The Eastside Vagos, also known as ESV or the Vagos, are a large Mexican street gang currently led by el Jefe, Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana. They operate out of the Barrio, based in the Jamestown area. The Vagos are supporters of the LS Pounders football team, as they wear the color yellow as well as driving yellow vehicles, to match with the team's colors.

They are said to be the largest Hispanic street gang in Los Santos. The gang's main business revolves around pushing guns, drugs, etc.


  • Vagos por Vida
  • Viva los Vagos
  • Raza Vagos

Leaders[edit | edit source]

Jesus Garcia[edit | edit source]

Jesus began recruiting for the Vagos, he recruited Lil Loco & Speedy. Jesus was the leader, until his death.

Fernando “Lil Loco” Martinez[edit | edit source]

After Jesus' death, Lil Loco took over as El Jefe. His time as leader of the Vagos was short-lived, as he mysteriously disappeared from the city shortly after. He would later return to the gang, with a new focus as a loyal soldier.

Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana[edit | edit source]

Speedy, the El Jefe of the new and "reborn" Vagos, began as a soldier during Jesus' time as Leader. After Jesus' death, Speedy was one of the few members left. The Vagos fell apart; past members had died, left the city or the gang entirely.

Major Events[edit | edit source]

Speedy Lonewolf[edit | edit source]

After Jesus death and disappearance of Lil Loco, left Speedy as a lone wolf, apart from a few members left, the Vagos was Speedy alone majority of the time. He decided to become the "El Jefe" and started recruiting and rebuilding the Vagos.

War with Chang Gang[edit | edit source]

A war began with Chang Gangafter Chang & VinnyApproached Anto Murphy to give up the Vagos trap house and give to Chang Gang they paid him. CG gave it to Wayne Biggaz to hold down and in return they would give them protection and some of the profits.

This caused issue with the Vagoswhich caused and ongoing feud amgost both gangs and daily shootouts for weeks.

The war ended after Speedy met with VinnyRandy & Ramee to end the war.

Internal Issues for the Vagos[edit | edit source]

After Speedy disappeared for a few weeks, the Vagos were held together by Flippy who was second in command at the time.

Upon Speedy's return, the Vagos were in a different place. Flippy wanted to leave the Vagos, after feeling the Vagos was not the same and under Speedy's dictatorship, not a democracy. This caused Flippy to leave, and Mario felt similar to Flippy, but changed his mind and decided to stay.

A week later, Pablo had the same feelings that Flippy had, and decided to leave. After Flippy left, the Vagos decided to have a blood in, blood out. Pablo informed Speedy of these feelings, and upon hearing this, Speedy stabbed Pablo.

A few days after stabbing Pablo, Speedy was informed that Pablo reportedly snitched to the cops about the Vagos. Upon hearing of this, Speedy shot and killed Pablo.

Allies[edit | edit source]

Leanbois[edit | edit source]

During the downfall of the Vagos, Speedy fought different wars alone. One of the gangs that he went to war with was the Leanbois. Every day, Speedy and the Leanbois would engage in a shootout with each other in the Southside. During one particular event, Speedy and the Vagos engaged in a shootout with Lang Buddha and Alabaster Slim.

The Vagos successfully gunned down Buddha and Slim; and while the two men were bleeding out in the street, the police and EMS arrived at the scene. Speedy was not comfortable with the idea of the police interfering with gang war related situations. Speedy warned the police that they should not come to the Southside in the future.

Speedy ambushed the ambulance that was carrying Buddha and Slim, and drove to the North, where he spoke to the two men. Buddha was surprised and appreciative of Speedy saving them from arrest. Buddha, Slim, and Speedy agreed that their "beef"/war was over, and opted to form a new alliance. Moving forward, the Leanbois and Vagos often worked together, and continue to have a strong alliance.

Siz Fulker[edit | edit source]

Siz is also a close affiliate of the Leanbois, and a shadow (not publicly known) member of the Vagos; acting as "Second in Command" under Speedy. Siz is the founder of the HOA, as well as the "one man gang", Tang Gang. The creation of Tang Gang (and the "tang" color) was based on combining the primary "gang color" of both the Leanbois (red) and the Vagos (yellow), as Siz is a close affiliate and connection for both groups.

By generating important income through the management of one of Speedy's "grow houses", Siz tremendously helped in rebuilding the Vagos. This "grow house" consistently produced large amounts of weed, which Speedy would distribute to the Vagos. Speedy provided Siz with 10% of each harvest, which he would then sell to the citizens of Los Santos for a hefty profit. Siz would also occasionally sell weapons to the Vagos, further supporting their activities, as recent police raids had begun to deplete the Vagos' stockpile of sub-machine guns.

Siz purchased seven bricks of cocaine from the Leanbois and Vagos at above market price, to additionally financially support them; thus strengthening their relationship further. As Siz a pusher for the cocaine business, he also sold large amounts of cocaine to the Vagos; although he no longer personally pushes cocaine (after becoming a coke connect he established his own network of pushers) he still ensures that the Vagos is supplied their allotment of cocaine. As a result of his faithful assistance to Speedy and the Vagos, he trusts Siz immensely, and likewise Siz has tremendous respect for Speedy for giving him a chance early on in his time in the city. For a long while Speedy had also given Siz access to his personal stash house in the Barrio (Siz had to later give up access to that property in order to make room on his key-chain for the original HOA HQ in Vinewood), and now regularly sells Siz and the HOA class two weapons, when requested.

Deceased Members[edit | edit source]

  • Jesus Garcia † (El Jefe) - April 1st, 2019 - Burned alive by Chang Gang.
  • Rico Ferarez † - March 4th, 2020 - Killed by multiple GSW’s from police officers after a bank truck job gone wrong with, Siz, Saab & Curtis.
  • Jax Hernandez † - April 14th, 2020 - Shot by Flippy after begging him to come back to the Vagos and not make him pick a side between family, blood or not.
  • Pablo "Diablo" Madrid † - April 22nd, 2020 - Left the group as he as felt, he wasn't valued. He was shot a few days later, after reportedly snitching to the cops about the Vagos.
  • Emilio Guzman † - Left the group after snitching to the cops about the Vagos. Was eventually found and killed by the Vagos on October 19th 2020.

Former Members[edit | edit source]

Territory[edit | edit source]

The Vagos mainland is the Rancho Projects on the southside of Jamestown St, but can also be found in alleyways and back yards throughout the barrio.

Vagos members can be seen drinking, driving cars, hanging out in groups of 2-5 on the sidewalk, smoking cigarettes and marijuana and drinking Pißwasser. They are easily identified by their modern urban attire. ESV is characterized as a largely Mexican American street gang.


Vagos Member Roster[edit | edit source]

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