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Underground is the street racing scene in 3.0.

General Information

Underground is run and organized by a hidden racing app, which was created by Puppet Master (PM). The Puppet Master also created the cryptocurrency GNE, which is acquired by racing via the racing app, GNE plays a vital role in the racing scene, where they use it to upgrade the car parts and buy other street racing accessories like NOS, Harness, fake plates etc. It is also important in the boosting scene, where it is necessary to start boosts and vin scratch boosted vehicles. It can also be obtained by successfully completing boosts.

PM's welcome message when you unlock the racing app using a phone dongle.

The Puppet Master controls the racing scene from behind the scenes and uses some racers to engage in terrorism and many other illegal activities, gives out dangerous missions to them by directly contacting them via phone or through one of their puppet, who may accompany or guide them during these activities.

Key Locations

Due to the Tuner Shop being closed during the night, it is used as a place for underground racers to meet safely. This is often where the racers will come together and talk about the state of the racing scene, discussing where they can improve and the issues they have with the scene as a whole. Everyone who meets here is expected to be masked up and call each other by their racing alias.

Another important location is the underground warehouse owned by H&O Exports, in the industrial complex close to the Oil Fields. It is a place where vin scratched vehicles are converted to legal vehicles. It is also possible to repair cars there, which requires GNE to do.

Underground Racers at the Tuner Shop

Racing Crews

Many competitive and non-competitive racing crews have been formed in the underground. The most prominent Los Santos crews are as follows:


Primarily composed of members of the Cleanbois and The Phantom Thieves groups, Redline is a well known racing crew renowned for its extremely good racers. With the likes of Tony Corleone (Alias: DuckerZ), Octavio Stenberg (Alias: Goofy) and Raymond Romanov (Alias: RayCer), members of Redline regularly compete in street races.


Composed of members primarily from the Tuner Shop, Yokai was formed as a successor to The Midnight Club. With exceptional racers like Mary Mushkin, Wayne Marshall, Tommy Cruizer as well as up and coming racers like Tommy Tate, Yokai is a formidable racing crew. The group operates out of Mushkin's Motors, a used car dealership owned by Mary Mushkin.


A newer racing crew, Prism is a small racing crew composed of members from a mixture of groups, including the HOA and The Phantom Thieves. It was formed by Jesus Antonio Lopez Contreras and Anna Jørgensen, and will operate out of The Pit Stop, a legal business which the group plans to sell racing equipment out of.


A racing crew primarily composed of members of Hydra Gang and individuals affiliated with the Harmony Repairs Garage, Vendetta is an up and coming racing crew. Notable individuals include Vincent "Arnie" Carl, Jordan Walker and Juan Carlos Hernandez.

DNF Crew

An amateur racing crew set up to be friendly to under-skilled, entry-level racers and drivers. It was founded by Yuno Sykk, April Fooze, and Penny Farthing as a group of beginner racers that do not take themselves too seriously and often "Do Not Finish" races with more serious racers, hence the name DNF.