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Ursula Leichenberg is a character role-played by AuriEllis.


Ursula Leichenberg is a recent college graduate who moved to Los Santos in early 2021 to be a writer. As a first attempt, she became a founding member and writer for the news organization LSBN, under Ron Otterman. She also created a blog, Brimstone and Bloodshed: Tales of Los Santos, which hosts short stories about the residents of Los Santos, often skewing toward a darker, realistic viewpoint. The blog also shows some news stories from her former work at LSBN.

She is a self-professed wrestling fan, having a lot of knowledge of the career of Mick Jhonson. Ursula has a strong network of friends and acquaintances around Los Santos, but is partial to several, including the 4EQ crew, who work underground as The Stable.

Ursula is most noted for her dry, deadpan delivery of everything she says, often citing that she has a condition called "resting sarcastic voice." She has extremely low self esteem, low self-confidence, and is extremely blunt and honest with everyone around her.

Major Occupations


Under the guidance of Ron Otterman, Ursula, Dillon Dubbs, Louie Panlin, and Felix Volk formed LSBN officially while standing in the City Vault. As the core members of the organization, each headed up their focused area, with Ursula acting as the Head Writer/Editor for LSBN properties. Ursula's reports for LSBN were often big breaking stories on court cases, big events, or editorials on things she has personal issues with, such as attacks on the media and police brutality. Ursula was often seen in the company of her fellow news people when not training others how to do the news. She tended to keep a lot of criminal contacts while working at LSBN, even aiding many of them with helpful advice and alerts to major crimes happening around the city. She never snitched except when media lives were threatened... or if she was drunk/high. When Ron took vacation, he left Ursula in charge, who panicked and delegated a lot of work to Felix Volk. Ursula was fired from LSBN on August 30, 2021, after an attempt to become CEO for reasons that vary, depending on who is telling the story. While she was working at LSBN, Ursula owned a news van with the license plate OTTERVAN (an homage and inside joke with Ron).

Deputy Mayor

Learning of her firing from LSBN, Abdul ALRahim offered Ursula a Deputy Mayor position under his leadership. She accepted the offer on September 5, 2021. Since then, Ursula has worked in many sessions and meetings with the mayor and the other deputy majors, performing such tasks as business license investigations, understanding tax disputes, and offering support for other legal issues for Los Santos residents.

Sea Witch Publishing

In late September 2021, Ursula began an independent startup company called Sea Witch Publishing. She intends to use this company as an engine to publish and sell her stories written on the Brimstone and Bloodshed website. The first such book published in paper form was The Infinity Killer, which was Ursula's earliest work after arriving in Los Santos and is a revisiting of her story of executed serial killer Finn Harlow.

Assorted Tales

Ursula's second self-published book was Assorted Tales, a compilation work consisting of several other stories selected from her repertoire, including The Capricious Woman, The Racer, The Delusional Man, and The Ginger Stranger.

Major Plotlines

Love Life

The running joke is that almost everybody wants to date Ursula. She has been asked out on many dates and seems to have a problem saying "no" to anyone. She also has a major problem with commitment due to the brain injury (cited below) and often uses it as an excuse for her wanting to live for today, rather than looking towards the future.

Richard Chiclets and Ursula met through Nancy Drew and Mick Jhonson while working on the first 4EQ event. Ursula ran some coverage for the event for LSBN. Eventually Richard asked her out to a friend date which was very romantic, and they began a confusing and awkward "friend date" phase which left Ursula unsure of what was going on. After she almost died, Richard asked her out on a real date, realizing how much he cared about her. Since then, they have had "the sex", dated for a few weeks, and then broke up. Ursula used to own a Bucaneer with the license plate "LIL DICK" (a joke about Richard).

Thomas Normady and Ursula began to date at the same time she was dating Richard. They had one date and spent a lot of time together. However, Ursula wasn't ready to get closer to him and broke up with him even though he confessed his love for her. Despite trying to be friends while they worked at LSBN, they fell into a friends with benefits situation that Thomas broke off to preserve his own emotional state. Ursula has also said she loves him as well, but Thomas was nearly broken when she got married hours after that confession, due to other circumstances. As of late, they still talk occasionally, but Ursula is concerned about his mental state and jealousy issues. Thomas left Los Santos for a while partially to escape the heartache from his unrequited love for Ursula.

Outto-Tune Tyrone asked Ursula out before she was even dating Richard, but due to his busy schedule, they didn't do anything over a month later when they had a skydiving date. He was pretty honest about himself to her and they planned on a second date at some point in the future, but Ursula doubts it will ever happen and has given up entirely.

Lizzie Byrne and Ursula have a flirtatious relationship and have slept together on multiple occasions.

Roman Shacks asked Ursula to talk business, which turned into an awkward date that included NDAs and nanites. They have had several threesomes and fun times with others, such as Lizzie Byrne and Garry Roche. They made it official as boyfriend/girlfriend for awhile, but when there was risk of Eris (see below) marrying her love, Rick Locke, a killer whom neither of them trusted, Ursula and Roman married in a super fast ceremony at the Observatory on August 12, 2021. Mick Jhonson walked Ursula down the aisle and gave her away. Pez Speedwagon objected, stating that he thought Ursula loved Barry Benson, but was punched a couple of times and backed off. Roman and Ursula are fully open to the other seeing additional people.

Rick Locke is Eris' boyfriend and love in life. They met and swiftly fell in love due to Eris' need for acceptance as herself and not just as Ursula's alter. Rick's need for love was just as intense and the two plan on buying the lighthouse home for themselves. They have gotten engaged and she has officially joined the Smileys as their informant.

Role as an Informant

Ursula periodically farms out useful information to a variety of benefactors throughout the city, including both personal cohorts and criminal organizations. She uses these favors to connections either to gain trust for future correspondence or as leverage for her own possible future needs, once as a reporter for LSBN and now more frequently for her personal life or political career.

Commingling with Serial Killers and Psychotics

As part of her job as a news reporter, Ursula often dug deeply into investigations of serial killers and psychotic personalities. Aside from their value as material for her writing, she finds such subjects to be fascinating. A few examples of subjects she has spent time interviewing or working with include Delmon Homme (aka the Perfume Killer), Alberl Jonie (aka The Tower), Kenneth Jesperson (aka Mr. Smiley), and Jagger Gerardy (aka Chatterbox). Time spent with them has led to her understanding and even empathizing with them, even officially joining the Smileys as her alter, Eris.

Brain Injury

While covering a Hawick/San Vitrus Fleeca robbery from a roof across the street, Ursula was approached by two men who zip-tied her and started shooting at police. Ursula freed herself but was shortly thereafter gunned down from a long distance. Based on evidence, she believes the police are responsible for this injury, which put her in the ICU and nearly killed her. Since then, she has been experiencing increasing signs of severe issues and has stated multiple times that she has an aneurysm that will likely kill her in time. An MRI by Pillbot revealed the damage is extensive, no doubt due to the excessive head trauma she has experienced from various other incidents. Eris has displayed worrying signs of head damage whenever punched or knocked down.

Dissociative Identity Disorder

It was revealed that Ursula Leichenberg's body suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), hosting multiple personalities. Any one particular personality can manifest itself at any given moment. The set of all of Ursula's alternate identities is sometimes referred to as the Ursula System, or just simply The System. To date, the following personalities have surfaced:

  • Ursula phone.png
    Ursula: Snarky, hardworking, politically correct, and vice-driven, Ursula is the persona around most of the time in Los Santos and the alter most people recognize. At first, Ursula was not aware of the existence of any other alters beyond the "imaginary friends" she had in prior years, but gradually, she became aware of all of the other alters, although she is still only able to communicate with them through a phone journal. For months, Ursula was unaware that she has DID or the identities of any of the other alters, which was a secret protected from her by the other alters. She was, however, aware that she sometimes has memory loss and periods of missing time. Every now and then, she is confused by missing or misplaced items, or by strange texts or phone logs for which she cannot account.
  • Gracie casino.png
    Gracie: Gracie claims to be and is apparently a protector of all of the other alters, especially Ursula. She is adamant that she is not some cliché movie archetype that will turn into a serial killer. She is friendly, smiling, and has an accent that is all over the place. Gracie usually appears when Ursula is overwhelmed and cannot deal with everything going on around her. She has said she was Ursula's imaginary friend growing up and was Ursula's only friend in high school, then named Mary. Gracie, when telling Thomas and Felix about herself, warned them not to tell Ursula of her existence lest Ursula may have a psychotic break. (Eventually, Ursula was told about the other personalities with Gracie's approval.) Gracie is completely aware of Ursula and of everything which transpires when Ursula is in control, but she is not generally aware of what happens when Pandora or Eris are in control. If Pandora and Eris are dormant, Gracie may take control of the body at will, and sometimes does so briefly without alerting Ursula so that Ursula will not become aware of certain minor facts. Gracie at first believed that she was the only other personality aside from Ursula, but gradually became aware of the presence of Pandora and Eris, and the possibility of others. Gracie is not consciously aware of these other personalities, having been informed of Pandora's existence first through people in the trust circle. Gracie does, however, have the ability to communicate with Ursula's "Hostages" (a Fourth Wall break), and thus far appears to be the only alter with this capability. Gracie and Eris are often at odds with each other due to several of Eris's lifestyle choices.
  • Pandora Profile.png
    Pandora: Pandora is an aggressive and predatory femme-fatale personality who speaks with a quiet, melodic voice. She is more reclusive than the other personalities and chooses her relatively few words carefully. Her name is shared by one of Ursula's supposed sisters which makes people wonder if the sister actually ever existed. Pandora has confirmed that she was responsible for Ursula falling off the pier into the ocean and nearly drowning, though the reason for this action is unclear. Like Gracie, Pandora has stated she takes care of threats and will not harm anyone who does not harm her or the rest of the Ursula System. She took over for the purpose of running over Mike Block after he became a threat, and also to exact revenge against Tomathy Steampipe for putting Eris in a box ("ice cream jail") at Burger Shot by forcing him at gunpoint to jump off the Dean World pier. She even woke up to have sex with Thomas Normandy, though the exact reason for this is not revealed. It appears that it may be possible to summon Pandora through the use of ocean water, although the details are not yet clear. Pandora is aware of both Ursula and Gracie and all of their experiences when they are in control. In addition, Pandora appears to be able to take control of the body from either of them at will, although she does not do so often and doesn't appear to enjoy doing it. (One possible exception to this may be when The System needs to feed on blood due to vampiric impulses; see related section below.) Despite her assurances that she only appears to defensively thwart physical threats, Pandora's motives to date seem hazy and mysterious. Unlike Ursula and Gracie, Pandora does not see the need to hide Ursula's DID condition from anyone.
  • Eris Profile.png
    Eris: After Pandora set Harlan Mulch and Roman on fire outside of Wu Chang Records, several people in the LSBN staff suddenly learned of Ursula's DID condition. Pandora took over for a while, presumably to either do some kind of damage control or wreak more havoc, finally going to sleep in the murder room where she stated, "Little sister, it's time to wake up," and cackled maniacally. The following day, Ursula awoke with yet another massive spell of memory loss, forgetting most of her acquaintances except for her closest friends. The sarcastic monotone in her voice was gone, and she appeared to only remember a few basic facts about her life in Los Santos. She still claimed that her name was "Ursula". She seemed much more innocent and sweet, not very much like the original Ursula personality. Gracie, Rocky, and Roman met at the casino and after a long conversation about recent events decided to name this Ursula just "Little" for simplicity in referring to each personality. (A few days later, in the phone journal, the new personality identified herself as "Eris".) The day after Ursula's revelation, Eris took over the body for the entire day, impersonating Ursula for the most part, but acting a little bit sweeter and less dismissive of people. No one knew it was Eris until she revealed herself to Roman, who was surprised. It turns out that Eris knows everything that all of the other personalities know and isn't innocent after all. She just likes to play games, and initially appearing to have additional memory loss about her friends and activities in Los Santos was just a prank. Eris has proven so much more fun-loving than Ursula that she has even shirked Ursula's news job to take temporary work at Burger Shot because it is more "fun". Happy-go-lucky Eris spent about a week occupying the body, gradually realizing that most of Ursula's usual friends and other confidants treated her differently once they became aware of her disorder, which started to depress Eris a little bit. When Felix told her that he had informed Ron Otterman that Ursula has DID, Ursula awoke again, confused and with a week's worth of memory loss. Since these events, Eris has come out regularly and has become very close allies with the Smileys.
  • Hela?: The existence of another personality -- or separate person, or place, or idea -- was directly mentioned by Pandora to Rocky when she stated in a sinister voice, "You don't need to know about Hela!" Later, after Roman's pestering, Pandora snapped the same phrase at him. Thinking Hela might be a sister, Roman asked Gracie to call Hela to check up on her. Gracie agreed, but Pandora took over and called Roman back, impersonating Gracie and saying that she called Hela and she was just fine. During the revelation of all of the personalities to Ursula, Pandora confirmed that Eris (referred to then as Little) is not Hela, and that Hela is a "memory, long forgotten".
Inter-Personality Awareness
An 'x' indicates that the personality on the row label automatically knows what the personality in the column knows.
Ursula Gracie Pandora Eris
Ursula same
Gracie x same
Pandora x x same ?
Eris x x x same

Alters with more mental control over whichever alter is currently control also have the power to force the alter in control, if they so choose, to "know" certain facts which would otherwise be hidden from them.

Trust circle

The people who know about Ursula's alters originally were all trusted by Ursula, but as time has rolled on and more people have become aware of the DID, Ursula has become less guarded with the secret. The first people who became aware, in order of reveal, were Thomas Normandy, Felix Volk, Rocky Topps, Roman Shacks, and Nancy Drew. Besides not revealing the disorder to others, the trust circle early on was entrusted with keeping Ursula herself from learning about her condition, lest she suffer a complete mental breakdown. However, the circle gradually came to the agreement that they should tell Ursula, and eventually got the approval of Gracie before revealing the condition to her.

Afterward, there were several other exposures. Delmon Homme, the Perfume Killer, learned at least about Pandora's as well as Eris's existence, and he strongly prefers to speak to the Ursula persona, since Eris is connected to his rivals, the Smileys. Pandora setting Harlan on fire resulted in several LSBN members being exposed to Ursula's condition, including Dillon Dubbs who precariously wasn't on the best terms with Ursula. Mick Jhonson met Eris when she was in control and on meth. Nancy Drew eventually ended up telling Dante Wolf after Ursula's revelation because she was worried about Ursula. By July 28, 2021, most people in The Stable had gotten word of Ursula's DID to some degree, including Dick Chiclets and Lizzie Byrne. Pandora exposed her identity to two police officers, Jeffrey Bundy and Sexton Hardcastle, during a debrief on Eris's kidnapping by Paris and Heath Argo on behalf of three unknown others. Eris revealed the details of Ursula's DID to Thur Teen at the Bolingbroke visitation area. Eris also told Chatterbox about her several alters, but Chatterbox seemed weirded out by the information. Additional others in the know to some degree include Oswald Tinkerman, Kenneth Jesperson, Ari Preston, Steven Hayes, and Jessica Hilton.

More recently, the System has decided to risk informing more people at about Ursula's condition when it makes sense, making her DID less of a secret overall in Los Santos and more of a need-to-know sort of privilege.

The Revelation

On the early morning of July 24, 2021, Rocky Topps pulled Ursula (in her original personality) aside, driving her around seemingly to spend some friendly time with her. He took her to the vineyard property and calmly made small talk in the hopes of making Ursula feel comfortable. Eventually, he told Ursula that she has DID, and that no matter what, she'd have the support of many of her friends as well as the other personalities who all want her to survive. Rocky also mentioned the phone journal which the personalities had recently been using to communicate with each other. She seemed to take the reveal okay at first, but then perhaps out of curiosity Ursula finds the journal and begins reading it. The reading ends up being too much for her to handle, and the Ursula persona fades. Gracie emerges to talk to Rocky, saying that he likely did as best as could be expected, but that Ursula is just too fragile to know about her condition, similarly to when she had been institutionalized earlier in life. Gracie said she must go to comfort Ursula inside the mind. With Eris (referred to then as Little) being "too tired" to emerge for very long, only Pandora was left to take the body. Reluctantly, but complacently, Pandora took over, knowing that she may have to be in control for the foreseeable future. Rocky spoke to Pandora, reasoning with her not to do anything rash and just lay low for a while. Pandora brushed his suggestions off. She did, however, say that Rocky did the right thing in finally telling Ursula about all of the personalities. Later, Roman phoned Pandora, and after he learned about what had happened, said that he was upset with Rocky for telling Ursula and as a result may do something aggressive towards him, a suggestion which Pandora did not seem to appreciate. The following day, it was revealed that Eris had taken over the body after all, impersonating Ursula for the entire day.

Progression to Vampiress

On September 22, 2021, Delmon Homme kidnapped Ursula (as the Ursula alter) and took her to an isolated location, where he stabbed her body multiple times, including trauma which severed her throat. It was in retaliation for what Delmon viewed as Eris's prior transgressions against him. After being delivered to the hospital, Ursula clung to her life through critical surgeries on the operating table. When finally released, Ursula could no longer speak, having to resort to writing thoughts down on a notepad for others to read. This serious life-threatening condition only made Ursula's other past injuries all the more acute.

On September 26, 2021, circumstances in the Ursula System's life had made all four alters (Ursula, Gracie, Pandora, and Eris) emotionally or physically incapable of taking, or unwilling to take, control of the body. This situation caused a simultaneous disassociation event, and Ursula's body collapsed outside of the LSBN news station, still physically functioning but otherwise seemingly lifeless. A few passersby noticed, with one believing Ursula to be stargazing from the ground.

Eventually, EMS was called and Officer Jack Ripley arrived to assess the situation. Ripley was secretly a vampire, and hence instead of taking Ursula to the hospital, he took her to the crypt in the graveyard with Carmella Corset. Carmella and Ripley performed a ritual and feasted on Ursula's blood, transforming her into a vampire. Pandora immediately awoke, confused but invigorated and extremely energized, and Ursula's body began to float. Pandora spoke, and then donned her mask, causing Carmella to run out of the crypt in fright. Ripley asked if Ursula was fully healed. Pandora seemed at least physically fully healed, but explained to Ripley that the state of Ursula's mind was still not entirely well. She then told Ripley that there would be violence as she walked out of the crypt.

Pandora rampaged, quickly killing locals and feasting on their blood. It wasn't enough, though, and she met up with several Smileys, including Rick, to go looking for victims with more satisfying blood. The group spent the rest of the night hunting, and Pandora, seemingly well-suited to her new vampiric abilities and needs, feasted again.

Since these events, Pandora has emerged again to feed for blood on behalf of the rest of the System. She also emerged during an event in which Officer Jack Ripley, a vampire, had kidnapped Chatterbox to feast on him with Ursula. Pandora attempted to convince the clown to turn into a vampire like she and Ripley, but Chatterbox asked for a rain check. She claimed to Ripley afterward that Ursula, who had been empathetic with Chatterbox's fear of the two of them and also of changing into a vampire, was "too soft" and should have just converted Chatterbox instead of giving him a choice.

Subjects of Stories

Finn Harlow - Subject of Vol 1: The Infinity Killer

CherryClaire Dinwittie - Subject of Vol 2: The Capricious Woman

Molly Minaj - Subject of Vol 3: The Racer

Barry Benson - Subject of Vol 5: The Delusional Man

Ramee El-Rahman - Subject of Vol 6: Choices

Rhett McConnell - Loosely the Subject of Vol 7: The Ginger Stranger

Nancy Drew - Vol 8: The Apology is written for her.