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Valentina Hops is a character role-played by Dorken.


Valentina Hops is an impressionable woman who currently works at Burger Shot as a General Manager and at Paleto Pets.


Burger Shot

After volunteering to help friend and Burger Shot employee Frank Fritugo, Valentina expressed an interest in applying for the job. Robert, then Night Manager, hires her and then assigns an extra job of being his assistant. Valentina then makes him her BFF after her old friend Jane Farmer left her. On the same day being his assistant, Rob makes her try out 'candy' (meth) which made her immediately addicted (due to her personality). After a few days she was laid off as Rob's assistant.

The Japer (Joker Moment)

Promised a role as a manager, Valentina proudly called herself Manager-in-Training. However Ass. to Ass. Gen. Manager Sherry Paie told the news of Rob's lie: that she was just given the role to make her happy and not actually becoming a manager. Valentina breaks into tears, turns into The Japer, and hatches a revenge plan against Sherry. After hours of chasing and talking, Valentina executes her alternative plan - to burn the Burger Shot roof - only after failing to get a hold of Sherry. She shortly gets herself caught by the police and sent to jail.


  • Has a pet Tasmanian Devil called Tazzie and is the cutest thing ever!!!!
  • Likes looking at slices of cheese, but hates eating it
  • Rob got her addicted to meth, which she calls "candy"
  • To pass the time, Bianca and Valentina openly smoke weed and crystal meth together on the Burger Shot tills.
  • Recently, Valentina has been moonlighting as the Criminal Mastermind, The Japer.
  • Probably the first owner of the Kevin toy from the Murder Meal Toy 1st collection. Clips