Ursula Leichenberg is a character role-played by AuriEllis.


Ursula Leichenberg is a recent college graduate who moved to Los Santos to be a writer. She has since become a founding member and writer for the news organization LSBN, under Ron Otterman, and has created a blog, Brimstone and Bloodshed: News and Tales of Los Santos which hosts news and short stories about the residents of Los Santos, often skewing toward a darker, realistic viewpoint.

She is a self-professed wrestling fan, having a lot of knowledge of the career of Mick Flair. She owns a newsvan with the license plate OTTERVAN (an homage and inside joke with Ron) and is often seen in the company of her fellow news people when not training others in how to do the news.

She is most noted for her dry, deadpan delivery of everything she says, often citing that she has a condition called "resting sarcastic voice."


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