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Valentine Dalla is a character role-played by itsmattyxoxo.


Valentine Dalla is confident, smart, sassy and charming. She is someone who is extremely friendly and can be helpful in situations she knows best. Her smile is contagious despite having a resting bitch face. Regardless, Valentine is definitely a person you want to encounter at least once in your life, it's too short to live it without her.


Valentine Dalla is a bad bitch that was born in Italy.

Looking back her childhood, she wanted to live and pursue a career in Los Santos as she learned fluent english throughout her teenage years and was obsessed with American Rap and Pop Culture, wanting to debut as a Rapper in a Major Label. She's a fashionista and dancer as well, having expensive taste and experience as a Stylist and Stripper.

She debuted in Creampie Creations on May 21st with "All Eyes on Me". At the start of September 2021, she left the record label and switched to Wu-Chang Records.

Valentine Dalla is indeed mainly known due to her amazing rap skills. Her flow, lyrics and melodies are extremely catchy which explains why she's one of the biggest artist in the city. She has broken down many doors for female rappers and set many achievements as well with her biggest hit to date "All Eyes On Me", reaching 68,000 streams on the LSBN charts (most streamed songs on the platform to date). Her versatility is something out of this world. Not only has she explored many different genres, but has mastered them all. Indeed, her second digital single "Bestie (feat. Adelaide)" incorparates hyperpop elements which makes the chorus standout incredibly. She also shows her feminine side throughtout songs like "Mean Girl", yet she's no one to be stepped on! "Davinci Accent" proves she can stand up for herself and prove facts to the whole world. Her career is only going up from here!


Once got in the big city, she was overwhelmed for how much the city is fast-paced and there's a lot of things to do, she met a lot of people and got a lot of opportunities, one of the first ones being signed to her past label Creampie Creations, Outto-Tune Tyrone's label. Since Valentine looked very similar to Carmella Corset, she got some backlash for it but she was actually honored that she looked like her. People would start confusing her with Carmella, to the point that Corset felt some type of way and decided with her best friend Lana Valentine to put a stop on it, kidnapping her and shaving her head.





Valentine Dalla

Valentine Dalla
June 24, 2022

STBU (Feat. Lana Valentine)
June 24, 2022
Produced by whatafuckingbitch & Noelle Ablisa
Written by Noelle Ablisa, Karina Giselle
Mixed & Mastered by Niko Rain
2. STBU (Featuring Lana Valentine)
Produced by BandoBeatz
Written by Valentine Dalla, Noelle Ablisa, Liz Anya
Mixed & Mastered by Niko Rain
3. WANT U (Featuring Zeke Hart)
Produced by MOMOW
Written by Valentine Dalla, Ezekiel Hartenstein
Mixed & Mastered by Niko Rain
Produced by BJ Lips
Written by Valentine Dalla
Mixed & Mastered by Niko Rain
Wu-Chang Records


Cover Title Release Date Description
All Eyes On Me May 21, 2021 All Eyes On Me, Valentine Dalla's debut single, is a club banger and a bad bitch anthem with a really catchy chorus, mainly Rap with Pop influences.

It's the biggest debut ever for an artist in Los Santos.


(feat. Adelaide)

August 11, 2021 Valentine Dalla returns with another club banger for her sophomore single, “Bestie” featuring upcoming artist Adelaide.
Bestie REMIX

(feat. Adelaide & Liz Anya)

September 15, 2021 Liz Anya's Remix for Valentine Dalla's hit single “Bestie” featuring upcoming artist Adelaide.
Mean Girl September 29, 2021 Miss Dalla after switching labels finally debuts in Wu Chang Records with a bossy, feminine and strong track that empowers her persona and shows off what she's really about.
Davinci Accent September 29, 2021 Miss Dalla after switching labels finally debuts in Wu-Chang Records with another powerful EDM based track responding to scenarios she went through in the past and dealing with the backlash.
Got It Good (feat. Eezy) October 30th, 2021 Valentine comes back with a banging track featuring Eezy, rapping about her experience in jail being charged with second degree murder for self defense.
Backseat (feat. Zarina Vega) December 3rd, 2021 Valentine gets into her sexual side with her fellow bestie and label mate Zarina Vega, in an explosive rap track giving off luxurious vibes.
PRADA January 14th, 2022 Valentine finally drops her anticipated single "PRADA", a track where Dalla raps about the stuff she experienced with her music career in Los Santos to this day.
STBU (feat. Lana Valentine) June 25th, 2022 Lead single from Valentine's first EP "Condolences".

Appears On

Cover Title Release Date Description
Twatter Fingers July 17, 2021 The Creampie Creations Queens Jenny Ondamic and Valentine Dalla release their brand new single after accusations were made about them.
Nasty Bitch December 12, 2021 Valentine Dalla teams up with Crusty Rusty and Liz Anya to make a sexual explicit track!
GAS REMIX December 20, 2021 Valentine remixes YOHA'S debut single as Captain Raw.
Stay There January 7, 2022 Valentine teams up with Molly Rollin on a track where she raps both in English and her native language, Italian.
Bad Bitches 2022 January 29th 2022 Bad Bitches 2022 is an off-album track Zarina decided to release in honor of the new year, and what better way to start the new year than with a banger? Her bestie Valentine hops on the track with her in a fierce girlboss nature that completes the track to perfection.


All Eyes On Me, Bestie, Bestie REMIX, Mean Girl, Davinci Accent, Got It Good, Backseat and PRADA all reached the number one spot in the LSBN Charts.

All Eyes On Me reached the number one spot only 2 days after it's release.

It was the first song to gather over 50k+ streams on the LSBN charts, breaking and setting many records as the most successful charting song. To this day (5/30/2021), it remains topping the charts with around 150 mixtapes sold in a week.

As well, hitting more than 25,000 streams on SoundCloud in the third month anniversary 8/21/2021.

On the day of Mean Girl and Davinci Accent's release (9/29/2021), All Eyes On Me manages to hit 30,000 streams on SoundCloud.