Hi I’m Caitlan and I’m obsessed with NoPixel and making edits for characters profile pictures! a lot of my photos I re-edited and touched up are in the HOA tavern (the Kray-Tor photogenic one is one of them!)

instagram: @iamcaitlan soundcloud: @lavenderade

Nopixel - I first started watching NoPixel when somebody was hosting UberHaxorNova (I thought Uber was SlyFoxHound tbh 😂) playing Siz and I loved watching GTA 5 at the time so I decided to watch it even though I’ve never watched Uber before but I knew he was a famous YouTuber. It was the stream when Saab and Brenda were looking at houses in Vinewood with Payne and Siz then fell off the balcony (but I didn’t see that part until months later) since then his chat was so helpful with pointing me towards his old VODS and I’ve watched every single one (except one which was bugged.)

Edits I’ve done for the wiki[edit | edit source]

Miss C edit for ViVi made by me

Zelda edit made by me

Favourites on NoPixel (Not in Order)[edit | edit source]

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