NoPixel community

Love to help edit on my free time since work allows me to watch and work

i watch 15hrs a day of Nopixel. Mainly Lang Buddha, Cerberus, Cleanbois, The Guild all day and then lots of employees at the Rooster's Rest at night.

Therefore i mainly specialize on Rooster's Rest, Rooster's Ranch, Cleanbois The Guild and its extended related pages. Also expand to PCA and National Paintball Association and a few others.

i try to concentrate on adding newly hired employees as well as crucial information.

Which means I get to create a lot of new pages for lesser known characters since most don't have one. I would say I provided about 85% of the Roosters employees with their own page

Note: i don't really do Bio's or descriptions because its not what I enjoy but if someone knows much more about the characters pages I add please feel free to add a bio about them. We all work together here