Tyrone Biggums is a character role-played by Zombie_Barricades.

General Information Edit

Tyrone Biggums East Side, first of his name, breaker of necks, and master of the DDT was an OG member of the Grove Street Ballas and is currently the leader and founder of the Fudge Lane Ballas.

As a young child, Tyrone grew up on Grove Street, home of Grape Gang. As he got older, he looked to imitate the antics made famous by real OGs like Pablo Escoberry, Garrett Famous, and Ming Jingtai. He linked up with Curtis Davis III and set out to build up the block, but his plan of greatness got derailed after an unfortunate accident involving a love-struck Los Santos police officer.

East Side Ballas Edit

After doing a long bid for the alleged assault of officer Brittany Angel. Records say she was brutally DDT'd off the top rope resulting in major injuries and many surgeries. She was even forced to shave off all of her lovely white hair.

He came home a new man, a reformed man in the eyes of the law. But as he reunited with his city he started to notice a disturbing pattern. One by one the residents of the LS were talking down on the Ballas name. Curtis was gunned down long ago and The Ballas were a shell of what they once were. Deciding that he must get to the bottom of these allegations he headed down to the cul-de-sac to find out for himself.

Upon arrival, he unknowingly interrupted the funeral of their former leader Big E. During this altercation the new Ballas leader Lil K, flanked by CJ (Basically the Stedman of the SS) and the other members of the crew. She declared that neither she or any of the new generation of the set would ever respect the OG, upon hearing this Tyrone proceeded to verbally rip into her and accuse her of being behind the deaths of Curtis, Frost and Big E, leaving Lil K no choice but to attempt to gun Tyrone down on the street.

Fudge Lane Ballas Edit

The disrespect from Grove Street Ballas was something Tyrone couldn't let stand. But a recently freed man without the backing of his set has few options, luckily Tyrone had many friends and the voice of an angel. The Black Mamba used his superior vocal skills to easily win a citywide karaoke contest earning a quick 100 racks only a few days out of prison.

He then looked to his old friend Mr. Chang for some help and guidance. Mr. Chang, always a champion for the little guys offered to help Tyrone get on his feet, build up a separate set on Fudge Lane so he can prosper on his own and also help him as needed in his war with the Grove Street Ballas. The sum of 100k gifted from Tyrone to Mr. Chang to help cover any costs that may arise. With Tyrone anchored on Fudge Lane his main goal now was to wipe the streets clean of any and all Grove Street Ballas, then hand over the cul-de-sac as a peace offering to The Leanbois for just doing nothing more than looking the other way during the war. Hopefully ending the years of violence on Grove Street that have cost all sides large amounts of money, time, and countless dead friends. But Leanbois member Tony Corleone couldn't keep that bird beak shut and decided to try and tax Tyrone on the cul-de-sac as he was just posted up keeping the Grove Street Ballas away. Some words were said, some punches were thrown and that plan was deserted. Shortly after this incident, the short-lived and hilariously one-sided Chang Gang vs Leanbois war popped off. Some say this may have been the spark that started it, but who knows.

By posting an ad on the Yellow Pages, he started recruiting a group of gangsters that could talk as good as they could shoot in attempt to reclaim his respect and teach this new generation a lesson. Slowly building up his army and trying to work out a relationship with the Grove Street Ballas, as he knew what was coming their way in the future from down the block. But all his attempts were met with talks of taking a break from war and wanting to stay out of all beef. The final conclusion was to split the set and end the hostility. The Grove Street Ballas hold down the cul-de-sac on Grove Street and Tyrone holds down Fudge Lane.

Quotes Edit

  • ”...On my baby mama!”
  • "Bitch!"
  • "East Side!"
  • ”You grimy motherfucker!”
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