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Vasily Sazkaljovich is a character role-played by aleks.

General Description

Vasily Sazkaljovich (known as "V" to most) is a young man from Russia. He moved to Los Santos looking for his father, Sergei Sazkaljovich, who emigrated to Los Santos a few years ago.

Vasily tends to bounce between friend groups, and he is often seen spending time with Julio Thomas, various Chang Gang members, and was a prospect for The Russian Mafia.

Vasily works for Pegasus Concierge.


Sergei Sazkaljovich

Sergei Sazkaljovich is Vasily's biological father and the reason why Vasily came to Los Santos. Vasily is angry at Sergei for never being around and is frustrated that he can never seem to find him.

Olga Sazkaljovich

Olga is Vasily's older biological sister. After finding college boring, she moved to Los Santos to find a more exciting life. She quickly followed in her brother's footsteps and joined the life of crime. Vasily and Olga would always argue over the smallest things but always make sure they have each other whenever they're in a situation. After their reunion, V introduced Olga to The Russian Mafia and was invited to join on her very first day in the city.

Judd Lincoln

One of the first people Vasily met when he came to the city. Judd Lincoln is Sergei's biggest advocate and did not take kindly to Vasily's anger toward him. Judd informed Vasily on how hard Sergei worked to make the family's money, and how Vasily should be grateful to him. He also told Vasily how Sergei always spoke highly of him. Upon learning about how he was adopted by Michael King III and his wife, Judd grew upset; saying that Vasily could have gone to him instead. Judd's hatred of Michael King III is very apparent, and he has threatened to kill him or sic his "gang" on hi if he speaks ill of Sergei.

Julio Thomas

Julio is a close friend of Vasily, growing close over doing criminal acts together. He sells guns and often gives Vasily some. At one point, Julio and Vasily thought that someone was following Julio, so (being the most sensible thing to do) Vasily shot him, and Julio returned the favour by saving Vasily from police custody. He hopes to utilize Vasily's growing connections with the Chang Gang and The Russian Mafia to eventually sell them guns and to grow his weapons trafficking business. Julio and Vasily bond over the fact that they are both definitely not virgins.

Belle Matthews

While looking for someone to marry to obtain American citizenship, Vasily stumbled upon Belle. She agreed to marry him in exchange for some donuts, however, nothing really came out of it. She usually hangs out with both him and Julio, often roasting both of them. Belle came in pretty clutch a couple of times, saving Vasily's car from being impounded after Vasily and Julio ran from a shootout.

Chips Ahoy

Chips is one of Vasily's close friends. Vasily tends to be protective of him, as Chips usually finds himself getting taken hostage by the many criminals of Los Santos. On one such occasion, Vasily vowed to find out who took Chips hostage, and to "teach them a lesson". Vasily found out that Chips was held hostage by their own friend, Julio, and came up with a plan to lure Julio to Chips' home. Once Julio arrived, Vasily was going to have a masked Chips scare him into confessing what he had done. However, after getting high on crack, Chips went too far and downed Julio with his bat instead.

Andi Jones

Soon after Andi was elected mayor Vasily started working as her chauffeur. Although the working relationship didn’t last very long, they remained friends.

Harry Brown


Miles Landon


Denzel Williams


Carmella Corset



  • "I've had sex before."
  • "I'm not a virgin, by the way."
  • "My name Vasily, but people call me V."
  • "What you mean, motherfuck?!"


Played By: Aleks
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