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Vali Umbra is a character role-played by YTF_Vali.


Vali Umbra comes from the city of Bucharest, raised in the Ferentari neighbourhood which is also known as "Bucharest's Bronx" or the "Champs Elysees of heroin dealers". He hated school and never really got along with it, choosing to spend his childhood either watching cartoons or hanging around the neighbourhood with the other kids. He was a big Rapid Bucharest fan since a little kid as his father and grandfather before him and started going to the games from a young age and by the time he reached 17, him and his friend were already causing a lot of trouble getting into fights with other supporters. Hooligans or Ultras fans would meet up before games in random parks and fought with each other and the Police causing havoc all around them, this was the environment in which Vali grew up in. His parents were not happy with the way he was growing up and even tho he had some talents(he seemed to pick up languages easily) he could never find a right path in life.

Not being from a wealthy family he noticed that even though his parents were hard workers they would never manage to have enough money at the end of the month. Holidays were luxuries the people on TV had and tomorrows uncertainty was always present. Seeing this he realized that if he was to make it out of this shithole the only thing he could do was leave, either to England or America where he could use the language he learned to start a new life and send money back to his family. After several debates and arguments in the family, and more trouble that Vali kept getting into with fighting alongside hooligans every week, his parents were finally convinced that they should let the boy go make a life for himself in a different country. It didn't take long for him to find a destination that he would travel to, the sunny state of San Andreas, in Los Santos.

First Days[]

Vali's first day in the city took him to Dodo where he met a guy named Charlie Payne and his friend Duke. After just a few minutes of conversation it was clear to Vali that Charlie is a guy who knows his way around the city so he would be a good teacher. Charlie introduced Vali to Barry Bufford and the two went on to do Dodo Jobs together. He also took a liking to Barry and they found they have the love for motorcycles in common. After the Dodo jobs were done the 4 went on a fishing trip to show Vali other jobs that he could do around the city. The conversations had during the fishing trip showed Vali that people in Los Santos are way friendlier than he thought they would be so he took the 3 guys phone numbers. In the following weeks Vali spent a lot of time with Charlie whenever they were both around and he managed to learn a tip or two from the old fox, while also meeting some of the guys Charlie would hang around with, like Ty and Junjie. During one of their fishing trips Charlie, Barry and Ty were talking about forming a gang but they would not be decisive in who they would want to lead the gang or what type of gang it would be but to Vali's surprise he was included in the conversation of joining the gang even tho he had done nothing illegal up to this point.

The First Crime[]

It was a usual day, the boy would normally start the day off by doing Dodo, he put an add on Twatter that he was looking for a partner to do his Dodo jobs with and a girl named Tess Quinn replied. The two set on to do their jobs and have a conversation while at it, Vali found out that Tess was not really just an ordinary girl, she was a hitman who was pretty well connected. On their 2nd run however Tess got a phone call from a friend that they needed help with something so Tess asked Vali if he is willing to help. Vali, being a bit of a yes man, agreed to help not knowing fully what he is getting himself into. Tess suggested they go to the prison parking lot and steal two cars so they could help her friends escape from the Police.

They both stole the cars and set up at a place where they could pick up her friends as they jumped out of the car they were getting chased in. One of her friends jumped into Vali's car and they started driving in the opposite way from the police. One trooper was still chasing them with quite a bit of distance behind so Tess's friend asked Vali "Since there is only one cop on us, do you want to shoot?" again Vali could have said no, and just kept driving and he would have probably ended up escaping but his Yes man mentality got the better of him and he said "Yes!" He stops the car, they both get out and start blasting at the troopers car who starts reversing after realizing what is about to happen. Seeing that the trooper is escaping and pulling back they both jump into the car which fails to start, while this is happening two other cop cars pull up and the respective officers get out and start shooting at Vali and Tess's friend. Vali gets shot in the left shoulder and falls down in pain while the other culprit gets shot in the leg.

They are both detained and Vali is forced to plead guilty to assault against a government employee and assisting in robbing a bank, which is why the two were running in the first place. What Vali didn't know is that there is a stigma in Los Santos about guys who are being reckless like this, he lost his gun license and Barry and Charlie did not look at him the same way for a while, from the level headed guy he thought he was they saw him as a guy who would go into a situation reckless. He vowed then to always think twice before saying yes to certain things an two analyze things from different perspectives

The Hidden[]

After a while has passed since his arrest Charlie and Vali were reunited and started hanging out again. During this time Charlie also started hanging out more and more with Cooper Hart, Wilson Hart and Alice Glass. While at the beginning Charlie reluctant to take Vali with him when they were hanging out after a while he decided to take Vali along and meet The Hart Brothers. Unbeknownst to Vali the Hart brothers, Alice and Charlie have formed a gang during this time named as The Hidden.

They already had a prospect in Jimmy Bruner, a crackhead with the heart of gold. They were spending most of their time fishing, hunting and doing the occasional bank jobs to which Vali was never invited. While Vali was grinding hard to make his money up he always had something put away for the people he liked so in his minivan he always kept stuff that he knew would help the gang out in case they needed it. After a while the guys grew more fond of Vali as he started showing up more and more when they were around. By this time Jimmy had received a vest and they had a brand new prospect named Bree McNab. Vali got offered the position of prospect eventually by Cooper by handcuffing Vali and bringing him to a torture chamber, Soon after Vali met a man named Troy Story who both would fish together and showed him around the city. Eventually Vali brought Troy into The Hidden, and both would be known as Cosmo and Wanda due to their hair colours being Green and Pink. This is around when Vali got promoted to a Full Member to the gang.

Vali would show his love to his friends and family any time he got, so when Bree left the gang he felt like she didn't belong but after hearing that she had The Wastelanders outside Charlies house, which was The Hidden's clubhouse. Vali was furious, so when The Hidden went to war with them, Vali was ready. Vali soon after wasn't able to wake up in the city so when he returned, Charlies old friend Dom Dasilva who ocean dumped Bree, would be there when he became a Prospect of The Hidden. Though once again, Vali had to do other things back home and wouldn't be able to come back to Los Santos for a while, in his few returns when he could come back, this was when The Hidden got into the app but due to him not being able to be around much, Vali was thinking of leaving the gang, which the leaders refused saying he will always be HDN if he's not there. This also lead to The Hidden get more titles for the family, this would be Captains. Which the leaders had several people in mind, but it came to Garret Mathews and Jimmy getting a role.

So when Vali's full return back to Los Santos became dark when his best friend, Troy Story. Not being happy where the gang was in the current state frustrated Troy, thus leaving his mask and vest on the compound of The Hidden, Vali would be shocked and didn't believe the news, but when the 2 talked. It was clear it was real. A few weeks later after Troy leaving he would still be around the gang but the rest being awkward towards him, it took Liam Berg, another member of The Hidden. to remind Vali and the rest of the gang that when Bree left, that the next person to leave should leave in a body bag. It crossed Vali's mind that Liam was right, but hard when Willy was also having a hard time to decide Troy's fate. So one day when a new Prospect at the time Tiene Koski convinced and solidified Vali's decision, later that night seeing Troy twat out, Vali grabbed a gun from Willy. Without telling them what he was about to do, met with Troy on top of a parking garage near the beach, and talked. It was one of the hardest decision that Vali ever made. So when it came to shooting Troy, Vali was broken, but it had to be done.

A few days later, after a situation of Tiene leaving the group and Jimmy not following leaders orders. It came to getting a new captain. Which a few days prior Willy, Garret and Jimmy were coming up with even more roles. Though this situation changed due to Jimmy getting demoted, thus Willy promoted Vali to a Captain, and now taking more of a harden approach for the gang.


Vali has several personalities depending on the situation he is in

- Clint Torres aka the Korean Assassin comes out when Vali hears the word assassination and becomes very violent to the point where he killed Wilson Hart's fish, Leonard. When he has a metal detector in his hands or when someone destroys his favourite movie Desperado with Antonio Banderas, he returns back to Vali without memory.

-Cowboy Vali comes out when Vali gets drunk, he usually wears a cowboy hat and a brown leather jacket.

-Shark Benefactor comes out when Vali is racing, Shark is a frenchmen who dresses up in all blue and white and tends to wear a blue jump suit


  • "When a Gang comes to fuck, you come" - Vali to The Neon Tigers MC after shooting them in Burgershot
  • "Lil Burdy" - Cowboy Vali
  • "hey man" - Clint Torres
  • "Next Message"