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Vasily Sazkaljovich is a character role-played by aleks.

General Description

Vasily Sazkaljovich (known as "V" to most) is a young man from Russia. He is most identifiable from his short black hair and the tattoo that rests across his collarbone.

Vasily tends to bounce between friend groups and as a result of his friendly nature, he is known to talk to anyone he comes across. He can often be seen spending time with Julio Thomas, members of HOA, various Chang Gang members or his family. He was previously a prospect for The Russian Mafia but has since cut ties with the them due to his sister, Olga, leaving.

Vasily is also employed at the Blazing Tattoo as both a shadow Owner and tattoo artist. He previously worked at Rooster's Rest and Pegasus Concierge but was fired as a result of him being out of the country for 6 months.


When Vasily was around 8 years of age, his father (Sergei Sazkaljovich) moved away from Russia to the city of Los Santos in order to make money as a taxi driver for his family back home. As a result of this, Vasily's relationship with his father was absent and there was no communication between them- even during the time that his father lived in Russia, he was always too busy to make time for Vasily. For this reason, Vasily moved from Russia to Los Santos in order to look for his father so that they could be reunited once again and make-up for the years that had been missed.

A few months after moving to Los Santos, Vasily was reunited with his older sister, Olga Sazkaljovich, who moved to Los Santos from Russia after completing her educational studies. This was followed by the reuniting of Vasily and his cousin, Vozitsya Sazkaljovich, who moved to Los Santos to reconnect with his lost family.

Vasily briefly took a 6 month trip to Serbia, Russia to see his Grandmother but returned to Los Santos in September 2021.



Sergei Sazkaljovich

Sergei Sazkaljovich is Vasily's biological father and the reason why Vasily came to Los Santos. As Sergei was a workaholic, Vasily grew up without ever really seeing him or being able to speak to him. Vasily is angry at Sergei for never being around while he was growing up and is also frustrated that he has never been able to locate him in Los Santos.

Olga Sazkaljovich

Olga is Vasily's older biological sister. After finding college boring, she moved to Los Santos to find a more exciting life. She quickly followed in her brother's footsteps and joined the life of crime. After their reunion, V introduced Olga to The Russian Mafia and was invited to join on her very first day in the city. After some time, Olga left the Mafia and in return Vasily also cut ties with them. Although Vasily and Olga are often seen to be arguing or poking fun at each other, they would ultimately do anything for one another and are always seen to have each others backs.


Julio Thomas

Julio is a close friend of Vasily, growing close over doing criminal acts together. He sells guns and often gives Vasily some. At one point, Julio and Vasily thought that someone was following Julio, so (being the most sensible thing to do) Vasily shot him, and Julio returned the favour by saving Vasily from police custody. He hopes to utilize Vasily's growing connections with the Chang Gang and The Russian Mafia to eventually sell them guns and to grow his weapons trafficking business. Julio and Vasily bond over the fact that they are both definitely not virgins.

Chips Ahoy

Chips is one of Vasily's close friends. Vasily tends to be protective of him, as Chips usually finds himself getting taken hostage by the many criminals of Los Santos. On one such occasion, Vasily vowed to find out who took Chips hostage, and to "teach them a lesson". Vasily found out that Chips was held hostage by their own friend, Julio, and came up with a plan to lure Julio to Chips' home. Once Julio arrived, Vasily was going to have a masked Chips scare him into confessing what he had done. However, after getting high on crack, Chips went too far and downed Julio with his bat instead.

Andi Jones

Soon after Andi was elected mayor Vasily started working as her chauffeur. Although the working relationship didn’t last very long, they remained friends and after Vasily's 6 month trip to Serbia; he has an ongoing joke to ask Andi for mayoral requests- although she is no longer mayor.

Harry Brown

Harry is Vasily's Uncle and one of his close friends. After meeting during the first few months of the new city, Harry and V worked together to try and survive. This meant that they'd often be seen fishing together or attempting to scam money out of civilians, doing anything to try and make some cash. Upon V's return to the city, Harry helped to educate him the things he'd missed and introduced him to the friends he'd made while V was in Serbia.

Dio Ivanov

Dio is one of Vasily's oldest friends. They met during high school in Russia, Dio and V became close within this timeframe and as a result they continued to be friends even when they moved across the planet to Los Santos. When together, chaos erupts and various crimes are committed- this usually results in jailtime.


Belle Matthews

While looking for someone to marry to obtain American citizenship, Vasily stumbled upon Belle. She agreed to marry him in exchange for some donuts, however, nothing really came out of it. She would usually hang out with both him and Julio, often roasting both of them. Belle came in pretty clutch a couple of times, saving Vasily's car from being impounded after Vasily and Julio ran from a shootout. However, they have not been in contact for a long time since.

Carmella Corset

Carmella is Vasily's long term girlfriend. They met for the first time through Lana Valentine. At the time Carmella was working as the head dancer at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club and most of their encounters took place there. Carmella began to refer to Vasily as her "Russian Sugar Daddy" after his numerous trips to the Strip Club and requests for private dances. On March 28th, 2021, they officially became a couple- although they have been through some rough spots and their relationship was on a hold when V left for Serbia for 6 months, they are still in a committed relationship with each other. While Vasily was away, Carmella had a short relationship with Ramee El-Rahman but eventually chose Vasily over him upon V's return on October 5th 2021.


  • "I've had sex before."
  • "I'm not a virgin, by the way."
  • "My name Vasily, but people call me V."
  • "What you mean, motherfuck?!"


Played By: Aleks
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