V" to most) is a young man from Russia. He is most identifiable from his short black hair and the tattoo that rests across his collarbone.

Vasily tends to bounce between friend groups and as a result of his friendly nature, he is known to talk to anyone he comes across. He can often be seen spending time with members of HOA, various Chang Gang members, the Cleanbois or his own family. He was previously a prospect for The Russian Mafia but has since cut ties with the them due to his sister, Olga Sazkaljovich, leaving.

Vasily is also employed at the Blazing Tattoo as both a shadow co-owner and tattoo artist, while the other owner, Luce Stitches runs the shop as the front man. He previously worked at Rooster's Rest and Pegasus Concierge but was fired as a result of him being out of the country for 6 months.

After returning from his 6 month absence, Vasily has been keeping tabs on his sister, Olga Sazkaljovich. He also has been re-hired by the Rooster's Rest and working with the the Guild and Cleanbois.


When Vasily was around 8 years of age, his father Sergei Sazkaljovich moved away from Russia to the city of Los Santos in order to make money as a taxi driver for his family back home. As a result of this, Vasily's relationship with his father was absent and there was no communication between them- even during the time that his father lived in Russia, he was always too busy to make time for Vasily. For this reason, Vasily moved from Russia to Los Santos in order to look for his father so that they could be reunited once again and make-up for the years that had been missed.

A few months after moving to Los Santos, Vasily was reunited with his older sister, Olga Sazkaljovich, who moved to Los Santos from Russia after completing her educational studies and they started doing their own independent thing whiling still keeping in touch.


  • "I've had sex before."
  • "I'm not a virgin, by the way."
  • "My name Vasily, but people call me V."
  • "What you mean, motherfuck?!"
  • "I'll fucking kill a cop."


  • Sold Demi Lovato meth.


Played By: Aleks
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