Tyrone "Big T" Thompson is a character role-played by ItsSammyP.

Biography Edit

Tyrone Thompson was born and raised on Covenant Avenue, South Los Santos... Growing up on the South Side... Tyrone lived with his mother who was heavily addicted to drugs. After coming home one evening Tyrone found his mother with track marks up and down her arms and a needle hanging from her arm, she had no pulse or response... Tyrone was forced to raise himself in the south of the city with no parents to guide or help him... It is uncertain how he was taken in by the East Side Ballaz but rumour has it that Emmanuel Biggs came across him on Brogue Ave, South Los Santos, When he was out selling bag's of weed.

Big T is currently a Blooded in Member for the East Side Ballaz. He is considered to be an Enforcer for Lil K and CJ, Big T is an aggressor and top shooter for the Balla's... his street smarts and hood like awareness tmake him a promising member for the East Side Ballaz crew and there fight for the Cul-De-Sac... Big T is also the cousin of Big E, who was the leader of the East Side Ballaz until his most recent death death.

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