Tyrone "Big T" Thompson is a character role-played by ItsSammyP.


Tyrone Thompson known as "Big T" was a member of the South Side Ballas.

Tyrone was born and raised on 12 Covenant Avenue, South Los Santos...

Tyrone lived with his mother who was heavily addicted to drugs and died from an overdose when he was very young, His father's whereabouts are unknown.

Tyrone was forced to raise himself in the slums and streets of South Los Santos.

Emmanuel Biggs came across Tyrone Thompson on Upper ‘Grove street’, South Los Santos one day when he was out selling bag's of weed in the street, When Emmanuel Biggs found out that Tyrone Thompson lived on Covenant Ave the two were quick to bceome friends, Emmanuel Biggs showed Tyrone Thompson his ways of operating in the city.

The two were the best of friends until Emmanuel Biggs passing...

Since the passing of fellow gang member Cardell Jones, Tyrone has sworn to kill Boris Ivanov as he doesn’t want Emmanuel Biggs death to be in vain. He has also sworn to kill fellow gang member and leader Lil K.

Blooded In

Big T was Blooded in by his peers and became a true member for the South Side Ballas and is considered to be an Enforcer for Lil K and CJ.

Big T is now an aggressor and top shooter for the Ballaz proving his worth holding down the Cul-De-Sac... from intruders who enter his street. Big T is smart and has incredible hood like awareness that make him a promising future Leader for the South Side Ballas crew and there fight for the Cul-De-Sac...

Big T is also the cousin of Big E, who was the leader of the South Side Ballas until his death.


Played By: ItsSammyP
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