The Los Santos Vagos are a street gang that operates out of the Jamestown. Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana is the Leader (El Jefe) of the Vagos.

History Edit

The Vagos is a Mexican-American street gang.

They are constantly at odds with the Ballaz and Families gangs.

Jesus Garcia began as the "El Jefe", he and fellow Vagos would protect the Jamestown very tightly and would shoot on sight to anyone that would enter the Jamestown.

Through the shoot on sight method, they made a lot of enemies including the Ballaz, The Families, Chang Gang, Leanbois & more.

Jesus Death Edit

Jesus died after getting into a shootout with Chang Gang, after he was trying to consistently provoke them, he ended up dying on-site.

After Jesus death, Lil Loco took over as "El Jefe", but didn't last long because he disappeared not long after.

Speedy El Jefe Edit

Speedy was just a soldier (low rank in the gang) back when Jesus was still alive. After Jesus' death, the Vagos fell apart and the only member left was Speedy.

All alone, Speedy slowly worked his way up building his reputation and the Vagos. Although alone at that time, Speedy was fighting different wars from different fronts. He went to war with the GSF, Ballas and Leanbois.

His reputation grew and slowly attracted people that eventually joined his Vagos gang. He is now the El Jefe of the reborn Vagos with members up to 8 people and currently boasting weapons and drugs as their business.

Leanbois x Vagos Edit

During the downfall of the Vagos, Speedy was fighting different wars alone. One of those gangs he went to war with were the Leanbois. Everyday, Speedy and the Leanbois would shoot each other in the south.

One day, Speedy was with one of his members and in a shootout with Buddha and Slim/Pimp. Vagos shut down Leanbois and were bleeding on the streets so the Cops and EMS came. Gangs don't like cops, so Speedy then decided that Cops shouldn't interfere with gang related issues. Speedy warned the cops that they shouldn't be staying in that part of the city. Speedy then waited for the cops to leave and then went for the EMS Ambulance carrying Buddha and Pimp.

Speedy grabbed the ambulance from the EMS and then proceeded to drive up North. There Buddha, Pimp and Speedy had a talk. Buddha was so surprised in Speedy's action and took Speedy saving them as a favor. They both agreed that the beef is over and that is how the alliance between Vagos and Leanbois was formed.

LB and Vagos helped each other making their bond stronger. Some say the alliance is too strong to break that no one or no group can break it except themselves.

Siz Fulker is an affiliate of both LB and Vagos, he even made his own one man gang (Tang Gang) since the colours of LB (Red) and Vagos (Yellow) make Orange, hence the name Tang Gang. Siz bought 7 bricks of cocaine to save both gangs and to gain more respect from every member and to give back to those whoโ€™ve helped him grow.

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