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The Eastside Vagos (ESV) also known as the Vagos, is a Mexican street gang currently led by el Jefe, Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana. They operate out of the Barrio, based in the Jamestown area.

They are said to be the largest Hispanic street gang in Los Santos. The gang's main business revolves around pushing guns, drugs and various other legal and criminal activities.


Jesus Garcia

Jesus began recruiting for the Vagos he recruited Lil Loco & Speedy. Jesus was the leader, until his untimely death.

Fernando “Lil Loco” Martinez

After Jesus' death, Lil Loco took over as El Jefe. His time as leader of the Vagos was short-lived, as he mysteriously disappeared from the city shortly after. He would later return to the gang, with a new focus as a loyal soldier.

Arush Patel "Speedy" Santana

Speedy, the El Jefe of the new and "reborn" Vagos, began as a soldier during Jesus's time as the Jefe. After Jesus' death, Speedy was one of the few members that were left. The Vagos fell apart; past members had died, left the city or the gang entirely but Speedy took it upon himself to rebuild the gang to what it is today.


The Vagos mainland is the Rancho Projects commonly known as the Barrio, it is a large housing project located on Dutch London Street and Jamestown Street in southern Rancho, Los Santos. Members can be found in alleyways, back yards, and rooftops throughout Jamestown Street.

Vagos can also be located at La Fuente Blanca, a large ranch owned and occupied by Speedy and serves as planting grounds for Putos Frutos along the Senora Road in Vinewood Hills, just to the north of Los Santos.

La Fuente Blanca.jpg

Vagos members are seen drinking, driving cars, hanging out in groups of 2-5 on the sidewalk, smoking cigarettes and marijuana and drinking Pißwasser. They are easily identified by their modern urban attire and yellow bandana. Although ESV is characterized as a largely Mexican American street gang, they also include members of Asian and European origin.

Territory Comparison to other Gangs, Groups, & Motor Clubs

Major Events in 3.0

The Beginnings

The Beginning

Putos Frutos

Putos Frutos - We Out Here

Vagos - Ballas War

1st Vagos Vs. Ballas War

The Lion of the Barrio

The Death Of Leonel Martinez

Vagos - Chang Gang War

Vagos-Chang Gang War

Vagos - Bondi Boys MC War / The War Over Respect

Vagos-BBMC War

Second Vagos - Ballas War

2nd Vagos Vs. Ballas War

Support Gulag Gang in the GG - CG War

Supporting Gulag Gang's War Effort

Dust in the Wind

Benji's Mass Exodus

Chino Revolución

Chino's Rebellion Leads to his Death

Third Vagos - Ballas War

3rd Vagos Vs. Ballas War

The Calm After the Storm

Vagos Build Up After All The Conflict

El Mango

The Initiation Of Mando Thompson

The Diamond Casino Heist Grind

Supplying Cleanbois With The Equipment For The Casino Heist

Second Vagos - Bondi Boys MC War

2nd Vagos Vs. BBMC War

Barrio Chain Raids

Vagos Under Investigation

Vice Jefe Miguel

The Promotion Of Miguel Guerrero

Alliance with Marabunta Grande

Alliance formed with Marabunta Grande

Vagos - Sessanta Nove War

Vagos Vs. Sessanta Nove

Alliance with Brouge Street Kingz

Brouge Street Kingz Officially Joins The Alliance

Tijuana Has Fallen

Speedy's Crafting Bench Gets Exposed


2.0 Leanbois / 3.0 Cleanbois

During the downfall of the Vagos, Speedy fought different wars alone. One of the gangs that he went to war with was the Leanbois. Every day, Speedy and the Leanbois would engage in a shootout with each other in the Southside. During one particular event, Speedy and the Vagos engaged in a shootout with Lang Buddha and Alabaster Slim.

The Vagos successfully gunned down Buddha and Slim; and while the two men were bleeding out in the street, the police and EMS arrived at the scene. Speedy was not comfortable with the idea of the police interfering with gang war related situations. Speedy warned the police that they should not come to the Southside in the future.

Speedy ambushed the ambulance that was carrying Buddha and Slim, and drove to the North, where he spoke to the two men. Buddha was surprised and appreciative of Speedy saving them from arrest. Buddha, Slim, and Speedy agreed that their "beef"/war was over, and opted to form a new alliance. Moving forward, the Leanbois and Vagos often worked together, and continue to have a strong alliance.


3.0 Gulag Gang

Speedy and Marty have talks about how CG is growing and how they need to team up to ally together if war ever came because they are all basically family within this network web of the Cleanbois.

3.0 R.U.S.T

Rust and GG had a conflict over Zuck Cuc misunderstanding Marty Banks thinking he told him to never give up any loot to any other crew. Also Zuck shooting Gheto Kaiba. In a meeting of crews they agree to end conflict and to start an alliance together. Same day Speedy tells Raymond Romanov that him and Marty had previously talked about an alliance but now its extended into a 3 way alliance between Rust, Vagos, and Gulag Gang.

3.0 Marabunta Grande

3.0 Brouge Street Kingz


  • Vagos por Vida
  • Viva los Vagos
  • Raza Vagos
  • East Side Vagos Puto

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