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General Description

Vader is a longtime member of the NoPixel community, mostly known for his character Eugene Zuckerberg. Vader is currently a facebook gaming partner and streams on facebook.



Eugene Zuckerberg

Eugene is a prolific criminal and the former mayor of Los Santos.

Tuong Ru Kim

Tuong is a news reporter for City News.

Robert Banks

Also known as Rob Banks is a ride along hoping to become a cop one day.


Kudo Kai

Kudo Kai is a businessman.

Tommy Biggaz

Wayne Biggaz's Brother from Jamaica.

Dirty Mike

Dirty Mike is a homeless crack addict who terrorizes the city and everyone living in it.

Nacho Block

A member of the Block family.

Darnell Jones

A member of The Families Gang.

Luigi Mario

A plumber looking for work.

Rooney Mersion

Member of the Mersion family.

Jack Caine

The serial killer brother of Joe Caine.

Xavier "X" Jackson

An OG of the East Side Ballaz and cousin of Carlos "Cheddar" Sanchez.

Rob Wonders

A mime thats part of the Wonders family and Concrete Gang

Rupert "Sin" Appleton

Self proclaimed super villian.

Maxx Payne

A con artist and brother of Matthew Payne.


Paul Blart

A former mall cop and head security at Garage Q and Pillbox.

Ling Buddha

Long lost brother of Lang Buddha

Dwhyte Knight

A white knight protector of women.

David Windsor

A homeless triple OG.

Red Ditt

Overweight, obnoxious role-play critic blogger

Rayne Boe

The leader of the Skittles Gang.

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